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Al Roker: Didn't He Used to Be Tolerable?

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I finally managed to kick the Today habit but just came on to say I really can't stand Al Roker.  He's one of the big reasons I stopped watching.  I could handle him in small doses doing the weather but he's inserted himself everywhere now, even the 1st half hour that used to be devoted to news.  He thinks he's funny but he's not and I don't need loud, bombastic people in the morning, I prefer to ease into it not be hit in the face.


I may stop in from time to time to reiterate how much I hate him lol.  He's one of those you love to hate.

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Al used to be one of my favorites; that is, until he started hamming it up too much.  I have noticed that he seems to have calmed down over the past few weeks though.  Maybe TPTB sat him down and had a nice talk with him.

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So NBC says they won't show the Charlie Hebdo cover because they are not in the practice of airing things that will offend people/groups...but they continue to shove Al Roker down our throats.  I wonder if I contact them to let them know how offended I am when I see him if they will remove him?   He's offensive and annoying.  Just like I promised I would drop in from time to time to reiterate how much I can't stand him.  Carry on!

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So today Al Roker makes a tasteless joke about cannibalism  while showing a picture of snow at Donner Pass?!


How is this man who sharts in his pants at the White House (and talks about it!) still on national tv?!?

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I like Al as a person but he is definitely over the top these days. you can tell even the anchors are starting to feel it. I realize he is a theater guy and he also wants to be a standup comedian so it doesn’t totally surprise me that he feels so extra. But I think he needs to tone it down a couple clicks.  Maybe it’s time for a focus group to see if others agree.

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