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  1. I was trying to figure out why he was staring at it for so hard and so long, with that expression on his face. It just seemed like he was really really interested in it. I think you've nailed it.
  2. I'm way behind because I'm on the opposite coast, but I recognize that airport. I'm pretty sure they're on San Pedro--the cayes there don't have air strips as far as I know, and the mainland airport is much bigger. It's...different. Very touristy and very poor. I spent 10 days in SP/mainland Belize and ate so many Pringles because there's just so little interesting food unless you're into meat. I had my first ever lobster pizza there and it was...uh...a thing. The fryjacks are killer, though, I waited way too long to try them. It's definitely got a very relaxed vibe. I'm too neurotic to enjoy it. But if you're good at kicking back and going with the flow, it can be fun. I stopped by this taco shack halfway through and had the best drinks-tacos-karaoke night ever. Oh, and cars aren't much of a thing on SP. Everything is bike or golf cart. A LOT of fun but really tough if you need a car or van.
  3. No I agree, I'm just saying she's not special in being that huge. I definitely misspoke, though. She's huge, but not any different than many, many others. And I am certain she gets fat shamed, but I also think TLC is exaggerating her experience to make it TV worthy.
  4. She's also, like...not that huge? Look, we live in a world where we'll never run out of My 600 Pound Life participants. And she's in the south. I don't know what the obesity rate in NC is, but when I lived there in the 80s it wasn't THAT unusual to see women like her on a daily basis, just out existing in the world. Her whole schtick was being fat *and* fabulous, but now she's just an average fat thirtysomething with no job and an abrasive personality. Guys would swipe left (left is no, right?) on her, but wouldn't take the time to insult her. They're too busy hustling for matches. I'm not saying fat shaming doesn't happen--people called Michelle Obama, possibly the fittest first lady we've ever had, fat--but rather than build on Whitney's real world experiences, they're just making shit up out of whole cloth. Heck, fat, thin, short, tall, bespectacled, blonde, freckled, sunburnt, dandruff-dusted, big- or small-chested, big- or small-nosed, look too old, look too young, someone is gonna have something to say about your appearance. But instead of working with the experiences Whitney may have actually had, TLC tries to make it into something extreme and *special*.
  5. In a vacuum, I think gender-bending is perfectly fine and kids can understand it perfectly well. Kids are going to grow up in a world where non-binary, trans, and non-gender-conforming people are not forced into the closet (hopefully!) and there's nothing wrong with addressing gender on the spectrum it is rather than a binary. But I think it's perfectly clear to all of us that Whitney is doing it to be twee and unique and to call attention to herself, not out of any sort of advocacy.
  6. I agree. Her voice was thin and timid, but she was on key and her pitch was good. A fair amount of vocal training will improve her lung capacity and vocal cord strength-plus she's still young enough that her vocal cords are malleable and can be trained up. This is the perfect time for her to start vocal education. Real vocal education, not singing in a church choir or being trained by her mom who took 1 1/2 semesters of music theory in college, an experience she doesn't allow for her kids. A problem, though, is the kind of music she chose. She wants to sing country pop, which is, well thin and trembling. Look, I like Taylor Swift as a person, but her music is wimpy and pathetic. So is most pop music. If she wants a strong, clear, healthy voice, she needs to start now on gospel, soul, blues, or some other genre that's a little more vocally demanding. It'll also help with her confidence, which she needs a lot more of. I did appreciate both of their professionalism. They were matter-of-fact and listened to each other. Moriah is experimenting with her looks but seems down to earth enough to not expect every man to fall for her just because she's young, thin, and wearing a ton of makeup. I wish her well.
  7. I popped into this forum just to see if they were still in Ethiopia and stumbled onto that masterpiece--thank you @hookedontv for posting that! It was....a thing, that's for sure. I'm just mad those great dancers are in this crappy video. They deserve so much better. And I'm sure Ariela's whiteness is supposed to make her the "star" of the video, but those dancers were the only entertaining part of the whole thing. Less Ariela, more dancers!
  8. There is absolutely such a market. Here are a couple of my friends, who almost exclusively do elopements and are generally booked up years in advance: https://thehearnes.com/#intro These guys have been travel photographers for years, and they're only in their mid-20s. Olivia has a long way to go and a lot to learn to get to this level, but if she's good at photography (hard to tell, her stuff looks pretty basic and generic to my untrained eye), and adventurous (also hard to tell at this point), she could have a nice long career at it.
  9. See now you're just being ridiculous. We all know she doesn't even like cake!
  10. Ever since I saw that guy on We Need to Talk About Kevin, I can't see him as anyone else. It was so weird seeing him go from Stepbrothers to that.
  11. Edited to remove period chat per mod warning (sorry, I posted too fast!), but suffice it to say I agree that Whitney will just not be able to use these even if she DID have a period
  12. I dated a guy whose grandmother's (or great-grandmother's? I forget) recipe is on that container. He was a big fan and I hadn't had it, so I tried it when he made it. It was...interesting.
  13. You guys. My wife gave me a David/Annie cameo as an early Christmas gift and as weird as I thought it'd be to get one, it was so cool! They are a delight, Annie especially, and it was so fun to have them call me out specifically and say how much my amazing wife loves me. It was totally cheesy and so incredibly fun!
  14. I used to live there, and while they have strong accents, they're not like Babs' drawl. My family is from WV which has the same kind of strong accent--like Chase's but on steroids--and I probably had some version of it growing up, but it's gone now. I moved out of WV in my late teens and now live in CA, which has its own form of strong accent, but between performing and careful speaking, I've been able to cultivate a no-accent "TV anchor" voice (oddly, I can emulate just about any US accent if I want to, and sometimes have to stop myself from emulating a particular accent that just happens to creep in). I think Whitney just thinks herself so modern and worldly that she emulates the vocal fry of southern Californians. Also, younger people are more present on the internet and watching media that doesn't match the local accent, so in their formative years they're learning to sound less like their parents and more like the people they spend time watching in various forms of media. Not sure if that helps, but I do think Babs is hamming it up a bit, and I think the distinction between Whitney's accent and her mom's is part cultivated and part happenstance.
  15. Sorry, off topic, and I don't know the nature of your hair loss, but I had some fairly minor hair loss of my already-thin hair due to damage, and later hormonal changes, and Nutrafol really helped it grow back much faster and in better condition. I'm surprised now when I touch it sometimes because it's always been really fine and it's noticeably thicker. It's pricey, but worth it. I use extensions regularly because they're fun, and because I have fine hair, it takes careful placement to keep the clips from showing, and it DOES stress the hair. My hair is thin, but it's more plentiful than Whitney's, and when I see her with the long scraggly extensions it makes my scalp cringe. Nothing wrong with extensions if you want to wear them, but you're right that they do stress your hair out, and she'd be better served by shorter, more natural looking extensions that don't stress your hair that much. And that high pony, yikes.
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