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  1. I think Jeremy was this close to calling Heidi an idiot. Gary's collection was stunning. I can see why Andrea P won. She fits Amazon's aesthetic more, I think, though I'm glad Gary's pieces were for sale, too. I hope this gives him a boost because his collection was incredible.
  2. I couldn’t make it through the first episode. I hated the main character.
  3. I loved the ending but it should’ve been earlier in the movie. 😄
  4. In case you haven't figured it out, move up to your profile, then select it. This will take you to the edit profile/add profile screen.
  5. Yeah, I think I would’ve left after Dwayne.
  6. I'm surprised by how strained she looks. You're right, she usually looks so happy in all her pictures. It looks like shit is catching up to her, and fast.
  7. Most of the kids and Tori don't look happy.
  8. Same here. We have Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and Acorn. While there are scads of shows I would love to watch on BritBox, I have enough with those four services, plus Tubi (which is free). I'm not too heartbroken when something leaves a service. I have too many programs to watch on those other services.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Thank god I have Acorn.
  10. Which is why I’m not doing BritBox. I have Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, and Amazon Prime. Even though I know there’s is a shit ton of programming I would love on BritBox, I have a shit ton of programming to watch on those other services, as well as Tubi (which is free).
  11. To me, Shannen looks like she’s the only one truly happy. She looks fantastic!
  12. Aw, dammit. Death in Paradise is moving to BritBox, as is Father Brown. 😟 I would subscribe but Amazon doesn’t have a dedicated app, just a channel. I don’t want to subscribe via Amazon channel. This sucks.
  13. Aw, man. Well, I'm starting a Death in Paradise rewatch because I don't know when in August it's leaving Netflix. I hope Acorn, Prime, or Hulu get it. I don't get BritBox, but I'm expecting BritBox to get it. This sucks.
  14. I find this revelation to be really disturbing and horrifying (because he was 10).
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