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  1. And possibly get lucky on a counter but the US were shutting that down.
  2. I remember when they changed the opening colors of it was going to be an alternate universe episode.
  3. I'm not too too worried about accents because even people from the same state irl talk different. I would agree that the insulated societies should be distinct though. I don't care if it doesn't line up exactly like the books. Like the Seanchan are supposed to hiss and slur all the time. That sounds hard for actors to consistently do. If they all talked with a Russian accent, or whatever. The good thing is that it's made up, so it's not like an American doing a bad Brit accent.
  4. I don't think the show should go past 7. That's a long time for major player actors like the Two Rivers and Elayne. I know comparisons to GOT aren't entirely fair, but it seemed to me like everyone in the final season was way way way wiped out and just wanted to get the show over with. People like the Stark actors were involved with the show for a *decade*. That's hard. I completely forgot about that. Actually you could do a mid season ender with Falme and then the Stone to close out the season. The casual viewer isn't going to want to sit around hearing about a fucking Dragon for 3 years or so without a reveal. Rand does need to channel and kill a Forsaken at the Eye though. So maybe the show just won't resurrect them. How the fuck are they going to do the Dark One? Because the Foresaken were shown largely to be terrified of him. I really don't like the back quarter of the series, and I thought the end was a total flop. I'm not hate watching, I do hope the show is interesting and successful, but frankly, there is a significant portion that is just useless garbage. I just have no time for 'men and women are different!' and have the women not telling the men anything because they're so 'wool headed'. Like on Lost how the plot was driven by people not asking obvious questions. I get the AS are going to be kind of arrogant. I don't think it's particularly interesting to see the Reds constantly man hating. I get that people are naturally worried about men, and that's their job to find them. Actually, it would be interesting if the show took an alternative POV and showed the AS as kind of fanatical. One man/woman thing I think would be interesting is Rand/Cadsuane evolving into her mentoring him and him growing the fuck up to actually not just be the Dragon but a king. The show has the fortune of the entirety of the source material though, and there's just some fantastic moments that could be so epic - Dumai's Wells should be positively grisly, and a lot of suspenseful political machinations. I do hope they flashback to the Foresaken in the last war. That should be cool. This was one of the most fucking stupidest parts of the whole series. Every so often he's looking in a gateway and no one knows what he's doing and then all of a sudden - BAO IS HERE. I was like who? And then Lan cuts him to pieces with like 4 moves. This was supposed to be one of the greatest generals of the last war. I remember the Taimandred theory floating around back then and it's massively shortsighted to not have done this. You could do this and literally nothing would change. Just have him keep his personal ter-angreal thing in storage and bust it out for the last battle. Or have him on a side plot searching for it. I am glad the show is on a streaming/premium platform, and I think this empowers TPTBs to focus on telling a good story.
  5. I don't know. I only feel like the Netherlands threatened for a few minutes at most and never really generated more than a couple of chances. USA just outlasted them. You could see after 65' how they were ripping shots left and right and dribbling through the entire back line. It seems clear to me that a team like England that can score and take it to them is the type of team that can beat them. But there's only like 2 teams who can really. Now can we please fucking *pay* these ladies?
  6. Open the gate, bring out the demigorgon to kill all the capitalists. It's not necessarily a plan that works but that's the plot of those movies. Or massively closeted pilots, but this was 1985 and Top Gun didn't come out yet. I thought it was interesting that Will was admonished for not liking girls, but it was in the context of not growing up as fast as the others. I'm wondering if they're going to make more of that.
  7. He's totally, 'yeah no, this has happened enough. fuck off" I think it's a great take on where the character would be after shooting demon dogs while his adopted daughter literally almost tore herself apart closing the gate to hell.
  8. That's a really good point. I think chief of the fire department is the best fit.
  9. This was a victim of the strike, but at least it's a good self contained story.
  10. Now that it's on my mind, I was thinking how they were going to do the channeling. Because a bunch of people grunting and squinting at each other probably isn't good tv. It could be a really cool effect with different looks for men and women. Nye figuring out how to heal gentling should also be a bang moment. Actually, visualizing the channeling according to strength would be a cool look. I don't know how you'd do it. Balefire too. That needs to be absolutely terrifying. Flashbacks to the Foresaken should be super cool if they pull it off right.
  11. I thought they were divorced in real life. There is a scene with Talia in Ivanova's quarters with what were clearly sleeping clothes and another time Ivanova wakes up clearly expecting Talia to be there.
  12. I initially thought it was Murray, but he was with Joyce so that wouldn't make sense. It could be any random American but that doesn't make sense either. Though, it seemed to me that Hop had enough time to run back upstairs before the guys in the suits could have got to him. Super weapons against the USA. It's basically every cold war movie plot. Hop fighting the Russian super goon was very Terminator too. It didn't look like it was too hard for any of the actors to cry at the end there in front of the UHaul. I also liked how the fireworks plan worked too. I hope Nancy gets to work at the paper since they're all basically dead now.
  13. I read a decent article about how modern audiences are going to receive the show, and I think it's fair. Making Av bisexual with genuine feelings for both might be a good choice. If that is the case, then as much as I do like Min, I would cut her. I believe Moiraine had said that she knew Egw was strong, like historically strong, so that could be a good narrative in leading viewers to guess who the Dragon really is. I assume they'd show Moir's motivation to find the Dragon, and maybe a flashback to the Foretelling. I would assume they'd end a S1 with Rand channeling at the Eye, which was really awesome. Plus, there's a couple of hints that Rand might have accidentally channeled before that. TBH, I don't think book readers overall are going to be satisfied, and I don't really care. People here seem to understand that. I've seen social media with complaining already. And, really, a shit ton of the series needs to be cut if you're going to make a viable tv show. They need to bring in people like me from GOT - I never read those books but liked the series overall, though I think it plodded a lot hewing to the books so much. Really, a S2 needs to end with Rand being established as the Dragon. I think they would waste too much time on book 2. Compress those timelines immediately. Everyone breaking into the Stone and that fight, when Rand finally grabs Callendor should be absolutely explosive. Plus it gives you the chance to have Ish explain the Wheel. With Mat inventing dynamite. I loved his aside when he saw everyone breaking in - oh, we're apparently having a party now? KABOOM! They should also compress the time in the Waste considerably. There's a lot of sitting around there. I'm also interested if they're going to pull off Lews in Rand's head. They're probably going to have to show the opening scene sooner than later.
  14. My only appointment show was Farscape. Being in college in the 90s and living with a lot of people, you can't really get in front of the tv. I recorded a lot of shows. I didn't watch Seinfeld, but I did catch the backwards episode and I thought it was a clever piece of television.
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