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  1. ljenkins782

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Exactly. The smacking sound of kissing is something I apparently don’t notice when I’m participating, but it irks me on TV. And given that this is an edited TV show, they can certainly modulate length and volume, but rarely seem to do so.
  2. ljenkins782

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Agreed. I have read comments about his voice from these forums and I don't hear anything unusual. I even closed my eyes to listen and did not find anything unusual.  I wouldn't call it a high voice, but it is nasal and whiny and in stark contrast to his appearance, that's why it stands out. They had quite an extended makeout session on last night's show, which doesn't quite make sense to me given the core demographic of these shows. It skews overwhelmingly female and older, so I don't know that 2 twenty something women making out is quite the ratings coup they're hoping for.
  3. ljenkins782

    S06.E06: Week 3, Part 2

    That's exactly what we said (and I see that most people saw it that way), Demi looked like a little girl sitting there with her mother. And agreed with everyone else, what exactly is the purpose of her staying there on the beach? I could MAYBE understand it if they'd brought the girlfriend in and dragged out the suspense of who Demi would pick, but since they brought her in and Demi made her choice right away, they should be packing up and going home. I was cracking up during one of his "crying" scenes, he was trying so damn hard to work up some actual tears, but no go. I wouldn't mind him as the Bachelor, he seems like a fun, well-spoken guy with a little bit of a snarky streak in there. He never threw himself into the drama, but watched it with amusing commentary, so I could see him carrying a show. If Colton and Chris Soules could be tapped to be leads, then Derek is certainly worth a shot. Caelynn and Caitlyn could be sisters. Caitlyn looks like the younger, more fresh-faced version of Caelynn and the similarity in names does not help one bit. What on earth was that? I felt embarrassed for Jed's nasal, off-key serenades but at least he was earnest about them. I think even Nicole realized halfway through that her song was not the cute moment she'd hoped for and started trailing off. Clay made a valiant effort to pretend to like it, but oof. Embarrassing... I think the aspect of Nicole that I find most awkward is that she doesn't know how to act natural in front of the cameras. So many of those little staged moments (like her fanning herself watching Clay work out) come off so badly because she can't stop mugging and pretend she doesn't see the cameras. She also turns her Spanish accent up to 11 in those moments. It puts the contestants between a rock and a hard place, they can't complain about the "twist" without seeming homophobic so instead we get interview after interview about how brave it was and whatever. It all ignores the elephant in the room of what Demi was even doing there if she was in such a great relationship at home and how we went from "I'm casually seeing someone at home" to "I love you with all my heart" and "it kills me that you were dating someone else" etc. I guess the accelerated timeline of love applies even to people NOT on the beach with you, who knew?? The most annoying part to me though was how much time they devoted to this segment. If this were a regular TV show, I'd assume it was a backdoor pilot with the way that they stopped and focused only on 3 people for a solid 45 minutes with barely a nod back to the rest of the group. For someone like me who FFs through the 1-1 dates to get back to the drama, this sucked and I was pissed when the credits came up without a return to the rest of the beach.
  4. ljenkins782

    S06.E05: Week 3, Part 1

    Clay's voice is just so unfortunate. It's not even just that it's high, it's got such a whiny, nasal quality and he has Hannah G's unfortunate habit of never sounding like he's making a declarative sentence, it's always trailing and questioning. I think Blake likes Hannah because he hasn't closed the deal with her yet (I think?) and his Bachelor Nation conquest bingo card can't be completed without it. Plus, rubbing it in Dylan's face was obviously half the appeal. But Dylan really only seems interested in Hannah's looks, so I'm not sure he's much better. Put all of Hannah's "other qualities" onto a less attractive person and Dylan would pass right on by. Have they ever had a conversation that wasn't entirely about how much he loves just sitting and staring at her, while she peeks from behind her hands and says basically nothing? He's somehow getting the "good guy" edit for pining over Hannah (even though it's a bit pathetic), but it's just coming across as shallow to me. He thinks she's the best looking so he wants only her. I think it escalated beyond Jordan's expectations. He thought he was going to have another "show preview" moment like the giant stuffed animal in the water from last year and suddenly found himself in some actual danger. But he also knew that he probably wasn't getting a rose from anyone, so he gave himself a big moment before leaving pre-rose ceremony. I'm curious who Nicole would have chosen if Christian had still been in the mix. I honestly think she would have ultimately gone with him and I can't really blame her. She clearly doesn't want to be the driver in the relationship and it'll always be that way with Clay. If he has to change his entire personality to be with her, than it's probably not the right fit. I can't blame her for that. I mean, Caelynn kissed CAM in a bid for a rose, but not one of these guys could even approach Onyeka for a last minute pitch to get a rose? The one person who approached her did so just to tell her that another guy wasn't into her, WTF?? That was truly a slap in the face. Given that it was Cam and the guy he was trying to blow up was Mike (who he blames for getting kicked off Hannah's season), I guess I get why he did it, but that sucks to do to her. And hilarious that it ended up getting him kicked out while Mike got a rose from someone else.
  5. ljenkins782

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    Yeah, Jade and Tanner seemed like a genuine couple, they actually appeared to like each other right from the start. Ashley/Jared and Carly/Evan are the ones that I have trouble believing. Not that you can't change your mind about a person, but it always seemed quite forced. Despite her being the aggressor/stalker, I think Ashley will be the first to bolt, once she realizes that the "prize" she'd been chasing all those years was just a regular person after all. I'm sure the wedding was fully comped, plus maybe some cash on top for the People exclusives and such, and she'll ride the Instagram wave for awhile, but I don't think the marriage will last. Maybe she can hawk "divorce essentials" for when the inevitable occurs. She does look extremely young, which makes the topless part look a bit sketchy. But if they were ever to do a Grease prequel, she would be a dead ringer for young Sandy!
  6. ljenkins782

    S02.E21: Dreams and Nightmares

    All of the Zoey/Luca drama seemed all too realistic, sadly. Their dynamic has always been Zoey standing on her head to cater to Luca, while he puts in the most minimal effort (as he seems to do with everything). I wasn't surprised at all that she initially turned that job down because of Luca, when we all know he'd never have done the same for her. It was very satisfying to see her finally call him out and end it, but then of course she had to go kiss Aaron immediately because apparently we can't have a character without boyfriend drama at all times. I can't even find it interesting to see if Zoey and Aaron get together because we've already seen her not choose him several times. She's obviously not that attracted to him, he's just a safety net that's always there. As for Luca, I kind of hope that they stay broken up and that his character fades back into the more limited space that he was in when the show started. I read a bit about the actor and it seems like he's basically playing himself, which only works in a very limited capacity. Whenever they give him more dialogue, it becomes clear that he's not a trained actor and can't deliver a line that well. But when he's just doing his monosyllabic, too cool for school routine in the background, he's perfectly fine in the role. Also, when the hell is this show on? I only watch it on Hulu and it always seems like there are new episodes but I don't know when it actually airs.
  7. ljenkins782

    S06.E03: Week 2, Part 1

    Yeah, he gives off the vibe that he would just slot any name into his love letter, it's always a turn-off to feel like a a flll-in-the-blank. Those types of desperate for love guys are also always the ones moaning about girls not liking "nice guys" and never realizing that THEY are the problem. It was a weird choppy edit, but I can also believe that he told his story poorly. It came out sounding like an old country song and not a genuine sharing of painful issues. I think that's why it was so easy for Hannah to believe Mike's version of things, that was pretty much the way it came across. In the very first episode, it seemed like he had the potential to become a redeemed character. He was still weird, but it was coming across somewhat funny and he could have occupied that "lovable weirdo" spot (like Daniel the Canadian guy), but he took a wrong turn. Also, he's blind if he couldn't see that Caelynn was blatantly rose shopping. She wasn't going to go home first with Blake there to see it, so it was any port in a storm. Somehow this is my first exposure to Bukowski, despite his lengthy resume, and I could be okay with this. He seems kinda funny and at least seems articulate, unlike Colton and some of the previous Bachelors.
  8. ljenkins782

    S06.E03: Week 2, Part 1

    Didn't Nicole and Onyeka have a pretty contentious relationship on their season? Surprised there was no footage of them reacting to each other being on the beach. I thought for sure that Nicole's attempt at making Clay jealous was going to blow up in her face, but I guess he doesn't want to take a chance on not getting a rose since the women have the upper hand. I agree that Hannah has been about as straightforward as is possible for her (since she clearly isn't that skilled at making declarative sentences). If nothing else, her actions should be speaking volumes to Dylan. I get that he's hung up on ONLY her, but she's clearly not as decided and it doesn't exactly set a good precedent that she wanders off to make out with other guys and he just keeps accepting it. Serious imbalance of power in that relationship. Blake is just beyond help at this point. I don't think this appearance is going to do him any favors in real life. The Wills and Katie moment is just about one of the most cringeworthy moments I've ever seen on this franchise. I'm not 100% sure he was that sincere about his interest, it may have been a rose-seeking moment, but it was still embarrassing to watch Katie lose her mind and reject him in the most rambling, yet brutal, way.
  9. ljenkins782

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    In this case, I believe it was mostly a case of the ex wanting to fuck Jed over as bad as he fucked her over. Which, honestly, I can't really blame her for. That was a colossal dick move that he pulled (on both her and Hannah), so he deserved what he got. It's a rare thing for a person who was screwed over by someone in such a big way to be able to exact revenge in a big way (and probably make some decent cash from selling the story), so I don't really judge her for it. I can also understand why she let him go, (erroneously) believing that it was for a potential career boost. It's no secret that the show has a terrible track record for producing actual couples and most of the "success stories" are really in the reality tv fame, podcasting, Instagram shilling space. I also have to imagine that she'd heard his off-key caterwauling on more than one occasion and realized that an actual singing show wasn't going to be his path to visibility, lol. She just didn't realize he was going to ditch her along the way. All he really had to do was to own up both to the ex AND to Hannah and he would have avoided all of this. But I don't think he was ever really into either relationship and thought he could somehow leverage the engagement into a music career. Perhaps the Taylor Swift "breakup song" routine? In the end, he basically shot himself in the foot. Not only did he get his name out in the worst way, the show went out of their way to showcase his singing in the most cringe-y way, especially in the end.
  10. ljenkins782

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    I know. That's what I just said.
  11. ljenkins782

    S15.E13: Week 11: Finale Part 2

    LOL. If he is indeed forgoing the chance to be The Bachelor and ignoring the legions of women who must be chasing him for HANNAH, I have to wonder what's up with him. It'd be one thing if she was dead set on Jed and only slept with him, but she slept with Peter too, and let's face it, if Shower Jesus Luke had been up for it, probably would have slept with him as well, but she gave Tyler the firm friend zone fantasy suite. There had to be a reason and if I were him, I'd wonder what it is. Weird finale for a weird season. Jed's attempt at rewriting history was hysterical, in the worst way. Anyone who's ever had a conversation like that with a man was cringing in sympathy. "I never verbally broke it off, it was broken off in my heart..." LOLOLOL. I didn't even watch the whole episodes of MTA, Finale 1 or Finale 2. I saw her dump Peter and then shut it off, then I put on Finale 2, heard Chris H say the stuff about the "cringeworthy proposal" and promptly fast-forwarded to the proposal and then straight to the drama back in the studio. I can't be bothered to sit through all the rest of the nonsense. There were some highlights, like Hannah chastising the crowd for clapping when she talked about ending things with Jed. The crowd was all in a "girl power, get him" mode and she was like "hey, this sucked, why are you clapping??" I know the crowd is prompted (at least I hope they're prompted to be so over the top and ridiculous), but it was still funny. The ending with Tyler was also kinda funny. To paraphrase, it was basically "hey, so I spent the whole season obsessed with this one guy and then he pissed me off and then I got engaged to this other, but he pissed me off too, so...hey, there. Let's just forget that I could have picked you many times and deliberately didn't, I'm alone now so...how about it?" I have to assume that Tyler just recognizes a good opportunity when he sees one and he comes off smelling like a rose in all this by being gracious in the moment. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but the evil part of me was SO hoping he'd use Hannah's own words (to Jed) back to her and be like "well, my feelings have changed, so no." But he played it smart and went out looking like the good guy, that's going to pay off for him in the end.
  12. ljenkins782

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    Right?? I especially don't get the hoopla over "dumping someone to go on the show." If they did indeed break up with them before going on the show (ahem, Jed...), then who cares? People break up all the time over all sorts of things, but at the heart of it, it just means that the relationship wasn't right. So if they go do this dumb show and end up actually hitting it off with the lead, great, but ALL of them have their own reason for doing it besides "falling in love" so who cares? Cute family and I'm happy for them, but it's kinda gross that there's Instagram shilling in the midst of the portion of the article that's about miscarriage. As for Peter...shave that shit off your face NOW. There is nothing weirder than a baby-faced man trying to pull off facial hair.
  13. ljenkins782

    S02.E18: Nice for What

    I can't really blame Ana for hanging onto the idea that they were in a relationship, they practically blew up their entire social circle to be together. It makes some sense that she'd see that as evidence that he was into the relationship. I'm liking Aaron less and less in general, this episode was a particularly bad look for him. There's never really been an equal power dynamic between Luca and Zoey. Honestly, there's probably never going to be an equal power dynamic between Luca and anyone because his entire vibe seems to be self-centered. It always seems like Zoey's tap dancing around his moods and trying to arrange things so that she can get what she wants (or something close to what she wants) without Luca having to do anything he doesn't want to do. So I liked seeing her just go off and do her own thing.
  14. ljenkins782

    S15.E11: The Men Tell All

    Considering that the first, what, 45 minutes of the MTA show was ALL Luke, I agree. He is the monster who ate the show. I honestly couldn't even get through the episode, I just barely got past the all Luke, all the time portion (I think I saw up to Big Mike in the hot seat). That was the most interesting part of the show to me. Hearing her articulate her worries that the guys would be "disappointed" that she was chosen, etc, was a glimpse into the other side of being the lead. All the shit that we say on here and that the world is saying (often right TO them on social media) can't be easy to take. This is exactly how I knew it was going to go (from a show staging perspective). I knew they'd set up this dynamic and then encourage the audience to be overdramatic in their fake responses. But the part that I couldn't stand was the completely nonsensical hill Hannah was choosing to die on, namely being angry that Luke would be upset if she slept with one of the other guys. First of all, if the person you're getting engaged to honestly doesn't care that you slept with 1 or more other guys mere days before the engagement, then that person probably isn't actually that invested in the relationship. I know it's part of the show to have multiple FS dates, but I think if the lead genuinely felt there was potential for a real relationship with one of them, they'd probably decline to do "fiance type things" with the others for fear of the repercussions. Also, I didn't really see the issue with Luke saying he'd step aside if it turned out she'd slept with someone else. He has the right to have his own dealbreakers and if that's one of them, so be it. Now, whether he'd actually have been able to walk away is another story, but I didn't have a problem with him stating where his personal lines were. Hannah acting like it was the crime of the century was ridiculous. Luke had done many, many actually objectionable things that she let slide, but this was the the thing that sent her over the edge? While I'm generally in the "dislike" category for this trend of skintight, capri-length pants for men, I will say that Tyler pulls the look off. The mixture of good looks, great body, and confidence makes him one of those guys who can probably wear anything. The ugliest version of this trend is athletic wear. I saw a guy on the tennis courts wearing skintight pants that hit about mid-calf and it was the silliest looking thing I've ever seen.
  15. ljenkins782

    S02.E16: Self Care

    Everyone has to take classes outside of their major and interests, that's part of every college curriculum. In fact, same goes for high school, where she presumably had to pass her classes to even get to college. It's not like studying something outside of fashion is completely foreign. And no, it's not a very mature decision to waste thousands of dollars that has already been paid for a class just because it's not coming as easy as you thought or you didn't like it as much as you thought. Adults don't get to quit their jobs or work only on projects that they enjoy, only someone not mature enough to know how the real world works would expect that they only have to put effort into the things that they like to do. Nor is it excusable to cheat just because you need a passing grade in something. She had the option to study, she didn't and if an incomplete for the year was the consequence, so be it. All of the above DOES make her a bad student. Again, not unusual for people to struggle early in college, but it just seems so odd to insist that she's a great student in the face of so much evidence against it.