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Parenthood in the Media

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Wow, interesting, two completely different perspectives of the same show. I lend myself more towards the second one because after all, it's tv and I am supposed to be entertained for an hour, and Parenthood does that for me, so I don't think too hard about the reality of the situations.

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Jason Katims on Parenthood's Farewell Season:



Lauren Graham on Hank and Sarah, Sarah's relationship with Zeke, and the end of Parenthood (slightly spoilery):



Bonnie Bedelia on the show ending, watching the kids grow up, and Camille's growth:



Dax and Joy on their superior acting techniques, Tyree, and the backyard:



Max on Max (one very mild spoiler):



Craig T. Nelson about the show ending and watching the kids grow up:



Mae, Miles, and Sarah on the show ending and Parenthood being honest in a messy way:



Erika and Sam on the show ending, the state of Joel & Julia's relationship in S6 (minor spoilers but they really only cover what is seen in the sneak peek for the season premiere),



Peter and Monica discuss Snowflake Academy


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Those reviews are dead on.  Call it arrogance, hubris or whatever it is that Katims suffers from, because of it, he has screwed up this closing season royally on almost every count.  You can't help but wonder if he has any inkling about how may missteps he's made. 

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Those reviews are so comforting to this disappointed viewer. I do believe that Katims would have us believe that we are heartless where his characters are concerned.  Instead, we have common sense on our side and he is ridiculous.  I can't wait for this nonsense to be over.  What a joy it was to read that even "professional tv viewers" agree!

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Everything I read here about Katims and his views on autism makes me think he is playing out his own issues on the show.

So I wonder - is there some sort of infidelity and staying together theme in his life as well? Adam and Kristina have been through cancer AND an autistic child, and managed to stay together. Didn't Adam turn down an affair at one point? They are the holy couple, nothing can break them. (Even autism!)

All the other couples have had some adulterous storyline. I wonder if Joel and Julia reunite, and hank goes back to his wife, to tie together the theme of staying with your spouse no matter what.

Consider that Sarah, the one with the least stability, is the divorced one. Is the message that divorce messes up the kids?

Are we going to see Amber and her baby daddy re -connect? I don't know. It just seems a bit heavy handed this season.

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Mae Whitman did a Q&A with Robbie Amell (The Flash), Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Italia Ricci (Chasing Life), all of whom are huge Parenthood fans. The Q&A focuses primarily on Mae's and Robbie's new movie The Duff but they do touch on Parenthood a few times.


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May 5th the final season comes out on dvd as well as the complete series.  I don't see anything about deleted scenes from the final episode, but I hope they are included.  Anybody who uses twitter want to ask Katims if the deleted scenes will be part of the set?




edited to add 2/12...  I've seen the deleted scenes I would just like them added to the dvd set seeing as how they won't be around forever on the nbc site.

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