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  1. I always wonder what the show runners think is going to be enhanced by the addition of a new baby/kid. When has it ever worked? Seasons 7 & 8 are really bad. The relationship between Tony and Angela is so stilted when they actually get together. Their chemistry in the earlier seasons was very natural and they seem like the types who admired the qualities in the other that they themselves didn't have, but it doesn't naturally translate into a romantic relationship.
  2. Today's pants are ridiculously skin-tight, but those pants were definitely baggy. The late 90s were the best time for pants, IMO, with the widespread introduction of the bootcut pant, which I still believe is the most flattering cut of pants. The balloon-y hipped, often pleated pants of the early 90s were not a good silhouette, especially on short people like Helen Hunt. That's a perfect descriptor of those colors. LOL, that was a good one. I loved the descriptions of Murray throughout the seasons, especially the one where Lisa loses him. The vacant eyes, "he leaves here stupid, but he comes back depressed", etc.
  3. Yes!! Some of these shows had truly great theme songs that they randomly decided to butcher later on in the series run. Growing Pains is my top offender in this, but Silver Spoons and Who’s the Boss are way up there too.
  4. True. Especially since she didn't know that Randall had miraculously landed in a loving family right off the bat and never suffered through the foster system, which was the far likelier scenario. William knew where he ended up, so him choosing to stay out of it and leave him to his fortunate life was one thing, but if Laurel had no idea what became of him and never tried to find out, that seems like a harder pill to swallow for Randall. But I guess naked lake screaming with a ghost cures all? At least I felt a measure of relief for poor Beth, maybe she can get a break from the emotional rollercoaster that is living with Randall.
  5. Hey guys, my grandparents met in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania and moved to a bigger city for job opportunities before getting married...oh wait, you all don't care about the life story of people you've never heard of before this?? Can someone please slip this newsflash to the writers of the This is Us? Or should it be called This is Randall? Sterling K Brown is an incredibly talented actor and this story could be interesting as a standalone movie or something, but it's so far afield of the original premise of the show that I can't really enjoy it. It's like biting into something you thought was candy and getting a mouthful of fish. I like candy and I like fish, but I don't want one randomly substituted in when I was expecting the other.
  6. I finally watched the reboot and holy shit, that was an unexpected bit of absolutely fantastic, realistic dialogue. Jamie WAS being irritating and superior, but Paul's words were so gently devastating that I ended up feeling bad for her, while not disagreeing with him. The matter of fact tone was somehow so much more hurtful than any screaming match. But again, she casually goaded him into that moment and certainly shared plenty of negative feedback with him. I'm not sure what the point of the therapist was, were we supposed to believe any therapist would turn a paying couple away after one visit and assure them their marriage is dead, when they already have 25 years of marriage under their belt? Stupid
  7. Not me. She might be the most over-the-top, scenery chewing "villain" since model Jordan or Chad. The outfits are the giveaway to me, there is just no way that the wardrobe choices are for real. And as refreshing as it is to see someone's actual skin on this show without 7 layers of contour, foundation, fake eyelashes and Botox, why would she choose to wear absolutely zero makeup to cocktail parties? Whether she was planted by production or has just studied reality tv long enough to follow the villain playbook, none of it is real and it's tiresome. Not that I watch this show for any kind of "right reasons" or anything, I just like my villains to be genuinely entertaining.
  8. Kudos to the casting director for the guy who played both Marks, but especially the young one. It's incredible how you could watch this show with the sound off/no closed captioning and it would still be crystal clear exactly who that character is. Every detail is just note perfect in a depressing way. I had a hard time buying the Kate tells off Mark scene. If he's supposed to be the same person who could be so cruel then, how on earth does he not comment on the hugely significant weight gain? Especially as she tears down his life and makes it clear that she now feels superior. And yeah, without mentioning the abortion, she left the impression that those 6 months with him defined her for life, which really gives him more power than he should have. I really hated the way Randall cut off the call. I know he had another call to make, but his dismissive tone and his word choices just seemed hurtful when Kevin was trying to extend an olive branch. Your estranged sibling reaches out to try to mend fences and you say "sorry to cut you off, but I have an important call to make" (in other words, the call you're already on ISN'T important). It just seemed kinda shitty. (ETA: ha, jinx, I see the 2 people above me just said the same thing). I truly don't care about tracing Randall's mother's footsteps in New Orleans. I'm mildly curious why she never told William she was alive, but after that, nope. There are plenty of people already in Randall's orbit who have been part of the story since the start, plus all the other characters on the show and very little time left to wrap everyone's stuff up. I felt for Beth when Randall walked in the door with yet another bombshell. She must get tired sometimes of the high drama that seems to surround him.
  9. I was so annoyed when I saw the list too. SO many good seasons after season 4, but OF COURSE, they skip right to the freaking Las Vegas season. And then they don't even have the decent post-LV seasons, like San Diego. I haven't seen him on that show, but I can say without hesitation that no, he hasn't gotten away from being the prick he was back then. His privilege is what made him what he was and clearly, he has continued to fail upward. So he's probably still traveling in monied circles and smugly striding through life without any obstacles. Remember when he used to date Lori from B2NY? What the hell was she thinking?
  10. I love that episode except for the Mona bits too. She was just over the top obnoxious and Angela should have fired her ass. I relate so much to Sam's character in this one, I always think what someone else is doing seems awesome until I get to do it myself. Perpetual "grass is always greener" mode, I'll do something that someone else raved about and hate it. I loved how Bonnie just rolled with everything and enjoyed whatever was going on, I wish I could be that way. I can't say I'm all that surprised that the Living Dolls show didn't do that well, it was a pretty thin premise. Same with the other backdoor pilot with Fran Drescher and Donna Dixon, I'm not 100% sure what the show premise for that one was even supposed to be. And Donna Dixon has one of the most irritating speaking voices I've ever heard, which is pretty impressive when you consider that she was acting opposite Fran Drescher and still managed to have the more irritating voice. But FD was using a toned down version of her voice, not the outright screech she used on The Nanny.
  11. I have a vague recollection of a Helen Hunt backlash when this show was airing, but I can't recall what it was about. I haven't gotten to the end yet because the cheating/divorce stuff just depresses me, but I really enjoy Jamie's character in the earlier seasons. I wonder if the character changed toward the end or if there was some real life drama around Helen Hunt. Or my memory is faulty and none of that ever happened, lol. She just has some really funny moments and line deliveries. My current favorite episode is the one where they go on a non-transferrable vacation that Paul's parents were supposed to take and they just lie their asses off to everyone they meet. At one point, Jamie goes "I really should be HEAD rodeo clown, but it's just a big boy's club" with such a deadpan delivery that I have to rewind it again and again.
  12. Julie was the furthest thing from a drama queen. She (along with Norman) was the glue that kept that cast together, there were a lot of disparate personalities in the original RW house and I don't think they would have gotten along without her and Norman there to bridge the gap. The lack of an amiable person like Julie and Norman in the LA cast contributed to the tension on that season, there was no one that everyone could relate to. I'd put NY1 Julie up there with Kelly Clarkson on AI1 as the fortunate finds that launched a dynasty. AI1 had a lot of plastic pageant people and eventually it came down to the girl that Simon Cowell literally couldn't remember who won the public vote. Same with Julie, she was so unassuming and so unconcerned with things like her appearance, but she related to every single person in that house in her own way and it disarmed some of the pricklier personalities in the house who would have probably fought the whole time if people like her and Norman weren't there. As I said before, the LA season really suffered for a lack of such a person and I think if that had come first, RW may not have taken off the way it did. She and Kevin did have that fight, but before that and after that, they connected. I did find it creepy that he was so obsessed with her virginity, that was the only cloud over the otherwise hilarious episode where they all switched personalities.
  13. So, in the depths of the quarantine, I watched all kinds of TV and watched the limited series on The Preppy Killer, Robert Chambers. I was truly blown away at how much Robert Chambers reminded me of our very own SpongeKyle Squarehead. The giant, square forehead, exaggerated jawline, the entitled attitude, it was all there. It was spooky. Cara probably is funny and someone who makes friends easily, but her worst traits were definitely highlighted in this show. And I personally had a hard time liking her because she was so faux nice to everyone and talked SO much shit. I feel like if you're going to be a shit-talker, you have to kind of own that mantle, but she went out of her way to seem nice to everyone and then tore them apart behind their backs.
  14. I don't know, that Barbie girl they interviewed was a big nothing in the personality department. Even Judd, who seemed to be interested in her for looks only couldn't find a reason to vote for her. But I'm a little surprised Mark didn't get in, he certainly had personality. Guess it's all for the best, since he and Kit were so great for the inaugural Road Rules. (having watched some of the challenges Mark was on during the Robin/Jodi era, the shine has majorly come off his star, but I enjoyed him back in the earlier days). But given that the LA season replacements were the obnoxious Glenn and the often sanctimonious and boring Beth A, both Jo and Mark were better options for the SF crew. LOL, I was probably all of 12 or 13 when this aired and even then, I felt the bad vibes emanating from Beth. Having binged some of the challenges that are now on Netflix, it's sad to say that she has not changed or evolved AT ALL from her RW LA days. The David situation did seem to be egged on by Beth, and later Irene, who I believe was influenced by Beth. I truly don't think he had ill intentions, he really seemed to think they were messing around because she was still laughing. And honestly, had that happened in a private party or private house situation, it probably would have been a joke, but she got embarrassed after the fact thinking about the cameras and all the people who'd be watching. It's really hard to say that David should have 100% known that she was uncomfortable because there really weren't signs that she was until after the fact. I can see being upset, but I do think it was unfair the way he was vilified as nearly a rapist for that. And again, mostly due to Beth S riling everyone up. I totally don't remember this guy, but I'm retroactively sad that they had an option for someone other than Glenn and made the wrong choice. Glenn just added to the bad vibes in this house and it was already loaded to the gills with bad vibes. This is one of the seasons that I can't really rewatch because it was just so awkward. They had some important moments, like Tami's work at the HIV clinic, abortion, and most important of all, her appearance on STUDS 😜, but the overall house vibe was just painful. Dom and Aaron were the only relationship that formed and that was mainly borne of loathing everyone else, I don't think those 2 would have found each other so relatable if there had been other people available to them, but given the rest of the crew, there weren't any other options. I remember liking Aaron when I first watched the season back when it aired, but when I finally watched it again as an adult, holy shit was he a sanctimonious, know-it-all 22 year old!
  15. Kina has an extremely "hard" look to her. She's very attractive, but in angular sort of way that made me think that if you'd told me she was either 22 or a very fit 45 year old, I'd have believed you with no problem. I even looked up a current photo just to confirm that she looks exactly the same now as she did 10-12 years ago and yep. The comparison between her and Cara is a bit like Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara on Modern Family. Julie Bowen is certainly an attractive woman and better looking than most, but put her up next to Sofia's look and her angular, hard face doesn't look as appealing. Cara obviously doesn't have Sofia's insane figure,* but she has the same soft prettiness. *Completely shallow observation, but seeing Cara in a bikini made me wonder what her Playboy photos could possibly look like, she has no boobs whatsoever. And yes, the Beth-o-saurus, Big Beth, she's a whole lotta woman, 'she weighs twice as much as whoever' comments were jarring. Sure, she was bigger than most of the teeny-tiny twig 20 year olds on the show, but they acted like she belonged on My 600-lb Life. Same. I'd ordinarily really roll my eyes with the whole fairytale romance, you can't kiss me until this perfect moment stuff, but knowing how little time she ended up having left on earth after this challenge, I could overlook it more than I would have with anyone else. And CT was there with her at the end, so he did turn out to be an important part of her life and not just another random showmance.
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