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  1. Everything about the marketing and them playing up the “cowboy lawman” cliche is dumb as hell. LA County Sheriff’s Office has nearly 10 thousand deputies, and the county has millions of residents. It stopped being the Wild West 150 years ago.
  2. Mars477

    S02.E01: Cargo

    “Venezuela is secretly buying Russian weapons” is a dumbass fearmongering plot point because, as anyone with a modicum of awareness of what is going on in Venezuela knows, Venezuela is pretty openly buying weapons from the Russians.
  3. I’m sure there’s room for yet another BLM leader who is secretly self centered and thus horrible because the show writers have overdosed on the Blue Lives Matter koolaid. Its not like this show is set in New York City after all.
  4. Kate doesn’t even know for sure that they’re talking about her in that group chat. She could be getting herself worked up over Toby complaining about a random woman in any number of contexts, from work to the gym. And “the other woman” could also be a dude given that “LadyKryptonite” could mean both “a lady calling herself kryptonite” or “kryptonite for ladies.”
  5. Worth noting that adult baby Jack’s actor is the same degree of blind that his character is (able to discern some light and color but that’s it). So I would imagine he would have a better idea of what “looks realistic” than some random on the Internet.
  6. Mars477


    Honestly the CIA hiring a freelancer to conduct noncritical tasks like takeing pictures of two people meeting doesn't seem that farfetched. Not only does the CIA not have infinite manpower, using cutouts and deniable freelancers is basically espionage 101, and they rightfully wouldn't expect the opposition to go so far as to murder an enemy operative on enemy soil since that's a massive overreaction. And there's the whole "CIA isn't supposed to operate on US soil thing". Although it would've worked better if the victim was a PI rather than just a photographer. That said I'm not sure w
  7. Mars477


    I'm only two minutes into this episode, but how is OA out of line here? He gets ambushed by family who tell him that a family member he doesn't particularly like put his name down as a reference without going so far as to reach out to OA first to let him know. OA is completely justified to give this person a poor reference, and he doesn't owe it to this cousin to lie to help him get a job and place his own professional reputation on the line. It's the cousin who's the asshole here. If you or I put down a person's name for a reference without consulting them first or even having a decen
  8. Man, Higgins walking into a men's prison wearing that tank top is just asking for trouble.
  9. So, color me disappointed if that’s going to be all she wrote for Cassidy’s character. I thought the character was great and complements Kevin well platonically or romantically, so it would be a huge waste if all she does is kinda sorta facilitate Kevin getting to know Nicky better. Hopefully she can show up in a larger role in the latter half of the season that isn’t an idiotic “Upper 30s to 40s career woman who was deployed in a combat zone up until a few months ago apparently wasn’t on long term birth control” plot. I really couldn’t care less about Deja and Malik. By any reasonable
  10. Does long term contraception not exist in the minds of Hollywood writers or what?
  11. These days entry level position means you've had a few semesters worth of unpaid internships before hand. But I really don't see any company basing hiring decisions on whether or not you know the type of software that they use, unless it's something ubiquitous like Microsoft Office or you actually have certifications for said software (vs. just knowing how to use it). Bringing you up to speed on the software is what orientation and training is for. Also, having one's son speak on one behalf sounds like something that would get you instantly rejected.
  12. So I haven't had a chance to catch up on the episode until now, but Fiona's pretty skeezy, isn't she? Or maybe I'm just that taken aback by seeing Dex so unsettled. Maybe I would've been more okay with them hooking up with Fiona wasn't Dex's client at the time. I really hope they've worked out the Love Triangle business, because I wasn't really a fan of it. Overall, it's a step down from the last episode, which was excellent. Unfortunately the next episode isn't for another week but hopefully it'll be a return to form, promo aside. Also, no more tape? Did they run out of
  13. Makes sense considering that Disney owns both Hulu and ABC, plus there's such a thing as DVRs.
  14. Also, would it kill the writers to introduce some female characters at CIA? American women do volunteer to join the clandestine service, after all. And surely there has to be a woman, military veteran or otherwise, who is qualified to run with the show's crackerjack version of Special Activities Division if Greer is hauling around his diseased coronary arteries across the hostile territory of the season. Sure, Tom Clancy's works weren't exactly massively feminist but it's pretty clear that the showrunners didn't know what to do with BND officer Noomi Rapace or much concern for explainin
  15. Also, Greer is a massive liability in the field and whoever decided that he should be anywhere near kinetic operations should probably be fired.
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