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  1. It's definitely weird. Sounds like Charlie is really bitter that Erin 'made it out' and seemingly made good with her life and he didn't fair so well. I'm really intrigued to see how this wraps up next week!
  2. Hmm I don't see that at all tbh. I don't think Voight has an issue with women or didn't want to promote Burgess because she's a woman. I also can't think of seeing instances you mentioned about Erin being held back in previous episodes. I'm actually glad that Burgess didn't make Intelligence. I think it all would have been a little too obvious. As for your previous post about what happened to make her change from a stewardess to a cop... I don't think it has anything to do with a hijacked plane or anything like that, I'm sure she said that she was only a stewardess while she was waiting to get into the academy so she would already know she was going to be a cop.
  3. I reckon Stillwell knows about something that Jin's dad did, something illegal, hence him mentioning the FBI. I'm not sure exactly how he'd know or what it could be though. I did feel a bit sorry for Jin as he really seemed to be under pressure but I can't help but think that he should just have come to Voight when Internal Affairs/Stillwell first came to him and then maybe he could have got help. Must have been a difficult situation though.
  4. I'm glad Voight admitted that he was wrong in this past episode, I doubt that's going to happen often! As much as Pulpo deserved what was coming to him, Voight doesn't get to be the one to make that decision and decide what is going to happen to him. He has to realise that and it was a nice moment when he admitted as much to Jay.
  5. I don't think that picture is at the firehouse, looks to be in the police department to me. I'm also not sure if it's Charlie that Erin has to come clean to about things, I read it as she would have to come clean to other people about things relating to Charlie. Not sure either way though. I think the picture with Halstead and Voight is more likely to be linked to the Pulpo case, Halstead is unsure about exactly what will happen to Pulpo when/if he is caught.
  6. I didn't think about the possibility of Platt telling Voight but that does actually make sense. I just assumed that maybe he had people on the streets who were instructed to tell him if Charlie or anyone else from Erin's past comes knocking about again. The Platt thing makes more sense though. I hope we get a few more scenes between Erin and Voight in the last two episodes, the little one we did get this episode was good.
  7. I can definitely see Platt warming up with Burgess too, their relationship is definitely growing. I think Platt also seemed concerned for Erin tonight, she could tell that there was something off when she gave her Charlie's number. I do wonder how much Platt knows about Erin as it's been hinted that Platt and Voight know each other from way back.
  8. He'll definitely be ok but it's the unit's reaction to his shooting that will interest me most. We've seen most of them go pretty far across the line from time to time so what lengths will they go to this time to make sure Pulpo is gone? What will be the consequences of that?
  9. I doubt that he just dropped it either, he probably did wait outside until he saw Charlie leaving at least. I really want to learn more about Jay, he's a bit of an enigma at the moment. I know we got the storyline with his ex's little brother but that wasn't really about him, I'd like to learn more about his past before he was in the police. I know he was in the military but I wonder what made him leave?
  10. I definitely don't see Charlie as being Erin's dad, not at all. I agree more with Rapunzel that he seems more like an ex/pimp kind of guy. Erin definitely did seem scared of him, although she was trying to hide it like you said. I really enjoyed this episode. Pulpo makes for a good bad guy and I like that it's kinda bringing the season full circle again since he was there at the start. I don't fear for Antonio's life either but I think just the impact of what's happened to him is interesting enough to make it a pretty decent storyline. Voight's not going to take it lying down, that's for sure.
  11. Yeah I think there's definitely a story waiting to come out about Voight's wife. That's partly why I don't think we've seen the last of Justin yet either. He was sent off screen way too quickly. It'll most likely be season two before any of this comes out but I definitely think it'll be touched upon.
  12. That's true about Severide, Shay was in the hospital. I really, really want a Shay/Lindsay scene or a Shay/Severide/Lindsay team. I don't think Severide had been to Erin's apartment before the night he turned up saying he didn't know where else to go, I just assumed maybe that he had called her before hand and asked to come over and that's why she didn't seem surprised. I'm sure she'd given him her card in the previous Fire episode. As for Burgess and Ruzek, that could be true. I'm never entirely sure though how bothered Voight is about Halstead and Lindsay not going out because they're in the same unit. I can't figure out if that's just a bit of an excuse because he's protective over Lindsay but didn't actually want to say that to her. I imagine it would bother him a bit though.
  13. Hmm, I dunno, I don't think it's her dad. It could be though and that would definitely give us a lot of insight into her early life but I just assumed it was an ex or maybe a drug dealer who had a bad influence on her or something like that.
  14. Ah right ok, wasn't sure about the age thing in America. I'm not sure how it all happened with Erin and Voight then, I'm just glad that it looks like they'll be telling us before the end of the season.
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