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  1. @ChiCricket - I am so sorry to hear about your nephew.
  2. There are plenty of you tube videos on line about take out containers. And other containers that might have been touched. We leave everything in the garage a few days unless needs refrigeration then it is taken to a table and wiped down and then the table is wiped down . 3 of the 4 of us are high risk so we are being very careful.
  3. I get this. We had to postpone our trip to see the grands. They are in a Seattle suburb and are all staying home.
  4. I am a licensed therapist who has never practiced. I do other kinds of social work but have a clinical license. I have been to licensed therapists. It’s like finding a hair dresser or doctor. Sometimes you have to try a few. While derick is a jerk on the outside he does seem to have a level of intelligence and that he is encouraging jill to see someone and he is going too could mean he sees the dysfunction and wants some helpful resolution. It would make his life better if jill was fully functional. Y’all know I hate the Duggars and their repulsive beliefs and I am no fan of Derick
  5. Mr lookeyloo and I are staying with sick son and husband. We only venture out for doctors appointments and to pick up drugs through the drive through. With gloves and sanitizer. we get food delivered but it sits in the garage for several days unless it needs to be refrigerated and then is wiped off outside while wearing gloves, let dry and bring inside. We wipe off all containers and let dry. Also are washing our hands a lot, disinfecting door knobs and light switches and wiping down counters and handles. I clean when I am anxious - now it is a good thing does the 5 person rule in Ohio refer to family members? What about families with more than five - immediate family members. this is going to change life once it is over.
  6. @Turquoise - mr lookeyloo had a PICC line and the infusion center gave him extenders which meant he was able to handle it all himself. It turned out to be not a big deal. Good luck with it.
  7. With so many other things to snark about the haircuts are small potatoes. Jessa cut her kids’ hair while they sat at the dining room table. Doesn’t Jill always cut their hair? The haircuts looked fine to me. I am not a fan of theirs but wondering if the counseling will help jill cope and maybe derick can be more open to views other than his own. Always hopeful right?
  8. Exactly. Scripted reality producer driven. Yuck
  9. Scripted reality producer driven
  10. Maybe his first name will be senator. Senator McCain Domenech
  11. John McCain Domenech on the way.
  12. That is the mind boggling issue
  13. @doodlebug- good information - about the masks - I am in Atlanta and the hospitals around here are actively requesting we make masks. Including the Emory system. They are using them over their real masks. The CDC said use a bandana because something is better than nothing - unless that isn’t real. There is a Facebook group coordinating it all and seems like more hospitals getting on board. So unless the hospitals are just playing along maybe it is a regional need.
  14. Uh oh. Does this mean she has to stop drinking and smoking cigars?
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