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    Grand Hotel

    This was awesome, and I dread the moment this show will stop getting better week after week to suck donkey balls, like every show I ever watched or almost. Nelson was getting a personality for a reason, well, there it is. Well played, show! And game over for him. Matteo isn't the villain after all... oh, but he's a murderer still. I still think he's going to be a casualty at one point. The mysterious blackmailer is Gigi's first husband, isn't he? Ingrid is bringing out the best in Gigi, but this isn't going to end well, or will it? Will Gigi see only an idealized version of herself in Ingrid or will she be able to embrace Ingrid's morally grey side, which she has, too ? I really have some Savannah flashbacks because yes, Ingrid is a liar and Javi is adorb yet being played, I usually prefer my characters honest and loyal...and I can't help but root for her. I admired the work of art vs Santiago (who is not saint either, it helps in this case). I guess I find her interesting because I always wonder where is the degree of truth when she speaks. I don't think she's cold-hearted and I wonder if beyond money it isn't security and a family she truly wants. Really a screwed-up way of getting it, of course, and probably she'll get some comeuppance at some point. I know it's too early for her and Javi to be end game but I love them together. She brings out the best in him, too. It was so cute when he was elated because she stood up to his father. It's like Dany. He has a GF, but he hit on Alicia. He's now trying to do the right thing. I don't think it will last, and I don't think his GF ringing him during the Matteo/Nelson confrontation will be the last time she'll have a bad timing... This is what I really like in the writing so far, because everyone has flaws, even those supposed to be sympathetic. Like last week, it was coherent with Yoli's personality. I also liked the bonding between the sisters and I hope it's a beginning. I appreciated the development and clarification re: Yoli's sexuality. And very good twist with Sky. I wonder what skeletons in Mrs P. or her husband's closet will be revealed with that sueing the hotel business. Their storyline seems separated from the main one right now, but probably another twist is going to tie it up to it soon. Random: The actress who plays Alicia has really great comedic timing. The whole cast has chemistry together, which allows me to enjoy every scene. Good job, casting director !
  2. Happy Harpy

    The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    I just saw that Alfie Allen and Gwen were both nominated for an Emmy. I'm so very glad for them, they deserve it so much. Of course, they probably won't win with respectively two and three other nominees for GoT in their respective category. I'm still happy they finally got some recognition.
  3. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    OMG Danny is a dog! Just after he and Alicia were so freaking cute and spicing it up. I'm not even mad at you, show. The Big Misunderstanding re: Carolina didn't last, so I was already thankful. "There's someone else", that was clever. Following Danny firmly and honestly turning Carolina down, it was well timed. Danny was a little too picture perfect, if a bit on the manipulative side; and somehow I don't hate him (yet?). He isn't completely rotten either: He seems to be a loyal friend at least, with Jason in the beginning. I also think he has real feelings for Alicia -doesn't make him less of a dog, of course. *hop* That was me jumping on the Yoli/Marisa bandwagon -provided that the writers make it extremely very heavily clear that it isn't because Yoli is down on her luck with men. Once more, for an OTT soap, I find many characters and their reactions ringing very true. In spite of her relatable side, Yoli is still a privileged brat and it wasn't swept under the rug. Alicia also refreshingly admitted that she was jealous, and had no right to be. I hope the writers can keep balancing the qualities and flaws of the characters so as to keep them sympathetic enough. If they're too much a bunch of assholes, it'll stop working. I was right on Jason being in for a heartache with Ingrid. I felt sorry for him*, although I'm not certain it's over considering how the writers bothered establishing his feelings for several episodes. On a side note, he did read the riot act to Mom, exactly what I wanted last week. *I genuinely was, but I still loooved the Javi/Ingrid scene. It was sweet. Why do I feel that Javi can handle the truth, or that Ingrid is somehow moved by his good will? (I know, I know, it's called shipping goggles.) I'd also like more snarky Javi vs Gigi. Poor him and Alicia, though, both being deceived...yet I'm really not mad about it either. I still love their family bond, their discussion in the beginning was one of my favorite moments of the episode, and I look forward to much brothersisterly commiserating, cheering each other up, and maybe plotting retaliation scenes once they find out. OTOH I feel that Matteo is less and less in control. He can't keep Santiago in check, Mrs P. and Danny both have his number now, Ingrid turns him down. If I had to bet on someone to bite it in a couple of episodes in order to boost both the Sky and mafia plot, my money would be on him. I don't know where the Felix plot is going, but if Smarmy NuGuy wanted to stir shit, with Lina he chose the perfect target. The writers took some time establishing characters and relationships in the beginning and it now pays off. They can go with twists and reveals and imo, the show took off plot-wise in this episode, which was my favorite so far.
  4. Happy Harpy


    I also began to watch for Ioan Gruffudd, and this show delivers the finest Ioan Gruffudd. I need to talk about S2 (until the last episode that aired, 2x08).
  5. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    I was in for Ray Wise because Twin Peaks, and his character's couple with Mimi Kennedy's character (lightyears from Dharma's mom LOL) was an hilarious manipulation galore, IIRC. Exactly! Characters and relationships are the hooks that keep me watching scripted TV -and the lack of quality in that respect, the reason why I dropped so many shows, starting with CBS procedurals. Grand Hotel is a soap, I expect a lot of clichés -I also expect them to be cleverly used, in these days and age- but as long as the relationships and characters ring true and make sense, I'll enjoy it and I won't give a flying fuck that it isn't "Emmy quality". I did appreciate, for example, how both Gigi and Alicia made mistakes. Alicia sounded quite immature, yet she is young so it's a believable and very natural flaw; as for Gigi her discourse was all about reason but her attitude was overbearing, and she enjoyed wielding power over Alicia's head. The writing didn't take sides, both of them had points and came from a place that could be understood. I think there might be something about Gigi and the kids, beyond simple dislike for their stepmother. In the flashback of Javi's incident he seemed to react quite aggressively to her presence. Matteo doesn't seem to be holding all the ropes or be in control of everything, which is another aspect of the writing I appreciated. The all powerful villain manipulating everyone behind the scene is the most boring and annoying kind of plot to me. Alicia and Danny were cute, maybe a bit too precious in this one, so stop dancing around it and spice it up, will ya kids? Danny did delay his visit of Ingrid's apartement because he wanted to stay with Alicia, so at least he's genuinely into her. I like Jason, and Ingrid vs Mrs P would be an interesting match -it will happen anyway, imo- but I'd still like it better if Javi and Ingrid got together. They both seem damaged or very flawed, whereas Jason is a such a nice straight arrow. I don't know, I feel that he's idealizing Ingrid and would be in for a heartache anyway. In any case, maybe his crush on Ingrid can be the catalyst and lead him to teach Mom boundaries. He isn't the only one whom I'd like to see kick the hornets' nest. I wanted to give Javi a hug, but I'd also like him to step up and assert himself more. Same for Yoli. Her sassing Lina was a thing of beauty, but she was still playing too nice for me. Go, Yoli, rebel! Tell me that Mama El Rey is going to stay, want Yoli as her DIL and succeed in matchmaking. I can't figure out Santagio. Is he the worst businessman in the world, or is it obfuscating stupidity? Is he a gigantic screw-up led by his emotions, or a villain whose only redeeming quality is his love for his family? I'm curious to find out.
  6. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    Because it will bring soapy goodness? It's kind of a good excuse...so far, LOL. Later in the season, it won't hold. Here, I took it as a kind of exposition/placing the pieces on the chessboard. I also thought it was stupid of him to refuse Alicia's idea because of his beef with El Rey...but having just gotten rid of insufferably noisy party neighbors I was so on board with the pettiness and completely on his side :)) Moreover, Roselyn Sanchez's face when Gigi realized El Rey wouldn't be out was gold. My favorite part of the episode was Javi and Alicia as siblings. Their relationship rings true. This show is doing good so far with its "good" guys. I don't know if anyone remembers the 90s soap Savannah, but the good guys were so galactically stupid I was actively rooting for the villains. Nothing of the sort here. Anyway, the bar scene was my favorite. I liked how Javi called Alicia out about being ridiculous. Imo, the writers use efficiently Alicia's klutzy side to bring a humorous side to her character yet they don't overdo it, not falling into the trap of "look, she can't be a Mary Sue since she can't pour her own ketchup !". It also seems that Matteo is a little bit more than a mustache-twirling villain. Bring on Javi and Ingrid and bring it now. The "we totally had sex" scene cracked me up. Just the right amount of cheese for me. Poor Jason was Ser Jorah level of friendzoned. I still find Alicia and Danny sweet although I agree that it's high time he does something in her interest to show he isn't just using her. When Danny proved so inept at investigating, I thought he couldn't be law enforcement. Then I remembered I watched The Enemy Within and its Federal Bureau of Incompetence and I thought, maybe his being inept is a clue that he's a cop. So the jury's still out. Definitely, this was a low point re: writing. It's a good thing hat Jason know his secret, though. Looking forward to that bromance. Gigi's speech to Lina about Yoli feeling underestimated rang quite weird considering she wasn't able to compliment Yoli about anything in her (lovely) appearance earlier. Maybe the writers kinda forgot, maybe it's part of the character's blindness to her own faults, maybe Gigi finally realized what she was doing. Let's see which it is. Mrs P has a husband! And they're adorb. Will the seemingly non-dysfunctional family end up being the craziest in the end? Character-wise, Lina is the weakest link for me. She's just the entitled rich girl and vapid love antagonist. Nevertheless, I feel that the actress is doing an excellent job with a thankless role and humanizes her whenever she can.
  7. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    I think it's because he's in debt with the mafia or whatever shady group Matteo is part of, and they're threatening his family so he can't tell. I liked, btw, how the writers revealed so early who was the bad guy. I just hope they won't go for GoodIsStupid-itis in order to make his schemes work out. I'm all in for the fake marriage becoming true trope. They remind me somehow of my beloved JR Jr/Pamela from the Dallas reboot. They and Jason were also marked "love triangle somewhere along the way": Woobie Playboy vs Good Guy, + the Accidental (?) Schemer. The pool pushing and Alicia having told the groom were my favorite moments. I think Roselyn Sanchez can, too. Gigi did sound scheming and heartless with the necklace thing but she and her husband seem to confide in one another. Hence, after Matteo's threats, it came to my mind that she wanted the wedding to happen at any cost because she was afraid for the children's lives. I watched the pilot on a whim, I haven't seen the original version -I didn't even know there was one.
  8. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    Ratings are in: The episode did 0.7. Not a bad start at all for a summer show and at 10PM.
  9. Happy Harpy

    Grand Hotel

    I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the pace, establishing the main relationships in the first half and then going for the soapy twists in the second. They weren't earth-shattering but for a pilot, it was a good thing. With all the info to take in, their familiar side helped getting into the show's atmosphere. Info dump dialogues were unavoidable, nevertheless I've seen much worse this season and on shows with fewer characters and plotlines. The characters all have a potential to be interesting. They had a personality, or little moments that fleshed them out, under the obvious tropes -like Alicia looking up, trying to hide she ogled at Danny. I feel there could be layers, if the writers decide to actually develop them. I liked the female characters, in particular. Alicia is nice but not blindly stupid *please stay this way, please stay this way* Ingrid is an interesting wild card and Yoli is feisty in a good way. Although Roselyn Sanchez/the actresses who play her daughters isn't far from another John McCook/Ron Moss situation, she's great in the role of the evil (or is she?) stepmother. I thought at first that Danny was a cop undercover because of the shady dealings. He might be law enforcement anyway. Or maybe he's a real soldier, LOL. He and Alicia were cute, as well as Jason's crush on Ingrid. I could even ship Yoli and the Vanilla Ice-meets-Robin-Thicke guy, LOL.
  10. The trailer made me want to check out S3, this article turned me off. https://tvline.com/2019/06/03/designated-survivor-season-3-preview-neal-baer-kirkman-election-campaign/ The biggest problem with this show was, imo, how it tried to be too many things at once and had too many characters revolving too fast, which resulted in a narrative mess and no one being properly written for. Well, considering the cocktail-like description the showrunner makes of the concept in S3 and the insane number of new characters (at least one will have their own "romantic entanglements") for merely ten episodes, I don't think this problem will be solved in any way.
  11. Happy Harpy

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Although I stopped watching after 8x03 (the perks of being a spoiler whore) you can't escape GoT on the net. And I realized the genius of D&D. All those much decried eunuch jokes, which they bravely stuck to including in S8. It was foreshadowing of the endgame, from the start: Varys betrayed Daenerys out of penis envy! #ADickForTheThrone #OnlyDicksWanted #NoMa'am2019Campaign
  12. Happy Harpy

    Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon had a reprieve of a season, and I'm very happy it did since it was a very entertaining one (unlike the crappy S2). Too bad it wasn't on CBS, they renewed shows with worse numbers LOL. I've always suspected the last two episodes were there to wrap up the show and the cast & crew knew it. Maggie Lawson will star in the comedy Outmatched that FOX picked up for next season, I hope to see other S3 cast members elsewhere, especially Sean William Scott.
  13. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I will certainly see on the net and social media how this is going to turn out. However, I signed up for "bittersweet", not for "let's destroy everything and make everyone miserable for the sake of it, without rhyme or reason". 8x03 was a rather nice series finale, all things considered. And so my watch has ended.
  14. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    It seems I'm only good with guessing ships and sex, LOL. I did say that Jaime and Brienne would bang in 8x04. I still hate that he's going to crawl up Cersei's butt again. I've been 100% Team Arya when she wiped out her enemies for killing her family. I don't see how I could not be Team Daenerys if she does the same.
  15. Happy Harpy

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Rhaegal killed by Euron is now proven, and it's specific enough. For now, I'm pissed off about Jaime betraying (so only those who die are truly redempted? sigh) and Missandei's death. During the off-season, I made my peace witht the fact I might not like the ending. I loved 8x02 and 8x03, but well. I just hope they won't also destroy Arya, too, since she's the one I care most about.