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  1. Extra Hot Great How Was Your Week Scriptnotes Pop Culture Happy Hour Duncan Trussell Family Hour Joe Rogan Experience Filmspotting /filmcast KCRW's The Business Slate's Culture Gabfest Slate's Audio Book Club Bulletproof Executive Firewall and Iceberg Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan Snap Judgment I am not perfect with my listening. I'M NOT PERFECT OK?? I tend to get behind on all -- then binge listen to catch up. Just like TV (in which I'm years behind on everything.) I'm also subscribed to thousands more -- and will subscribe to more based on other people's posts here. Because I
  2. Has anyone seen this? Wanna discuss? Here's an excellent primer: http://www.vulture.com/2014/01/understand-the-modern-crime-film-watch-thief.html?mid=twitter_nymag
  3. notacrackpot

    Her (2013)

    I liked it a ton. Basically felt the same way you did Dave. Thought it was a great prequel to THE MATRIX or TERMINATOR. A little too rosy vision of AI for my tastes. Great filmmaking -- beautifully shot. Loved the exploration of what relationships are -- are they a projection of what's inside us? Is it inevitable that they break up when they stop being that, and the person takes on their own consciousness/interests and are no longer just a reflection of us? And then there's the layer of -- where does the love go when you break up with someone .... lots of layers in this piece, which is why I l
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