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  1. I didn't even recognize the actor when he showed up in Season 10's "The Animal Within"
  2. Maybe he asked Jenna how to pronounce it???
  3. Which is why I enjoyed watching the cooking segments when they were pre-taped. No interruptions!!!
  4. Those and the episode of Law and Order SVU as a jealous husband who microchips his wife
  5. You mean the same Lauren who posted pics of herself in a bikini while she was "helping" during the photo shoot?
  6. Is it too soon to start a 2022 Audition Speculation thread?
  7. Others have announced early when they knew it was their last season. Announcing in the spring is really a new thing - they used to take a pic of the retiring girls on the field at the last game and post it. Swimsuit calendar photo shoot used to be done in February, so girls would have to let them know if they were retiring in Dec/Jan. On the stage. Armani lead the triangle on the field in front of the stage.
  8. The Roku Channel's new Midsomer Murders Channel will have a marathon this Saturday and Sunday from 2-10 pm - Famous Faces Volume 1
  9. I believe Sunni did in Season 3 She did They don't. They say they do, but remember Season 12 when Kitty asked Milan why she didn't try out for SG? It's a "big honor" to make show group, but you're right in that many girls had work/school and never tried out
  10. Baby carrots made Marissa and Tanner a bit gassy while they were doing a Tiktok video.......lol
  11. I always thought he did a good job on the old Today’s Take. He knows how to have a conversation, knows who people are and pronounces his t’s
  12. Perdita is Higgins in the Magnum PI reboot. Don’t know if you have seen that:)
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