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  1. SeriousPurrs

    Tennis Thread

    The next step--each player takes his own bathroom break after Stefanos comes back to court. Would he or fans like that?
  2. I stopped wearing corduroy pants because my cats thought I was a scratching post....
  3. Posters were discussing vertigo/dizzy--what worked....meds....what did not help..... I don't remember who or when (might be years ago, been hanging here since 2014)--and this forum's search, as usual, helps me Not at all.... My niece is having this problem. Any one?
  4. On the other side of this mess--how did LL hear about this scheme? Through one of these "close friends"? Just a thought.
  5. Didn't NF ever talk to some one he's working with? Ever notice she's upset? Or does he only do his scenes and no personal chit-chat or try to be a friend? Just professional all the time? Just IMO....
  6. I don't know why this is not been solved YET, with all the education, computers, geniuses, etc. Why not use empty tank trucks to move the water to where it's needed--a pipeline to move the water would be expensive but so is flood damage-recovery, drought problems, etc.--there are other solutions, surely (and I'm certainly not an educated genius). @KnoxForPres Much happiness to you both!
  7. This might help if kitty tends to attack you without a reason. My rescue tortie would too many times attack me when I was walking by or standing within range of her. She has her claws--Ouch!!!!!!! I began to let her sniff whatever is in my hands (and hands) as I stand or walk by and now the only time she attacks is if I forget to let her sniff. It's not her fault that this is obviously extremely important to her. Just my experience with one cat.
  8. Would you mind revealing which Trader Joe's wine you're talking about? (in a spoiler would be fine) I hope it's red!
  9. What's next? Dressing up as a Christmas tree? (If you know who I mean....)
  10. I did some research awhile back because of Susan Lucci's arms (at her age) and there is a surgical procedure that fixes this problem: incision under your arms, pull the loose skin though the incision and snip it off. Presto! (At that time, about $10,000--each arm.)
  11. In my city--you don't dare complain--or they will hold your packages at the main post office and if you want 'em--have to go get 'em.
  12. I'll just throw this out there (my history with men, over the years--not in this order): First husband--met at my brother's wedding 2nd husband--met at work Boy friend--met at work Boy friend--a neighbor Boy friend--met at work and so forth and so on...... You do see the pattern? Maybe you're just not ready yet--that's OK.... when you are.... you'll do what you're reluctant to do. JMO
  13. So instead of yelling &/or slapping his hand away.....he films it? I must be missing some thing here.
  14. Go to the post you want completely deleted. Click on report. Ask moderators to delete it. (I think there is a time limit (7? days) to use the edit function. Might be wrong about that.)
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