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  1. So...I didn't see the set shown in the promo photos at the top of each of those articles? Is there a HIDDEN COURSE?!?!? *leaps for excitement* They show the triplets on one, so the contestants must have done more than one run?
  2. That was a lot of fun! Gets that old cheesy game show itch scratched - loved Legends of the Temple and Shop 'til You Drop and Supermarket Sweep and Double Dare, and this works for me in that vein. Not sure they needed a Level 2 setup - Level 1 is hard enough already! And lowering the canoes seem to make them more difficult than being monkey bars. I like the episodes with three teammates more than the ones with two. I too want to know how far down that lava goes. Is acting a slow death part of the unspoken rules? I was also intrigued by a couple of folks who seemed to almost be safe and then gasped and fell - are they pulled in if most their body goes in? So many production questions!! Have no opinion on the host.
  3. And then we got Dustin in the most recent episode I watched!
  4. I want to know where people are discussing She-Ra, @Brn2bwild! Because it's clearly not here. LOL.
  5. Woo hoo! I've finally started watching the new season! Loved the first episode, especially the dogs and Steve's building concern that this was both an exciting and disturbing development. The shadow in the kitchen was pretty cool, too. Not so sure the child sounds aren't just a barn settling - I wish we had more of the debunking of old, but I bet producers thought that was boring material over time. Regardless, these guys are comfort food to me! I wouldn't mind seeing more of the old TAPS contacts that bring them in.
  6. Honestly, it could have worked if ANY of the younger characters were more developed than a two-line casting call. I still have no idea why they bothered with the blonde actress daughter at all. At this point, the characters in a Murphy/Brennan production are all just caricatures of an idea, whether portraying a real person or an imagined one.
  7. I don't think the twin came completely out of nowhere - I think Luz having twins was meant to be a hint, as twins are often common along the same family line. But I think they are matrilineal, not patrilineal? I don't know why I'm defending this.
  8. The lack of resolution of the jeep accident scene is the first time I've watched this show and was truly annoyed at an unexplained plot thread. There should have been immediate followup on that, not a time jump to Chester coming home. I didn't expect him to be so heartless to his father - it made no sense. Because his mother, who also lied to him his whole life, is blood, somehow she deserves more respect from him? But then, I've never quite understood the reverence folks pay to their bloodlines. I've no problem with the historic and horror plots living together. It's not the best story ever told, but it's a fresh one to me.
  9. Just caught up-I love that Hailey works at an art gallery! Seems like a natural career for a sibling to a blind person. She probably has a lot of experience describing visual media to her brother and maybe fell in love with that.
  10. I thought the final scene was meant to convey that Logan had managed to call in the terrorist threat, knowing Kendall's plan. But he did seem genuinely surprised by the no confidence vote, so I'm not sure.
  11. Seriously. I couldn't stop feeling the impending doom for the Troi Riker household all episode. I really wish they hadn't killed Hugh - it was, wait for it....overkill. I liked the knife-throwing action sequence, but they could have managed that without killing him off. So is the anti-synth cult in charge of the Romulan Borg recovery operation? That's not been clear to me, but with the Space Lannisters' run of the place, I'm thinking yes.
  12. Maybe, that far in the future, the French accent has evolved into a bad French accent!
  13. I just watched the whole series thus far, and that's my biggest complaint - SO MANY GOODBYES and speeches!! And then the private goodbyes after the group goodbyes? So much overkill. I dug the Ash/Michael relationship last season, but this season, the poignancy of the goodbyes was lost because there were so many. I was actually surprised that no one on Discovery is nursing a grudge against Michael still for her past mutiny. Does the whole crew know all the details of all these highly classified missions? I think it would do a lot if she still had to deal with others' resentment. Otherwise, I loved the show. I'm just thrilled to be back in a world in which I have new Star Trek - multiple new Star Treks! These shows feel more like the Star Trek universe to me than the rebooted movies, of which I only watched one. Loved Pike, loved Saru, loved Tilly. I'm not sold on Stamets and Culber's return wasn't as polished as it might be, though if Culber continues struggling next year with his return, then maybe I'll be okay with that. I'd love Michael to rely more on her Vulcan upbringing again - she was far too comfortable with all her human emotions this year. Or maybe I'm just tired of her tears. I want more of her just plain being competent. I would really like to know how the Klingons went from shades of gray and blue to mostly brown by TNG, but Worf may not let me ever learn the secrets. I laughed out loud when they grew hair this season, though - the bald heads were so bad.
  14. Ah, synths! For some reason, I thought they were going with "sents" as the term for problematic androids instead for sentients vs non-sentient ones. That area of France is Sunstone Winery in SoCal!
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