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  1. I have a fenced in yard, and I had to leave the door open so my dog could go at night time.
  2. ganesh

    S10.E03: Archer: 1999 -- The Leftovers

    The Teapot Dome opera was inspired! I liked that Carol snuck in a 'so say we all.'
  3. ganesh

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Sometimes though you need to go to prom with Davy Jones.
  4. ganesh

    S06.E15: Impeachment

    John brought up two points I liked - no one is saying they won't impeach. There's still some groundwork - get the taxes, compel people to testify - as well as the ongoing investigations that may make for a stronger case. And - Pelosi isn't an idiot. There's no reason to hold a vote this year at all. You do it in 2020 and it dominates the campaign and puts Trump constantly on the defensive. You do it now, and no one will remember by the end of the year, let alone in 2020. Second, from the massively stupid lady, there's tons of people like that. Holding more hearings and getting that to dominate public discussion is just as important. The only reason the massively stupid lady even knew is because a republican politician told her.
  5. ganesh

    S04.E03: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

    It's not clear to me why he's so mad at Lucifer for Charlotte though. Amy was with her when she was shot. Is it because of Pierce? Because Lucifer did tell them he was up to no good, and Dan was in on bringing Pierce down. I think it's fair that there's at least one character who is just sick of Lucifer's act.
  6. ganesh

    TV Tropes You Hate

    If you cry in the shower you are required to sit and scrunch your knees up.
  7. ganesh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    The last few seasons have actually been quite good for me. They have a bit on school shootings that's funny but sad.
  8. ganesh

    S04.E03: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

    I completely missed that. Thanks. That's why I come here. That's kind of on her though because the show has hit hard on how he punishes people for doing bad things. Lucifer has literally said that in S1. I found that annoying. Fair within the context of the show. I find it funny in the larger context with the literal billions of people on this planet; sure, the devil is going is going to come to you, personally you, and make you do something bad. Sure. Yeah. He singled you out of everyone. Ok. I've getting around to the show, and the netflix version is more dense so far.
  9. ganesh

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    Oh, I can attest that I've has several friends who have vacationed in Italy and have succumbed to gelato. I can totally buy that.
  10. ganesh

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    Upon reflection, it seemed liked the writers painted themselves into a corner, but there was actually a window there. I thought the ending was fine because when Lucifer actually cut reality and said, "oh, huh" I felt like that if it didn't work, he would have killed her.
  11. ganesh

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    I can't imagine FOX meddling in shows! It wasn't clear to me whether Chloe was intending to send Lucifer back to hell or kill him when she was at the church. Also, good casting on the priest. I'm sure that will back fire spectacularly. Lol Amer - don't fight over me! We weren't. Oh, can I do something, because I don't want to go home? I was surprised at the end that Lucifer was in such close proximity to Chloe but was still able to hold on to the truck.
  12. ganesh

    Good Omens

    In the scene where she was a kid, it was shown she had memorized the book, so the notecards looked like backup. The book was still important because that's how Az figured out where Adam lived.
  13. ganesh

    Good Omens

    I see no problem with this show. Honestly, the whole thing with the witch was only for the last prophecy, so I thought there was a little too much time on them. What's interesting is that they both exercised the most free will of all. Which I think was the point.
  14. ganesh

    S03.E07: Crème De Menthe

    Shit, it's 2019 and we still ask our lady friends if they're ok walking alone ffs.
  15. ganesh

    The NBA

    I thought Daddy Ball had a no trade clause?