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  1. That happened to me. Would be fine if they didn't still charge shipping on each one.
  2. I wish she would stop trying to pop a collar on everything. At least she always tries.
  3. The containers are what attracts me. I love to reuse stuff. But not loving these RS ones. I keep looking at the David's Cookies gift or tree cookie jar. But $50 is a lot, even though it comes with "enrobed" brownies.
  4. I liked Episode 2 more than Episode 1. I was looking forward to more of Riva, oh well. Can someone tell me what happened to Quiet Ann's cop girlfriend? I thought they set her up to be killed but it looks like she is alive?
  5. Definitely blown out of proportion. One outing does mean a best friendship.
  6. That picture makes my bewbs hurt. Lol. Looks like Shawn is growing her hair out.
  7. Happy New Year! And belated Happy Birthday to @Booneyand @SuprSuprElevated. Many more for you lovely ladies.
  8. So sorry to hear about Jaq. I noticed that she had not been modeling but I could not find any mention of her. Even from the hosts. Louis said that he appreciated that QVC honored their wishes to keep it private. How sad that a video of Louis and Jaq turns into yet another Lisa bashing vehicle.
  9. Wow. Sorry that happened to you. I have been waiting for some things to go on clearance but figured they have to wait until the extended Christmas return policy is over. I am surprised they would do that also. I hope you write to customer service and see if they can do something for you.
  10. Some things don't make sense to me but there is a method to their madness. Rick is the worst for blurting out how many are sold. It would not make me buy something but it must work for them.
  11. @Fishy previously gave us some online jigsaw puzzle sites that are great. I use Jigzone every day because I don't have to register or download anything. Love those 2. I still have tomatoes growing!
  12. And the fish that has the highest occurence of being mislabeled. And kind of junk fish is labeled and sold as Tilapia.
  13. Hope you like your boots! Is that the same model that always models for Graver?
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