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Those Mysterious Final Four Words

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As we (im)patiently await the announcement of the release date for "A Year in the Life" I thought it would be fun to speculate on what those mysterious final four words we've heard about for years might be. Even though its probably going to be words between Lorelai and Rory or Luke and Lorelei, I'm going to throw this one out there . . . words I don't recall ever hearing being said . . .from Emily to Lorelai: 

"I love you Lorelai." 

Weigh in . . what do you think those final four words will be???


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On ‎18‎/‎07‎/‎2016 at 2:34 AM, deaja said:

Luke, I'm your father

Or to go with the same franchise, "There is another Gilmore!" (presumably following a birth, though a long lost sister/cousin couldn't be ruled out)

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On 7/23/2016 at 8:36 PM, CheeseBurgh said:

Now that I think about it, would Lorelai being pregnant at the age of 49 be realistic, or even make sense? Granted my grandmother had a baby at 50, but that is so rare.  

I was thinking that too -- as an almost 49-year-old, it would be quite the shock if I were to find myself preggers. And I initally had a thought related to pregnancy/new baby but then remembered its an exchange between two characters. My non-exchange thought was Rory to Lorelei, "Meet your granddaughter, Lorelai." 

A spin on that as an exchange . . .  

Lorelei (to Rory, on the birth of her daughter): "What's her name?"

Rory: "Lorelai"

When are they going to announce the release date!?!?!!!!!! 

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If we're talking babies, how about a call back to DEaR?

"She's pretty."

"She's perfect."

(caveat, I don't actually think there will be anything about pregnancy or babies in the revival.  I just like this idea if there IS a birth.)

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Today's article on the Netflix series has Amy saying she did not want the episodes all released at the same time, because we would go right to the "final four words" and then spoil them.  Well, it had not occurred to me until she said that!  I'm still going to watch the new episodes multiple times, even if I know the "four words" in advance! 

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For a non pregnancy related one, how about "You talk too much!"? (Luke to Lorelai, I guess).

And I was assuming that any birth would be Rory's kid, not Lorelai's. It's even possible (I think) that Rory could be a grandmother by now, though Rory's kid would have to have HER kid at a Lorelai-like age.

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