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  1. I don't think Galavant was a show that could have a long life but it still had some left. The Enchanted Forest alone warranted another season.
  2. ganesh

    TV Tropes You Hate

    "Dainty manpain" as we referred to Victor on Penny Dreadful.
  3. Prison Break. 1. The show could have easily rotated the cast as the breakers completed their sentences and they brought new ones in. 2. Hearing 'excape' every week.
  4. ganesh

    The NBA

    I wasn't able to watch because of a work thing but I saw some of the 3rd at dinner. I figured Kerr would have put the brakes on once Portland started pulling away and close out in Oakland. Then again I suppose now there's an extra 2 days of rest. I bet they're rooting for the Raptors tonight.
  5. ganesh

    S01.E05: Sweet Kicks

    I've never gotten around to watching this show until I heard it went to Netflix so now I can d/l and watch on the plane. It's been a fairly enjoyable so far, if breezy. I think the casting is good overall and they did a good job with the mythology quickly. I don't have the experience of watching week to week but the show works well watching near-binging, and I've seen enough that I'm interested to watch the rest.
  6. Someone tried to. He marched into the audience and physically threw them out Lee 5 years ago or so.
  7. ganesh

    American Dad

    Two Jeff plots in a row.
  8. There's a lot of shows back then that were casualties. It's too bad because the networks were talking an interesting creative turn (which might have been due to Lost). I've mentioned Flashfoward and Journeyman before.
  9. ganesh

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    Basically. And you smell more.
  10. ganesh

    The NBA

    And fouled out. He has to learn how to play with 5 fouls.
  11. ganesh


    I just found the show and watched on the plane. I enjoyed it, and I'd watch a second season. I thought Fred and the roommate were great side characters. I liked that Josh was able to finally able to get up on stage and tell good jokes. I liked what they did with Doug too. His honesty was cool. I think there's a lot of interesting themes the show brought up.
  12. ganesh

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    It continually amazes me how ignorant these old men are. I guess I benefitted from my mother being a nurse (maternity/obgyn) because this seems like basic knowledge. I had to learn about periods when I was 10.
  13. ganesh

    The NBA

    I was traveling today so I only got to see from the 4th quarter but I'm sick of Drake. I loved that they showed the Reggie Miller clip.