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  1. They had her say something about "forking" someone up, I assume that's why. Cutlery themed but not dull like a spoon and it gave them a punny line.
  2. Right. And as Michaela was explaining "you just have to get through 3 more years" I thought...is this supposed to be a pep talk? That's 4-5 years total of this hellscape considering the time they're already into this. It's a lot to ask. (However, even if she bailed she's still got an 828 kid. She can't actually get away from it.) It really was awful. Somehow both boring and manic. The show's been "bad TV" all along but I've been willing to see it through. This time I thought maybe I can't do this anymore. Knowing there's two more hours, I'll keep going but that's probably it.
  3. For the past 4 years I've watched Jeopardy religiously with my partner. It was our little dinnertime tradition! But this week we broke up. Tried watching an episode tonight, the first ToC -- I'm behind because of breakup stuff -- and it felt so sad. It wasn't any fun. I'll have to take a break and see if I can come back later. That said, I am not surprised that Ryan caught crap for his game. While I don't think he did anything objectively egregious, the J! community does NOT like anything perceived to be immodest or unsportsmanlike. He positively reveled in his victories and that never go
  4. The best explanation I had for Earhart was that an alien looked like her to lure Sara and Gary in. Using... some sort of mind-reading so the alien knew what to look like? (Bear with me here, making it up as I go.) Gary had those notable women cards, and if felt beyond coincidental that they'd run into a person from the deck. The dog being similar, taking the appearance a familiar as a lure. Earhart didn't exactly fly with a dog so there's no other reason for her "character" to have one! Unless there's just some random real dog on some random planet and honestly I'll buy some sort of shapeshift
  5. Dang, I just checked his bio out and if half that's true we're seeing a very sanitized version.
  6. I appreciated the shoutout from wife about wanting to beat "those brothers".
  7. Huh, I was a little slow on the uptake. When they showed the chrysalis and Gary as an alien, I thought Gary had been body snatched and replaced by one. I'm honestly surprised they're going with "Gary has always been an alien".
  8. What I like about that idea is that it would pay off Mo meeting the kids. Why in the world did Mo push for that?! Perry had the right idea -- a relationship should be rock solid before you do that. It bothered me that he was whiny about that. If Mo started hanging out with Brad, as a friend or lover, then at least that would dovetail. I think it's not really that a popup needs so long...it's that Rose and Max want a chance to stay together and solidify their relationship. He doesn't have to sublet anything or fully move...he's just going to crash with Rose and keep paying the rent for
  9. She had a blast and was def laughing at herself! During this episode my BF announced she's now his celebrity crush. Which isn't great news for me since I look approximately 0% like Padma! She was! See, Chyromaniac has it covered :D Though she certainly didn't intend for her chicken to literally taste rubber-y.
  10. On the video he said he made arrangements for her, so they only had to call one place because contracts were in place and the home was "waiting" for this. (However, having lived through dementia placements, a good facility probably wouldn't have actually had a room available at that very moment! Unless he's been paying for an empty room. But that's Real Life and this is Fiction.) I would hope he didn't make Michaela her guardian without a conversation. That's a BFD. Also, un-fun fact: My grandmother's private memory-ward room in a good but not fancy place cost almost $8K/mo. That stu
  11. There is a rhyme and reason.... it's all Fate. It's fate that they went to the time capsule that day and then the King Kone at that moment, so that she could drop her photo, so that he could find it and then be arrested just as she was coming back so they could meet. Fate led them to be there in that photo together years before. Every single thing that happens is following some sort of undefined but cosmic plan, the puzzle is following and interpreting the clues. Personally I don't believe in fate/god(s)/whatever. But the show believes in it :)
  12. The pulled pork style jackfruit really made social media rounds due to Tabitha Brown. There was a few weeks where I saw that constantly! About the albondigas: The little caption said albondigas seca. Seca means dry. What element gave it that designation? They were still in sauce, obviously so not a dry presentation. In Tucson, where Maria cooks, there is a meat called carne seca, maybe they were made from that? Obviously not a big thing, just curious!
  13. Avishar said he used lots of fruit, I think I heard him say there was fruit in the stock used to cook the risotto.
  14. It's called injera, and yeah I'm not a fan either. The spongy texture creeps me out and since it's your utensil, you end up eating a lot of it. Ethiopian food should come with little signs telling me what's what! When eating a sampler platter, if I can't identify the individual items I don't know what to order next time! So I get another platter and we go round and round. It's not a cuisine I eat a lot of so I haven't learned it well. I'm always a little surprised to hear that chefs/cooks don't necessarily know all the world cuisines, but that's of course unfair as they are: a) human, b)
  15. Nothing to explain! Fun coincidence that my partner had just run up to the store for ice cream and brought back one of the Talenti layers. We've never even bought Talenti before, much less the layers! He had just dipped his spoon in when the show started and what he was eating was the QF star. The layers are hard to eat. You kind of have to eat them one layer, or at best 1-1/2 layers at a time.
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