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  1. Ariana Debose is a major star. After playing 'The Bullet" in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, she co-starred in The Donna Summer Musical and was nominated for a Best Featured Actress Tony Award. She is currently starring in Ryan Murphy's film version of The Prom on Netflix (it's terrific) and is playing Anita in Steven Spielberg's new movie version of West Side Story now due out around Christmas of this year. Not bad for someone who, while she didn't win on SYTYCD, paid her dues and is now a big name in the business.
  2. I didn't watch the show but did Bill really call Biden a tragedy magnet? What the hell is wrong with him? He sounds like a die hard Bernie Bro dead ender. You have to wonder if he'll start pushing crap about Joe's mental competence like some of them still do. Geez!
  3. One of the first things that I did this morning was to delete the recording of last night's show. Unless Bill gets off his self-indulgent high horse and stops drinking his own Kool-Aid I may be done with him. The issues that he pontificates on are too serious and/or deadly to deal with. I'll check in here before deciding to watch an individual show.
  4. Thanks guys. I'm not even sure that I'll watch the show tomorrow even after fast forwarding through Filbuster Barbie. Throughout this pandemic I got tired of Bill's smug self-rightousness and his frequent attempts at false equivalence. It sounds like tonight is no exception,
  5. I'm depending on you folks in the Eastern time zone to let me know whether ConwayPalooza is worth watching or should i just record the show, watch it tomorrow and skip through her typical deflection and BS. Bill should have had George Conway on instead. At least he sees Trump for what he really is. Post away people.
  6. Whatever was going on with Franken he tried to steer Bill away from his "he won't leave" mantra. As Franken said after Biden is sworn in Trump will be escorted out of the White House. He would have no presidential authority and, besides, the Joint Chiefs are not likely big fans and would not react to any orders from the non-president. The other thing to consider is that Trump is a coward and a delicate flower ego-wise. He couldn't bear the optics of being thrown out of the White House so, yes, he will leave, maybe not graciously, but he will leave.
  7. My DVR was still set to record the show so I watched some of Monday's show last night. I've never like Disney night anyway but after a about an hour I realized that I was paying more attention to my tablet than the TV. Tyra Banks for Tom Bergeron? Not hardly. As difficult as the format is this season due to Covid-19, Tom would have made this work. Tyra does not. Erin probably wouldn't have been involved with this season anyway since there are no Skybox interviews. As much as I like the judges, their presentation seems very forced. Again, it's understandable given the circumstances. So I've got the second hour of the show left to watch but I'll pass and probably won't watch the rest of the season. It will be the first full season that I've missed since the show went on the air but so be it. Anyway, I hope the rest of you enjoy the season and, more importantly, stay safe and healthy.
  8. I am so tired of Bill's "he won't leave". Yes he will because at 12:01 pm on January 20th if Joe Biden is inauguratedTrump no longer has any power and the Secret Service and US Marshals will be ordered to escort Trump our of the White House. If the cockamamy plan to replace Biden electors with Trump electors actually happens, the House of Representatives has the final say on which electors are certified. Nancy Pelosi would dismiss the phony Trump electors in states that Biden won and his electors would be certified. End of story.
  9. I just saw the "celebrity" lineup for this season. No thanks. C and D list contestants, no audience and the shabby treatment of Tom and Erin make this the first season of DWTS that I will have missed. Who knows if there will even be a full season. If there's even a small Covid outbreak whatever will they do?
  10. I tend to cringe when Sullivan is a guest. He tries to dominate any discussion pounding everyone with his opinions as though they were brought down from the mount by Moses. He often presents himself as the ultimate expert on the American condition, which he certainly is not. I respect Malcolm Nance for engaging in a civil debate with Andrew although I suspect that if they were in the studio together, Nance might not have been so generous. When, in 2017, Nance was on with Milo Yiannopoulos after the latter was blathering on and on about the country, Malcolm asked him "are you an American?". When Milos said no, Malcolm just said "then go f&^k yourself". It was a classic.
  11. I shut the TV off when Bill began the last new rule. It was the same old dogma that he rams down our throats every week. It really gets old.
  12. The first interview was very good as was the panel. Larry Wilmore and Matt Welch are both very smart guys. As soon as the nutrition doc came on said, uh, oh and turned it off. I caught the new rules segment yesterday on HBO Go. They were OK but I think that Bill and his writers may be running out of steam. It's understandably difficult to keep writing A material in this situation but maybe it's time for Bill to go on a hiatus for a while. John Oliver's "One man behind a desk" format, is much better suited for the current times and the writing, even within the serious topics that he's covering every week, has been pretty sharp.
  13. If I remember correctly didn't Mike also say that some destruction of property was OK because it was for a good cause? He's a bit of an idiot.
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