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  1. At one time, vets were posting pics on their IG stories with other vets tagging it training camp, so I wondered if they were filming the videos.
  2. Oh please share!! We like our visual aids around here and we deeply appreciate all that we get:)
  3. Have you see the charts on this thread with pics and such?
  4. I think she is a very good showmanship coach - pointing out the little things, giving constructive criticism, explaining things in a way that is easier for the gals to understand. You need someone to come behind K&J and do that.
  5. They hyped up Melissa R's return as a mentor, and it probably wouldn't have looked good if her "projects" didn't make the team - ie Brennan and Caila. I say if a TCC hides from K&J during rehearsal, then make that her last night. I think Caila did once she stopped over thinking it. Breelan - she never seemed to pick up new choreo without her nerves doing her in. For example, the Halloween halftime performance and her scared look on the big screen. Like they tell them at TC, even if you forget, smile and keep going.
  6. My friend's daughter will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She wants to be a Disney Imagineer.
  7. Well, technically it was her second and she probably didn’t miss anything important😂. Kelli repeats herself so much one of us could run orientation.
  8. I should have said are the clients charged a flat fee for an appearance, and then K&J decide who goes. Cause if the client is given the option of how much they want to pay, we wouldn't see those upper vets. I can see them charging a flat fee, paying the girls and putting the rest into the DCC bank account.
  9. Whereas Angela was called out in front of the whole squad by a choreographer for the same reason Well, if TPTB would feature other rookies, perhaps they would have more fans as well. But are all appearances a flat fee? Otherwise a client would always pay $300 to get a rookie with a 2nd year vet, the cheapest route cause usually two rookies don't go together. And you wouldn't see 4 or 5 year vets out very much, if ever.
  10. According to Linkedin - employee benefits consultant at an insurance company Which is probably why she didn't get point. Beautiful dancer, but yeah, no power, no shine, no pop.
  11. Yeah, watch this and compare Cassie to the other girls:/
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