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  1. lookeyloo


    If she isn't really happy, she does a pretty good faking it.
  2. They will assume he is immune and therefore the rest of them will be too. Idiots.
  3. Is joy allowed to laugh at her headship? Will he deal with her later? They appear to let Giddy suck his thumb. What’s up with that?
  4. I would think any young women would already know his track record and are probably using him too.
  5. I don't mind wearing the mask. Small price to pay to try and stay healthy and keep others healthy. I too don't understand the pushback. @galaxychaser - when is your dental appt? Or are you back from it.
  6. I wonder if the Vuolos have been tested and are in their own bubble. Methinks not. We had a test about a month ago. When it came back negative, I thought "well, then I was negative". I don't think it is a long term effect since even though very limited, I do go out, mask and sanitizer along for ride.
  7. We are doing that with the sick son. We are in each other’s bubble. We stayed there the first six weeks of the quarantine but since then it is a back and forth. Since he is sick and getting treatment and needing to be in the hospital some and having scans he has had a bunch of Covid tests all negative.
  8. Our plan is both. I guess for someone unable to tolerate a mask a shield would be at least something more than nothing. I see people driving alone in their cars wearing a mask. What?
  9. Just ordered a couple of these today.
  10. Agree. Also Princess Meg could be jealous of their subsequent success. Steve Schmidt is the master of the words - a trait that Meg lacks.
  11. That would be a sight to behold. I'm old now, so probably won't get to see it. Unless I live to be 101
  12. The mask issue is real. The message should be "wear a mask properly". Not just wear a mask, because people think hanging it around their neck or covering their chin is wearing it. Someone I follow on Facebook (I don't like her but want to see what she is spewing) posted a picture of her grown daughter she was so proud of - wearing a sleep mask over her mouth! Her comment was, "yes baby girl is wearing a mask". Why she would refer to the grownass daughter as "baby girl" I can't fathom.
  13. Yes, that is awful. It is so hard on so many people for varying degrees of reasons, let alone worrying about getting sick.
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