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  1. Right. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (income)
  2. I am not a fan, and this isn't meant to justify them but, we only see small snippets of their lives. A few instagram posts don't really show the rest of the 23.75 hours in their days. Who knows what really goes on. If we had one of those go pro cameras on each of them we'd have a better idea. But, then again, who would want to watch any of that?
  3. And it is easy for anyone of us to say "If I were in that situation I would do XYX" or "she should dump him". Easy. No one knows what they would do in a similar situation unless they have been in a similar situation and have done something. When Ex Dr lookeyloo left me, I was non functional. Money wasn't the issue. At least he was good about that. But everything else was a mess. Should have, could have, etc. went out the window trying to survive. It was a slow process of getting shit together. Anna is in a mess now. Probably hard to think of "I should leave him". I still loved Ex Dr
  4. We went to the Fox last night to see Hamilton. For the second time. All arranged by sweet son. First time he was with us and we all enjoyed it enormously. This time just the three of us, an empty seat. I forgot the son is killed and his mother grieves across his dying body. Well, too much for me, couldn't help sobbing quietly. Wondering if people behind me were thinking "its just a play". Also, while he was sick he kept looking for better seats for our series and he moved us to the perfect spot. We are missing our "manager". His birthday is the 19th.
  5. So totally agree! This isn't a true representation of their day to day activities at all. Producer driven. Maybe not with printed script, but, "You stand there, then you'll come and and say something about blah blah". I've seen on other "reality shows" there is blue tape on the floor. Take !, Take 2, etc"
  6. I concur that now The View is so much better. They all seem Lighter and more engaged and less On guard. Whoopi - either she stopped taking whatever she was taking before or she is on better stuff. Like she came to play.
  7. Being Jewish and growing up never mixing meat and milk, fish is considered pareve. So are eggs.
  8. It all seems so much more relaxed and fun! It’s back in my DVR
  9. Agree the generators are a blessing. We moved from Baton Rouge 5 years ago - I told Mr lookeyloo that if we stayed there we would have to get a whole house generator. We don’t need it where we are now. Or haven’t needed it yet. Several Of our good friends in Baton Rouge did get the whole house generators and are so glad they did. It isn’t necessarily for the food in the refrigerator. It is for the air conditioning. But they can function pretty much as normal.
  10. What an improvement. I hope it lasts
  11. I don't think there is a hard and fast rule. Sometimes it is good to experiment and see what looks best on a particular face taking into account hair color, skin tone and age, all together. Meri fails to do this.
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