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  1. So, I binged it. For better and for worse, it made me think of a 2020s R-rated version of Hercules, the legendary journeys. The whole also felt like a pilot episode in the sense of showcasing potential, having pacing issues (too rushed on some aspects, plenty of POTW action yet the central plot not really progressing) and finding its footing throughout, tone-wise. The show seemed to hesitate about how seriously it would take itself, but no matter how execution turned out, the lighter touch was still welcome. I did like the timeline trick, less some of the later time jumps. I liked the female characters whom I found by far the most interesting -and it's a big plus for me. I wish a couple of them would have been more developed, yet it gives me something to look forward to. I'm not certain what to think of Henry Calvill's acting. Perfectly deadpan or too stilted? Nevertheless, he's the lead, I watched the whole season, so I guess he was convincing and made the character endearing enough. Special effects were sadly lacking at times and production values could have been better, compared to GoT or even Lost In Space for the former. Budget was probably not the same, though. This season finale was the first time that I felt I was done watching actors easing up in their character's skin, characters easing up in their own skin, every piece was finally in place on the chessboard. Weirdly, neither the big battle nor the meeting gave me a feeling a closure, in spite of both being a narrative climax for the season. It was all beginning, for me. Which is good since, although I'm not head over heels in love with the show, I found it entertaining and I will watch S2 with good hope that it finds its cruising speed.
  2. Benioff is also responsible (screenplay) for Gemini Man, the last Will Smith flop. I didn't change my mind on what I thought until S7: They did a great job trimming the books, getting rid of characters and plotlines that were superfluous, not hesitating to drop what didn't work from season to season, and meshing the whole into something coherent and sustainable on TV. Unfortunately, they did all the opposite during the final stretch (keeping Urine, focusing on the wrong characters or plotlines, going for "gotcha" when they should have explained etc.). When you're able to put together an episode like A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms, the problem isn't incompetence or blindness to quality. Until 8x03, the writing is flawed but afterwards, the issue is simply no-one-gives-a-fuck writing. Just a wild personal guess: The failed pilot had D&D eat a big huge humble pie. But as the show ended its run, the success finally went to their head, they wanted the whole big credit (Sapochnik himself said they wouldn't listen to input anymore; the show didn't submit Cogman for writing, etc.) and being busy ego-tripping, they lost all perspective on what worked or not and what would satisfy the audience, or at least not piss off 90% of it. I guess they got what they wanted, in a way, with the 200 millions Netflix deal. I don't only blame them, though. Considering his surly reaction after the finale re: the meanies on the Internet, I have not doubt this was GRRM's ending from A to Z. It might be less rushed if he ever writes it, not sure though since he has two books left, but also a shit ton of characters and plotlines that weren't on the show. However I fully expect the women + power = baaaad incel trip, as well as a nihilistic vision of the world (where every character is alone, miserable, back to their worst/square one, dead, butchered/villainized or all of the above), which were my issues with the ending, to be his definition of "bittersweet". That's why unless they cast an actor/actress I truly love and whom I will watch in about anything, I don't think I'll be in for the prequel until I know how it ends. Fool me once.
  3. House of the Dragon prequel ordered directly to series for HBO. Michael Sapochnik is co-showrunner. https://twitter.com/JamesHibberd/status/1189330514290843648
  4. The prequel was always going to be a ratings grab and a cash-cow. So if they didn't pick it up, the financial return at the very least wasn't there. I don't believe a minute in "creative" reasons, not after what the crap aired this spring 🙄 The pilot might have sucked but since the end of GoT, HBO's highest-rated shows are way below 1.0, most of their offerings don't even reach 0.5 IIRC. GoT was a massive cultural phenomenon and leeching off the brand only, this spinoff should have gotten at least 2.0s for season 1; maybe 3.0s or 4.0s for the series premiere and anyway, for two or three seasons, way more than their current average. Of course a GoT prequel had to be expensive, but financially unable to live off 2.0s for a season ? I have a hard time imagining it. Moreover, HBO Max is going to need a library. I wonder if some concrete financial facts (lower than usual merch, DVD/Blue-ray, on-demand sales?) might have triggered or heavily contributed to that decision. No matter how everyone involved downplayed it, the backlash for the last season was as massive as the show had become, and the network certainly did a shitload of surveys. I'd love to see the results, and their audience projections. Maybe the S8 debacle did affect the GoT brand, in the sense that there's not much of a brand left to leech off... except for the core "bewbs and dragons"? It would made sense, then, how they're still betting on the Targaryens spinoff instead.
  5. Happy Harpy


    Yeah, not a fan of shows centered on weak narcissists, all of them criminals, to say the least. I know that one could argue Harrow suffered some kind of PTSD or was in a state of shock in the S2 finale, but he starts to look like a Dexter more than a Brennan, if you see what I mean. Grace will be back. Ugh. I don't like it when I don't like a female lead, sigh. I can put up with it if they drop the romance (Not a Love Ew! person; I'm even a rather easy shipper) or I'll have to FF some Ioan Gruffud scenes. Again. I confess I did a couple of times in S2 because it just doesn't work for me, Laurel/Oliver levels of not working for me. I'd be glad, OTOH, if they're going to explore the S2 finale twist. I kind of hope the dead just had the ID on him and
  6. Happy Harpy


    Officially renewed for S3. https://deadline.com/2019/10/ioan-gruffudd-to-move-into-directing-as-abc-studios-internationals-harrow-is-renewed-for-third-season-1202756593/
  7. I wish Alfie had won supporting, too, imo he deserved it more. But split votes + lack of decent material + hard for genre shows to get wins in acting categories = actors paying for the crappy writing and polarized reception. I suspect the finale season effect would have played in their favor, had the season delivered and been met with general enthusiasm and satisfaction. The darkness issue might have cost Sapochnik a directing Emmy for 8x03. I don't think split votes mattered here. I truly wondered if, after the script for 8x06 had to be taken off the Emmy site, there was any way GoT could win best writing. It seems not. How TPTB didn't even submit 8x02 is beyond me. Or rather, it seems that D&D really, really wanted this Emmy and tried to avoid split votes. They didn't get it, they weren't rewarded personally for their biggest screw-up or "their" episodes. So, while I don't think this best drama win was deserved, it doesn't infuriate me either. I take it as rewarding the crew, the cast as a whole, and their hard work for this season as well as the entire run of the show.
  8. I'd also like to know who truly has the upper hand here, in terms of power. In the pilot it seemed like Matteo was the one holding all the ropes and Santiago had no choice but to comply, now the roles are somewhat reversed.
  9. D&D cancelled their Comic-con appearance (as well as Sapochnik, Natalie and Iain).
  10. Which is ridiculous. Lena already lost when she deserved it because votes were split and yet HBO submitted Sophie and Maisie. Of course, considering the material or lack thereof, they might have not expected three nominations (they kinda forgot Emmy voters know television so well, they had to be apprised of Tatiana Maslany's existence a few years back. LOL).
  11. The last episode got 0.6, which is the average so far. It airs after the Bachelorette, so some will argue retention isn't good, other will say that reality TV and scripted don't have the same audience. It is the highest-rated scripted show this summer (Reef Break, the other ABC offering, gets 0.3/0.4) and if the delayed viewing isn't remarkable, it seems to do rather well on Hulu. So for now, I'd say it's on the bubble.
  12. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/emmys-three-nominated-game-thrones-stars-submitted-hbo-did-not-enter-them-1224887?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  13. This was awesome, and I dread the moment this show will stop getting better week after week to suck donkey balls, like every show I ever watched or almost. Nelson was getting a personality for a reason, well, there it is. Well played, show! And game over for him. Matteo isn't the villain after all... oh, but he's a murderer still. I still think he's going to be a casualty at one point. The mysterious blackmailer is Gigi's first husband, isn't he? Ingrid is bringing out the best in Gigi, but this isn't going to end well, or will it? Will Gigi see only an idealized version of herself in Ingrid or will she be able to embrace Ingrid's morally grey side, which she has, too ? I really have some Savannah flashbacks because yes, Ingrid is a liar and Javi is adorb yet being played, I usually prefer my characters honest and loyal...and I can't help but root for her. I admired the work of art vs Santiago (who is not saint either, it helps in this case). I guess I find her interesting because I always wonder where is the degree of truth when she speaks. I don't think she's cold-hearted and I wonder if beyond money it isn't security and a family she truly wants. Really a screwed-up way of getting it, of course, and probably she'll get some comeuppance at some point. I know it's too early for her and Javi to be end game but I love them together. She brings out the best in him, too. It was so cute when he was elated because she stood up to his father. It's like Dany. He has a GF, but he hit on Alicia. He's now trying to do the right thing. I don't think it will last, and I don't think his GF ringing him during the Matteo/Nelson confrontation will be the last time she'll have a bad timing... This is what I really like in the writing so far, because everyone has flaws, even those supposed to be sympathetic. Like last week, it was coherent with Yoli's personality. I also liked the bonding between the sisters and I hope it's a beginning. I appreciated the development and clarification re: Yoli's sexuality. And very good twist with Sky. I wonder what skeletons in Mrs P. or her husband's closet will be revealed with that sueing the hotel business. Their storyline seems separated from the main one right now, but probably another twist is going to tie it up to it soon. Random: The actress who plays Alicia has really great comedic timing. The whole cast has chemistry together, which allows me to enjoy every scene. Good job, casting director !
  14. I just saw that Alfie Allen and Gwen were both nominated for an Emmy. I'm so very glad for them, they deserve it so much. Of course, they probably won't win with respectively two and three other nominees for GoT in their respective category. I'm still happy they finally got some recognition.
  15. OMG Danny is a dog! Just after he and Alicia were so freaking cute and spicing it up. I'm not even mad at you, show. The Big Misunderstanding re: Carolina didn't last, so I was already thankful. "There's someone else", that was clever. Following Danny firmly and honestly turning Carolina down, it was well timed. Danny was a little too picture perfect, if a bit on the manipulative side; and somehow I don't hate him (yet?). He isn't completely rotten either: He seems to be a loyal friend at least, with Jason in the beginning. I also think he has real feelings for Alicia -doesn't make him less of a dog, of course. *hop* That was me jumping on the Yoli/Marisa bandwagon -provided that the writers make it extremely very heavily clear that it isn't because Yoli is down on her luck with men. Once more, for an OTT soap, I find many characters and their reactions ringing very true. In spite of her relatable side, Yoli is still a privileged brat and it wasn't swept under the rug. Alicia also refreshingly admitted that she was jealous, and had no right to be. I hope the writers can keep balancing the qualities and flaws of the characters so as to keep them sympathetic enough. If they're too much a bunch of assholes, it'll stop working. I was right on Jason being in for a heartache with Ingrid. I felt sorry for him*, although I'm not certain it's over considering how the writers bothered establishing his feelings for several episodes. On a side note, he did read the riot act to Mom, exactly what I wanted last week. *I genuinely was, but I still loooved the Javi/Ingrid scene. It was sweet. Why do I feel that Javi can handle the truth, or that Ingrid is somehow moved by his good will? (I know, I know, it's called shipping goggles.) I'd also like more snarky Javi vs Gigi. Poor him and Alicia, though, both being deceived...yet I'm really not mad about it either. I still love their family bond, their discussion in the beginning was one of my favorite moments of the episode, and I look forward to much brothersisterly commiserating, cheering each other up, and maybe plotting retaliation scenes once they find out. OTOH I feel that Matteo is less and less in control. He can't keep Santiago in check, Mrs P. and Danny both have his number now, Ingrid turns him down. If I had to bet on someone to bite it in a couple of episodes in order to boost both the Sky and mafia plot, my money would be on him. I don't know where the Felix plot is going, but if Smarmy NuGuy wanted to stir shit, with Lina he chose the perfect target. The writers took some time establishing characters and relationships in the beginning and it now pays off. They can go with twists and reveals and imo, the show took off plot-wise in this episode, which was my favorite so far.
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