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  1. Also a fan of YouTube TV. I also pay $20 a month for Philo to get some missing channels - History, A&E, the MTV family of channels, Hallmark, Up, Lifetime (because I need those Lifetime movies), for example. At ~$70 per month, I'm still paying half or less than what I did for cable.
  2. Yeah, yeah. Big hit with everyone.
  3. Sorry, don't know how I missed that!
  4. I knew! It may be the only thing George McClellan did right.
  5. That's a really good question. I thought the landowners said they wanted to do something before filling in the hole, so maybe it was something like bringing in archaeologists or forensic type people. I, too, was sad to see the tree go down, but I wonder if it wasn't in good health anyway - it's hard to tell in the dead of winter. Plus, the digging they did would probably have damaged a lot of the roots, seriously hurting the tree's health; so if its health wasn't already compromised, it would have been after the dig.
  6. Correct - they bought a place in Encino formerly owned by Smokey Robinson. https://www.trulia.com/blog/kyle-richards-and-mauricio-umansky-buy-encino-home/
  7. I enjoyed the season premiere from Biglerville, PA. They made some interesting finds, did their homework, and came up with some good audio and video. Jay, Steve, and Dave come off much lower-key than the casts on a lot of the other shows, and I appreciate that they just kind of get down to business. I also was pleasantly surprised that, even with Biglerville being right outside of Gettysburg, none of the activity was tied to the Civil War. Nothing against Civil War hauntings, and I love the battlefield and area; but it seemed to me like that would be a natural go-to. I also loved tha
  8. You are correct, of course (and I should be ashamed, he's from around here). Maybe I had Brian Buffinton on the brain.
  9. According to the listings, the epic Dinner Party from Hell episode airs this afternoon at 2:15 (EDT). Setting my reminder.....
  10. Looking forward to tomorrow's with Cynthia Watros, Laura Wright, Brian Daniel Cosgrove - totally missed this one, though. Will definitely have to catch up with the archive. (Thank you, UYI!)
  11. I group Pennsylvania with the mid-Atlantic states - also including NY, NJ, DE, MD, WV, and sort of VA. I also group VA with the South, and went to school with plenty of Marylanders who considered themselves southern, so there's some fluidity there.
  12. Wow! I was excited to pay $1.39 (Northeast, we're always priced pretty high).
  13. I was really disappointed by this episode. Like @jewel21, I thought Kristen's fall was coming, and now would like to rewatch to see if it was even telegraphed a little; and the way they dramatized it for five minutes was kind over the top, at least to me. Likewise the mysterious car attack - something flattens the tire and damages the side of the car, and they cannot find any debris and spend a lot of time on drama. I'd hate to think anything was staged but can't help wondering. Given the allegations about Jay and Grant faking things on the original GH, I'd like to think the producers of t
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