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  1. I think Peter's going to be unpleasantly surprised to learn how silly he looks with a lot of his "moves." That dance thing he showed one of the girls had me cringing so hard. It looked just like BiP Blake and his overused Stagecoach dance moves. I suspect Peter's mom is crying about Madison since she seemed to like her so much. But that whole crying scene is so overwrought, I'm already embarrassed for her and I haven't even seen it yet. What kind of parent dives so enthusiastically into such a ridiculous premise?
  2. I’ll be honest, I could swear I’d seen a death announcement about Fred Willard a few years ago, I’d remembered him from his roles on Everybody Loves Raymond and others, so every time I see him in a current role, I’m glad that wasn’t true. 🙂
  3. I'm torn on this one. I enjoyed some of it, but some of it also felt a bit self-consciously reaching to be nostalgic. Like Phil repeating his "cool dad" speech from the premiere with older references, etc. I feel like the show shouldn't have to try that hard to reach back to the beginning (though the full circle Lion King thing from last season's finale was really good). I noticed that Claire's wearing the sweatshirt she was accused of stealing from a supermarket in an earlier episode and they had the Brenda Feldman callback as well, so I guess they're planting little moments in each episode. The reveal of Frank's death was sad, but expected. The actor who plays him is looking quite frail in real life as well. 😞
  4. I think they said that if the partner didn't press their button, they'd never know that you'd pressed yours, so it was intended to be discreet, apparently. The pitch was already in trouble, but the guy's arrogant smirk and arguing sank them. If you're going to do a somewhat novelty product, you have to have a fun personality up there presenting. That guy was not it. I really liked the sock girl. First, I loved that she had the confidence to stand up there and pitch by herself, the kids usually come in with their parents. And she wasn't overly precocious like most of the kid pitchers are, she was obviously trying to seem confident, but she got wobbly and 13-year-old-ish right at the end when she was unsure if she'd get a deal. It was very endearing. And she was right about the so-called "pockets" in a lot of other clothing, they throw a half-inch of fabric folded over and call it a pocket, when it fits nothing and is easy to drop stuff. Wasn't a huge fan of the date girl and I kinda understood where Barbara was coming for. It struck me as a "take it or leave it" business, like if it failed, eh. She'd just go on and do something else, it wasn't going to affect her life in any big way. Barbara was bitchier than necessary, but I got her general point.
  5. She walked great when she was alone, but she absolutely shrank into herself when walking next to Hannah, she was practically staring at the ground.I don't think she's completely faking the insecurity, I don't think this is the environment for her. She probably gets quite a lot of attention in regular settings, but this is a group of women chosen for attractiveness and a lot alpha personalities in the group. Most of the Hannah drama was last week. They did a brief recap of it and then cut to Peter saying he couldn't do this and going back to the girls. Kudos to him for at least semi-successfully selling the idea that he might want to return to Hannah B's drama because the math just didn't add up. Go be the only man available to 30 attractive women vying for his attention OR stay and listen to Hannah (the woman who dumped him already and only returned once her Plans A and B both flamed out) rather angrily whine "Ahhhh don't knowwwwwwwuh." Hardly Sophie's choice, there.
  6. Jed would probably fare worse on a show where music is one of the main points, because the other hopefuls would make it even more obvious that singing is not his gift. True, but Jed definitely doesn't know it. I'm sure he's attributing his failure to launch to his bad press alone and not to his off-key caterwauling. Anyone who toted his guitar everywhere and ill-advisedly broke into song on camera in hopes of catching some record producer's attention is certainly not someone with awareness of his vocal limitations. Oh, of course. And really, did she have much to lose in the modern era by "coming out" for 10 seconds? Even 10 years ago, perhaps that would have been a humongous deal, but a Hollywood hopeful, particularly a young, pretty woman in 2019 America? Not exactly the kind of thing that was going to make history. I'd argue that a MALE contestant who engaged in a brief bisexual relationship on national tv would find a different set of a challenges for that action, as female/female dalliances are far more accepted than male/male in terms of experimentation with sexuality. Demi will just go back to dating men and no one will think anything of it.
  7. I have to hope she was very drunk during the entire champagne incident, otherwise there is no hope for her. That being said, it was quite entertaining. She seemed genuinely convinced that the champagne gesture was going to be the greatest moment of her life, it didn't have the ring of someone acting crazy to get airtime, she truly does seem a bit off the beam. The funniest part was the other girls egging her on about the stupid champagne when I'm pretty sure they all thought it was lame. One of them even said "I'm so happy for you because I can tell it means a lot to you" in a tone that clearly implied "it's stupid, but bless your heart, you don't know it." This is definitely one of the situations where you have to hope for the inevitable 2-1 date with Kelsey and Hannah Ann and that it ends with both of them being stranded in the desert/on an island while Peter takes off solo in his plane. The edit implies that show knows Hannah Ann is a two-face, so we can only hope a comeuppance is in her future. It seems to capture her little smirks when she's pretending to be sincere, so I hope that means something. Ha, it was clearly a supreme effort for her to give even 1/100th of a shit about the other girl for even half a second. She plastered on a sympathetic face that slipped off immediately after the girl turned away. She is so that friend who sucks up all the oxygen in a room with her drama and can't be bothered with other people's issues if it takes the attention off herself. That was hilarious but I'm so confused about how it happened. It wasn't spilling over the sides, so it couldn't have been shaken. How did it explode so perfectly? Peter's reaction to Hannah Ann's "bullying" conversation certainly showed his hand as far as his investment in the two. He was ready to kick Kelsey to the curb instantly for insulting his precious Hannah Ann. No way in hell was production going to let him ditch the crazy that soon, but had it been up to him, he would have.
  8. I was also a little grossed out by the slider double entendre as it related to Gloria. The “procure me that woman I saw and bring her to a private cabana” seemed like a joke out of time. Stephen Merchant sold it, but the premise was gross. I thought one of the funnier throwaway scenes was Manny being the pretentious little douche he is during Lawrence of Arabia. His smug “I would have used a tracking shot there” is so typical of a college kid who’s recently learned new things. It seemed a bit far-fetched that manny and Luke didn’t know who Courteney Cox or David Beckham were. Did Claire ever figure out that her hair dye had washed out?
  9. Way late to the party, but totally agree. I knew deep down that it wouldn't happen, but I was secretly holding out hope that Noura would be able to pull it together and make a case for herself. The edits that both Tommy and Dean were getting throughout the last episode didn't strike me as all that positive and allowed me to nurse my futile hopes for Noura. Her win would have been great for many reasons, but the main reason would have been that having a prime goat actually win might get us away from the strategy of dragging them to the end and having lackluster winners. After Karishma, she was the 2nd goatiest one left (though her challenge wins were impressive), I'm guessing the cutting room floor holds even more evidence of her nuttiness and it was a foregone conclusion that she couldn't get a vote. Also, I couldn't stand either Dean or Tommy, so them not winning would have been even more important than whoever did win. It took me much longer than most people to turn against Tommy, but I was rooting so hard against him by the end. Something quietly arrogant about him that turned me off, plus that "Tommy and his mommy" bullshit. His edit was really not all that flattering and it's interesting that it took the exposition from Rob and Sandra to actually make the point that he'd played a good social game. Outside of them pointing out that everyone who came to IOI named Tommy as their primary ally, I didn't really see his game. He and Lauren were attached at the hip and he was obviously close to Janet, but I didn't see the social mastermind at work through the lens of the edit. Her meltdown was truly incredible. I can totally understand being upset about not getting picked to go to the end, but the way she acted like it was actually UNFAIR was surreal. Also, yes, perhaps actually learning to make fire would have been useful in the previous 38 days. This fire challenge has been around for several seasons and making fire is a daily part of life there, so no excuse for not bothering until you end up in the challenge. There were some really promising cast members and some good episodes, but overall it had a lot of low points, culminating with this shitty final 3. The idols and advantages (well, the way they ended up being used, anyway) torpedoed the season for me. Kellee saving Dean, Kellee neglecting to play one of her 2 idols to save herself, and Dean winning that damn nullifier in a freaking coin toss and sinking Janet with it, all very pivotal moments that led us to Tommy and Dean as 1 and 2, ugh.
  10. I would have liked to see Donathon get the $100k that Rick Devins/Janet/Elaine got (if taxes are an issue, why could others get $50k/$100k at a shot?), IIRC correctly, he was nursing ill relatives and from a very poor area with few prospects. I know Survivor isn't a charity, but I always like to see people in those circumstances get a shot at some cash. It's less impactful to me when the Brad Culpeppers of the world get to the end, come in 2nd/3rd and get a small chunk of money that probably doesn't impact their lives in any way because they're already wealthy. The only weirdness about the Sia award this year was the way it was presented, Jamal seemed excited to get the $15k and then clearly fought to keep his face neutral when the other 2 got $100k each right after, which frankly is just human nature to me. I'd be psyched to get money for nothing, but if 2 other people got WAY more money, also for nothing, I'd secretly be a little bummed (while being aware that I still needed to be grateful for the gift I did get). It'd just be an involuntary feeling. The Kellee segment was extremely awkward and I guarantee she cringes when she watches it back. It was a poorly structured segment, as many have said. It should have been specific questions that she could answer, not just "hey, here's the stage, talk about whatever..." It's like when you're in a job interview and they simply say "tell me about yourself..." rather than targeted inquiries about your experience or whatever. I know I always freeze up entirely when confronted with a completely open-ended forum like that. She's typically very well-spoken and not at a loss for words when conversing WITH people, but a giant stage with a nationwide audience and no real framework? Not surprising that she fumbled her words and didn't end up saying much of anything.
  11. ljenkins782

    S39 Dan Spilo

    Do you honestly think Dan was willing to sit up there on the stage after what happened? OR that he would have said anything of substance on the topic? We all saw his reaction when they discussed it at tribal council, he couldn't wait to change the subject and avoid discussing anything about it. I sincerely doubt he was chomping at the bit to get back on national tv and discuss it again. He was asked nicely by Kellee in the very beginning to stop touching her, he (and the rest of them) had the sit down with production on the topic and was apparently told privately as well. And he still didn't stop. What could he possibly to have to even say about that. "Yeah, they told me, but I still assumed it wasn't a big deal, so I didn't stop." As far as Kellee being an alleged SJW (which you clearly see as a bad thing), she didn't set out to be one. She was bothered by being touched, she said so and confronted the person doing it, it didn't stop, so she continued to speak about it. Dan's actions and the whole mess with Missy/Elisabeth/Janet thrust her into the role by proxy. And as for teaching your kid "not to go near a SJW", it's hardly the worst lesson in the world to teach your kid not to go touching people without their consent. It's really not a case of being "woke" or "too PC" to expect that someone you're not in a relationship with won't be touching you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. It SHOULD be the standard of behavior.
  12. I agree that there’s no expectation of privacy and she shouldn’t have shared it to begin with, but there are hundreds of hours of footage and there was no real narrative value to it (ie, it wasn’t part of an overarching storyline, didn’t play a role in how she was viewed, etc.) so it just seems cruel to air that particular conversation.
  13. Yeah, I have to remember that Janet doesn't have all the information and based on how the girls all basically acted like she was crazy for even bringing up the Dan issues, I can understand why she's not shunning him. She liked him before that incident and from what the other girls said, he acts better when she's around, so she didn't have the full scope of info. He's the only person there who's similar in age to her, so maybe they related on that level. Could not agree more on this one. She didn't win the game, there was no big revelation about her deciding to change her life and based on her reaction to the loved ones' visit, she's doubling down the commitment, so why air that very personal, hurtful discussion? My feeling about Karishma is that she does have those doubts and feelings about the marriage, but 30 days of living with strangers who she clearly did not click with even a little bit made her want to run back to the safety of what's familiar. Sometimes you think you could do better/made a mistake and then life smacks you in the chops and you retreat to what's safe and easy. Yeah, I don't think she's mentally ill, her issues seem to be much more in the social realm. She's not self-aware (or is, but can't do anything useful with what she knows about herself) and really cannot read a room. The people who ARE crazy are the people who let her slip through that disaster of a tribal council and voted out the utterly powerless Karishma instead. Karishma lasted 20 seconds in a challenge after giving up the option to eat a big breakfast. I know for me, the idea that I'd made that choice would have made me fight all the harder, but she physically couldn't do it, whereas Noura has shown incredible stamina in these endurance challenges. So to recap, the person who blew up EVERYONE's spot at TC, can't be trusted to stick to a plan, does whatever strikes her mind at any moment, AND who could quite possibly do an immunity run to the end was more of an imminent threat than the girl who can't win a challenge, has no allies, and has almost no chance to convince anyone to vote for her at the end? Alrighty then... Yeah, when they aired that original scene of her acting like she'd been disemboweled and no one, including production (who will break the wall in dire medical situations, I assume) was even looking at her, we didn't have enough background on Karishma yet to view it in context, but I have no trouble believing that she was a drama queen often enough that they learned to tune her out. I guess I'm rooting for either Janet or Elaine at this point. Janet is my sentimental fave and it'd be nice to have a female winner over 40-something (I think Tina Wesson was only 40 when she won, though she looked far older and Denise was only 40 or so), but I feel like Elaine might be making more game moves. Elaine's edit out of the gate seem significant and then she faded into the background for a long time and now she's re-emerging in the show. Janet came briefly into the spotlight during the Dan episode and is now fading back into the background, so I can't judge them head to head. I'd just rather either of them over anyone else left on the beach. If Dean or Tommy (and especially Dan) win, it'll be the second season in a row with a huge bummer ending. The only thing that gives me hope regarding a possible Dan win is that I don't think they would have edited that one particular episode together the way they did and wouldn't have gone so far in making him look bad if he'd actually won. I feel like they would have stitched around the problematic areas to try to salvage some sort of likability, but they didn't, so I can hope that means he loses.
  14. Yeah, I was wondering about the flattening part too, they looked bulky. And if they did flatten out, how nice could they be up close? It was an interesting idea, but a lot of people actually enjoy Christmas tree decorating and it's part of their holiday traditions, so I'm guessing it was geared more toward commercial spaces? Agreed about the women's marketing for the beard thing, I recently traveled with a group of women to a championship where we were supposed to represent our region with a color theme and they went nuts buying accessories, especially for the hair. If they'd had an option for those light up things for their hair, most of the group would have been walking around with blinking hair all weekend. I know the sharks were a bit dismissive of the sporting event licensing or whatever, but I could see those being an impulse buy at tailgating spots before games or concerts, a bunch of drunk people wanting to support their teams or just be goofy and festive seems like a great market.
  15. WTF kind of article is that? 2 lines dedicated to the arrest and very serious charges, then the rest is a recap of his time on Survivor and what he was up to after the show?? Way to bury the lede on that one...
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