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  1. I liked the tribute to George Segal, but was distracted by the appearance of some of the other actors. Looks like Murray dropped some weight in the off season and Erica's wig was terrible and distracting. So I spent much of the episode wondering what other projects those actors were up to that would explain the difference in looks.
  2. Sam Cooke's version of A Change is Gonna Come is the only version I will ever accept, so I was disappointed they went with the Otis Redding version. I liked the show overall, wasn't blown away, but I can certainly see watching on Hulu the next day like I do lots of other shows that I'm mildly interested in. The reactions to MLK's death made me consider that while everyone alive and conscious in 1963 has an "I still remember where I was when I heard" story about JFK's death, but I don't think I've ever seen any (or not many) depiction of the news of MLK's death. Even that Walter Cro
  3. Totally agree. While it was unfortunate that Brendan played her like that, she's coming out of it with all the goodwill, all the extra followers that Brendan and Pieper wanted, and a heightened profile. I don't remember her from her original season and I don't think she would have stood out in Paradise either if not for this situation. She's pretty and seems nice enough, but she doesn't grab my attention or command the room. So I'm a no for the B'ette gig and I feel like the people pushing that idea are mainly wanting to stick it to Brendan and Pieper, just like they wanted to stic
  4. SEVEN MINUTES?!?!?!?! Jesus, this guy really overestimates the public's interest in hearing from him. I bailed in the first 30 seconds or so, I didn't realize how much more of it there was. I also don't think a video format was the best choice, we've all already heard his faux apologetic voice, which, if challenged, quickly turns into a dismissive, quick-to-insult attitude. Seven minutes of fakery just isn't a good look.
  5. Brendan has posted a video apology on Instagram. Posted and promptly turned off comments, leaving only the handful of positive comments he'd received. I couldn't get through the whole thing, but it starts with him sucking up to Natasha HARD. The continued loss of his followers seems to have changed his mind about how she was so undesirable that no one else would ever like her. Funny how that works...
  6. Of course! (IMO) She's playing the game without saying it out loud. I think she's fairly savvy, if not show-savvy, then just socially savvy, and she quickly realized that Joe was her best bet for the full BIP experience. She can do the crocodile tears over Kendall, the tears of joy when he comes back and then just hang with Joe til the whole thing is over. And I think Joe is fully aware of it all. This is a guy who went home night 1, inexplicably captured the attention of Twitter and has parlayed it into a lucrative situation. She likes him, he likes her, it's pretty obvious to both of them th
  7. The main issue for both is that they're unable to post without a swarm of negative comments. Pieper's turned her comments off, Brendan has supposedly left his on, but given the lack of reaction to last night's episode, I guess he's been busy with the swiffering brush. Either way, the money train stops when the posts do, so they're in a pickle at the moment. If you want a real laugh, pull up their profiles (they're public, obvs, so no need to follow) and click the "tagged" button. This is where you can see where people have tagged them in hilarious memes at their expense. All of
  8. I think what doesn't work for me in that scenario was Amy's earnest sincerity behind the idea. They never got specific about what killed her brother, but she seemed to believe that if she'd had something like that, the kid wouldn't have died. I was in college at that time and I remember that version of the internet being so frustrating in schoolwork. You could google your topic but every time you saw an article you might want to read and use, it was behind a paywall. So the general idea wasn't the worst, I could see people using a site like that, but not in an emergency situation like th
  9. Great news for people who don't have HBO Max, or for people like me, who find the HBO Max app glitchy and unreliable. I haven't really been able to watch much CC because the app just closes over and over, so I'm happy to have it back on Roku channel, even with the commercials. I watched Start-Up last night, this one has always bugged me for the incredibly stupid premise of "LionStaff." The pitch was "It's 3 a.m. and your toddler is having a seizure. You go on the internet to find out what's happening and all the information is right at your fingertips on our site. People will be desperate
  10. I believe it was Dr. Hazlitt who confirmed the cause of death for Mr Penroy. The Appletree sisters certainly weren't innocent of many things, but I don't believe they actually killed anyone.
  11. I figured the Disney World one would be one of the easier choices, I've seen many a TV show that is basically a giant Disney commercial so I'm sure they'd give access. But maybe Covid would be a hurdle to filming in a location like that. Claudia and the Sad Goodbye was a tearjerker and the premise will still be sad, but I won't miss the character on the show. That sounds awful, but I found the portrayal kinda irritating. On the other hand, I'm dreading the sad part of Kristy and the Snobs if they choose to show it. 30+ years later, the image of Louie "limping home" with a hurt paw s
  12. I watched a couple of season 7 episodes yesterday and this is 100% true. Both Murray and Ted were wearing butterfly collared shirts in orange/green paisley with skin-tight bell bottoms. That is...a look. Lou Grant seemed to stick to the traditional 3 piece suits, those are timeless. Most of Mary's outfits are great, MTM had that willowy figure and everything looked good on her.
  13. In fairness, I said this days after attempting to get into the Bob Newhart Show and that show has possibly the most aggressively ugly, 70s decor ever. But the muted colors of MTM bother me too. This aversion goes all the way back to elementary school in the 80s when they made us watch Free to Be You and Me too many times and the scenes of NYC seemed so damn bleak even when it was clear the sun was out because the grainy film darkened everything. But I did like the clothes on MTM, they weren't outlandishly 70s, IIRC. In the few episodes I saw, I was really irritated by Rhoda's consta
  14. Of course they wouldn't DESERVE that, nobody deserves it. But in terms of people least likely to find a match, Victoria and Kelsey top the list, IMO. My point was to wonder why Brendan honed in on Natasha as the one to use, like what made him think no one else was ever gonna be interested in her? Whereas people like Kelsey, who seemed afraid to even speak to any guys, and Victoria, who was too busy playing a reality TV role, were unlikely to have guys genuinely interested in them and a mutual exchange of roses without intent to really get together would probably have been fine if it got them m
  15. Brendan's divorce is suddenly making a lot of sense, he sure has a knack for being an asshole while pretending to be thoughtfully communicating. This little gesture of falling on his sword for Pieper is just another backdoor way of trying to come out looking like the good guy to overshadow what a dick he was earlier. Katie should take note, THIS is what a gaslighter looks like. He's purporting to take her off the hot seat, but banking on the idea that the gentlemanly gesture will subtly earn him back some goodwill. Interesting that he paused his Cameo, I wonder if it was just
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