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Figured I'd get this going after Derek Haas (showrunner) posted this tweet regarding the finale.


@derekhaas what can we expect from thr chicago pd season finale?

    @Ilse_Futbolista what can we expect from thr chicago pd season finale? > Death. Mayhem. Intrigue. Lindsay going down the tubes.


Any thoughts?

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I can't tell if he's being serious or not with that tweet? And what exactly does 'Lindsay going down the tubes' mean? I'm so impatient, I want to know everything now! There hasn't been one episode that I've been disappointed with though so I'm sure the finale will be amazing.

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Personally I'd read that tweet as being tongue in cheek; but, realistically, Lindsay is a character who has come from literally nothing, overcoming many as-yet-to-be-named obstacles and being something of a golden child, just as Justin dubbed her. She's got an enviable job at a relatively young age, a really nice apartment, and it seems that just about everyone likes her. In TVLand, that is a recipe for disaster before too long...

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Yeah he's probably not being entirely serious but I like that he mentioned Lindsay, hopefully that means that she plays quite a big part in the finale. I'd probably say that Voight is my favourite character but Lindsay is a close second and she's definitely the one that I'm most intrigued about. I feel like we know so much but then again so little about her!

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I don't know how to copy and paste it from Twitter but someone asked Derek Haas what he meant when he said that Lindsay would be going down the tubes in the finale and he said that the past has a way of catching up with you. I'm really looking forward to this, I'm glad they'll be addressing Erin's past this season and won't have to wait until season 2.

Did anyone see the promo for the next episode? It's the Chicago Fire crossover event, looks so good!

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Rionadh, perhaps that is their game plan to getting Lindsay and Halstead together....presumably even Voight wouldn't be able to complain, if he saw his beloved Erin slipping between the cracks and he was unable to help her, but Halstead was.

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I was finally able to see the promo for the upcoming crossover episode this weekend on YouTube...

Overall, I hate those kinds of trailers, simply because it's so hard to make out much of anything in the first place, let alone get enough context to figure out what it might really be about. But one thing that I saw - the guy holding a knife to Erin's throat in front of Voight and Antonio - was most interesting to me.

Although it wasn't clear from the promo, it's highly possible the other guys are standing nearby; and if they're not, they're all connected technologically as usual. Although of course I don't think for a second that Erin will be killed, I think that this might be the catalyst for TPTB allowing Erin and Jay to finally give in to their feelings for one another. Of course they know that every day on their kind of job could be their last, but knowing and then actually experiencing it like that might make them decide to cut out the games, to be together for whatever time they are granted, consequences be damned.

I could then see Voight would initially be furious - or try to maintain his usual act of being so - but that he won't deny them what is clearly a genuine thing, not some one-night stand. If he truly loves Erin, he will let her be with a man she loves, and who loves HER. Right now, Voight isn't exactly living the safest life. He knows that one day soon, at any time really, he can either go back to prison or be outright killed himself, and then what happens to Erin? She'll be all alone. This might cause her to backslide; and even if it doesn't, no one who loves another person wants that person to be lonely and have no one to share their life with. 

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As much as I'd maybe like to see something like this happen, I think it's still a little bit too soon for TPTB to have Erin and Jay giving into their feelings. I think this thing with the guy and the knife might bring them closer but I don't see it being the catalyst to start a relationship or anything like that. I'd really love it if Erin was able to save herself somehow, not sure at all how that could happen but that would be my ideal resolution to it.

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Normally, I would agree that it would be too soon; but look at PD's sister show -- Casey and Dawson were mooning over each other for only the first season, getting together at the start of this one and even moving in together almost immediately. Typically that sort of thing doesn't happen with lead characters on just about ANY show, but apparently in this universe it is okay. So, with that in mind, that's why I'm thinking that there is at least a possibility of it happening.

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From http://www.fashionnstyle.com/articles/19077/20140429/chicago-pd-spoilers-sophia-bush-crossover-chicago-fire-romance.htm --



Her possible romance with Detective Jay Halstead seems to be at a standstill as he has a new love interest as well. "We put the kibosh on that. We see them both start exploring other options because the option of one another is not going to fly. But I don't think that means they care about each other any less."


Personally, I'd like to see Lindsay and Halstead develop a strong friendship first...kind of like Booth and Brennan on Bones or Castle and Beckett on Castle. Both couples were literally one another's best friends before starting anything romantic. I could see that happening here too.

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Question: Ausiello! Please tell me you have some scoop on Chicago P.D.! —Sarah

Ausiello: Sarah! I do! A blast from Lindsay’s past (played by The Lost Boys’ Billy Wirth) shows up in the May 7 episode to uncover a bit of the detective’s troubled history. “Everybody wants answers as to where she comes from. How dark was her past? What did she go through? What did she see?” previews her portrayer Sophia Bush. “The person who shows up will give the audience a little information about where she comes from. It throws her in a way that we’ve never seen her thrown before.” The aftereffects will reverberate through the May 21 season finale, in which Lindsay has to “confront her past, not just sweep it under the rug, but do the right thing. Past Lindsay and Present Lindsay really have to learn how to coexist in the finale. She gets tested.



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Very interesting! I love Lindsay and have been waiting anxiously for more about her past ever since the tiny bits she gave Halstead the night of the reunion.


Who do you think it might be? Perhaps her dad or another family member? The way that Lindsay had originally phrased her parentage to Halstead was ambiguous, I seem to recall - something like "when your mom's a junkie and your dad's in prison, you find out who your real friends are real fast." It didn't really specify whether this was in the past or present, or for all we know, perhaps the situation has changed since high school. After all, it's been 14 years since Lindsay met Voight.

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I agree it seems likely that he would be willing to kill for Erin but I really hope that they don't go that route. I think they've made their point that Voight is a different cop who ~doesn't play by the rules yada yada. I don't need him killing repeatedly.

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Unfortunately, A, he already has, numerous times that we've seen/heard just this half-season alone...Justin's "buddy" Catalano; Browning; it's implied they will when they catch Pulpo again; etc. And, B, I really can't see what other option there might be in a case like this. Do you really think a guy like this Charlie, if he decides for whatever reason he wants "his" girl back (despite being told to stay out of the STATE she's in) would simply back off because he's told to?


IRL (and if these folks weren't police) someone like Erin would probably end up getting a restraining order against Charlie (presuming, of course, she doesn't already have one). But sadly, I think we all know how that usually ends. A person gets the restraining order, and then they end up killed anyways, because of course you can't punish someone until AFTER they have committed the crime. I'm sure Voight and Olinsky know this all too well, and will thus act accordingly.

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TV Guide hints at an "unexpected death --



The death will come as a result of the recent secret meetings between the Intelligent Unit's tech and surveillance expert, Jin (Archie Kao), and Voight's Internal Affairs handler,Sgt. Edwin Stillwell (Ian Bohen).


From that, I'd interpret that perhaps Jin is the one to die?? He's always there, to be sure, and nobody would expect him to die, but then, he's probably the most expendable of the regular PD folks.


Another interesting tidbit --



Although Voight may have his hands full, Lindsay will be able to turn to someone else from the team for help. "She leans on Halstead. ... She does go to him with no options," Olmstead says. "She's not quite sure that's the solution because if [Voight] finds out what the real secret is that this Charlie character possesses, it's curtains for her. So with no options, she goes to Halstead and he finds a way to hopefully get her out of it."


While I'm glad to see Halstead and Lindsay teaming up again, after so many episodes of being rather estranged, I find this interesting from the POV that Lindsay doesn't feel she can go to Voight about whatever it is. That kind of begs the question as to just how horrible IS whatever she's hiding; we know that Voight is privy to all kinds of dirt on her past and still obviously loves and cares for her. Is this a matter of merely Erin thinking this is beyond all that? Or is there really a limit to what Voight is willing to do for her? We saw in the past that there was no limit to what he'd do for Justin, his biological child; until, of course, there WAS a limit. (That didn't seem to mean, however, that Voight no longer loved or cared for Justin, only that there was a limit to how much he'd enable.) What about Erin, who is not his biological child? That hasn't seemed to matter til now, but maybe it can and will.


I'm still not 100% rid of the idea - as out there as it may be, granted - that Travis is actually Erin's son and not Annie's. For one thing, he looks nothing like either Annie or Charlie, but rather strikingly like Erin, e.g. same hair color, same facial features, etc. And for another, his being twelve seems too coincidental. As we know from the high school reunion ep that Erin is 28, that means she was 16 when Travis was born - the same age she was taken into the Voights' home for a "fresh start." Call me crazy, but what better reason would there be for a teenage girl to have a fresh start than having just birthed and given away a baby? We presume that it was just all the other "bad stuff," i.e. Erin's lack of familial support, drugs, and apparently now this Charlie guy being a less than stellar parent (regardless of which woman is the bio mom), but it doesn't automatically rule this out, too. 


Well, I guess we'll find out tonight...

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Not sure where to put this, but in the interest of better being safe than sorry: via TVLine: http://tvline.com/2014/08/12/glee-rachel-new-directions-season-6-spoilers/

Question: Do you have anything about Burgess and Ruzek from Chicago PD? —Allyson
Ausiello: The pair will keep things hot, heavy and under wraps in Season 2. “[burgess is thinking], ‘I don’t want word to get out [about the relationship] because that will really ruin my ability to ever get into Intelligence,'” previews executive producer Olmstead. “But a couple things happen. One is, she just really likes Ruzek, and he really likes her. So they’re trying to keep it under the radar, though I can’t say that’s completely effective because people get wind of it.”



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God, I am so uninterested in the Ruzek/Burgess storyline. It's awful. Both characters have gotten next to no development outside of it.



Do you know if Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will cross over this season? — Anna

It won’t be long before we see more of the mini-crossovers. In one upcoming episode, Burgess will be among the cops who come to Severide’s rescue when he risks his life to protect a woman after they witness a gang initiation shooting. I hear the shooting actually brings Severide closer to said woman, which makes me worry about his future with Chicago P.D.’s Lindsay.




Count me in the minority but I'm actually looking forward to Severide/Lindsey having a relationship throughout the season. I don't see them as an endgame couple but I do like the little thing they have going on.

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The mystery of who killed Jin will be “wrapped up fairly quickly,” executive producer Matt Olmstead reveals. Until then, “Voight goes through a crucible.” Meanwhile, Lindsay faces another blast from the past when her junkie mom (Night Court's Markie Post) shows up. “It's a window into what she has gone through, what she overcame and, really, what Voight did to help get her through that,” Olmstead describes. In the love department, Lindsay and Chicago Fire's Severide are going strong, but “as in any relationship, there are competing interests that might pull them apart.” New couple Burgess and Ruzek are keeping their romance secret to protect her shot at an Intelligence job, but a new partner (Boardwalk Empire's Brian Geraghty) reinvigorates the street cop's love for her current gig. Things are less peachy for Antonio, whose wife packed up and left with their children. “He finds himself having to commute to see his kids on his days off,” Olmstead says. “But here he is, single in Chicago for the first time in his adult life.”

BONUS SPOILER | Remember the files Jin sent before being offed? “That resurfaces because he knew it was coming -- and he sent it to a surprise character,” Olmstead teases.

RETURN DATE | Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c (NBC)


[PHOTOS] Fall TV Spoilers 2014: Exclusive Scoops On 42 Season Premieres | TVLine

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Please tell me you have some scoop on Chicago Fire? – Quanita

It looks like Casey could be bound for Chicago P.D. to hash out his issues with Voight. Executive producer Matt Olmstead tells us that a visit from the firefighter is being targeted for the back nine of this season. “It all started with Voight almost losing his mind, trying to convince Casey not to get his own son jammed up, and obviously [he] went too far, apologized for it, copped to it, but Casey’s never going to forgive that,” the EP says. “That day’s coming [where they cross paths]. I’m not quite sure what it’s going to be, but it’ll be powerful.”


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This is the next episode, The team springs into action after Voight is abducted, and Ruzek and Atwater track down a lead that may lead to a break in the case. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman look for a girl who stole a police badge.


Wonder if this will have anything to do with the girl that is pregnant?

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Derek Haas tweeted the other day that there's going to be another death by the end of season two. Any guesses on who it might be?


Atwater. So Kim can move into Intelligence thus leaving her spot open for Nadia. 

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Yeah considering they don't even bother to put him in episodes anymore you're probably right. I can't see his death affecting anyone though. It's be about as memorable as Jins.

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If it's Olinsky I'm going to riot.




If anyone in the unit was still in a relationship with a non-person, I would vote the non-unit person.


We really aren't seeing much of Antonio lately, are we? Maybe him. We don't even see Atwater at all--are we sure they didn't already kill him off and forgot to tell us?

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I wonder if they'd kill Nadia. Platt and Erin both have been shown to bond with her and the unit seem to like her. Out of everyone who death would have the biggest impact especially since she's pulled herself together in the last two seasons.

Also wasnt she introduced as a minor? I can't see how she'd make it to patrol so quickly and I'm not sure I could see her fitting on the show long term in a bigger capacity. They're jam packed as they are and can hardly accommodate who they have.

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I can't imagine anybody who would die could die for the best. If it's either of the patrolmen, then we have to deal with a new partner next season, Atwater would be killing the only black guy, when it seems pretty damn important to have a black person in your department in Chicago...They clearly arent killing Erin, or Jay, or Hank.  I've already discussed how I'll burn the city to the ground if they touch Olinksy. If they kill Antonio that'd just be another reason for Gabby to have 2 episodes to cry and please, God, no.


I hope they kill the chief. He's absolutely replaceable. 

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If it's Olinsky I'm going to riot.

If they kill Olinsky I'm done with the entire Chicago Series! Elias is my favorite actor. I tuned in to watch for him and I'll tune out if he's gone.

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Yes I'm gearing up to a Nadia death in the coming episodes. How well she's doing just seems like foreshadowing of what's to come plus I think it will lead to the "dark days" ahead for Erin that Haas tweeted about.

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Chicago Fire kicks off the crossover event Tuesday the 28th. It's repeating Wednesday night at 8 [before the SVU/CPD episodes] and it seems like SVU and Chicago PD are switching time slots for the 29th. CPD comes on first and then SVU concludes the crossover.  Mariska, Danny, & Ice-T comes on CPD. Sophia, Jason, Jesse, Marina, Brian, and Stella will be on SVU. 


press release for the crossover events

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Brian Luce posted a few different cast photos on twitter yesterday. He said the were behind the scenes of 2 X 23. The photos seemed to indicate that the other members of the unit were still present in filming the final episode of the season.

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That link doesn't work for me but I agree with you fully about Nadia. It's going to be devastating and I think it's going to affect the whole team especially Platt and Lindsey.

Haas has teased that theres dark days ahead for Lindsey and I reckon that this will be the reason for it.

In kind of glad that they didn't go with what I thoightt would be the obvious route of killing Atwater. Maybe they'll actually give him a storyline next season.

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I am hoping for Benson to take one for the team.

Nadia's backstory is too close in general to Lindsay's anyway--wild child taken in by compassionate cop makes good, becomes a cop. Any storylines for her could be adapted for Lindsay, so boot her. She is a compelling actress imo so I look forward to seeing her in other things (if it is Nadia and not Benson).

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Nadia's backstory is too close in general to Lindsay's anyway--wild child taken in by compassionate cop makes good, becomes a cop. Any storylines for her could be adapted for Lindsay, so boot her.


Totally agree w. this! 

We also can expect Bunny to come back which as Haas puts it -- won't make Lindsay's dark days better. 

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Personally I am tired of all things about Erin and like a Burgess much more ! At least Burgess stays interesting and is not shoved down my throat nor does she need to be involved in every story and somehow connected to all major characters old or new - Erin has issues with her Mom( not this has never been done to bits ) ,Ein has a history with Voight, Erin gets the offer to take , and so forth !Erin is the new Dawson and already I am fed up with the Erin show and of course the big season finale is all about Erin ! I am in the minority because I so much enjoy the Burgess episodes and also think Burgess and Ruzek is much more interesting and more charismatic to watch than anything I have seen between Erin and Jay ! I adore Jay but find him more compelling when he is not with Erin because the second he moons over her he gets boring and Jay is too great a guy to get stuck in Erin hell !

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Erin is far too reserved to be like Dawson. Despite her close relationship with Voight she respects him and never tries to use their relationship to her advantage. Dawsom was the complete opposite when working with Casey.

Burgess bugs me mainly because of how she seemed to think she was owed an Intelligence spot. She doesn't and Hank offering her a spot and being willing to overlook her ridiculously unprofessional relationship (everytime they work together they're distracted) was probably the most laughable writing ever.

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A spoiler that is coming up per EW:


I’m a huge Chicago P.D. fan. Any news? — Jerrod
After Atwater makes a critical mistake, Voight demotes him and bumps Burgess up to Intelligence. “It affects Ruzek because they’re dating,” executive producer Matt Olmstead says. “She knows she’s just keeping the seat warm for Atwater until he gets brought back up. Just to get a taste of what she hopes to get one day is very satisfying to her.”

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