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  1. And Sheinelle is back. She said she has become a better listener. Does that mean she will stop interrupting over every one else? Or stop talking when the subject matter isn't even her? They were playing old eps of "Off the Rails" on Siriusxm. Al asked Dylan a question about her husband and Sheinelle did all the talking!
  2. Interesting how no schedule was released until this week when Victoria is featured.
  3. If Heather and Bridget do retire and move out, I wonder if they will bring in two other DCC. You would have to with their schedule and I wouldn't give up a house with a pool:)
  4. Amy is retiring, and Maddie hasn't said anything yet for sure, but I'm hoping she retires. Sorry, but just not a fan of hers.
  5. Future Victoria?!?! I'd say the future is now and actually started in the past with her mother and Aunt Kelli.
  6. When they cleared out Valley Ranch, the girls could get old pics - the life size ones that we saw on the dance studio walls, calendar pics that hung in the office, promo pics, etc. Also, group leaders get life size photos that their group autographs. Sarah has a dance room she can display hers in. I’ve seen IG posts where the gals have them hanging in a closet or the garage.
  7. Yeah, my local station is back on season 3. And then when I went to re-watch season 1 on Britbox, they changed the music:( It was the original music last week so I don't know what happened.
  8. She had a week off for spring break with the kids at the beginning of this, and then has worked from home as they were trying to minimize the number of people going in and out of the studio. That's why they have a small crew on site and the rest work from home.
  9. They could photo shop the background - I mean, they photo shop the girls beyond recognition sometimes - why not the scenery.
  10. Season 21 is now available on The Roku Channel.
  11. I would watch a reality show based on VK learning to live with someone who isn't her mother or Sam, Dayton, Haley, etc. We already know she doesn't know how to use a can opener:) And being away from Mommy and her dance room (garage)? This could be good tv!!
  12. I think the issue with Brittany was showing up to something that was being filmed, and not being DCC ready. But these days with social media, the girls and Kelli, for that matter, are pretty casual when at home.
  13. I've seen the eps so many times, that as the characters are talking, I check out the furniture, dishes, tea sets, knickknacks - I LOVE the Carmen Miranda fruit bowl in "The Animal Within" - and of course, the appliances. But the gardens and walkways by the rivers, and the proximity to a pub would be nice:)
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