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  1. This is going to sound terrible because the show is riveting and horrifying but . . . I really can’t stand Michelle’s overly dramatic writing/narration. I know it’s not her narrating it. But “I hunted a killer with a laptop!” Makes me 🙄 a little. I feel that with so much of the narration and then I feel bad.
  2. I have no sympathy for her with the $16,000. I always get really prickly when people think they're "owed" a certain amount of money in life. Like when people get upset that they don't get a lot of money when someone dies and they expected it. Things happen. There's no guarantee that even if she had stayed married to Dan she would have been rich her whole life. Maybe he would have died of a heart attack? Maybe he would have lost his practice? Who knows? She did pay her dues but that's no guarantee. You can pay your dues in a career only for a recession to hit. You can expect an inheritance and then the person donates it to their college. Money is not a guarantee. Nothing is. Work with what you got. You can't count your chickens before their hatched. You only have the chickens you have at any given moment. And $16,000 worth of chickens is a damn good amount. A divorce almost always negatively affects the wife's income more than the man's. I certainly have less money now than I did when I was married. But I have 100% control over the money I do have and that makes quite a bit of difference. If Betty had worked the gallery job and also had her $16,000/month she would have been just fine. But even with the money issue, she was insane with the phone messages and the smearing of the cake and the shattering of the Christmas tree. That's bonkers. I mean, my ex-husband is nowhere close to Dan. Our divorce was not contentious and there have been MANY times I have wanted to take a bat to something. But I see a therapist. I have a number of amazing friends who will listen to me rant on the phone or take me out for margaritas and I move on.
  3. I was annoyed this year that there were no older daters. Last year we had at least one older guy going on dates.
  4. The odd guy was weird but slightly endearing. I mean, I wouldn’t want to date him because of the awkwardness but I was glad he found someone. I felt so bad for him when the lady was like “I don’t feel a romantic connection” - I’ve gotten that before and you always think you’d prefer that to ghosting but it hurts just as bad. Rejection just hurts. My least favorite person was the make-up artist in the gold dress who thought she was way more deep than she actually us and was drunk on all of her dates. 🙄
  5. I binged the entire series and I love this show. I'm sad there's not more chatter here. I wonder if it's a show that would benefit from having one thread for all episodes rather than individual breakout eps?
  6. It is interesting to watch this when the LIfetime movie was super sympathetic to Dan and this show is very sympathetic to Betty. I'm in camp "Both are jerks" - I mean, Betty did sacrifice a lot for Dan. She did raise his kids and live a life of wealth . . . but nothing is guaranteed. Sure going from $300,000/month to $40,000/month would be jarring but she was hardly on food stamps again. Life goes on. Dan could have easily have dropped dead of a heart attack before meeting Linda and Betty would have had to figure out how to make do. Being rich at one point in your life does not mean you get to be rich forever. Dan was clearly manipulative and narcissistic but Betty was also petulant and unhinged. So I am in Camp "I feel bad for the kids" I mean, I'm divorced. I didn't expect it to happen. I live much more frugally now than I did when I was married. My ex has moved on and has a girlfriend living with him. Do I get the desire to drive your car through the front of someone's house? YES. Oh my god. Yes. There are some days that I have little bleeding marks in my palm from clenching my fists so tightly so I don't scream at him. But I clench my fists. I found a therapist. I joined dating apps. I signed up for an adult ballet class and some running groups and I am trying to live my best life. Life happens when you're making other plans and you can either shut down or you can move on. Betty had the choice. She shut down and marinated in her anger.
  7. The LoveIsBlindTea instagram said that Jessica wanted to break up with Mark on the first day in Mexico but producers wouldn’t let her citing her contract. That gives me a teensy bit of sympathy for her.
  8. This episode was kind of the most unintentionally funny for me. First, none of them could sing at all. The guy who lives in Chicago and wants to be an actor was taking this all way too seriously. Like he was very upset when he didn't get the lead and it's like "I don't think that's going to pave the way for you to be on Broadway, buddy." I also kind of wanted to lovingly shake the girl who was still pining after her high school boyfriend. I got the feeling that when she watches the episode she is going to be surprised when she hears him talk about how he's kissed men and women and is figuring himself out but doesn't like labels. I feel like maybe she had no idea all of that has been going on the past 15 years. I did like that the girl who had the injury before the show got to finally be in the show. That did make me tear up a little.
  9. Did anyone watch the Oklahoma! one? My high school did that musical so I was excited about this one because I remembered all the songs as they sang them. I thought this was an interesting one as they'd had to recast the leads. The husband/wife couple were interesting. Maybe she was nervous for the camera or maybe she's more reserved as a person but I was glad when they read her old yearbook because for a while there it seemed like he was really really into her and she was like "This is fine" These leads had the best voices of any of the shows. The guy in the wheelchair interested me the most. I loved seeing him talk with Ali Stroker and I liked seeing him do his big song in a different way.
  10. This was one of the ones where I went back and read the original column after I viewed it and in the original column, she is intrigued, goes to his house for dinner and insists on leaving when he wants to cuddle and listen to music and that's the end of that. So it's a lot less icky. She doesn't go on weird infantalizing zoo dates with him or call him after a car wreck. He never buys her a stuffed animal or a coat. If I were the author I'd be extremely annoyed by what they did to my column.
  11. What's interesting about this column is that it was written by Denis Leary's wife. So John Slattery was Denis Leary. I was honestly surprised that the wife wrote this because the wife was such a damn humorless nagging difficult shrew the whole 30 minutes that I thought for sure that this was the husband's side of things. When she told that woman off at the family dinner. Damn, lady. I know you're angry at your husband but it's not that stranger's fault.
  12. This was my least favorite one. I need to go back and read the original column to see if I'd find her annoying in her own words but I kept watching this and thinking "What is WRONG with you?" I mean, see a therapist or something. The man is clearly interested in you in more than a weird adoption so why are you leading him on? And then the man . . . this girl clearly has issues so just leave her alone. And that coat was ugly. Just ugly.
  13. I loved the evidence collection from the rapist. I have never seen that at all on TV before. I also loved the dehumanizing way they just left him without clothes in the cell. The arrest scene and the collection of evidence was also great. This guy was not particularly smart just keeping all of that shit together - didn't even hide his gross panty collection very well. It was also very interesting with his brother that his first question was "Did he make a bomb?" so the brother knew he was violent and weird but didn't quite grasp exactly how violent and weird.
  14. I feel that Gypsy is a victim of her mother's crimes and then also a planner of her own crimes. I don't know that she would have been able to manipulate others to do this crime if she hadn't been a victim of her mother's for so long but still, she did do the crime. So I feel bad for her but not 100% bad. Like 60% bad. She had other options. They weren't great but she had some other things she could have done. I loved the scene with the neighbor where she tried to be like "I need a mom now" and the neighbor was like "I'm not your mom, Gypsy. You're on your own." A friend who also watches this was texting with me last night and I was sending her links of other fascinating munchausen by proxy stories and I swear I could watch a whole show just about those stories. Law & Order M by P. Fascinating terrible stuff.
  15. I think my brain was overtired from GoT so is anyone able to explain their plan to me? I didn't fully get it.
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