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  1. Mars477


    AZ-5 was the emergency shutdown. You better hope there’s an equivalent button haha.
  2. Mars477

    Blood & Treasure

    A Middle Eastern person, be the main character? Surely you jest!
  3. Mars477

    Blood & Treasure

    I don’t know why I expected historical accuracy, or even authenticity, from this show, but this was pretty awful even for Hollywood. Why did the writers think that Cleopatra was Egyptian, or that she would be entombed in a pyramid? The last pyramids in Egypt were built over a millennia and a half before she came to power. And the Ptolemies were Greek, not Egyptian, with Ptolemy I being one of Alexander the Great’s generals who created a successor state in Egypt and the Levant upon Alexander’s death. It’s like the only thing the writers know about Egypt is the story of Exodus bullshit and not a history that spanned three millennia.
  4. Mars477


    The real Legasov had a wife and son, so them. If you listen to the companion podcast (also called Chernobyl) the writer/showrunner basically says that they didn’t include his family because they didn’t add anything to the story.
  5. Mars477


    Kind of a bummer that they made Dex’s friend on the force that she has a romantic entanglement/history with a guy. She’s a woman in the comics, and Dex is bisexual.
  6. Mars477

    The Code

    This show looks like ass, but I’m getting so much joy out of seeing the Military/Veteran twitter accounts I follow slagging it endlessly.
  7. Mars477

    Whiskey Cavalier

    It bugs the hell out of me that American operatives like Will have codenames, especially unwieldy ones like "Whiskey Cavalier". As I understand it codenames are for agents (as in the enemy agents that are subverted by friendly intelligence personnel and turned into sources). If Will were working as a nonofficial/illegal officer he might use a pseudonym (that isn't as unwieldy as "Whiskey Cavalier") and if he communicating tactically over comms he'd use a callsign (that is... short). Yeah, this is why I couldn't hack it through Covert Affairs. Really the only reason I have to watch this is that Lauren Cohan is extremely pretty and I liked her in the first few seasons of TWD that I watched. And yeah, the whole "FBI overseas" thing is dumb. FBI agents may be involved in investigating crimes against Americans overseas (see the FBI team sent to Saudi Arabia to investigate a terrorist bombing on a military base that formed the premise for the movie "The Kingdom") but they're not going to be there doing counterterrorism in allied countries that have their own counterterror forces. And there's no way in hell they would be doing counterterrorism without working under local leadership (although that would open a pathway for our rugged white American hero to come into contact with a serious but sexy French DGSI officer). A better alternative to the FBI vs CIA dynamic with both American leads would be to make both Frankie and Will CIA, but have one of them be Special Activities Division and so playing outside the rules. Probably Will, since he's the cowboy.
  8. Mars477


    I’m watching Season 1 of Flashpoint again (before it got kinda Hollywood) and it’s crazy how much better it is than SWAT. Not everything is shootouts and explosions, and I really like that the SRU is activated when called in by first responders instead of being first responders.
  9. Mars477

    S02E09: Santa Muerte

    CIA officers are still trained to use firearms, so she should know how to perform a press check on an unfamiliar firearm to verify that it’s loaded.
  10. Mars477

    S06.E03: Bad Boys

    This show is into its sixth season. Both white boys have gotten multiple love interests, including regular cast members. Also, love the dog whistling. Nothing like calling people angry about cops beating and murdering black people simply for existing “obsessed with race”.
  11. Mars477

    S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Gotta love how, since Ruzek and Halstead are the pretty white boys, they’re the ones getting all of the love interests. Guess the Blue Lives Matter crowd isn’t interested in seeing a black man get some action.
  12. Mars477

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    One huge misstep they made (alongside all of the other missteps) is that they made Magnum and company elites when there's nothing about their behavior that suggests they were elites. Magnum certainly doesn't behave like a SEAL or any other kind of elite special ops badass. They could have made him just a generic Navy guy, like a Master at Arms (Navy MP), and not have him appear poorly when contrasted with the likes of McGarrett from Hawaii 5-0 come the inevitable crossover. Even Burn Notice, which was pretty comedic, had the protagonist very dryly sarcastic instead of being a smarmy joker.
  13. Mars477


    It's pretty common in terrorist bombings for additional bombs to be placed around the target site that are timed to cause maximum casualties among first responders. The US has even "borrowed" that tactic by firing missiles at the rescuers who flock to the sites of drone strikes. It just shows that she has experience working in Counterterrorism. As someone who quit Rookie Blue due to not being able to stand all of the relationship drama, I like how professional and competent the characters here are. I feel like more media could stand to go the "Competent professionals" route instead of turning everyone into a 5 alarm fire of personal baggage like certain shows out there (ahem SVU).
  14. Mars477

    The Brave

    You really don't see why Ukrainians would want to help people who are sticking it to the Russians, huh?
  15. Mars477

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Some of the military peeps that I follow on Twitter were snarking about the trailers for this one. Like, "I don't care how much valor she has, she needs to police up that hair!"