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  1. By Erika Jayne standards how would that work? Just don't wear 'em?
  2. I didn't listen to the podcast but did catch this snippet: https://www.eonline.com/ca/news/1195151/dorinda-medley-opens-up-about-her-rhony-exit-for-the-first-time Dorinda mentions that prior to Bethenny quitting, she was hoping that this season she and Bethenny would be the "Powerful Couple." I have no doubt that means that they would be teaming up against Tinsley. When Bethenny left, she was definitely coaching Dorinda to go after Tinsley for several reasons. She hates Tinsley. She wanted to be indirectly in control of the season's narrative. She can't stand not being involved. Mean
  3. Almond Joy? I wouldn't be surprised if they named her Hadid. Hadid Hadid.
  4. This is just about as bad as Brandi's comment about Joanna Krupa. What a bitch Elyse is.
  5. I think another example of this would be her trying to make this ridiculous "Food Court" show happen. I'm sure that when she discussed this with people most responded with something like, "nope, don't think so Bethenny, time to go back to the drawing board." Except for her peons who smiled, nodded their heads enthusiastcally, then turned away and rolled their eyes. I noticed that when she posted this show on Instagram, most comments were "No, Bethenny, horrible idea", even her fans hated it. Soon afterward she deleted the post. She says that filming for TheBigShotWithBethenny begins
  6. Or it could be that Paul is not interested in getting engaged or married anytime soon. It's been 2 years. As long as Bethenny isn't divorced, no one can question why he hasn't put a ring on it. Very suspect that Bethenny didn't mention that Dennis gave her an engagement ring until after he was dead. Don't believe that story for a second.
  7. I guess it's normal to have your kids tell your boss that you deserve a raise.
  8. "While 13-year-old Jake was at school when they recorded the podcast, Brandi posted a video of what he would have asked Andy to her Instagram Story. Though it's since expired, you can watch it above. "I was wondering if you would do the right thing and give my mom her job back like you said you would," he said. "Because she was like the main focus of the whole season and like get her money back so we can move out of this place and get her what she deserves." Those videos of her sons make me cringe like I never have before. Brandi has really sunk to the lowest of the low, using her tw
  9. Not yet. Likely won't be long before she takes her to an appointment and asks the cosmetic surgeon "Can you please make my daughter look a little less Hoppy?"
  10. Apparently Kyle and Producer Chris Cullen go back a loooong way. This is the guy that keeps calling out Denise, but no one else. Why did he not run after Kyle everytime she ran away from the cameras and insist that she go back and face the other women? He was also the producer present when Kyle had the cameras wait for Kim when she went into the limo. Who's the real manipulator/sniper from the side? Hint: Not LVP.
  11. You just summed up Bethenny Frankel. In 10 words. Well Done.
  12. Bethenny is trying to be Cool Mom who just indulges Bryn in doing whatever she wants (You play that ukelele wherever you please; no, the seatbelt isn't really important; nope, no need for the lifejacket cos it hides your cute new swimsuit; of course the sports bra is fine to wear to school; go ahead and grab my boobs, our fans will love it) Added bonus: Get Jason heated up and look like the uncool dad who probably has rules. "Daddy is just so uncool, but Mommy has money and she's the fun one." This will backfire soon enough when Bryn doesn't conform to SkinnyGirl's rules and regulations.
  13. You are right. I didn't notice until I watched the video again. At first I thought they were just sitting in a parked car, but they are moving. 🤨
  14. They are and I feel so sorry for them. I can't imagine being in high school and being the sons of Brandi G. Oh, the shame.
  15. Well, it's not too difficult to find the posts of Brandi's sons telling Andy that he needs to hire their mom back on the show and also to compensate her for being the star of this past season because they believe that she carried this season. So they are well aware of what she is spewing out there. She is not fit to be their mother. It's sick and she is just horrid. Eddie needs to step in and grab those boys before they are more fucked up than they already are.
  16. I was one of those kids at that age that snuck out at 2 am. My mom made excuses for me to my aunts and her friends because she was embarrassed that it happened, but in reality, she was PISSED and I was grounded for a month. Well she thought I was grounded. I continued to sneak out. 😉
  17. As much as I cannot stand Dorinda, I was very touched by this from Richard's obituary: An avid sailor, Richard was often referred to as "the wonderful compass" for the guidance and direction he always provided to family and friends. In keeping with nautical terminology, he also nicknamed his second wife Dorinda, "my true north." How beautiful! I would use that same phrase to describe my husband. That brought tears to my eyes and I can see how Dorinda must miss him.
  18. Well I have checked in on her stories. She's either high or drunk. Even first thing in the morning. Someone (mayber her BFF Bethenny should be getting her into rehab)
  19. It's really quite funny that Bethenny is pushing this "Andy should be thanking me for my gift of Leah." Now Leah has her own hour and is being touted as the breakout star of RHONY. Andy obviously is giving preference to her. Next thing you know Bethenny is being replaced as Andy's new best housewife friend. Maybe even being invited to his Christmas party? Based on what I have read about the WWHL interview, Andy seems less tolerant of Bethenny's Self Aggrandizement. Will it just a matter of time before Beth is instagramming/tweeting what a bitch Leah is for pushing her MTTM brand on the show?
  20. It seemed to me that her taking off during filming was due to the bullshit production/Kyle/Brandi lead storyline that her co-workers were pushing. She chose not to indulge them. Can't blame her for that. As to leaving her co-workers to carry the load without her, what load? The load of having nothing to talk about? If not that, what load?
  21. It could be that he was made aware of the story breaking before it actually broke and they were already talking damage control. Either way, Teddi is gone and you could be correct as most people were calling for her dismissal before the story broke. Teddi was just not a good fit for this show. Even before the story broke, social media had already decided her fate. The All In scandal, as well as Edwin showing himself to be a potential added liabiltiy just escalated the situation, and likely was the proverbial straw that broke....
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