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  1. I was really disappointed by this episode. Like @jewel21, I thought Kristen's fall was coming, and now would like to rewatch to see if it was even telegraphed a little; and the way they dramatized it for five minutes was kind over the top, at least to me. Likewise the mysterious car attack - something flattens the tire and damages the side of the car, and they cannot find any debris and spend a lot of time on drama. I'd hate to think anything was staged but can't help wondering. Given the allegations about Jay and Grant faking things on the original GH, I'd like to think the producers of this iteration would be careful not to exaggerate or augment (or whomever forbid, manufacture) any encounters or evidence. On the positive side, I did like that Mustafa and partner (was it Brian?) actually found some evidence and chased down some random noises with minimum histrionics. With the EVP they got saying the hoteliers might be in danger, what if the "speaker" was not a hostile entity and meant that the harm might come from the negative human element in town? Just a thought. This episode seemed very Scooby Doo to me, but I'll stick with the show for a bit to see if it was a one-off situation or what.
  2. Not true. He is, however, seeking clarification from the White House as to exactly what their proposed quarantine of NY, NJ, and CT would entail.
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that Fort Knox had anything to do with vertigo; I just usually go to see Fort Knox (no wasp issues so far, but we usually go late or off season) with the occasional, incidental visit to the observatory rather than the other way around. Do get a little fluttery taking in the water view from the top of the fort, though.
  4. Despite a healthy fear of heights, I love that observatory (and Fort Knox too!); as long as I look out and not down, nothing bad happens. But it had never occurred to me that people would jump from the bridge. Respect for the tour guide lady indeed - I can't even imagine going through that.
  5. I knew Anubis thanks to Johnny Quest. (It doesn't matter why/how you know it as long as you know it, right?)
  6. While comparing the recipes for sponge candy and sea foam, I ran into this Minnesota reference: This recipe has been in the family of senior editor Randi Danforth for generations. Her great-grandmother bought penny sponge candy to take to the movies in Minnesota. https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/sponge-candy-2797
  7. Ooooh, that's a blast from the past -- I know sponge candy as sea foam. Love it but haven't had it in years (which is probably a good thing).
  8. I'm a notary in Connecticut, so I can only speak for that state; but the notary public manual kind of discourages notaries from doing wills. The language stops just short of calling it unauthorized practice of law, which is a big no-no. Having an attorney perform the notarization is strongly recommended. Depending on whether your location has the same type of rules and regs, notaries who are not also attorneys may be a little shy about notarizing your will. Best of luck with your mission.
  9. Can't they edit the late Ms. Lyon into the mix? I thought that was one reason for the transition shots in TCM Remembers.
  10. Is that Nathan Fillion with that amazing mullet? Great pic!
  11. See, that's the thing -- everyone who hovers thinks they do it well. And they don't.
  12. In 2011, we had a foot of snow on the ground - we usually don't have snow in October - and other parts of the state had up to two feet. Power lines and trees were down in some places and footing was bad; it just wasn't a good night for anyone to go out. Halloween was a Monday that year, and in my neck of the woods, it was just sort of cancelled by default. By the time people were done shoveling and cleaning up, they weren't in a Halloween mood (at least that was the case in my neighborhood). The festivities weren't moved to the weekend prior because the storm happening on Saturday and Sunday. This year heavy rain and high winds (gusts to 40-50 mph) were forecast; the rain was done early, but the wind was strong enough to blow two pumpkins off our porch. Most cities and towns left trick-or-treating up to the individuals since it's not a municipally-planned event, but in some "destination" places where the police block off some streets because of the crowds they draw, they did move the observation of Halloween to last night. (Judging by the news coverage, they got a great turnout.)
  13. I've been very happy with YouTube TV (even if it is owned by Google). TCM is also definitely available on Hulu and on Sling as a $5* add-on. *For the $5, you also get Sundance, Reelz, HD Net, and Film Detective.
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