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  1. ganesh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    That is the best name of all time.
  2. Bwhaha no shit. I think she's in the science of liking her own voice. I noticed she didn't really have a scientific answer for Savage's correct scientific fact that trans women are being murdered at a horiffic rate.
  3. ganesh

    S03.E04: AKA Customer Service Is Standing By

    You know the bad guy is bad because he eats an apple with a knife. So did he actually stab Jessica? It wasn't clear. I know Malcolm isn't happy about what he's doing but in the case, the guy is stealing from the foundation. Although fucking students is such a cliche.
  4. ganesh

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    I wanted to see that burger! I do hope that Jessica and Trish will reconcile. What are Trish's powers? Agility? Because Jessica still threw her into the other room.
  5. ganesh

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I just don't get what the plot is going to be. Eleven closed the gate. It seems like it's over.
  6. ganesh

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Go back 20 years. Fox ffs. Show-wise: It was interesting that Lucifer was freaked out about his leather-devil wings previously, but was able to pull that out and make sure everyone knew who was in charge. Which again lends credence to Amey's theory. Then, he gets his angel wings back because he's accepted he's worthy of love. Also, I swooned at the end. The whole badass team wrecking shop is why I watch tv.
  7. ganesh

    S04.E09: Save Lucifer

    And he has some self awareness. I really liked Dan's arc this season. I think he can get redemption. Isn't the path to hell paved by good intentions?
  8. ganesh

    S04.E08: Super Bad Boyfriend

    It's the hazard of 20+ episode seasons. Things get dragged out because they have so much air to fill. The show is way more tighter on Netflix because of the short order. Absolutely. She's never been the same since she's learned the truth. Lucifer's true love is really himself though. I loved the whole montage of Lucifer being bad to Eve age then she beats him at Xbox. I do agree the relationship ran its course. Lucifer lived among humanity so much, and Eve only knew an old version of him. Maze/Eve ship all the way though.
  9. ganesh

    S04.E07: Devil Is As Devil Does

    I actually think Dan's arc since the move to Netflix has been really interesting. I'm not really a fan of prophecy. Where did it come from? Did he translate it wrong? It's just a guess. I don't buy Lucifer = evil because the first three seasons of the show were clear in showing that he punishes the guilty. Or why evil will be "released". Dude, the world of men released evil at the beginning of time. I hope it's completely wrong, though the wings indicate something is going on. I suppose I can buy that killing Cain maybe threw things off, but he's not really human per se and was trying to kill him. One could argue it was self defense. If Amey's theory is correct, Lucifer could be suffering fallout from killing him and brought it on himself. The devil face didn't just return until Cain taunted him. I wonder if Eve shielding Trixie was scripted or the actor's choice. I know the actor playing Chloe gets a lot of flak but she pulls off some great reaction shots off Lucifer. It's hard playing the straight role. I do like that there's been a subtle thread this season that Lucifer resents Chloe for not accepting him. I mean he took a hail of bullets in his wings for her.
  10. ganesh


    Wow I was sad when Charlie died and I haven't seen the show in years. I was crossing my fingers for the canned peaches! Bullock not giving a fuck and just hauling Hearst off was all kinds of hells yeah. I thought the historical Al left Deadwood and died years later?
  11. Didn't Bill say on the show last year that Oprah running would be dumb as fuck? I don't like Reagan but he was governor of CA before he ran for president. By that time he was an accepted politician.
  12. I don't dispute the woman's expertise, but she's a brick. I got sick of her 10 minutes in.
  13. This whole bullshit with Biden is what is wrong with our elections. It's over 500 days till the election. No one is saying or doing anything right now that will mean shit next year. I have to agree with Bill when people knock Obama for not doing enough. He had to bail out the auto industry. Sorry he couldn't do everything all the time. There is not a trend in academia where political correctness trumps science. Everyone is too fucking busy doing the actual science. Bill has no idea what goes on in academia. I'm not disputing what the woman was saying, but wow Bill. Dan and Liz were beside themselves. I have no idea why this was such a topic. I'm predisposed to like Liz because she talks in the same tone as a mentor that I just adore.
  14. ganesh

    S04.E06: Orgy Pants to Work

    It looked like everyone was having a blast in the nude scene, especially the actor playing Lopez. She looked like she was on the verge of breaking up. I'm surprised they didn't rip on Chloe more about the movie there. It clearly looks like Eve makes everyone like her. There's kind of an innocence to her in that being around so many people is still rather new for her and she genuinely likes them.
  15. ganesh

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Really though, I'm guessing the source material doesn't really have the density. 'Frothy' is apt. I