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    Lol, was that Olestra? I remember those "Wow" chips that used to be everywhere. I ate them all the time in college, thankfully the 'anal leakage' issue never occurred, but they did disappear off the market, so it must have been a problem. OMG, I thought the young guy was going to have a panic attack or break down right there. He looked SO uncomfortable. On the one hand, I can't entirely blame the guy for getting pissed off at Mark, who was being truly obnoxious, but it just went too far. That poor young guy wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. That pitch was one of the most awkward things I've seen on this show. Every time I thought it hit rock bottom, it just spiraled further down. I don't mean to be shallow, but I think one of the things that hurt their pitch from the start was that the older guy still seemed to have quite a few extra pounds on him. It's hard to pitch a product that promises weight loss or fat blocking when the pitch person isn't exactly svelte. I was just relieved that the Sharks never went there (or if they did, it wasn't shown) because it kinda felt like the elephant in the room (no pun intended).
  2. ljenkins782


    Yeah, that was super dumb. It was clear that they had no business sense, "well, we made $12,000 from one Instagram post, so we multiplied that by 12 to project our sales" is NOT a genuine projection of sales. They did have a point about wondering why the Sharks were so eager to just buy it from them, but what the Sharks could bring to the table is worth more than what they can bring to it. Bird in the hand, and all that. They were just afraid that if it did blow up, they wouldn't get the full profit, but missing the fact that if they didn't have help, it probably wouldn't blow up at all. The best idea doesn't mean much if the idea person doesn't have any means/knowledge to turn it into something. I looked them up online and there's an awful lot of fighting with their customers going on in the reviews. Also not a great sign for them. It really is a terrible name. No indication of what it is and no apparently relation to the product. They should have taken their million dollars and royalties and let the Sharks run with it, branding and all. Yeah, they seemed to skip over a whole lot of the usual business questions. I'm mildly interested in it, I struggle with the lack of light in winter. I'll have to look at that link. ETA: what was the name of her company/product? I can't remember. Also, reading the above link, it reminded me that it seems like someone at Shark Tank has a preoccupation with immigration. It seems like at least one per show, there's a pitch that references parents coming here with nothing and how it drives the entrepreneur. I mean, it matches the theme of the show, but it seems like they go out of their way to feature those stories.
  3. In the case of my sister, it took several weeks, lol. We looked identical despite being 2 years apart, so when she visited me at college and accidentally left her ID at the security desk, I helped myself to it and had a ball going places I wasn’t yet old enough to get into. I only watched the show this morning and can’t remember any of it, never a great sign. The writing is so weak and the acting has gone so far downhill, I really only watch out of habit.
  4. Maybe because she was gone so quickly, but Molly didn't bother me that much. She did have an easy charm about her and it probably was dangerous to let her get too far. Someone like Noura isn't like to win friends and influence people in a swap or merge, but Molly could have swung people to her side. Granted, there's the goat factor with Noura so that's another reason to keep her, but I suspect it's going to be another Abi situation where people just can't take her anymore and have to get rid of her before the end. Yes, the smile was so similar. Molly seemed less overtly flirty, but those gums were all Parvati. Yeah, if I was the girl who had to make fire against Boston Rob, I'd be pissed when I saw the cakewalk task that Kellee got. The idol in the hair was pretty brilliant, but her acting at camp wasn't great. She had a desperate whiff about her that would have made me suspicious even if she appeared to show them everything. Until she revealed the hair thing, I was wondering if she had it clenched in her butt cheeks or something, lol.
  5. Agreed. The bit about Dre in the restaurant was especially cringe-worthy, it was so hamfisted. Like covering a topic that's old news as if it's brand new information.
  6. That would involve Claire being able to put her own opinions aside and consider someone else's point of view. In the 10 years that this show has been on the air, has that ever happened? She's been trying to run all the kids' lives since they were born, that's not going to stop with the new generation. If anyone was dictating, it was definitely Claire. She heard what Haley said, cast it aside because she felt she knew better and just did what she wanted to do.
  7. Yeah, I was completely confused for the entirety of the episode (except the Jack/Rebecca parts since I at least knew who they were) and the ending kinda brought me back around, but I still don't think that was a great season opener. If your audience has to keep checking the channel to make sure that they're still watching the show they tuned into, it's not a great thing. I especially think the war storyline was a major WTF distraction, that was a hell of a lot of backstory simply to arrive at Nicky (who I don't really care that much about) freaking out at a meeting.
  8. I was especially irked by the Claire/Haley storyline. If they wanted to go the route of the "new mother thinks she knows better than her own mother" trope, they should have made Haley's views completely out there. They have the NERP storyline already in place, if it had been Haley getting all her child-rearing ideas from a batshit crazy place like NERP, that could have been funny. But her deciding how she wants to feed her babies and choosing not to use pacifiers are not outlandish ideas and they should be respected. It irks me that the show was trying make Haley look stupid and wrong for those things, when they're perfectly reasonable.
  9. Position on DWTS is not a protected class, so I'm not on board with your rationale either. There will be no age discrimination suits coming out of early exits from DWTS.
  10. Ugh, such a tired, and totally not okay, cliche. Also, not funny, so why this was the running theme in a sitcom is beyond me. They had ONE decent episode last season (the last one) that wrapped on a note-perfect, full-circle ending for the series, why did they not stop there? This episode was painfully unfunny and the actors were at their most cartoonish. Dylan used to be an occasionally funny character, but that actor can no longer deliver a line to save his life. Sarah Hyland has fallen into some weird speaking pattern that makes all of her lines sound off, same with Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, and half the rest of the cast. Even Ed O'Neill can barely sell a joke anymore and he used to be the rock of the series. Strangely enough, Luke seems to have the best lines and line delivery these days, and he used to be the worst one.
  11. Oh wow, that is sad. I had it on the background so I missed that and I was also confused by that ending. I thought I'd missed the punchline with Pops and the judge.
  12. She was an unknown though. I watched that whole season and I still don't know who she is. Part of the package is the name recognition along with ability, it's always going to help to have a built-in voting base of people who already know the celeb. Except she didn't have a lot of ability and in this case, part of her ability IS tied to age. That's just a fact and it's not "age prejudice" to point out there are physical limitations that come with aging. Take a dance like a jive that's extremely physical, with jumping and kicks and flicks. Of course Mary is going to struggle with that more than some of the younger contestants and it does put an automatic limitation on her. Of course I think Lamar was worse, but he survived due to fan votes. Between Mary and Ray, I can understand why Ray stayed.
  13. I just watched that one too. Frankly, I was just excited to see a rerun that wasn't one of the same 15-ish episodes that they rerun constantly. I don't get their syndication schedule, I have my DVR set to pick up all showings of it and it's the same damn episodes over and over and over. The reruns make me a little sad too, the show used to be genuinely great. It happens to most long-running shows so I get it, but the way each character has become such an over-exaggerated caricature of the original character is so glaring when you see the old shows.
  14. Same. Watching him try not to cry after the judging and scores is painful to watch and I don't see much room for improvement. When someone's a bad dancer, I find it easier to take when they've got an outgoing personality and a sense of humor about their limitations. He just seems like he WANTS to do well, but probably never will, and is so reserved and sensitive that it makes it hard to watch. There's an extremely physical component to dancing and the rehearsal schedules of this show, so yes, age does play a role here. She's in amazing shape for being 75 years old, but it's never going to be a level playing field with some of the younger contestants. She did her best to sell the personality of the dances, but there wasn't a lot of actual dancing/steps involved. That being said, I thought she might last a little longer. Lamar absolutely deserved to be the first boot and there were a few others that I thought might have been on the bubble as well, but no dice. Once it came down to her and Ray, I figured it'd be her since this show seems to have a thing for former football players. Brandon is due for a ringer at some point. He was amazing as a mentor on DWTS Juniors (where I was stunned to discover that I also liked Alan, who I could never stand on this show) and I'm sure he could go far if they'd give him a real contender (and one that people had heard of, I forget the name of his last partner, but I know I hadn't heard of her). I'm just waiting for the inevitable fake showmance between Alan and Hannah, there's no way they'll have a single Bachelorette with a single pro (he is, right) and not try to take it there.
  15. That was very sweet. Except for Sofia Vergara who seemed either weirdly detached or annoyed throughout. Amazing how similar Sarah Hyland still looks, I swear I remember her looking far younger in the first season. Jesse Tyler Ferguson also hasn't changed much.
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