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  1. Whichever one the writers have her choose, will they then have that one always wondering if she wanted the other one? She always gets that little inhale/look when she sees one of them, like it is a big surprise she is trying to hide and her heart goes pitter patter. She will walk down the pristine town street in her fancy coat she changes twice or more an episode holding hands with her choice. Then the other one appears and she does that move, and the one holding her hand gets a look like "maybe she really wants him". I am still holding out hope a third one rides into town and the decision
  2. Does anyone think Ma and Pa Duggar were worried that another one of their sons would have same proclivities so that’s why just locking josh in his room at night wouldn’t have been an option to them?
  3. Has anybody heard of her? https://www.facebook.com/ThrivingForwardBlog/videos/520098525657249/
  4. I think she is just tired of the show but the $$ is too good.
  5. Would like to suggest that if any of you are so inclined to listen to the free podcast Double Date hosted by Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas - episode with Kelly and Mark. It was very enjoyable and I’d venture a guess to say he isn’t the subject of the various rumors floated here. Also Kelly has a lot to say with no “ums”. Maybe she is tired of the show.
  6. First Mother’s Day without Sweet Son. I will hear from other son and family. We send a card to daughter in law. She is a great mom.
  7. Wasn't there a ghost writer for this book? She asks Jinger a question, writes up her interpretation of the event, shows to Jinger who says "that's great, you said it better than I could". I would take everything in this book with a grain of salt.
  8. didn't you already have Covid/ and the shot?
  9. I am a mother in law and send my daughter in law a card. I send my son a card for Father's day. Just something to say "you are a good mom/dad". They usually send me something made by the children (who are now mostly grown and usually sign a card). We don't live close so don't usually celebrate together.
  10. When Erin K said there would be a decision/resolution did she say Elizabeth would choose one of the men? Because maybe a resolution is neither.
  11. Just wanted to say I was able to get the smoke smell off of a wooden vintage sewing machine cabinet with orange Glo and Murphy’s oil soap. A lot of black garbage came Off from inside the drawers. It was with my smoking grandparents for years and then lived smoke free for many more years somewhere else but when I got it I had to clean it.
  12. lookeyloo

    Hair Color

    I am an old person who has used box color for years. Then my hair started coming in white at the roots. Went to colorist who took out all the box color and dyed it all the color coming out of my head. He said the colored part would be a little yellow for while. I’ve been using silver Clenditioner and today am going to use platinum clenditioner. I love what is growing naturally. But looking for a rinse that is easy and leaves hair feeling good. Roux mousse leaves hair like cardboard.
  13. There’s content for the show and then there is real life. Which we don’t really see.
  14. This show is almost science fiction-y/fantasy lately. All the clothes, all the makeup, all the hairstyles, no dirt, horses don't poop in the streets, no bad weather, no runny noses, no one has money woes, etc.
  15. So sorry @sixlets - none of it is easy.
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