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  1. I was wondering if she was the choreographer or something, the way she just stood there. If she is a PBC, she's in trouble:/ And Amy does look good. I think the DCC always stands out at the Pro Bowl compared to a lot of the other girls.
  2. I doubt it. I think after all the drama, you had these girls like KaShara, Amy, Lacey, Heather, Tasha, Khalyn, etc who stayed, did what they had to do, helped the other girls out and provided solid leadership for the squad. If Megan, Amy T, Melissa W and Mary had stayed, they would have done the same thing. I think it made a difference with these other girls having other things in their lives besides DCC. And I think that whole CMT convo was staged - who knows what really went on. To me, it was almost like they were just ready to hang up and go to sleep.
  3. I like Dr Oz, but that kind of did it for me. I am diabetic and need to eat before I work out. Everyone is different and if intermittent fasting works for him, great. His daughter and grandkids eat breakfast. Is he going to tell them no when they stay at his house? And Jenna and Hoda will do whatever JLo tells them to😂
  4. I'm happy she got to be point, but at the same time I kept comparing her to KaShara and wanted that "pop" KaShara had. Maddie - just not a fan. Gina would have been great with Caroline or Amber or Bridget in the triangle. It was great to see different girls at point during different routines. I would love to see them get rid of Thunderstruck and go back to different songs/points like they used to do.
  5. I think Amy is pretty, but I liked her long hair. Of course, I'm jealous of anyone who can grow their hair out so I always think they should never cut it:/
  6. Having watched Maddie during interviews, I don't know if she could recover as quickly. All time fave - Meaghan from Season 6 after answering a question incorrectly - "can I just leave now?" Charlotte asks her what is her biggest fear - "Interviews." She got in:)
  7. Cici - Redskins, Amy, Melissa - Chargers and I think it's Victoria from the Eagles.
  8. Looking at some of the pics, it really makes you appreciate the DCC uniform. Amy is rooming with the gal from the Chargers. Wonder if she cheered with Bridget?
  9. I loved Gerald! That would be so awesome.
  10. I realize some aren't a fan of Craig's eating on the show, but with almost everyone else fasting, he's the only one who will be enjoying the cooking segments. Still pretty bad and of course, Jenna blames being raised in Texas for how she says things.
  11. Here is the article that was in the Inside Dance magazine about the DCC. This might be easier to read than using the link I originally posted. https://www.dallascowboys.com/news/dcc-dancing-driven-determined-to-be-brave
  12. Watching some of Jay's physical fitness challenges, I am really surprised no one got injured going over that wall or running the tires.
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