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  1. Parker

    The InBetween

    The show is basically another Ghost Whisperer and Medium. But, as mentioned the lead actress doesn't have the personality of the other two leads. So far, I like it. I miss the other two shows, so it's good to see a psychic show. The show is graphic and spooky at times like Medium. GW was a little more gentle. Interested to see where it goes, but I'm in for this season.
  2. Parker

    Season 1 Discussion

    Only finished ep 2 and haven't been spoiled by your comments. Like the premise, but it stars my least favorite age group, teenagers. Old enough to get into trouble, not old enough to know better. Lots of cliché characters.... the mean guy, the good looking party guy, his girlfriend who seems nice and you can't understand why she's with him, but goes her own way to somewhere more sensitive when things go downhill. The nutty girl who sits on a bench waiting. The smart girl who most no one wants to listen to. A person with a disability who is nice. And a whole host of partying guys and girls. Have seen this before, except now they are put into an apocalyptic situation. Will they do anything with it and or is this predictable? We know more will come to their senses and quit the partying and start trying to live and be smart. We know some will resist and there will be violence. Probably a murder or accidental killing. But, can they add anything new? We will see. The police vs. fugitives segment was silly. The fugitives run away and where do they hide? Nowhere, they run down the middle of the streets or hide behind a bush on the side of a house. Really? Inside a structure or behind something where a car can't come was beyond them? I'm going for ep 3 and have yet to decide if I can make it through the whole series. So far, average grade. The premise and the mood is good. Empty streets, stores and schools that are usually full are creepy. The characters are cliché and it remains to be seen if that can change.
  3. Parker

    NFL Thread

    My pseudo team, the Falcons, continue to make a mess of things since that Super Bowl meltdown against the Pats. They win the last meaningless game and drop six spots to 14th in the draft when a loss would have given them the 8th spot in the draft. In fact, winning the game before cost them two more spots. They could have had the 6th pick in the first round and pick 38 in the second. Instead it's 14 and 46. So, they blow the SB and win meaningless games. I can't wait till they fire their coach and try to move on with a better coach. One more bad season and maybe we can move in the right direction. They are wasting the careers of Ryan and Jones with this nonsense.
  4. Parker

    NFL Thread

    Why would it make you unhappy? Aren't we supposed to judge people on their excellence and not their color? I loathe the Steelers and the Seahawks. Both of the QB's get more credit than they deserve and they both are like Freddy. They never seem to die. Looks like one might be gone, but the other lives on to create more horror in the playoffs.
  5. Parker

    S13.E20: Live Results 5 (Wednesday's Show)

    After Vicki gets through early in the show, there is no suspense for 1 and 2. You knew Courtney and Brian were getting through. It must not feel good for those left, that it is highly unlikely they are going on. Glennis deserved to go through. And I would rather have had We Three over Daniel, it doesn't really matter for the finale. Neither has a chance to win. I think Courtney, Michael, Shin Lim, Zucaroh and Brian should be the only acts that can realistically win. Any would be fine with me, but I like Michael the most. Courtney is the odds on favorite. It will be interesting to see who the last two are.
  6. Michael and Zurcaroh should be in. The two magicians are in trouble. With so many singers, it's hard to figure who will be in, but I expect Brian Joseph to make it and the rap dance group to be out. The rest is up in the air....
  7. I thought it was a really good show with a lot of talent. My thoughts.... 12....Rob Lake....kind of a whiny magician....the sign did mess up and you don't need a twin to do that. You just need someone who looks like you and put a helmet on them.....6 11....Future Kings...dancing was good, but rap is horrific to me...6 10...Hans...the dancing was fun, but the singing was average at best....6 9...Aaron Crow...that did go on too long. The atmosphere was great, but the magic was so so....6 8..Christina Wells...Technically sound and a good voice, but I didn't like the song...7 7...Daniel Emmett....Sounded good, but not enough emotion for me...7 6...Joseph O'Brien....Sounded good, but nothing amazing...7 5...US the Duo....rather sedate for the event, but nice vocals...7 4...UDI Dance....good visuals, but not their best....7 3...Brian King Joseph...Really loved it...Energetic and fun...8 2...Zurcaroh....loved everything about it...Energetic, dancing great and physically amazing...9 1...Michael Ketterer...the difference being technically good and given us a lot of emotion...wow, he made Simon cry...simply outstanding.....10
  8. Parker

    S03.E15: In Search Of Lost Time

    The show struggles every season with Supergirl's fight scenes. It's hard to write fight scenes with an almost unbeatable opponent. So, they have SG hesitate, not move quick when she could and be knocked down when she shouldn't. Unless someone has super powers, SG should be able to defeat them in less than a minute, if even that long.
  9. Parker

    S03.E18: Shelter From the Storm

    Not really. If you put on a wig, how many of your friends wouldn't know it's you in one minute?
  10. Parker

    S03.E18: Shelter From the Storm

    The cape fighting made no sense. Let's see....Supergirl has super strength, impervious to almost anything, super quickness, and super speed, xray vision and freezing capabilities. Cape flipping isn't needed nor does it do anything that the previous abilities couldn't do. Incredibly Superman has in all its incarnations never has needed cape fighting. Maybe Kara could try hair flipping and make the bad guys die of laughter.
  11. Parker

    S03.E17: Trinity

    It's just one of those things one has to accept from the Superman and Supergirl shows and movies. The funny thing is that with computer technology now, a super hero with a full mask would be hard pressed to hide their identity. With facial recognition, just about any eyes, nose and mouth could be traced to a real identity.
  12. Parker

    S12.E24: Live Finale Results

    Not so. Huge following and lots of view on youtube.
  13. Parker

    S12.E23: Live Show Finale

    The funny thing about that is that Simon was constantly criticized for almost never standing up on Idol.
  14. Parker

    S12.E23: Live Show Finale

    The top 10 and they are all talented in their own way, but some performed better than others. But, first, we have to get to the matter of how the acts stand as this show starts... The oddsmakers basically have Darci as the favorite and Angelica as the second favorite. According to them, everyone else is a longshot. I have to agree. Both have performed well enough to win and have big fan bases. So, to upset them, someone has to hope the two favorites slip up and they hit one out of the park. So, for me, if I was anyone but them, I would go for it. So, did anyone do that....let's see.... *** Preacher Lawson....as someone mentioned the image froze and I missed his whole act, so I won't rank him, but it's highly unlikely I would have put him in the top 6. 9. Sara and Hero....love the dogs, but this is for all the gold. There were some slipups and in this field that can't happen. It's not likely they would have won even with an incredible act. 8. Chase...he sings good, but that song was not going to win this show. 7. Kechi....deserves credit for her courage, but I thought this was not her best performance. 6. Evie....touching and moving performance, and she did everything she could do, but this is a tough field. 5. Light Balance....so much fun and original. Probably won't win. 4. Diavolo....the most original act this year. If someone could upset the singers, it might be them. 3, 2, 1.....Darci, Angelica, and Mandy....I simply can't pick between them. Darci was her usual incredible self. Angelica sounds great no matter what she sings. And Mandy's best performance and she looked great. Who I am rooting for....Angelica, my home girl, but I really like Darci and Mandy and would be okay if they won. Who will win....It seems like it's Darci's to lose and she didn't do anything last night to prevent that, although Angelica may nip her in the end. It will be very emotional I'm sure.
  15. Parker

    S12.E21: Live Show 5

    Nope, that is still anecdotes. There has been plenty of conspiracy always talked about over the internet, but I have never seen anyone with a show say they conspired to get an outcome. The question still remains...why would anyone with the show do this? The show's number one reason is to make money and have a big audience, not get involved in motivating the audience in sneaking ways. And how does that get a bigger audience? The judges don't need to conspire. They can give their opinion who they like and don't like.