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  1. My girls from Teen Mom Trash talk also have a 90 Day Trash Talk podcast. I love them and the 90 day gays!
  2. I was certain they were making a slab pie. There was a baking sheet in the dishwasher and I was never clear on if it should be a lattice top or a crumble. I would have made some combo of 4 fruits/toppings on the sheet pan.
  3. I made a Sunny drinking game once, but I'm warning you- you WILL die if you take a drink every time she says: Curb appeal, gojujang, moment, smoked paprika, nunyabizness, or anything with food in her mouth.
  4. I imagine when Cher was born, mommy wanted to turn the house into a castle for their little princess.
  5. Yo, terrible psychics, maybe they don't leave FOR another woman, but BECAUSE of another woman. Your sister. Duh. Y'all, I know we're not supposed to speak ill of the children, but baby Jett is, uhh..not cute. And the new one is adorable. Good luck raising them as twins.
  6. I don't even remember what I said to her, but she blocked me!
  7. I noticed that sometimes when they showed the chicken in the oven, it was upside down. I do that with turkey cause it makes all the juices settle into the breast and then you flip it for the last 15 minutes to brown the top. Did they mention cooking it this way and I missed it? I assume it would prevent that over browning. I wonder if Discovery+ encourages that kind of racy talk to entice subscribers. I remember the first thing I watched on it was Julia giving Brandon the handy and I figured it was a way to say "Look at what you won't see on TV!!" Either way, I am not a prude by any mean
  8. Rhyce is hot as balls, and I was very surprised to see who he ended up dating...
  9. Who knew I would love Kyle of Kyle & Noon??? He is throwing major shade and I am Here for it.
  10. I think Symons looks like a young Thora Birch. Sad that Kandi hasn't gotten off my tv yet but I'm just glad they're finally eliminating people.
  11. Well, I fell for that turnip commercial, and went right to the store to buy all the ingredients for GZ's pork dish. I even heard Alex in my head as I swirled the butter in at the end. It was beautiful. The perfectly cubed, equally sized turnips remained untouched on everyone's plate but mine. But then again, I like everything. Regardless, turnips will Not be the hip new veg of 2021 at Casa Butterbody.
  12. I've made Katie's chicken on a baguette, it's made in a skillet which adds to the crusty bottom and it's to die for! If only all my stores weren't out of turkey breasts. That looked so juicy!
  13. My 3 favorite things: Blair doing the dance hands from the sidelines like the first time Nomi Malone saw Crystal Conners. Jujus story about her final look. India Feral hopefully being off this show forever.
  14. Helping Cher pack for the hoapital: Sweethawt don't forget your Angry eyes!
  15. What is the actual point of this season? Is it still a dating show, or do P & V just play Mrs. Garret while Jersey shore 2.0 gets into shenanigans?
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