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  1. Stenbeck

    Shazam! (2019)

    Loved it. Entertaining, funny and a great cast. Billy meeting up with his mother was heart breaking. Jeez, bitch...it's been 10 years (give or take), give your kid a fucking hug.
  2. I have no idea what to expect. I'm reticent to watch it, since Sharon Tate's murder is so, so sad. The alternate history angle is intriguing.
  3. I just saw it and I'm traumatized. The scene in the store where Julia Roberts starts banging on Ben's fitting room door and the saleslady tensely asks them to leave. O_o The editing with both of them in different cars was tense, I kept expecting them to crash into each other and Julia Roberts dying.
  4. Skipping out on the reunion has been portrayed as an absolute deal breaker. Fired. No second chances. It got Adrienne booted. LuAnn is the exception since she missed out over a HEALTH issue.
  5. Wow. That's EXACTLY how I feel about LVP. Puppygate: It's stupid. These women are frenemies AT BEST and always want to make the other look bad. Be it lawsuits, affairs, returned dogs, failed businesses, etc.
  6. Both Camille and Kyle told the truth last episode in their talking heads: Camille: Why didn't Dorit just call LVP and tell her the dog wasn't working out? Kyle: LVP is punishing Dorit for dumping the dog. It's a shame the season is being swallowed up by this stupid SL. It's obvious Dorit wanted to suck up to LVP, therefore she adopted the dog(s) and when she couldn't handle them, she got rid of them. A dog isn't like buying your castmate's wine/make-up/skin cream/whatever...you publicly purchase and discreetly discard.
  7. Liked it. Fun, entertaining, the soundtrack and the throwback to the 90's was awesome (landing in a Blockbuster video, everyone waiting for the CD to load, Carol's internet going out), the only thing missing was the sound of a dial-up modem! Is Thanos Talo's little boy?
  8. I'm peeved by the speakerphone function. Phone conversations are meant to be private (unless we're on a soap opera, where someone else picks up the second connection) and it's really awkward and uncomfortable to be listening to their conversation as you're driving in the car, walking by, next to you, etc. Use the hands free or a Bluetooth device.
  9. This...was...I have no words. Y'all have said everything I was thinking, but Jan's sisters broke my heart. They have also been traumatized by this and seemed much more frail than Jan (who comes off as a very strong woman, IMO). Especially when she mentioned how their dad took them to a restaurant a town over and let them know he was divorcing their mom (while the mom was being served with divorce papers). HOW THE HELL DID B get off the kidnapping charge, IMPERSONATING A CIA AGENT CHARGE!!?!?! It's maddening.
  10. Olivia Colman and Mahershala Ali will probably clean up at the Emmy's as well, for The Crown and True Detective, respectively.
  11. WTF Green Book! The night had been a rollercoaster, and just as it peaked...it fell flat! I was expecting Roma, Black Panther, The Favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody to be called out... NOT GREEN BOOK!!!
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