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  1. I wish one of the guests would say to her when she says something like "I am not convinced" - respond with "well, I know you and your kind will never vote for me anyway, so I am talking to people with an open mind" Or something more articulate and eloquent.
  2. Are there Christian semi modest cruises or do they mingle with the masses?
  3. @Sofa Sloth I love your postings. So informative. I wish we could fly you to the US and give us all personal consultations!!! I had an eye lift about 15 years ago - insurance paid much to my surprise. The surgeon did a field of vision test and said "your insurance will pay". Really? And it did. And after the surgery I had to wear sun glasses because my visors were gone, meaning the overhang of my lids. Now 15 years later, I am older, turning 76, and I can see the scars more clearly. I am not interested in any more plastic surgeries. The eye lift is still pretty good. I have a lot of wrinkles elsewhere. My beauty advice to my 16 year old granddaughter is sunscreen.
  4. Oh gosh on line shopping is so much easier. I give her idiot self a pass. I am retired. I don’t mind grocery shopping and have been known to try local first. But I get tired of all that time in the car looking for something. It has been unreliable for me to call a store and ask if they have something. Wasted trip. I keep a cart going - saves my gas and energy. I know other issues exist.
  5. Her hair looks noticeably different. Different color and much thicker. Can photoshop do that? I can't imagine them dying her hair and using extensions.
  6. Maybe because these women we are snarking about are the religious types who think they are helping out, not working and really think it is their own business. I watched a video on Youtube from a young Mennonite woman and watched her sew a dress and explain a few differences with Amish. Another video had her talking about ways to make money to help the family without actually "working" and on her list was MLM. I watched a minute while she said "before you criticize, let me tell you... blah blah" and then I turned it off.
  7. I used to get nitrous oxide at the dentist, but, then we moved and current dentist doesn't use it. It felt nice. But, when I was having children, it was the knock her out and wake her up and show the baby. This was in 1967 and 1969 in a big city. We were also discouraged from breast feeding.
  8. For all her awful beliefs and behaviors, I will say Michelle is not a bad looking woman. She needs new hair and clothes, but, for having birthed 20ish children she doesn't look bad. Still, not a fan, at all!!
  9. Here is a story about a woman we know. Had a dog named Sarah. Dog got old and died. Woman got pregnant. Named daughter Sarah after the dog. There are lots of people names for pets. We had a Rick, a Winnie, and a JR. Granddogs are Diana (deceased), Gabby (also deceased), Willis and Wilson. So, Bella as a human name or pet name. You decide!!
  10. Because so far Jesus has protected her.
  11. And that is why we shouldn’t expect any Duggar just to break out and start a new life. First - they don’t seem to want to - it’s just us that wants it. And second- extremely hard to turn your back on everything and go it alone with no skills and not trusting anybody. Picture if one of us were transported to a foreign country alone and were expected to navigate. Seems not likely.
  12. I’m sure for a zillion reasons they wouldn’t want to live anywhere near NYC. Saw a YouTube video - apartment tour Greenwich village. 70 sq feet. Shared bathroom down hall. $1700 a month. Location I guess.
  13. Maybe Jinger is using RFP to get the life she always wanted. Away.
  14. If she thinks at all. I would just hazard a guess that she thinks what Jeremy thinks.
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