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  1. And also maybe she doesn’t see a way out. There is always a way out although it may be hard, uncomfortable, scary. Where is @Churchhoney- she has that story of sorts I think.
  2. I know what you mean. We have enjoyed the "under produced" pandemic shows best, of all the late night ones we watch. Of course we don't like the reason this happened.
  3. Maybe different rules or they broke the rules before they got reminded
  4. NY and California opened all the way today, except if a business asks for masks. So maybe the hospital is the same?
  5. interesting article https://nationalpost.com/news/deliciously-creamy-the-world-of-breast-milk-cheese/ regarding Jill and Fenna, many products have expiration dates just to move them along, not that they will make anyone sick. Some people throw things out at the date the package says. Other people (like us) use it til its gone. We have yet to get sick. She probably found that stray amount of breast milk in the back of the freezer. Except that my freezer now has a drawer, that could have been me with a number of things.
  6. This is a funny topic. Dogs eat their own poop and will eat litter coated cat poop. Grand puppies would eat used tissues if we weren’t careful.
  7. I have cousins who are sisters - Susan and Karen!! They are in their 70s
  8. GeeGolly had some info on Doodlebug. Also missing lately is Happyfatchick
  9. I think she is looking at her pompous self in the monitor
  10. Indeed. Names are so personal. I named my son after my beloved grandpa. Can’t please everyone, least of all us snarkers!!
  11. Too funny. That is exactly the reaction I got when I named my first son Nathan. Exactly that from many sources. He loves his name (he is 53 now) and he never wanted a nickname. But I got a lot of flack for it.
  12. I appreciate everyone's kind thoughts. It is an unimaginable nightmare for sure.
  13. Yesterday was 7 months since Sweet Son died.
  14. My daughter in law, PNW born and bred, does this too. So did her mother, also PNW born and bred. I've lived in the south more years than anywhere else and I don't do it. Maybe some people like it and some don't?
  15. OMG could she have acted any more stupid? "I don't know what beaters are" I think it is staged to the extreme, whether she can cook much or not. The older girls left a long time ago.
  16. Wow. Seems like with all the coworkers and school people verifying this it should be a no brainer.
  17. Right. We can sometimes see the X on the floor where they are supposed to stand. We say “take 11dy hundred on the proposal”. Back when I watched. Don’t anymore. Scripted reality producer driven. Not real at all. It’s fun to speculate and create scenarios for them but we really don’t know what goes on in their real lives. We see an edited show which is about 44 minutes in content. They for sure film more than that but even that doesn’t come close to day to day real life, in my opinion.
  18. Glad to know you have a friend. You were sad to be lacking in that while back. People are different in how they respond.
  19. This is a “scripted reality show” which means barely any of it shows real life - in my opinion
  20. We are checked in at airport for first trip since Sweet Son died. We are going to visit his brother and family. Necessary and hard.
  21. Those hair things are sort of popular. Look at Erin Napier on Home Town. She wears them a lot and sells them in their store. Not that The Princess of Arizona watches, but, I think they are more popular nowadays.
  22. Is it too much to hope that it will be Jon?
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