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  1. snarktini

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    So, why did our original victim kill the childhood friend who gave him the tip? They speculated him not wanting to share the cash, but murder seems pretty drastic for a garden variety thief with nothing big on his rap sheet.
  2. snarktini

    S04.E14: Nip/Stuck

    Lol, in the South Park movie, Saddam Hussein thrived in Hell and the only way they could properly punish him was by sending him to Heaven to live among all the happy, peppy Mormons. I can only imagine the singalongs. 😄
  3. snarktini

    S31.E02: Knock the Newbie Out of Us

    Right. My BF (who's pretty new to TAR) kept insisting leaving early was still an advantage, despite the bunching. Finally the penny dropped for him, and he realized they had to spend their entire 4-hour lead in the airport. Then he was all "that's bullshit!". Yes, yes it is. It was not only not an advantage, it was a solid disadvantage. They had to spend all that time in the airport when they could have been in the hotel (?) sleeping or resting, where their packs were safe and it was quiet. Airports are terrible places to spend time. Their "I thought they were fun" killed me. No, Leo and Jamal never seemed "fun" IMO. They seemed like they were having fun and they definitely crack each other -- and themselves -- up. But fun for other racers to be around? Nope. LOL on what Rupert said, too...I had the same reaction.
  4. snarktini

    Island Hunters

    I got lucky, tuned in today to this show for the first time and got a perfectly reasonable couple in Canada (Parry Sound) buying an island with a budget of 0.5-1.0 million! A bargain! Considering that where I live $750,000 will buy you a 2 (maaaybe 3) bedroom house that's 80 years old and needs work, it had me daydreaming of island life instead. All those trails and trees and views...mmmm. I'd much rather watch them than the high-maintenance, high-budget types. But in the end don't want to live on my own island unless I was dripping with money for ferry service, grocery deliveries, and the like. Solitude is awesome, but that level of isolation feels...onerous. Especially if you have to build any new structures.
  5. snarktini

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I was surprised to read an interview with/about James recently that said he took the test 13 times (IIRC), and had to interview twice. To me that supports the idea that he is a regular-smart guy who had to work to build this knowledge. All to get on the show to honor his Grandma! I like him. There was one I remember where the responses contained numbers, and they were in numerical order 1-5 going down the board. Because they started at the bottom (and perhaps jumped around?) they didn't realize it. It was achievable without knowing, but the pattern would have made answering a slam dunk if they'd started at the top. Most of the time, my take is it's simply easier to figure out the gimmicky ones when you start at the top. Sometimes the title alone makes it impossible to figure out what the category will mean, so starting with the hardest one is risky. Or the wordplay ones, it helps to warm up with easier ones.
  6. snarktini

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Interesting, the grandpa bit of the clue was the only way I got to the right answer! ETA: Sorry, I see from later comments this has totally been covered! I am almost always a day or two behind on watching so I read warily and rarely comment...I was trying something new, jumping to a reply without reading everything. Oops.
  7. snarktini

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Thanks for the info!
  8. snarktini

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Two more notes: That Monet-Punny title was really, really tortured. It took awhile for me to even get what they were trying to do. I usually like how the writers play with themed titles but this was a dud. Question about the "the type of musical work is being performed here" clue. Is a Quintet considered a "type of work"? Isn't it a type of performer or group? I could even see type of performance. But a musical work? Q brought up quintet immediately but I hesitated because I couldn't reconcile that. Then again, I'm not a musician...
  9. snarktini

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I got SO lucky on FJ. During the break, I said to my BF I'm terrible at capitals, I can never even remember for sure if Germany is Berlin...but as I talked out loud I realized Berlin would make sense post-reunification and that will make it easy to remember. So my mind was totally primed when it came up and it was an instaget for me. I'm not sure what to think of James. He's a little odd but I respect his knowledge and confidence. I'd be the one waiting too long to buzz in and wagering too low on DDs because I don't trust my memory, so I respect bold game-play. Hey, at least he's not a buzzer masher!
  10. snarktini

    Russian Doll

    I caught that the EMTs and deli jerks were the same and thought I'd found an interesting clue -- she ends up tangling with the same guys two different ways, like it's fated. But then I heard someone describe the deli guys as Wall Street types so they couldn't be the same characters and I didn't know what to think. Glad I wasn't nuts. In my head I think of it as a bodega, esp since it has a Bodega Cat! I'd never heard of a deli cat but according to a quick search that's a common AKA so that shows how little I know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. snarktini

    The Umbrella Academy

    That's the impression I had, because they're going to time travel with Five. That's not a time reset, just transportation to another time when they can "fix her". I assume back in time, because we saw them de-age, but then there'd be two sets of Hargreaves, so...I dunno how it will work.
  12. snarktini

    The Umbrella Academy

    I'm okay with the reset. It gives us a chance to answer the question: Could Vanya have been saved? If RH hadn't been a horrific "father". If Allison had explained things better. If Luther hadn't locked her up. If the siblings had overruled Luther. If they hadn't rushed her on stage. She did many horrible things, as a child and as an adult. Maybe that's just who she would always be, out of control, vengeful, self-centered, and she had to be neutralized. Or maybe not! Without a reset, we basically have Vanya the Villian up against her siblings and that's not that interesting to me. Even if they'd stopped the apocalypse then what's there for future seasons except fight after fight? Not seeing the point of that. Interesting that the apocalypse still happens, just differently. As many have said, Vanya was treated badly by RH but not necessarily worse than the others so that's not an excuse to be homicidal. OTOH, when Allison was watching the surveillance videos she noticed how the siblings behaved towards Vanya and said if anyone had treated her daughter the way she'd have gone ballistic. This may have been a lousy writing choice, telling instead of showing, but if Allison's observation can be trusted then maybe I have a little more sympathy for Vanya. I really, really want to know the backstory of Reginald. At first glance it looked like alternate Steampunk timeline (Victorian + rockets) or post-apocalypse future, but can't reconcile "future" if literally everyone was wiped out in 2019. (Which, that's a whole other thing. How does everyone get wiped out and yet leave a hospitable environment for Five?) Being from another planet, either as an alien or returning from a human colony, makes more sense. The firefly-magic release felt like he created the superpowered children. But that was like 70 years before they're born, so ? About all those extra kids...how could RH be so sure Leonard WASN'T special? (Reminded me of Syndrome going villainous due to rejection by Mr Incredible.) There were possibly more superpowered kids running around in the world. And not necessarily only born on that day, either. If magic kids are possible then more magic kids are possible. The best explanation I have for why he was able to buy 7 children is that none of them planned those kids, and they weren't even pregnant more than a few hours. I can see why those parents would be much more willing than usual to sell their kids. It's not really their kid. The fact that 40 kept them and they aren't all locked in up a science lab is the bigger mystery. I think the numbers did mean rank order. No idea how that translated to the pram numbering or at what age that becomes set in stone, but they do seem ordered by priority/power -- Luther, Diego, Allison, Ben, Five, Klaus, Vanya. At the end, Diego challenges Luther's leadership and says if he wants to be/stay #1 then he needs to lead. Luther didn't have any obvious powers that I saw (I'm assuming strength) but he did seem to be treated as the "eldest". I had a hard time remembering they are exactly the same age!
  13. snarktini

    S05.E20: Nerd Watching

    Lol, of course -- can't believe I didn't think of that possibility. Thank you!
  14. snarktini

    S05.E20: Nerd Watching

    It sure seems like he should be someone important -- it looked like a cameo, otherwise why would some random guy even be there all up in Evan's personal space? I asked my hip-hop-loving BF and he didn't know.
  15. snarktini

    S05.E18: Rancho Contento

    So...they had enough in an IRA for early retirement, but when it was cashed out it only paid for a few extra classes at a local U?! Also, IRAs have annual contribution limits, so it's hard to believe it had much in it anyway -- I may have heard wrong but I thought Louis indicated it had only been a few years. Jessica would have had to have a lobotomy to pay the early withdrawal penalty. Not one of my fav episodes. Appreciated the SatC references, how big it was at the time. (I was a Miranda, BTW!) Glad Eddie figured out he was the one bailing on his crew and not the other way around. That was the best of the plots, but none were stellar.