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  1. One of least favorite eps. I should have known it was going to be bad when they start it off with a trope no one ever mentions, but happens a lot in TV and movies. When they are captured by maybe 16 stormtroopers, Princess is struggling and trying to grab a gun. What is she hoping to gain? She is going outshoot 16 well armed people? And then she starts the ...don't hurt her friend, leave her alone...because that always works. When one is captured by an overwhelming force, unless you have superpowers or your name is Buffy, better to follow directions. I'm disappointed that a we
  2. Kyle and Morgan Edge are such tropey characters. The jerky husband of a main character who is easily fooled. And the scheming businessman that fools the city gov't and flirts and tries to manipulate wife of board member. The show writers must have bought the "Tropes in TV" book. Want to bet one of the Kent's kids will be kidnapped this season? Clark is allowing his son to play football with super powers just to make him feel better because he has done such a terrible job parenting? I'm sure this is going end well.
  3. This show should be called "Angst in Smallville." Next on Dr. Phil.... This season is going to be a rough ride.
  4. So, Jordan goes from complaining that he might have super powers to angst that me might not. There's no pleasing him. The old trope of the cute nice girl having a jerk boyfriend has reared it's ugly head. And why does a guy go after a guy kissing his girl and not say hardly anything to his girl? Plus, after all of this, Jordan, the next day, is talking to and wants to spend time with the girl, like the previous event didn't happen to either of them causing even more trouble. The Superman stuff is taking a backseat to all this soap opera trope. This show for me is rivalin
  5. I've had two teenagers and they have never disrespected me like that with or without video games. Spiderman is just another one. It's a superpower trope. Most people would love to have powers.
  6. I wasn't that impressed. Superman and Lois are good, but those kids are awful. Could have named this show Superman and Lois's bratty kids. What kind of parents have they been to allow a teenager to play video games and totally ignore and disrespect their father? And Jordan looks like a girl. And I'm really tiring of this trope of anyone with super powers gets angsty about having them. Ghost Whisperer, and Buffy to name a couple. What kid hasn't dreamed about having super powers?
  7. You hit those characters right on...this seems more like..."Saved By The Bell...World Beyond"....I don't think any of these 4 characters could survive for any length of time outside of those walls. I think this is weakest pilot I have seen, but I really like the WD world, so I will watch it to see what they do with it.
  8. I really like Kelly Clarkson. She is a really good person. She can really sing and she made two really good albums. Her winning moment on AI was rated by TV Guide as the 11th greatest moment in TV history. In that moment, she looked cute in jeans and a red velvet jacket. Unfortunately, that was the last time she would look cute in anything. Others have alluded to it here, without coming and saying it, but Kelly is a horrible dresser. In fact, other than a video, where she probably didn't dress herself, I have never seen her in anything flattering since the Idol moment.
  9. Reminded me of Mr. Robot without the computers. I really like it and and will stay with it. Glad to see Sally Field again.
  10. I was disappointed no one mentioned that since I immediately thought this is a guy's voice.
  11. Did I just see Nancy Drew banging a guy in the back of a garage and then casually strolling to her waitress job? What? And then later, banging the same guy because she is mad at her father. I think this girl has more in common with a Kardashian than Nancy Drew. And with all the drama not associated with the crime, this show should be called Nancy Drew 90210. Other than the names, this show has nothing in common with the ND books. One of the worst adapted pilots for a show I have ever seen. I usually give a new show 2-4 episodes to get going, but this one mig
  12. Queen Latifah was a total waste. She was channeling Paula Abdul, as every act was good. And what was she wearing? She looked like she was going jogging and dropped by the show.
  13. While I understand they are trying to give the contestants some personality and give the audience an emotional connection, I get really tired and have basically quit listening to the background of many of the performers. Whether someone is handicapped, came from a war-torn country, an American inner city, or is an orphan, should not matter in this competition. I get a little tired of Simon saying that some of the performers are making incredible social contributions. It's a talent show, not a Peace Prize competition. Plus, so many of the performers saying their dream is to w
  14. I really liked it. I'm a sucker for people forgetting who they are plots. Second only to time travel. I'm in for the haul.
  15. Parker

    The InBetween

    The show is basically another Ghost Whisperer and Medium. But, as mentioned the lead actress doesn't have the personality of the other two leads. So far, I like it. I miss the other two shows, so it's good to see a psychic show. The show is graphic and spooky at times like Medium. GW was a little more gentle. Interested to see where it goes, but I'm in for this season.
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