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  1. And you are back in California not dependent on Kelli for a reference.
  2. The thing is - take Travis Wall. He came in at the beginning of camp, saw them dance to his choreo and a pom routine they had learned. Now, he doesn't see them do kicks, jump splits, isn't there for media training, so won't know who has the full package or not. Plus, how many said they didn't think Meredith was ready? And you saw Kelli give them stink eye🤣 and Meredith made the team.
  3. When Charm was given 36 stickers to pick her final squad, she wanted to give Taylor two stickers:)
  4. Have any of them stuck up for their teammates though? I would assume that if you want to maintain your standing on the team, you keep your mouth shut. And that would go for any alumni who continue to live in Texas.
  5. Maddie has been very opinionated this year on a variety of topics - good for her!!
  6. Season 12 rookies are close. Season 13 rookies are very close. Season 14 rookies - ehhh, not so much. And being from out of town, dealing with favoritism - could have been a difficult time.
  7. Yes, I'm a pessimist - are they rallying behind her cause they want to or have to.
  8. And the 2020 photos don't include any of the retired girls, Hannah or Brennan.
  9. Hmmmm.....screw up? Or someone with an opinion about how things were handled?? Cause Briana has so much grace, she would roll with it.
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