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S01.E10: Money's in the Chase

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On 7/5/2017 at 1:36 PM, Ms Blue Jay said:

I'm obsessed with the Welfare Queen and the actor /wrestler who plays her now 

I am fascinated that a) she can ACT and b) she came off as so benelovent, because in her wrestling career, she was an AMAZING heel. She has dropped a lot of weight, but in TNA she had a match against Gail Kim in which they fought all over the arena and she even power bombed the male referee after he only counted to two! I had the privilege to get her autograph and see her main event a women's show at First Avenue.

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I just watched this entire season in the space of two evenings. I'd been planning to watch it since I first heard about it, but didn't get around to it.

Really good. Startlingly funny in places (the bit with Sheila playing the only song she knew on the keyboard had me rolling) but also full of the sort of pathos and pessimism you expect from a show about (as Alison Brie called it on the Maron podcast) "the dirty 80s". Not the shiny, pastel coloured, yuppy 80s, but the underbelly. The struggling classes.

I liked Ruth a lot, and part of it was just because she's played by Alison Brie, who is fantastic. But in the end, her combination of neediness, eagerness and sadness was really winning. Especially in this, which feels like it's perhaps the first thing she's truly felt good at. The real moment of triumph, for me, was that little smile she had to herself as Debbie was crowned in the ring. As something of a fan of the behind the scenes aspect of wrestling, I really appreciated that moment where Ruth recognised that she had worked to give her opponent this moment, and how that in turn is a victory for her, as the heel. That's one thing I've always really liked about wrestling: It's two (or more) people working together to entertain the crowd, and put one of the people over. And the best wrestlers can take so much satisfaction from losing a match that makes their opponent look great.

Sam grew on me a lot too. I've not been a fan of Marc Maron, because I find him such hard work on his podcast, but he really sold it here as a sleazy, down-on-his-luck B-movie director. A guy who seems quite decent under the surface, but has spent too many years being an arsehole to find it easy to switch off. I hope a second season explores his newly found fatherhood more, because I really liked Justine as the weird, awkward teen. I liked the friendship between him and Ruth, but hope it doesn't ever become romantic. Those two would make a toxic couple.

I liked all the characters really, expect for Melrose. She was annoying from the start, and I was constantly hoping they would just kick her out. There was no need for an antagonistic character like her, when there was enough drama from the rest of the show. She did fade into the background after a bit, which was nice. But her and the two comedy ladies could happily have disappeared, leaving more time for Jenny, Arthie, Cherry and Tammé.

One of my favourite minor characters was Cherry's husband. He stole every scene he was in with bluff, easygoing charm and affability. And I'm glad the show offered an example of a supportive husband in a healthy relationship, to mirror Mark and his douchebaggery. He was a hoot as the ref, and I can only imagine that is the sort of thing that refs do in the ring. Pretending to issue warnings, while actually communicating with the wrestlers about how the match is going. I know the WWE refs are wired up, so they can convey instructions and guidance from the backstage producers to the wrestlers in the ring.

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Being a wrestling fan and an 80's fan, I loved all 10 episodes.

I thought all the characters were spot on and Mark Maron was the big revelation for me.   He played sleazy with a capital "S" to the hilt. 

Alison Brie was also very good, especially the Russian accent scenes.

It was a fun watch and I look forward to season 2. 

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Wasn't quite what I expected.  It was more about the characters than the wrestling.

And the pathos wasn't just because of the '80s.  It's kind of timeless.  Ruth and Debby miss their friendship and Ruth was torn about having the abortion.

I would imagine lady wrestlers in real life would not be these desperate actresses who are unable to get other roles.  Will be interesting to see what Cherry does about her other role.  Of course she's not going to leave GLOW but she can't turn down the role either, unless it turns out to be some humiliating stereotype.

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The Middle-Eastern (or is she Indian?) girl who played the terrorist and got booed--I found her dilemma quite interesting. Are they booing the "performance art character"? Or are they booing the real her? And if the latter, how comfortable is she playing the stereotype when she's playing into the hands of the racists who really do hate her? To what extent is she betraying herself and her people by playing into it?

The Welfare Queen has the same dilemma, but seems to be empowered by it.

Just one of the things that make this show kind of fascinating. Glad there'll be another season to see this explored.

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On 6/30/2017 at 9:26 AM, Duke2801 said:

That was the perfect song choice for Debbie and Ruth's match!

I really enjoyed this show. And, if I wasn't before, I'm now fully convinced that Alison Brie is just really flipping GREAT in whatever role she plays.  I hope there is a season 2! 

I don't think Betty Gilpin has as much range.  But I liked her much more here than I did on Nurse Jackie.

I liked the soundtrack for the whole season. It was a little less esoteric than an 80's show like Halt and Catch Fire did for their music.


On 7/6/2017 at 10:13 PM, brilliantbreakfast said:

Well I love this show.  Part of it is that I've been a Marc Maron fan since he did "Morning Sedition" on Air America Radio (and if you go to morningseditionists.com you can download entire shows or just some of the funniest Bush-era comedy bits you'll ever hear).  A friend of mine was friends with him for a while and the character isn't all that much of a stretch.  I think the man is not someone I would want to know too well but he's brilliantly ascerbic and hilariously funny and while Sam is hardly a stretch, he's killing it here.  I'm deliriously happy for him.

The surprise for me is how much I like Betty Gilpin in this.  I hated her on "Nurse Jackie", and hated her in "Masters of Sex."  Of course those were brittle characters with little depth.  Here she's playing the same kind of brittle character, but with a bit of heart to it.  She's great.  But my heart on this show belongs to Brittany Young (Carmen/"Macchu Picchu").  I love her smile, and I love that Bash seems to be genuinely fond of her.  

My husband and I used to be huge WWF fans in the 80s.  We went to the first Wrestlemania -- we took my stepfather and he had the time of his life.  They are nice memories of two people that have left this world far too soon.  

I'm hoping for a second season.

The real GLOW director was apparently a mess, with drug and personal problems. Maron said he could relate because he was a mess in the 80's too.

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Watched this show in two nights and I really do love it. Carmen ended up being my favorite but I like them all in their different ways. I don't know how old Ruth is supposed to be but man did she dress dowdy. I would say she dressed like my mom but my mom never wore such bland clothes as Ruth did. I'm sure there is a reason why and I hope they get more into her character in the next season. I understand that is something that is profoundly sad in her but I'm not sure why. I understood Debbie's character more. This show did the impossible and made me sad that I never watched wrestling in the 80s. ;)

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I loved this, and was surprised at how emotional I became when Ruth and Debbie fought in the ring, and at every step Ruth was just so rock-solid and there for her. When she smiled and said, "Go get your trophy," I actually cried a little. Alison Brie has been a revelation in this role for me, as has Betty Gilpin -- I've wanted her to have a role worthy of her ever since the absolutely cringeworthy part she was given on "Nurse Jackie," where the character description might as well have been "hot blonde female doctor required to be topless in at least 1 out of every 4 scenes." And yet I felt she actually transcended the brutal and sexist cliche of her character and she made me care about her anyway. Here, she's been fantastic -- she makes Debbie a real person who's kind and supportive, and whose pain is palpable, but who's also insecure, entitled, and selfish.

I love the rest of the cast as well, especially Bash (and I'm with everyone who loves his friend/mance with Carmen), Cherry and her husband, and Tamme. I think Mark Maron is amazing as Sam, but please God don't ever let him become involved romantically with Ruth.

I love the show, and loved the entire season. I think it's actually richer, deeper and more important than it seems, too -- yeah, it's a cute little show about female wrestlers in the 80s, but it's also a show with an overwhelmingly female cast, writer's room, and assortment of episode directors. 

Then add in the fact that we have a wonderfully diverse array of body types, ages and skin tones and it's like a beautiful dream. I'm really glad there's going to be a season 2 -- the show deserves it.

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Boo. I figured Debbie would be back but even her temporarily bailing was annoying.

Did I miss something? I thought Bash implied they would be airing it live vs. pre-taped which would be insane.

For this level of indie wrestling without proper security, it was risky to incite the audience with a character like Beirut. I wonder how that will develop in future seasons.

The match ups didn't make much sense this episode.

I'm surprised that Debbie wears as much makeup as she does. I know it was the 80's but Mark seems more conservative and she's supposed to be a housewife.

Aww, Carmen's dad came to support her!

Adding Fortune Cookie to Zoya to do a communism thing makes sense. 

I thought Debbie would appear as Liberty Bell in costume from the back. Not just shout out from the audience. However, it was a great culmination of their earlier training. 

Glad Sam had one more trick. That was more interesting. 

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