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    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    Okay I'm just going to say it. When she's all done up I think Janelle is properly pretty. The dark eye makeup against her light skin and hair works for her. I'm sure she's dumb and lazy, but she cleans up nicely.
  2. monagatuna

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    One of the great freedoms of non-traditional relationships is that you can do anything you want. My partner and I each proposed because we wanted to. I got on a knee, she didn't. We're both wearing dresses (though if we were getting married in a cooler climate I would seriously consider a tuxedo). Neither of us are doing the father-daughter dance or ridiculous "giving away." We each have a mixed-gender bridal party (never understood separating the genders, even in hetero weddings) who can wear pants, dresses, whatever. We pick and choose which so-called tradition fits us, and every couple is different. It's pretty great and traditional couples should give it a shot. It forces you to examine your relationship and see what's right for you rather than just adhering to the same norms everyone else follows. It's...refreshing and surprisingly fun, I dare to say.
  3. monagatuna

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    Maybe she wanted to be married and have kids without having to spend a lot of time on her husband? I am certain poly marriages are difficult, I certainly couldn't deal with it, but maybe one night a week sleeping next to Kody is enough for her? She half-asses everything else in her life, why not outsource some of the affectionate parts of a marriage? Even her wedding dress was half-assed. Now, my partner and I are completely hooked on each other and codependent (we are spending a few nights apart for the first time in more than a year due to an illness in the family, and it's pure torture), but I've been in relationships where a night away from the partner was pure unadulterated bliss. I could never share my partner with anyone, but if I were married to someone like Kody I would relish my nights off.
  4. I'll admit I had to look on their Wiki page to get some examples of their normal kids' names. All I've been hearing about lately is A Spine and Gabe, which I should've used as an example. But these people produce children in a post-apocalyptic "repopulate the earth" frenzy so I can't be arsed to keep track of them.
  5. So, I'm hoping this is the right place to put this...I don't watch this show (just watched the last 3 or 4 episodes of the latest season and I vaguely remember when the show came out and the crispy haired goober married the one brunette), but...those names. What? Aspyn? How is that pronounced? I assume like Aspen, but I mentally see it as "a spine." Which, well, considering the women in this household...not effing likely. Mykelti? I...like mick-el-tee?? Again, my brain wants it to be a long I. Gwendlyn? What? Truely? I get what they were getting at there, but they misspelled it. Paedon? Sounds like a feminine product. Meanwhile, some of the kids have normal-ish names, like Aurora and Robert and David. Who decided on the weird names? Maybe I'm just out of touch. I know white people like to make their kids' names twee misspelled versions of regular names, and I'm not a parent so I can't know, but...is this normal? Is it biblical? I'm no Christian but I've read the bible and I don't remember seeing a Mykelti in there (granted it's a big book and it's been awhile). Am I completely off base here or are these names just....really awful?
  6. Same. My future goal is to be the women's 90+ winner of a marathon someday, because the only way I'm winning a division of anything is to be the only one in that division.
  7. monagatuna

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    This looks like heaven to me! I am in the bay area but grew up in WV and Maryland, and the dearth of trees here makes me super bummed out. But I recently visited the desert area in SoCal and it makes the bay area look like a rainforest, so I'm just counting my blessings now. I know it's cheaper to live there, and polygamy in the US has a history in desert areas, but even with its vast beauty and wide open skies, I get a little panicky without trees. It looks like outer space to me. And the bland overdevelopment of where they lived is overwhelmingly lonely.
  8. monagatuna

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    From a looks perspective, that Michael guy (thanks for his name) was perfectly suitable for someone Whitney's level of attractiveness (although 100 pounds lighter than W). From a personality, lifestyle, and ambition perspective, he dodged a bullet. :chants: Michael deserved better! Michael deserved better!
  9. monagatuna

    S06.E12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious

    The third class gave us a glimpse into why I started watching this show in the first place. She learned from the first blind person, and modified her class for future blind students. She called out a wheelchair user who was absolutely rocking out. She was somewhat humble, she was empowering, she was having fun and sharing the spotlight. She kept her idiot monologue to a minimum and let other people join in. I wish we could have more of this and less of her whinging about Buddy/not having kids/not being married/fatshaming Koreans not handing over their infants for her vanity project/"this is my worst nightmare"/"if I can do this, I can do anything" bullshit. People deserve to move and enjoy their bodies in whatever way they feel most comfortable with. Everyone should know the joy of working up a good sweat. Whitney, in her small way, gave that to people in this episode, and I wish we could see more of this.
  10. monagatuna

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    I wish I could love this a hundred times. People seem to think having daddy around as long as grandma is there is a-okay, but there's a long history of the courts agreeing these grandparents can't be trusted any more than the dad can. Chelsea and Cole might be boring, but no one can ever say they're not 100% doing everything they can to ensure Aubree's safety. For my part, you can take Janelle off the show, and I'll watch the Deboer family bake cookies, giggle, and play with the pets all day long, storyline or no.
  11. I am a mediocre singer at best. But I used to make the area karaoke rounds with my (much more popular and talented) friends, and I have a tried-and-true method for fooling people into thinking I'm good. Pick an earwig, a highly loved song, a nostalgia song, especially something someone hasn't thought about in a long time (I Believe in a Thing Called Love, The Bad Touch, NKOTB, I'm Too Sexy, etc.). Start the song, and by the first chorus, you should be dancing among the crowd and passing the mic around. NO ONE KNOWS you can barely hold a tune, they think you're great and everyone has a good time. Where's my show?
  12. I see someone has been spying on my "waiting for the food to be done" dance (TM). You'll be hearing from my lawyers, Whitney.
  13. monagatuna

    S09.E08: Cold War

    If you could afford one, you should get something else! The name stands for Breaking My Wallet...unfortunately many people think of them as "luxury" cars, when most of them are junk. There are a handful of models that are still good, but newer BMWs are mostly a waste of money. I didn't see most of this episode, but my guess is that simpleton Leah thinks he's wasting his money on "luxury" cars instead of caring for his kid. While he likely IS wasting money if he bought a newer BMW, it's not for the reason she's thinking.
  14. monagatuna

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I just rejoined the climbing gym and after 3 days of easy routes, my shoulders and core are screaming. Similarly, I used to hike constantly and it was sometimes hard to keep weight on. Whit could lose a ton of weight just by starting on easy hikes and hiking consistently harder trails until she's a normal weight. That would actually be interesting and inspiring, but that would take effort, so.
  15. Well, you know that won't work. After all, a cupcake is just a small cake, and we all know she doesn't really like cake, and she DEFINITELY doesn't like small portions.
  16. Rappelling isn't even exercise, really. It's fun, and might be work for the belayer, but not much. It's all leverage. Rappelling is literally just bouncing down a cliff face. Scary if you're afraid of heights, but it's not work. She could've done the rappel at the end of the hike as a celebration, or in the middle as a break, but no reason to do all of it on the same day except to make a huge dramatic fuss on TV. @Brooklynista, spot on! You nailed it!
  17. It's so irritating! When Ashley had her kid, all she could say was "I was there! I held her leg back! I saw the baby come out!" Not a word of support for the woman who did literally all of the work. I took my partner climbing for the first time today. Actual climbing--she did the proper routes and got all the way to the top multiple times, and learned how to belay and belayed me properly instead of just making a bunch of really strong men anchor her while she took three marginally upward steps using the wrong holds. I seriously can't believe this production company and her hangers-on enable and coddle her so much. "This is my Everest," she beams, as if taking three small steps up a wall incorrectly is some great feat. I'm sure in her mind she actually did climb Everest.
  18. I can't imagine a stripper at anything other an intentionally tacky party. I've been to ladies' strip clubs (as in, the dancers were ladies) with a mixed group and it was fun; the ladies were very nice. Even the guys in our group seemed to have more fun chatting and sharing rounds of shots than anything else. But I've never seen a male stripper or ordered one to a private room or house. My partner and I, both ladies, are having a combined bachelorette and we're going wine tasting and having a spa day. Maybe it's because we are in our 30s/40s but a male revue (or a female revue, as it were) sounds so tacky and pathetic. If we were in our 20s, maybe, but even then it seems so creepy. Even my straight guy friends only go to strip clubs (AFAIK) to have the strippers thoroughly humiliate the birthday boy/bachelor. Either way it's not something anyone takes seriously or finds "senshus." At the end of the day, we live near SF and there's nothing any of us can see at a strip club that we can't see at the Folsom Street Fair.
  19. Don't they make DIY suction grab bars? No idea if they work at all though. Either way, this is a great idea. And I'm going to out myself here, but you can also get non-skid appliques as well. My grandma had a suction mat I was terrified of when I was little. I called it "The Kay" and wouldn't take a bath until it was removed. That was fine until we went to visit my great-grandma who had the non-removable ones, and I refused to take a bath, so into the washtub it was for me. This was in rural VA in the 70s--hey, maybe they can get a tin washtub for Whitney? She wouldn't fit in the little one I used. Maybe one of the ones they use as horse troughs on trails? Anyway, you're both right; falls can be lethal, and the moral of the story is get yourself a Kay.
  20. Some of them could be a riot to hang out with. I would invite Todd, Tal (and provide non-alcoholic bubbly, good on you Tal for staying sober--with these nuts I'd need to drink heavily), the new mom (her name escapes me), and the cats. And most of you guys. Think of the snark!
  21. The line in the sand is drawn with pee, I guess--the hot tub incident has everyone on the MBFFL facebook page talking about that instead of how ~*~fabulous~*~ Whitney is. So foul! Also, I saw the replay of Tal rolling his ankle--OUCH. It's no wonder it's the size of a grapefruit. He's not going to anything-a-thon. I'm not there in the show yet, but does Whitney mention how they're getting back? I hear 5 mile bike ride to the trailhead, then 5 mile hike-rappel. Then, another 5 miles home? Did they really do 15 miles round trip? Whitney notwithstanding, most people wouldn't do that unless they were relatively fit already. Of this group, that might be Todd, and MAYBE Tal. Definitely not the parents or Boo Bear or Eeyore, to say nothing of Whitney herself.
  22. Just a heads-up, I've seen the word "repel" used when what is meant is "rappel." You rappel down a cliff. "Repel" is what Whitney does to just about everyone she encounters.
  23. The easier tracks are like climbing a ladder. She could've done a 5.3 or 5.4 without much trouble. If you look at the guy behind her (previously referenced) you can tell he's a climber. He's using his legs to propel himself upwards while using his hands to stabilize himself. Meanwhile Twit is rocking back and forth trying to haul her 400 pounds upward with her forearms (first time I tried doing that, the next day my arm cramped up reaching for a doorknob). A typical normal sized person could make it to the top doing a track within their abilities, even if they are not climbers or particularly fit. I'm not afraid of heights but it is intimidating to make that first fall. Another note: those holds? They're color coded. You follow the hold in your color scheme. It's planned that way for a reason. Whitney just grabs any hold in front of her. Like any other thing she tries, she cheats.
  24. monagatuna

    S06.E08: Obsessive Habits

    I can't tell you how much I love this. Elephants are so mistreated, from circuses to zoos to those elephant riding tourist traps. They're highly social animals who love humans and this is such a great way to interact with them without abusing them.
  25. monagatuna

    S06.E07: Big Girls Don't Cry

    That's what I get for half-watching. I saw a handful of other kids but the camera was so focused on the pathetic adults that I assumed those kids were there for some other party, not Harper's. Can you blame me for not giving this show my full attention? LOL