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  1. Finally! Someone has found the perfect word to describe Teddi! I was thinking 😣😫🥱😴😩🤕 but this word is so much better.
  2. Kyle the truth teller about Brandi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BkJ3oGP1E0&feature=share
  3. The Lessa. We need to call pest control for a good dose of Ridda-Rinna.
  4. She probably uses the same translation app as the people do on 90 Day Fiance. Her housekeeper was probably confused when Kyle asked her to bring the ocean and raisins.
  5. Or could it be that they do have something going on in their lives that they want deflected from? I gotta wonder.
  6. Sorry, this belongs in the Leah or Bethenny thread and mods may move but...just responding. She's got what? She has been married and divorced twice. Apparently she doesn't choose well. Aside from her choices in husbands, look at her boyfriends. The best friend of her first husband. The first Jason who didn't want to commit, then an accused rapist. After that a drug addict. She gets men. She gets the wrong ones. I don't think Bethenny scores any points for being married before and having numerous boyfriends.
  7. A hard "NO" to Kelly returning. This show is circling the drain even after ditching Tamra and Vicki. Nothing promising in sight.
  8. I learned to drive in a pick up, as did many of my friends.
  9. This explains why Amelia always looks so miserable on the show.
  10. I stand corrected. You did not say that. I should have posted my comments separately about the roles the other housewives play instead of quoting you.
  11. I guess I don't see any "persona" that she is presenting other than being a good mom. Her history demontrates that she is a good mom. (Eloise as example) She has been pretty up front about the shit show around Charlie and the prostitutes etc. I don't see her hiding any aspects of her life. Kyle, Rinna, Dorit and Erika. I get a strong sense that they are hiding fairly large pieces of their lives and are afraid of exposure. I believe that their lives hold hidden secrets that they are afraid of coming to the surface. Focusing on Denise keeps these secrets in the background. That is just my
  12. Kyle is playing the role of " Perfect Housewife, Mother and Friend" representing her "Town of Beverly Hills", what all "housewives" in BH should aspire to. Who wouldn't want what she has, she wants us to believe. Don't anyone even hint that she may have flaws in any of those roles. It's all good though, whenever she is attacked on Social Media, she always has adorable videos of her dogs to post. Teddi is playing the "Accountability Housewife". She is just being "real". It's just so challenging for her to find the balance between being real and being relevant. It's all so confusing. She
  13. I saw Glee Live in Toronto years ago. Unforgettable. I wish that the show had lasted much longer. It was just so great. I just feel so sad about the outcome of some of the cast members. Forever Young comes to mind.
  14. I really appreciate the members of this board who took the time to post cast tributes and wonderful video performances of Naya. Thanks to each of you for sharing and for honouring this beautiful woman.
  15. This is the entire problem with Erika's "joke". It's not about the morality and threesomes. She is sexualizing a child, a minor. If she had made a comment about Denise or Charlie having a threesome, fair game. A little girl of 14, off limits. Way off limits. I realize that Erika didn't say this directly to Denise but I still want Denise to respond with this, using Erika's response to Eileen: 'Don’t ever talk about my f—ing kid again. Shut the f— up."
  16. You're not a terrible person. Someone needs to go after Sonja. They all need to go after Sonja. It's time for the free food and free booze to end for this woman. The gravy train has reached it's last whistle stop.
  17. I think that there should be a "Rinna" meme. Someone who stirs up shit and then hides their hands, or someone who makes a stupid joke, slaps their side and laughs uproariously at their own joke. Come to think of it, I know a few "Rinnas", and they are not invited around anymore.
  18. I'm thinking wry bread. Looks like she is saying a big FU to QVC as she has been posting support of the Trevor Project on her Instagram. Gee, hope she doesn't get fired for not adhering to the "muzzling." threat. That would prove her right. LOL. What a surprise that would be. ETA: Loose Lips Sink Ships
  19. Actually Ramona is not in New York, she's in the Hamptons. I guess Leah doesn't follow.
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