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  1. I realize the answer is "because plot reasons" and/or "because Gary" but why oh why didn't Gary immediately tell Gideon to turn off the meat printer as soon as he realized the tentacle was printing something gigantic and up to no good?!
  2. I loved Gary's video, to me it was the only one that nailed it. I was only half paying attention so I assumed he wrote the poem and it made more sense that his model did! As soon as the words came on about her hair defying gravity, I thought wow it's unexpected that this white guy could write about that perspective. And indeed he didn't! I thought ANNdrea's message about bonding over fashion was cheesy but they had so little time to do all this I don't want to pick too hard. The others...well, let's not. I can see where Gary would struggle to have a profitable studio. From what we've seen
  3. Absolutely. As far as I'm concerned, he's the only one in this competition who is bringing something genuinely new to fashion. His point of view is conceptual and artistic and inventive! I especially love his use of textiles and geometric constructions. Although it's because of that he won't realistically be a "global brand" / sold on Amazon, unfortunately. But I'm rooting for him! I hope he finds his way back professionally.
  4. Overalls are really big right now! All over my IG and YT fashion feeds for the past year and a half. Mostly 20-somethings but not exclusively. Their cousin, "boiler suits", have also made a comeback and OMG WHY. Exactly. As a design school graduate, I can attest that critiques are constant. The best designer in the nicest program gets their work challenged at best and trashed at worst.
  5. IMO she did everything better, except the "global brand" part which was the point. Her refusal to do color showed she would not compromise sufficiently for buyers. During judging she barely choked out that she would take their input into consideration, but I didn't believe her for a second. She was the more interesting designer but she was not who they were looking for. Not that I think he is either but he's more commercial. Do you think Esther wears that hat all the time or was it a show gimmick? Exactly! A dark muted purple would be have worked really well. It shouldn't be
  6. The best detail was the coordinated attack by evil Furbys!
  7. I'm doing a rewatch because it's an excellent post-breakup distraction. Exactly the kind of silliness I need right now! I'm even willing to sit through commercials which is really saying something for me. What is not served by binging are some of Myka's verbal tics -- especially the way she yells "peeeEEEET!" in this ascending, slightly pitiful way that really undercuts her badassness. Every time she does that it's nails on a chalkboard for me.
  8. I totally disagree that it should be an exact replica. Not on Top Chef! Not in the finale. They are tasked with showcasing extraordinary skill and bringing forward new dishes the judges haven't tasted before. The japanese curry his mother made was a beautiful inspiration and it could have been elevated so that it was both an ode to his mom and TC worthy. In his own kitchen, fine, but this was not a wise move for winning Top Chef. And I say that as a big Shota fan! I wanted him to win. I'd go the other way and guess it's because kitchen staffs have been fairly invisible to the outside
  9. Often I put a parm rind in soup to flavor the broth and it doesn't make it gooey or even murky, so I am guessing it worked something like that. Infused but not melted. Shota said it would still be clear.
  10. They had her say something about "forking" someone up, I assume that's why. Cutlery themed but not dull like a spoon and it gave them a punny line.
  11. Right. And as Michaela was explaining "you just have to get through 3 more years" I thought...is this supposed to be a pep talk? That's 4-5 years total of this hellscape considering the time they're already into this. It's a lot to ask. (However, even if she bailed she's still got an 828 kid. She can't actually get away from it.) It really was awful. Somehow both boring and manic. The show's been "bad TV" all along but I've been willing to see it through. This time I thought maybe I can't do this anymore. Knowing there's two more hours, I'll keep going but that's probably it.
  12. For the past 4 years I've watched Jeopardy religiously with my partner. It was our little dinnertime tradition! But this week we broke up. Tried watching an episode tonight, the first ToC -- I'm behind because of breakup stuff -- and it felt so sad. It wasn't any fun. I'll have to take a break and see if I can come back later. That said, I am not surprised that Ryan caught crap for his game. While I don't think he did anything objectively egregious, the J! community does NOT like anything perceived to be immodest or unsportsmanlike. He positively reveled in his victories and that never go
  13. The best explanation I had for Earhart was that an alien looked like her to lure Sara and Gary in. Using... some sort of mind-reading so the alien knew what to look like? (Bear with me here, making it up as I go.) Gary had those notable women cards, and if felt beyond coincidental that they'd run into a person from the deck. The dog being similar, taking the appearance a familiar as a lure. Earhart didn't exactly fly with a dog so there's no other reason for her "character" to have one! Unless there's just some random real dog on some random planet and honestly I'll buy some sort of shapeshift
  14. Dang, I just checked his bio out and if half that's true we're seeing a very sanitized version.
  15. I appreciated the shoutout from wife about wanting to beat "those brothers".
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