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  1. The fact that she's so proud of pioneering the table flipping fight aspect of reality TV tells me you're correct. She knows how to create a soundbite and turn up the drama. Although she did come by it honestly, she was at the center of every memorable moment in the original series before reality TV star was a job. But all these years later, she definitely has perfected her craft as reality TV shitstirrer. When she set it up, she said they'd go around and each tell the others and when she was done, she said "who's next." So it's possible that they did all go around, but they only s
  2. It is a genuine ear worm, I'll give them that. And they seemed to be having a blast recording it, except LT, who I believe was born without a fun gene. Dude has his intensity set to 11 at all times. I cracked up when the camera hit him and he tried to crack a smile and a dance move just for show. And the reading from the phone watered down his speaking part a bit, lol. After seeing the final, I feel extra bad for Brad and Jodi missing out by one day, they would've rocked that final. Except perhaps for the ending, I'm not sure math is either one of their strong suits.
  3. Hmmm, I'm not a Janelle fan either, since back in the Key West days, but it says that MJ and Jonna also experienced difficulties with the safe not opening despite a correct combination and following the instructions. So if I lost $500k due to a technical failure, I'd be upset too. But then Jonna's account says they had already won before anyone else got to the safes and the editing was quite confusing with the smash cut from daylight to complete darkness. Obviously there was a chunk of time in between. And honestly, technical difficulties have played a major role in previous challenges. I
  4. I never saw his RW season (or anyone’s RW season). I don’t have good reasoning for my dislike of MJ; I just remember not liking him on previous Challenge seasons but I cannot recall why.. RW Philadelphia is available on Paramount, trust me that you wouldn't have to watch very long to get a good sense of why people aren't high on MJ. His arrogance always exceeded his positive qualities by quite a bit and he had some questionable ideas about women. He was fine this season, if I hadn't seen him in anything before, he wouldn't have stood out. I'm happy for Jonna, I did not watch her
  5. Yes, it stood out to me that in every shot of him interacting with the kids, it came across a bit forced, like he knows the kids angle is his "thing" for the season, but can't hold it up. He stood out on that one date on Michelle's season because the other guys didn't have much interest in the kids, but he's just too bland to carry a whole season. Hopefully, the silver lining to another dud season is that the casting folks might start to look past the bland white dudes, the Coltons and the Claytons in the future and cast a more dynamic personality next time.
  6. Yeah, I think it's Clayton that's boring. It's hard to watch him stare unnervingly at a woman while she's talking, with that most unfortunate forelock of curls also seeming to be staring at her, with no palpable interest coming through. It's probably just that he's nervous and uncomfortable with the cameras and all, but it looks soooo awkward. Also, his complete acceptance of Shenae's words about Elizabeth was weird. What did she actually accuse her of? She was her friend, but then not her friend? What? That is hardly an accusation worthy of investigation. I don't know why Clayton is
  7. LOL, most life coaches I've ever known have the most effed up personal lives ever, so my general view of the profession is dim. However, I can TOTALLY see Kelley in that type of role. She always had that vibe of your organized, bossy friend who gives you extremely firm advice about your problems and won't let you wallow even if you want to. It could be annoying in the moment, but was frequently helpful in the long run, so I could see her being good at this type of thing. I looked her up on Instagram, she seems to look exactly the same and has written a book in the life coaching vein.
  8. RW:NO is next up in Homecoming series! I'd seen people make reference to New Orleans over the in RW: Homecoming LA thread, everyone is looking forward to the end of this uncomfortable installment and onto a more fun one, cue New Orleans! So I googled and per Reality Blurred, they're skipping straight to New Orleans and ALL cast members are returning. I'm really looking forward to this one, I have faith that most of them have grown into actual adults who can handle the experience, unlike several of the LA cast members. I'm especially curious to see where Julie's landed (mentally)
  9. Yeah even if David didn’t recently have a hospital stay with a head injury the guy looks to be 140 pounds and it would hardly be a fair fight with an ex-NFL player twice his size and 20 years younger. Plus mature people don’t settle disputes with physical fights period. Honestly, 140 seems generous, David is a really small guy. So Tami bringing her large, young husband to fight a man that Tami herself could easily take on is just ridiculous. Even if she did just want to scare him, the odds of that situation escalating dangerously were very high. With the energy Reggie brought
  10. I really thought Tami's husband was going to go after the crew. It could not have been fun for them to be chasing around a furious guy searching for a fight who didn't want to be followed. Also, as Tami herself noted, after a discussion about systemic racism and the treatment of black people by police, Tami put her husband directly in the path of law enforcement (in LA, of all places). Whether he found David or hit a crew member, he was going to wind up in handcuffs and she's just lucky that one of the crew was able to finally get through to him and send him home. Also not surprising
  11. Thanks for the Youtube tip, I took a trip down memory lane with that one, not just the show but the commercials were a trip. A very young Amanda Peet in a Secret commercial (strong enough for a man, pH balanced for a woman...), SO many commercials for long-distance phone carriers and calling cards, LOL. That was really entertaining. It was also interesting to see the NY cast and LA cast after their seasons but still so young and immature. Hilariously, Julie did a riff about the other casts sucking, similar to the drunken one she did on the Homecoming NY season. And yes, Tami and D
  12. Darrell had my favorite moment of the episode with his spot-on impression of LT "I just want to put my hands on someone." That couldn't have been a worse elimination challenge for him, did not play to his strengths at all. But honestly, those two were doomed in a final anyway. I can't feel bad for them missing their shot at $500k cause they weren't getting within a sniff of that money, there's no pole wrestle in a final. My sympathy for what Melinda went through in a delivering a stillborn child is the only thing making me root for her and Nehemiah, otherwise, I'd find them both obn
  13. Here's one featuring Lisa Whelchel I guess being a Mouseketeer and FoL cast member is the secret to the fountain of youth, both Julie and Lisa look amazing. Lisa mentions the 70's mousketeers being "the forgotten mice" as everyone remembers the originals and then the 90s version that spawned so many superstars, but no one remembers the 70s version. Also, when they filmed that Disney World special, they stayed at the park for TWO WEEKS and it was closed to the public. Damn, 2 weeks of Disney World for just them, that's a hell of a gig!
  14. Saw this on Youtube, Julie Piekarski at Disney World, she looks very much the same and still hammy as can be. I can see a difference between Blair, Natalie, and Tootie living in that little house/dorm with those girls, vs Jo who'd only see them in class and in the cafeteria. And vice versa with Jo now living in the same room with them, she had a closeness with them later on that Nancy/Sue Ann/Cindy didn't have anymore. So when they reminisced about the stuff that went on in that first year when Jo wasn't there, she could feel left out, especially with Sue Ann going out of her w
  15. Right?? They could be brothers. I'm very curious about the gift too, is this going to be a regular thing or did Michelle and Nayte luck out? The show probably HAS saved a fortune over the last 4 seasons, what with the crappy, homebound dates while they had to quarantine in a single location. I'm glad to see Michelle and Nayte look happy and that they both actually do have personalities in real life. I had high hopes for Michelle, but she leaned a little further into the Bachelor cliches than I thought she would. She's tall, so I'd hoped we'd finally get a break from the Bachelor
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