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S36: Angela Perkins

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Angela Perkins (Naviti Tribe)

Age: 42
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Current residence: Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: Army Veteran

Three words to describe you: Spontaneous, courageous, and determined.

Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor?
I am strong, hardworking, loyal, determined, and able to figure out most things. I am very versatile and by my looks, most wouldn't expect it. I am like the snake that you don't know is there until bitten. I have a strong ability to win people over and get them to want to do what I want just by actively listening.

Angela Perkins’ Full Bio

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The picture of her on the sidewalk in the tube top is weirdly coy looking and nothing like anyone elses.  But I love that she is older, a vet, from the midwest, self improved.  My favorite.  Yes she is doomed.  

Not saying that mom's aren't super awesome but its sort of sad that all older women have to be the mom or die.  Like thats the only role society will accept a woman in is just so maddening.  

Vets have not done well on Survivor and in this cast of what looks like a lot of "lets braid each others hair" types this cast memeber is seriously going to have to reign in her lets get it done attitude.  

Hope she goes far! 

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Has anyone ever attended?   I would love to go, I'm not that far!

Angela Perkins of Mason poses with fans at a watch party at Buffalo Wings and Rings celebrating her appearance on the CBS series Survivor. @journalnews

more, an article with fomer survivor contestants attending

“Every week it will change and there will be more and more added to it,” Bates said. “Our plan is to stay close to Angela, and she will be here 10 times this season.”

Also joining Perkins at the watch party were Rodger Bingham from “Survivor The Australian Outback (season 2),” Marcus Lehman from “Survivor Gabon (season 17)” and Matt Bischoff, who appeared in “Survivor Caramoan (season 26).”

Buffalo Wings and Rings in Mason held a watch party for local resident Angela Perkins who is a contestant on the CBS series “Survivor: Ghost Island.” Staff Writer

Bingham joked that he was “the old guy” of the group, but he was excited to see Perkins doing well on the show.

“I tried to borrow some money from her earlier because I figured she’s won but she wouldn’t say,” he said.

Lehman said Wednesday’s episode was a good show and he was glad to see Perkins get plenty of support.

Bischoff was a popular target for photos with his long beard, including one extension dangling below his knee. He agreed with the two other “Survivor” alums in attendance that the experience was well worth repeating.

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On 3/10/2018 at 6:19 PM, peachmangosteen said:

This is a promo pic for the next ep but there's nothing spoilery about it. Anyway, I am loling so hard over her face.


If I went on Survivor, I fear that would be my face 24/7.

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2 minutes ago, LadyChatts said:

I still think Angela looks pretty good for being the oldest female out there.

I thought you were going to say "I still think Angela looks pretty good for being so disgusted with her teammates..."  LOL.  She does!  Both things!

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I have to day so far I'm a bit disappointed in her though its early days.  Was her divorce that recent?  Morgan mentioned it.  IDK I get the impression that this was tough on her mentally, like maybe she wasn't in such a good headspace.  There is a lot in this article that makes me wonder. 


Interesting, in this one the cousin says her husbad forbade her to be on the show and made it sound like she was accepted once before but he made her say no




t my request, CBS asked her for more information.  Perkins says she's divorced after 21 years of marriage and more than 21 years in the Army.

"After two long deployments, I came head-to-head with my husband because he had so much resentment from me being gone and in the service! I now am divorced and reside in an apartment after giving up my dream home to my ex and everything we worked for just for the opportunity of being on 'Survivor.' "

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18 hours ago, marys1000 said:

Perkins says she's divorced after 21 years of marriage and more than 21 years in the Army.

"After two long deployments, I came head-to-head with my husband because he had so much resentment from me being gone and in the service! I now am divorced and reside in an apartment after giving up my dream home to my ex and everything we worked for just for the opportunity of being on 'Survivor.' "

Ahhhh... no.  An honorably discharged female vet with over two decades of service returns home to a disgruntled husband - who married her when she was already in the service, incidentally - and he gets the house???  In an Ohio divorce court???

Either there was a LOT more going on behind the scenes than simple disgruntlement, or Angela had one of the worst lawyers in the history of the profession.

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If being on Survivor was the trigger that ended their marriage, then there was a LOT more going on than that her husband just didn't want her to do it. No one gets divorced after 20 years only because one person wants to go off and play a game for two months. She might have been the more injured party, but it could have been her husband; there's no way to know what went on just from that little sound bite.

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She might have given up the house and kept her military pension/retirement, etc.  Either way, it sounds like it was recent and she's still processing things.  If they have kids and he got primary custody, that might explain him keeping the house for their continuity.  Not sure how "so I could be on Survivor" weighs into her divorce settlement, but whatever.

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Here kids are out of the house, both in college so that's not part of it.

I'm not trying to figure out what happened in her divorce.  I wondered whether it was recent and affecting her gameplay.  She seems a little out of it.

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It sounds like the youngest is 18 so depending on when the divorce was it could've been part of the house decision. 

I don't really put much stock in anything she says, though.  The whole, "I gave up my house, my marriage, everything I ever worked for, all to go on Survivor" thing is clearly BS.  And if it's true then she's an idiot.  

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I worked with a woman who was continually bemoaning the terms of her divorce even though it had been more than 20 years since the divorce.  She even continued to carp after her ex-husband died!

Hopefully Angela will move on eventually!

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This is from one of Jame's exit interviews.  Very gentlemanly dodge of the question.  I'm not the only one who noticed what a poor loser Morgan is about Angela.  

Talk to me about Angela. In my exit interview with her, Morgan seemed to allude to the fact that she didn’t know what was going on. This episode, Kellyn talks about how “she doesn’t know what’s going on in her own head.” What are your thoughts about playing with her?
[My thoughts on] Angela changed throughout my time with her. There was a big moment on about Day 16 when she finally opened up and came out of her shell. She told me these deep stories about her service, her family and her divorce. I, in turn, shared my story with her of moving back to the U.S. and living my American dream. That was a very powerful moment. I actually got to see the real Angela come out. I [wish] that bond we formed could’ve helped me strategically, but personally it was great for me as well. We connected on a pretty profound level. I just wished that she made the right choice for me. [Laughs]

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The epicness of Angela. Why she told Dom about Sebastian's move:


For a personal decision, it was horrible for me, however, for a game decision, in order for me, that I felt, for me to move forward, I would have to get rid of Sebastian. Who would not give him a million dollars? He’s so likable, he didn’t make anybody mad. Everybody loves Sebastian! He provided so much food for us, so he was a great game player. I felt I had more chances going to the finals with Dom and Wendell.


 Why she voted for Wendell at the end:


I decided that I was going to look at the three remaining, and see if I felt a move and made eye contact with somebody, and if I felt that emotional connection, that’s who I was going to give my vote for. When I turned around, both Laurel and Dom were looking down, and they seemed defeated. Not Wendell. Wendell stared me in the eyes, and I just felt that loyalty, that love, It was in that moment.

Dom's going to love to read that one.

Never change Angela, I shall miss you so. 

I'm assuming her ponderosa is not up yet because it's so awesome that it can't be confined to 10 minutes.

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I want Angela and Seabass back because they were so awesome for being so invisible.  

Laurel might have actually gotten a vote if she had just looked Angela in the eyes.  Since that’s a vote she thought she had I’m sure she’s kicking herself. 

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Half tha cast was awesome at being invisible. Chelsea, Libby, Jenna, Sea Bass, Angela, and Des were all pretty invisible. We only saw them when it was time to go home. In Sea Bass's case, we saw a bit more of him when the numbers were depleted and he won reward.

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Libby and Jenna were so awesome at being invisible I totally forgot they were even on this season.

At least Seabass will have his stoned facial expressions and Angela her dumbfounded looks after every vote to be remembered by.  I will miss Seabass's stoned facial expressions.

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On 3/12/2018 at 3:31 PM, LadyChatts said:

I still think Angela looks pretty good for being the oldest female out there.

I agree.  She does have an interesting face and the longer she was on, the more and more pretty I thought she was.

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