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  1. That's a different show for a different time. MSW followed the old tropes of impeccable heroines, like Nancy Drew. In this genre, people like the leads to be above reproach, it's part of what makes the show what it is. Which is not to say that it isn't sometimes ridiculous. A perfect example would be Season 10 (I think) Family Secrets, where a former student of JF's comes back to town to write a book about an old murder/scandal. He keeps teasing this exclusive information that only he knows and how it's going to shake the town down to the ground, etc. and this gets him killed. B
  2. LOL, that's actually spot on. I'd been thinking it had a Punky Brewster feel to it, but Strawberry Shortcake is closer. Those pants were SO huge. Much as I'll be thrilled to see the end of this godawful skinny pants trend, I don't want THAT to be the next fad.
  3. Yeah, but tears can save a person on this show, especially if it's a shy young guy. Idol voters have always skewed toward a certain demographic (older females), so Hunter's tears probably brought out the mama bears in the voters. It seemed to me like Beane completely went off the rails with his lyrics. At first I thought maybe it was just that the song was shortened, but then he seemed to mumble his way back to the spot I thought he was originally headed for. But he didn't cry about it, so he didn't get the judges' affirmations about how mistakes are good or whatever they were going on ab
  4. Youtube really has a ton of episodes of this season, so I've watched a bunch more. I mostly find the early 2000s fashion nostalgic and frankly, much nicer than current fashion, but the one thing I'm noticing is the horrible, pencil-thin eyebrow trend. Why was that a thing? The best/worst example is Mandy Moore, look back at her photos from her musical debut vs how she looks on This is Us, the thicker eyebrow is so much more flattering. But Lori, Coral, and Nicole are all sporting that pencil thin eyebrow look in this season and it's so unflattering
  5. She definitely stuck her nose in, but I never thought she was overly judgmental. There was an episode of Hunter that parodied this show and it pointed out the unrealistic nature of how this civilian was always allowed so much unfettered access to information and to crime scenes. Which was true, but the "Jessica Fletcher" character in the episode seemed more overbearing and obnoxious than the real Jessica Fletcher ever came across to me. But then, I could never judge this show objectively, I have such warm memories of Sunday dinners at my grandparents' house that included us all wat
  6. I've been watching this again here and there and Jim Parsons/Sheldon in the earliest seasons were such a peak for the humor of the show. I did like Amy Farrah Fowler as a character, but I never liked the softening of Sheldon. His earliest portrayal of the character was the funniest to me. Like the episode where he cleans Penni's apartment, his first reaction to seeing her place was hilarious and his artificially deep-voiced "if you have time to lean, you have time to clean" cracked me up.
  7. Me too. Any time someone went out on that balcony, I got immediate anxiety through the TV screen. A balcony that high up would need to have like 6-foot railings for me to even step one foot outside. Yes, even his original house (the small scenes we saw in it), it always seemed a bit dark and claustrophobic. I did love the lake house and the beach house though. Well, Frasier used it as a study, but it could certainly have been intended as a bedroom. He just didn't happen to have a need to to use it as one. Frasier's bathtub was my favorite part of that apartment, that was a
  8. I don't think he and Niles spent equally. Meals, wine, expensive suits, yes, but Niles' residences were always sprawling estates filled with antiques and servants, plus the lake house and the beach house and who knows what else. Frasier had one really nice apartment and one accidentally live-in physical therapist/housekeeper (the position wasn't intended to be live-in at the beginning, she was supposed to do drop in visits for Martin, so that would have been far less expensive). So Niles spending Maris' money along with his own accounted for the extra fancy things he had, but I think his
  9. Thank you, I'm glad someone else heard that, I was wondering why I thought that. Also, he has not changed AT ALL, physically. Like, he looks eerily the same as he did at 18.
  10. I never got the sense that Frasier's show was just local, I always assumed he was on the level of a Dr. Ruth or someone like that, with syndication deals outside the area. And this was one of the few shows where I never doubted that he could afford his lifestyle. I'm floored that someone calculated his salary at $27,000 per year. Even in 1993, that was low pay. I assumed he was making $250k or more with his radio career and having had a psychiatry practice for years before that along with his wife, also a dr in that field, his wealth made sense to me. It's not like Rachel from Friend
  11. Hmmm, I don't remember where I heard that, but apparently it wasn't true. Never mind then, lol.
  12. I watched this season in real time when it aired and I think I liked it well enough simply because I loved the show, but it's one that I have never been able to sit through a full rewatch again. There were standout moments of course, but I think I'd be content with a highlight reel of this season vs full episodes. My general memory of it is kind of a bleak gray background with a very muted house atmosphere. I did watch a few random episodes that had some elements of interest. Like Mike's rich father and stepmother coming over, you could learn a lot about Mike just by seeing his inte
  13. I feel like the editing made much of Lori's crush than it should have. In the couple of episodes I saw on Youtube, it seems pretty clear that Lori just wanted to hook up with him and wasn't actually that interested in him. She even says "we should hook up NOW before the attraction fades..." and things like that. But Kevin had decided he was going to be prim and proper or he just wanted to look like a stud to have this girl chasing him or whatever and the editing gave him exactly the storyline he was probably hoping for, which irritates me. Kevin is in the Squarehead Kyle (RW Chicago), or
  14. Kevin's success isn't in doubt, but I believe he himself has referenced difficulties he had after the show due to his portrayal. This show was all over the place and there was no forum then for them to respond to how they were portrayed, so each of their "labels" really stuck and his was quite an unfortunate one. I'm not 100% sure they couldn't get SF back together. Rachel is apparently still friends with Puck and I think the rest of them could possibly bite back their distaste for him for the sake of a moment revisited. Remote possibility, but a possibility. And if not, I'd be to
  15. I loved Sophia's closing statement (I think it was her) where she casually referenced Ellen's remarks about "fat" people and all of the homophobic, racist garbage she'd heard over their time together and said she hoped they learned something, or would learn something. That was an extreme paraphrase, but it was a well-placed little jab in a friendly tone. I thought Jason would have been a good choice too and without knowing the storied history of the Coral/Miz evolution, I'd have picked him over Mike, who I've always found annoying. Like his video camera answer in this casting special...ba
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