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  1. TheGourmez

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I'm going to believe y'all, because I've never had it, but Northern California costs more than pretty much anywhere else in the US for pretty much anything. So if you guys aren't from out here...it's possible. Or maybe it's just a tech exec surcharge. The boyfriend storyline is the least interesting, for sure, but Shailene's honestly been a revelation for me in this role. I find her work here very understated and believable. It helps that the character seems very laidback Californian believable to me.
  2. TheGourmez

    Ghost Hunters

    Huh, I thought Grant was done with the TV ghost biz entirely. Jason posted on his FB page recently that he was originally involved in the Ghost Hunters reboot but bowed out once he realised they wanted a new cast.
  3. TheGourmez

    Veronica Mars Revival

    Just rewatched the trailer, and you guys, I am NOT OKAY with that knife to Dick Casablancas's throat.
  4. TheGourmez

    Veronica Mars Revival

    I am so excited! And perhaps most intrigued by Veronica saying she may be the problem in her relationship. But it looks like a solid plot, and I am always here for Best TV Dad Ever, Keith Mars.
  5. TheGourmez

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Of all the endings, Bronn as lord of Highgarden and master of coin actually made a lot of sense to me. In his own words a short two episodes earlier, "Who were your ancestors? The ones who made your family rich? Fancy lads in silk? They were fucking cutthroats! That's how all the Great Houses started, isn't it? With a hard bastard who was good at killing people. Kill a few hundred people, they make you a lord."
  6. TheGourmez

    S08.00: The Last Watch

    Actors talking about what they think would be fun for their characters does not mean such things were ever considered by the showrunners.
  7. TheGourmez

    S05.E05: Chapter Eighty-Six

    That episode was way more Jane + Michael favorable than I expected from these posts! Not that I'm getting any hopes up but how she described him in her notes? How he wrote comments all over the book? 😍
  8. TheGourmez

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    That was a lot of fun to watch! And reminded me just how darn hot that man can be in modern day clothes. I'm not as much for the hot, greasy, blacksmith look.
  9. TheGourmez

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I think you're just missing that Sam is also a Brother of the Night's Watch, who give up all claims to lands, family, etc. Obviously, the Night's Watch basically no longer exists, so yeah, Sam'll probably become Lord Tarly. But he was disowned by his father, so it could pass through his sister instead.
  10. TheGourmez

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Isn't the Night King the answer? At least for the show.
  11. TheGourmez

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    It so was, and importantly, it was one of the few times we've seen them alone. Conveying googley eyes when in the midst of a group of people you're supposed to be commanding is a difficult challenge. I thought the last moment with them in this episode was very tender, Jon smiling softly on seeing her, Dany coming up behind Jon, him holding her arm even knowing what he's about to tell her. I think they've got more of a Ned & Catelyn chemistry than pretty much any other relationship on the show. Yeah, I didn't have any fears about what Dany might do after that scene, and especially not after they exchanged glances back on top of the castle. I think there's going to be a difficult conversation...if they both live...but Dany instantly bringing up Jon's claim is pretty much what ANYONE would do upon learning this news. I'm not sure what folks think she should have done. She's totally just thinking about the battle. I don't think it was meant to reflect on Gendry's skills in the slightest.
  12. TheGourmez

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Oh, I totally think that was intentional. I didn't believe they'd go the romantic route for them until Gendry said it.
  13. TheGourmez

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Unless I've forgotten some line of dialogue, I never had the impression Stannis wanted to be king of his own ambition - rather, once he learned he was the heir, it was his duty to be king, his right, and that right drove his actions, along with a certain redhead fanning his flames. To me, his ambition grew out of that right. If Joffrey had been a true Baratheon, I don't think Stannis would have ever risen up to challenge his nephew's claim, unlike Renly usurping Stannis's claim. I don't think Stannis ever wanted to be king instead of Robert, though he did resent that his younger brother became Lord of Storm's End rather than himself. Regardless, I think he viewed the battle in which he died as his duty, but also as part of his overall ambition to be king. It can be both at once. Yeah, I'm not going to agree with the perspective that Jon had time to ride back to his men after Rickon was struck. To my eyes, he recognized it was too late to go back at that point. But hey, mileage varies.
  14. TheGourmez

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Let us not forget that we also have Stannis Baratheon as an example of doing what duty demands over following his heart - he killed his own daughter because he believed duty demanded it to win his throne. And his army deserted him, in large part due to disgust at his lack of humanity in that moment. Who's to say Jon's wouldn't have done the same if he'd abandoned Rickon on that field? Being able to read every action from multiple sides is part of the beauty of this story.
  15. TheGourmez

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Dany made clear the sheer numbers the dead have, a hundred thousand at least, I believe she said when estimating. Yes, her two dragons will still be instrumental, but they were being targeted - successfully - by the Night King. I don't think they could have made much more of a dent without risking another dragon's life in that particular battle. The better choice probably was to force the Night King to come to them on their terms...as much as the Night King functions on anyone else's terms. I don't think the Westerosi will care hardly at all about the aunt/nephew thing. As for the Freys, wasn't getting the Frey army just a bonus and the real reason for the engagement was just to allow passage across the river for Robb's armies?