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  1. I thought they just edited it to look that way.
  2. I believe this entire season wrapped before Lee's son passed away. Still might have been distracted by worry though.
  3. Honestly, if Ashton wants to be "a man down," Capt Lee's best response would be: "Ok, go ahead and pack your bags, and we'll be a man down without you." The only pleasure I took in last night's episode was the feeble hope that Lee will actually fire Ashton for lack of leadership and for being an idiotic child who has alcohol and rage issues, who is a constant assault risk to the women on staff, and who thinks management is trashing his staff to his other staff. Plus, his sanctimony is beyond aggravating. Didn't Lee fire another bosun (Chandler) because Lee didn't think he was deali
  4. Honestly, the two thinner women, who seem to get along, should have shared the queen bed. But of course that peach Jamie would not deign to even share a room at all with another person so even that would not have solved the problem. Definitely this is on the primary. Sleeping arrangements should have been a consideration in putting together the group in the first place. But he seems to be so checked out or drugged up or something. At one point, wasn't he leaning back at the table, wearing his napkin on his chest like a bib? Really classy there. That "chef" looks like Sandra Bernhar
  5. I always find his face during dinner with the guests to be hilarious. Last night he was definitely channeling his inner grumpy toddler. He certainly is not very good at hiding how he really feels! 😂
  6. Special K

    S39: Dan Spilo

    This is spot on. ETA: And that the SJWs of the world will somehow have to soldier on without the unwelcome touch of those men. It's gonna be hard ladies (and gentlemen) but we must try. 🙂
  7. Late to the game, but I'm pretty sure the Brian/Courtney date was completely producer-driven to advance that "story line." I take Courtney's sulking as being annoyed she had to participate in it, and not really a reflection of her friendship with Brian. Definitely agree that Ashton seems to be experiencing roid rage.
  8. Best part of this episode? Simone waking up Courtney to eavesdrop. LMAO.
  9. OMG, you're reminding me of that Chris Rock documentary, "Good Hair." There's a sequence in it of people describing how their spouses aren't allowed to touch their hair. I'm a curly head, and, yeah, you better not frizz-out my hard-won curls!
  10. I worry that the fact that they showed Lauren saying "I'd love to play again" in her exit remarks is a bad omen. I definitely would prefer that she fade into Surivor obscurity.
  11. I will say this: those charter guests were very gracious, and the kids were exceptional. I am starting to think that Courtney is fond of Brian, but is maybe keeping him close as a shield against the other assholes who might try to hit on her. He is, after all, the only pseudo-gentleman on the crew. And does Tanner really think that breaking it off with Simone in order to "have fun" which seems to mean try to hook up with her boss, is a good idea? is he really that dumb? Plus, does he really think he's all that? Like he can take his pick of women and Simone is the only thing stan
  12. Yes. Regarding the knots -- why wouldn't he go over the preferred knots as part of orientation to the boat, like at the beginning? I can see why maybe Rhylee might need to be coached in that particular knot since she just joined, but Tanner has gone all this time not knowing how to tie the preferred knot? And Ashton's "coaching" consisted of demanding they tie the knot in front of him? What about demonstrating? To be a boss, you have to put aside any desire to be friends with your subordinates. You might develop a working friendship with them, but that can't be part of your manageme
  13. Special K

    Fix The Show

    I agree with your post, but I had to google Gavin, since I couldn't remember who he was. 😳 My bad.
  14. Special K

    Fix The Show

    It was the sole reason Chris won in EoE. Of course, he took a huge risk to exploit it, but still. In a way he "broke" not only the purpose of the fire-making challenge but also the whole EoE twist.
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