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S09.E02: Danger Island - Disheartening Situation

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Archer is immortal. In his dreams, maybe.

Nice to hear Chris Parnell still voicing buttmonkeys. Savor it now, because who knows when Rick and Morty will return. All of the gang is in gear. I like the idea of Archer being competent with maps. Same deal with the "real" Archer and spycraft, only with the massive ego. And Krieger-as-Krackers works so well right now.

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I thought Archer being isolated from everyone else for most of this episode and the repeated callbacks to the idea that he might be immortal to be really interesting.

I loved Princess Lana and Pam's exchange after Pam caught her. That was hilarious. I am really loving Pam's iteration this time around. I especially loved the end part where Archer was explaining things to Pam right before she knocked him out. They just have such a wonderful chemistry together and I have really enjoyed how it has evolved and Archer's coma perceptions of it.

"Keep Your Turnip!" Another very funny bit. I found Cheryl to be much less shrill in this episode and I appreciated that. I hope that she is wrong about people perceptions of her back home. I hope her new hubby went back and did something really shocking - like shoot a famous architect at a ritzy dinner theater performance or whip a rent boy into unconsciousness - and that her brother, Cecil Vandertunt, arrives to bring her back home.

The artwork is breathtaking. The (sunrise? sunset?) scene was deeply beautiful. I hope Cryptozoic issues another round of Sketch Cards for seasons 5 - 9.

The Komodo Dragon scene was also pretty awesome.

I'm still not feeling Crackers.

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Yeah, I dig the fancier animation. It’s like Adam Reed was going through his couch and found about $500K. “Wow! I- . . . shit, I had something for this. Aaaaaaaand now it’s gone.”

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I really wish they hadn't gone the human trafficking route with Mallory. She is usually an asshole, but a clever and entertaining one. Trying to force Cheryl into prostitution was just gross. The only saving grace is that I'm pretty sure Cheryl would set a bitch on fire is she pushes the matter. 

All the other characters are working for me for the most part. Krackers' parrot-based hated of snakes was funny. And I'm liking Pam and Lana. The Pam and Archer partnership is perfect. 

Ray is a bit boring in this role so far, but it might turn around. 

And the visuals have been amazing, I absolutely agree with everyone else about that!

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22 hours ago, Galileo908 said:

Oh thank god that cell was only covered in chocolate.

Seriously i started gagging just thinking about what it was. Thankfully I was watching on DVR so I skipped the commercial.


I am really loving Pam's iteration this time around.

I love Pam and I think this is my favorite version, although last season's Poovy was pretty awesome too.

So far I'm really enjoying Danger Island.  The artwork is great and, I love the different takes on the characters.  

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Seeing (Cheryl) Charlotte eat, then paint on the jail walls, what we all thought was her own shit, but thankfully turned out to be Capitaine Ray's chocolates, had me believing she went far beyond the levels of sanity that her original character was willing to go.

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On 5/3/2018 at 6:24 PM, Morrigan2575 said:

I love Pam and I think this is my favorite version, although last season's Poovy was pretty awesome too.

See, I didn't like the Poovy character. I like Pam as a woman: totally comfortable with herself as a plus sized gal, unabashedly bisexual, able to kick pretty much anyone's ass.

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Finally catching up...had the subtitles on for this one, so I could follow along with Ray's French (I now know how to say "turnip"!).  I absolutely loved when Pam farted on Archer's head, and the subtitle simply read "[Flatulence]".  

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