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  1. I thought it was just me. Seems like she was right back then, but not now.
  2. At least several things are possible 1 contract will be renewed 2 Joy is ready for it to end 3 contract won’t be renewed and Joy isn’t ready for it to end 4 abc/Disney wants new contract and Joy doesn’t.
  3. Love having cataract surgery. I paid for the lenses, instead of the ones offered by insurance, and don't need anything but readers, but hated the readers (on and off) so eye doctor gave me a prescription for glasses with no correction on top, progressing to reading strength on bottom. I love them. I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old and never cared about going without glasses. But the vision change is nothing short of a miracle. Both my procedures were easy peasy, no pain, no real recovery except drops. I had the second one done on a Thursday and went to Mexico on Saturday. My r
  4. Agree. Mine started coming in white and I finally found a “colorist” to take the color out knowing it could be a process. Luckily all my color came out leaving me with white roots and some yellow where the color was. Purple shampoo and an inexpensive L’Oreal gloss make it all look white and glittery. It is such a relief not to worry about roots. Maddie could see an expert to help the process along
  5. Yes I agree there are many reasons why they are up there. And good for them for doing what works for all of them. I am not at all being snarky. They always seem to put family first and it looks like they raised nice children. I don’t begrudge them their money. They are doing something that people are willing to pay them for. Good on them.
  6. Maybe it is their need (he is the baby and favorite child) more than his need.
  7. Sure, Jan. Oy is this all fake or what?
  8. Does anyone know where Christine spent Christmas this year? Isn't the show talking about last year?
  9. We have watched everything we can find with Ruth Goodman. Will look for Lucy Worsley too.
  10. yes, but they will still want their Best Momma (Mama) ever. Even abused/neglected kids mostly want to be back with their parents (without the abuse/neglect of course)
  11. I don’t love Mayo but this is a vintage recipe that apparently their family enjoys. Some people (I’m not one of them) loves Mayo. I’m pretty sure we could all post a familiar family recipe and half of us would go “blecch”. We don’t all like the same things. That being said I think these people are idiots.
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