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  1. This episode was kind of the most unintentionally funny for me. First, none of them could sing at all. The guy who lives in Chicago and wants to be an actor was taking this all way too seriously. Like he was very upset when he didn't get the lead and it's like "I don't think that's going to pave the way for you to be on Broadway, buddy." I also kind of wanted to lovingly shake the girl who was still pining after her high school boyfriend. I got the feeling that when she watches the episode she is going to be surprised when she hears him talk about how he's kissed men and women and is figuring himself out but doesn't like labels. I feel like maybe she had no idea all of that has been going on the past 15 years. I did like that the girl who had the injury before the show got to finally be in the show. That did make me tear up a little.
  2. Did anyone watch the Oklahoma! one? My high school did that musical so I was excited about this one because I remembered all the songs as they sang them. I thought this was an interesting one as they'd had to recast the leads. The husband/wife couple were interesting. Maybe she was nervous for the camera or maybe she's more reserved as a person but I was glad when they read her old yearbook because for a while there it seemed like he was really really into her and she was like "This is fine" These leads had the best voices of any of the shows. The guy in the wheelchair interested me the most. I loved seeing him talk with Ali Stroker and I liked seeing him do his big song in a different way.
  3. This was one of the ones where I went back and read the original column after I viewed it and in the original column, she is intrigued, goes to his house for dinner and insists on leaving when he wants to cuddle and listen to music and that's the end of that. So it's a lot less icky. She doesn't go on weird infantalizing zoo dates with him or call him after a car wreck. He never buys her a stuffed animal or a coat. If I were the author I'd be extremely annoyed by what they did to my column.
  4. What's interesting about this column is that it was written by Denis Leary's wife. So John Slattery was Denis Leary. I was honestly surprised that the wife wrote this because the wife was such a damn humorless nagging difficult shrew the whole 30 minutes that I thought for sure that this was the husband's side of things. When she told that woman off at the family dinner. Damn, lady. I know you're angry at your husband but it's not that stranger's fault.
  5. This was my least favorite one. I need to go back and read the original column to see if I'd find her annoying in her own words but I kept watching this and thinking "What is WRONG with you?" I mean, see a therapist or something. The man is clearly interested in you in more than a weird adoption so why are you leading him on? And then the man . . . this girl clearly has issues so just leave her alone. And that coat was ugly. Just ugly.
  6. I loved the evidence collection from the rapist. I have never seen that at all on TV before. I also loved the dehumanizing way they just left him without clothes in the cell. The arrest scene and the collection of evidence was also great. This guy was not particularly smart just keeping all of that shit together - didn't even hide his gross panty collection very well. It was also very interesting with his brother that his first question was "Did he make a bomb?" so the brother knew he was violent and weird but didn't quite grasp exactly how violent and weird.
  7. I feel that Gypsy is a victim of her mother's crimes and then also a planner of her own crimes. I don't know that she would have been able to manipulate others to do this crime if she hadn't been a victim of her mother's for so long but still, she did do the crime. So I feel bad for her but not 100% bad. Like 60% bad. She had other options. They weren't great but she had some other things she could have done. I loved the scene with the neighbor where she tried to be like "I need a mom now" and the neighbor was like "I'm not your mom, Gypsy. You're on your own." A friend who also watches this was texting with me last night and I was sending her links of other fascinating munchausen by proxy stories and I swear I could watch a whole show just about those stories. Law & Order M by P. Fascinating terrible stuff.
  8. I think my brain was overtired from GoT so is anyone able to explain their plan to me? I didn't fully get it.
  9. The motivation I can imagine for Amy is that the girl needs a win. She needs a win badly. She's been the abused hard worker for Selena's campaigns and short-lived presidency. She had to deal with Dan's flakiness with her pregnancy. She had to confront the "career or children" question and decided to go with career - but what kind of career is it really? To me she had a "come to Jesus" moment with her abortion and was like "I am deciding to go full hog into my career but it has to matter and I'm going to be a winner dammit." and she's going full force to win at any costs. She's not going to lose again, dammit. And if she has to hitch her ride to Jonah and the American Idiots, by God she's going to do it.
  10. Refinery29 is doing a good job of covering the show and breaking down what happened in real life vs what is fictionalized for the episode. This week they take a look at whether Dee Dee spent time in jail in real life. If you're curious about the real story, check it out.
  11. I love Richard too. I love everything having to do with the dog mayor of Lurlene. “Novelty mayors are Iowa’s No. 1 source for tourism, after tornado chasing and coming into town to buy Sudafed.” -- and his total amusement that someone would think a cat could be a mayor. I also loved these quotes from Selina (from Vulture.com) “Oh, you have chocolate all over your face like a child, but you’re an adult! That’s adorable.” And, to a woman with four kids, “That’s one busy beaver!” With Jonah, I kind of hate what they're doing with him. In years past he was an idiot but he was an idiot that spoke to a huge portion of idiots in the U.S. When his big issue was ending daylight saving, you could really imagine how a huge number of people who don't really follow politics would be like "Yeah, it is stupid. Vote for Jonah!" and even the R-word - I could see how some people could be like "I'm so tired of PC culture - vote for Jonah!" so I hate that they made him so far down in the polls. If they made him just a teensy bit less idiotic - just a teensy bit - I could see where he could win.
  12. I honestly don't know why I'm even watching this show anymore. I don't even like it. And it's funny because then I saw Alan Sepinwall's review and he says "This is one of the smartest and most emotionally rich shows on television" and I don't get that at all. The thing that was weird for me was that she gave her doctor a high five about her polyps. And then when the plumber came over she didn't give him a high five. They both touch gross things. I realize the doctor wears gloves and washes her hands but the plumber also washed his hands with the good soap. And her daughters are such brats, I can't even handle it.
  13. This episode was so weird. With the Duke thing, she absolutely slammed into the side of the car. I mean, Phil should have probably been driving slower and to be honest, Phil probably shouldn't be driving at all but it wasn't Phil's fault entirely. The middle daughter is so damn rude. I was glad that she helped Duke out but she's such a little bitch all the time I was surprised by that. The whole dinner conversation of why did you leave my dad was annoying. Now the whole "I keep having a dream that my ex-husband is raping me" storyline was so bizarre and I hope that's over. It made no sense and I feel like she just liked telling people that for shock value. I don't think it meant on any level that she was supposed to have sex with him. I don't know why she even entertained that idea. So weird.
  14. The other thing I thought was funny about the shooting joke was that it wasn't so much a joke about shooting but joking about how soulless the politicians are with trotting out the "thoughts and prayers" each time because they don't want to piss of the NRA and they don't want to piss off half of voters. Similar to when Selena was afraid to actually say anything about abortion a few seasons ago because she didn't want to piss people off. I will say that at least Jonah speaks his mind (his vacant terrible mind). Most of the politicians on the show refuse to have an opinion because they are afraid of losing votes.
  15. For some reason I think Selena and Jonah are going to be fighting over who gets to be Hugh Laurie's running mate. She'll end up as Veep again. Jonah will probably be Secretary of State or something else he doesn't deserve. I think those three (Selena, Jonah and Hugh Laurie) are going to be fighting it out for the nomination and then whoever gets to be running mate.
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