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  1. Lady Calypso, I completely agree that Rory's character "peaked in highschool" (as she would put it). But I also believe her not prepairing for the Sandee Says Job, falling asleep during an interview, not taking full advantage of the GQ article about NY lines, hell even the whole thing with both Logan and Paul were ALL symptoms of the same disease. Girl was burnt out.
  2. HeySandyStrange, I'd watch the hell out of that show. I also completely agree with your take on Rory having very little inclination towards motherhood so I think it would be really interesting and original portrayal of a young mother especially with Supermom!Lorelai there to make it that much obvious.
  3. The fact that they were engaged to be married and Luke kept April's existence a secret for two months no doubt colored Lorelai's attitude. But also, how Luke continued to handle it would have made most on Lorelai's shoes uncomfortable and insecure, on some level, IMO.
  4. Your entire post is very interesting! I personally feel the revival told us that Lorelai and Jess will always be a little snarky as far as the other goes but any real ill feelings are long past. Hence Jess hanging around Lorelai's (and Luke's?) home. I'll confess my reading is heavily influenced by the fact I was immediately incredibly indignant on Lorelai's behalf by: While I find you raising the question of whether Lorelai makes the same effort to belong to Luke's family as he does to belong to hers very interesting, Luke's attitude in that scene is infuriating to me in so many levels and a complete callback to season 6 when he unilateraly decided Lorelai shouldn't even get to meet April, let alone be part of her life because of his insecurities. IMO, Lorelai tries to integrate their families but is mercilessly shut down whenever she even brings up the idea. Hence why I never saw Jess hanging around her home as development from her part given, if anything, I feel Luke is the one in need of character development in that front. Hell, in theory, I'm don't even fundamentally argue against the merit of Luke's instance. It sounds blissfull not to have to deal with the in laws. I do find the way he communicates it bothers on cruel, not to forget it's deeply, deeply hipocrytical.
  5. I've meaning to ask the Americans GG fans a question: Rory's birth name is Lorelai Leigh Gilmore right? Cool. Why doesn't she have Hayden also? Does that mean Christopher didn't register her as his father? On my neck of the woods, children usually get one surname from each parent. The only way Rory wouldn't be called Lorelai Leigh Gilmore Hayden would be if Christopher wasn't recorded in the birth certificate/didn't register her as his daughter. I understand in the US she would likely be called Lorelai Leigh Hayden and my confusion remains.
  6. I very much agree with you. I find Dean and Rory's relationship very confusing. Up until S3 they were writen as the chaste, innocent first love that Rory outgrew and took too long to let go. That worked for me. But then, Jared Padalecki's avaliability or whatever had him be around even after their break up in S3 and that's when things started getting messy and not working for me. I didn't buy the tension Dean's presence created while Rory was with Jess and I definitely never really bought her renewed interest in him in S4. And I say that because by mid-season 2 Rory was written and played as if she was completely sick of him, IMHO. They seem like very much a case of two people who think they were a lot better together than they actually were.
  7. I think watching it weekly would have been worst. A lot of Meh episodes. I definitely consider season 4 one of the weakest seasons if not the weakest.
  8. I'm actually could have done without the LDB sequence myself. Mainly because I almost died of third party embarassment and I'm younger than them. That said, I'm with tarotx on this one. Rory had to get it out of her system in order to move on. LDB's so called crimes also did not compute for me. I also blame the musical montage. For the life of me, I cannot take seriously a debate about priviledge and race in relation to a dream-like sequence on Gilmore girls, of all shows. I don't know which is more ridiculous, to be honest.
  9. You can make pretty much any subject into a interesting story. It's all about how you tell it. I would be totally up to watching a pre-Gilmore girls show about young Lorelai. Starting with her still living with her parents and how that must have been like, then their relationship reaching an all time low during the pregnancy/runaway years. But also Lorelai struggling with the identity of being a teen mother AND choosing to leave a life of wealth and comfort behind. We know Lorelai isn't good with finances but can you imagine how much her 18 year old self must fumbled trying to support herself, for the first time, but also a toddler with minimum age? How bad did things get? Did she have regrets? Just how unpopular did her arrangement with Mia make her with the other maids? Did Lorelai try to keep her origins a secret at first? What about Christopher? What percentage of Lorelai's pride play in Christopher decided being a father was optional, after the baby is there? What percentage did her love for him play in that perception? Did she ever resent giving him a way out and him taking it, going to college, travelling and enjoying all those she wasn't allowed to by taking on the responsability of raising a child all by herself? Did anyone challege that self-imposed sacrifice? What about her (former) peers? What must have felt like watching the people she grew up with enjoying their youth and being stupid and chasing their dreams while she had to keep her feet firmly on the ground and made her life all about this little human? You can keep War and Peace.
  10. I don't like when shows get meta. At all. But I think Jess's idea could have been salvaged if Rory hadn't been so damn literal about it. A bio felt extremelly uninmaginative. Hell, even a book inspired by Lorelai's early years as a single mother would have been vastly more interesting, imo.
  11. LG is using Kylie Jenner logic in her book, then, but point taken.
  12. Ha! More like she's talking from her own experience. I don't judge, her face, her choices. But I dare someone to watch season 7, especially the first half, and not notice she obviously had something done. Whatever she had done for the revival was nowhere near as bad. I was more bothered by whatever was going on with Alexis's mouth/cheek/jaw situation making her unable to smile properly.
  13. Lol! That was a great! It does sound like a person. Never in my life before I had heard of "Condé Nast" so I immediately googled it before Rory and Logan had finished their conversation. I hated how pretentious it sounded and I hated even more after learning that:
  14. The girls were holding cups of coffee in the first scene, I believe. There was also the scene when they were both up in the middle of the night and decided to drink coffee and didn't Lorelai say at some point that she used to be coffee in a past life? Was that from the revival? I get what you're saying. I can see ASP going "Mentioned coffee. Check. What's the next callback?". But I suppose it's easier to spread out jokes about coffee over 22 (?) episodes and it not getting tiring than over 4. We also got some pop-tarts mentions but viewers who didn't watch the OS probably didn't realize it was a thing.
  15. Well, no one is like Paris. But I disagree Rory hasn't shown to be driven, ambitious and disciplined in her own right, In the revival, I also saw someone who wasn't as thin skinned as the Rory for the OS. There was a post of a working journalist on these boards that talked a bit about her own career (she's an newspaper editor now, I think, and very satistied) and how, essentially, Rory should only blame herself for not "making it" on that field. And I feel there's a lot of truth to that. I believe Rory could have achieved whatever set out to be if it wasn't her arrogance and pride. Someone else said it and I agree, that Rory's first (and possibly major) mistake was not accepting the spot in the Providence newspaper (?) back in S7. I'm a little older than she was back then so I have a hindsight the she lacked, but working steadily somewhere where you have room to learn how to apply your skills to the real world, acummulating that experience and gaining confidence in yourself to start taking risks is essential to growing into the person you really want to be instead of the person you think you want to be (college). I'm not sure Rory ever allowed herself that step. I relate so hard to the desire of travelling and having adventures but IMHO, Rory kinda put the cows before cart.
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