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I have an idea for a game. It would be an ABC game where we go through the alphabet and make a snarky comment connected to the show based on the letter.  For example:


A - Ali is the smartest person in Leah's household.


Then the next person takes the next letter:


B - Bars...The last place Adam was before he was arrested.


And so on. Just a suggestion.

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I'd play something. Liking the ABC game. Love a snarky play by play or not sure how to do this but some kind of bingo- Leah's ugly cry face, Sad for Jace, Adam gets another DUI, Nathan's nipple, (ew, lol) stuff like that. I'm sure we would have fun with some kind of live thread/games.

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I know it has been said that Nathan is the poor man's Val Kilmer, but I've always thought of him as a poor man's Nick Lachey. He's like the Lachey brother that didn't make the 98 degrees cut. Maybe the younger, dumber and talentless brother "Arnie" Lachey.

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I like to that that so we here in a far corner of the galaxy are all of the boyfriends that somehow managed to detangle themselves from these clusterfucks.

Jordan, Kail's ex from Sports Authority. The one she cheated on with Jo.

That meek, quiet guy that Janelle moved in the house with his mom. I think she deemed him "boring".

And of course the President of the club Good ole Robbie. Who saw what was in store for his life if he stayed with Leah. Perhaps the wisest of all the guys.

Have a shot and a beer on me fellas. Well played!

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I liked that guy Janelle dumped.  He wasn't too bright, but he wanted to do fun things with Jace (they all went to an aquarium where he seemed to focus on Jace more than on Janelle) and he had respect for his mom and asked that Janelle not cause disturbances in their house.  If I remember, his schooling was important to him.  He had a goofy bowl-haircut. 

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Understandably Jenelle's live-in boyfriend could have been easily forgotten. Her feelings for him dropped after 2 (maybe 3) episodes

That's about five minutes in real time.


Well, this season pretty much pissed me off at times. Overall, the real star of this show was the damn wheelchair.  Shit, I am so glad Ali got that damn chair. I won't have to hear anymore shit about it. That is, until that little brat, Evil Twin, breaks it. Then, we will have to hear about it next season..."Cory, we need to get the chair fixed! You let her play with it and now it's broke. I don't have the money." Leah then files paperwork to the court to get more money.

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