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  1. 1. Cappy 2. Pet 3. What does your heart tell you? I live in a small city just inside a large metro area and we don't get a lot of press like on TV or anything (except when someone drives carelessly and pitches themselves off a cliff, like yesterday), but a lot of my inland friends come here when their cities are smoked out or too hot, and they come to enjoy the fog and cool air. I want to be welcoming but instead I'm like, get out! You'll mess it up! I'm so sorry about your little one. How frustrating that she's less than two years away from the deadline to get the vacci
  2. I wish this was still the premise of this show. I wish we could follow the lives of one of the other interesting, lovely ladies on this retreat. I wish we could catch up with the dancing man whose party she attended in, like, season 1 or 2. Or follow Jessamyn Stanley or another large athlete we may not even know about. I wish we could extend this fabulousness to others, like disabled people or unconventionally attractive people or anyone who is a genuine inspiration and role model, not this braying lump of narcissism and need. This show had so much potential. But it is TLC, after all. As you s
  3. Me too. My spouse pointed out that he seemed high as a kite, and normally I can't tell when someone is impaired, but it was super obvious. I hope it's just a med that needs adjusting and not an addiction problem. I adore Todd and want the best for him.
  4. I cringed so hard when she and her host hugged, maskless. I let my guard down and hung out with some friends six weeks after getting vaccinated, and still caught a breakthrough case. A month later, I'm still having trouble breathing and my workouts are still at about 80% intensity. My chest hurts if I work out too hard, and I've had to give up most alcohol (a blessing in disguise, although I do indulge occasionally rather than nightly now). And I'm not even overweight. My first thought when I saw them hugging was "six vaccinated ladies in the American south, hugging and taking zero precau
  5. I love how Will gave her a chance at a job at his gym if only she would pass the exam in four weeks. Who here hasn't crammed 300 pages of work into four weeks? I did it on my first day of law school. I get the initial panic, and the proclamation that she would study on her two-day (out of 28) trip...then immediately wastes time convening a "family meeting" to chide her parents on having the audacity to use half of their own home. And how exactly does she plan on "giving" them a downstairs bathroom? Is she going to slap one together with Command strips? Maybe wallpaper their existing bathroom w
  6. This happens to me too! I'm conversational in Spanish and anytime I get stuck on a word or phrase in French or Italian, my brain always picks out the Spanish word.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Ashley's daughter biracial? I believe her father is Black. A grown, privileged white woman raking her hands repeatedly through a little Black girl's hair without invitation is an extremely bad look. But it's Whitney, who has to impose herself on others without consent. Demanding cuddles from Buddy, putting her feet on her friends when they're sitting around, pawing at Tal, the ONE time she wears sleeves is at a vax appointment so she'll have to take off her shirt to expose herself, making people wait in long lines so she can force beleaguered, burnt-out healt
  8. Shades of Danielle and Mohammed...except both of those two have gone on to endear themselves slightly despite their relative infamy.
  9. whoaaaaaa this may be the biggest easter egg from the entire series.
  10. Dude, let's be realistic, you know he just learned the art of the grift from the koodie klan. They're definitely robbing Peter to pay Paul, shifting money around just enough to stay ahead of the repo man. Just being involved in an MLM, you're either getting scammed or scamming others, and I don't believe for a second any of these grifters are savvy enough to be the scammers.
  11. Which is just really too bad. Foster kids deserve great parents the same as babies, and she ain't great.
  12. It IS mildly interesting to see how he styles the scraps he's clinging to.
  13. To the rolls, the veggie dogs were already amazing. This was a small biergarten chain called Doghaus and I'd never had rolls this way before. Super good! It makes sense that AUB doesn't follow the rules of the church...kinda like the whole polygamy thing, huh?
  14. Throwing bread in the pan to soak up the egg grease is pretty classic. I was always a hotdog bun purist, but last weekend I had a veggie dog on two smashed King's Hawaiian rolls and I'm a convert now.
  15. Pretty sure that's a bialetti, had the same issue in my old house with mine (also with my Turkish pot). Wasn't worth buying new since it was a rennal, but if this is a permanent solution she should at least get a campfire pot from military surplus or any of the myriad outdoor retailers there must be where she lives. Also LOL Mormons aren't supposed to drink coffee but YOLO.
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