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  1. Seriously???!!!! Did she just laugh it off?
  2. No, but sometimes she seemed bored and the whole Keeping up with the Jones bit was dumb This is a discussion forum about the DCC and MTT, so.......we will probably keep discussing and complaining and suggesting and so on and so on. That's the fun of it all:)
  3. Lacey in the Kelli role??? The one who was hesitant to step up in Season 12??
  4. Found one - most of them were on stories https://www.instagram.com/p/CTJb_shnz4C/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. Well that's what happens when you break a rule and then post a pic of yourself breaking said rule:)
  6. Back on the Roku Channel
  7. And I bet Tess didn't get her job cause of nepotism, like Cassie did with the Jr DCC
  8. She's going to be 22 at the end of October. Dayton just turned 24. They grow up so fast:)
  9. Don't say carrot around Marissa - especially baby carrot
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