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  1. That was Madeline M just last year. She was "bad locker room" according to Kitty.
  2. Friends, family, high school acquaintances, etc. I'm sure a lot of them just think it's funny to post something and watch the responses. I mean, the "Gina quit" rumor was started by someone who went to her high school.
  3. He's so cute!!! And his birthdate is pretty cool:)
  4. I know!!! I would love to see a video of that group and his choreo. I think they would definitely bring it.
  5. Are you talking about the one I just posted? It's from February. He said something about working with the girls before, so I was trying to find what episode and I found this.
  6. First of all, I think a lot of them look so much prettier with casual hair and makeup. Second, now that I've seen Evan Miller's choreo, would love to see how this class went.
  7. She was pregnant, had her baby and still fit back in the uniform as an All Star.
  8. You know, I keep seeing the ep with her using the tree as a prop, but it still never clicked that was her. And she can do all that in her tiny kitchen???? Good for her for finding something she loves that she can make a living at.
  9. I was picturing VK as pushing and shoving, jumping over other girls to get to the spot. But yeah, I guess your way is more subtle😁 Oh, they have been all over IG and FB for weeks. Same with "Kat made the team??"
  10. Because Kelli is still upset she couldn't have her way last year, so this year it's I WILL PICK WHO I WANT FOR THE TEAM, SO THERE!! 😝!! Or it could be cause Meredith is a suck up - Kelli is a visionary. You hold my future in your hands. I think I'd be watching out for her in the locker room as well.
  11. Kelli made her comments on camera. She had a DCC mom sitting next to her and another in the studio. A DCC mom is her best friend. She knows Kim Oden and Billie Gosdin, and Candy Branson, and despite what she says, she knows Madeline's mom. She knows a lot of DCC moms that will have daughters trying out for years to come. Will they all have to come ready to explain/defend their reasons for doing so? Or is it only if they are competing with Victoria for a spot on the team?
  12. If the guest choreographer was there for a week watching the girls and then picked their top 36, that would be so much better. I mean, Charm liked Kat after seeing her one night. I wonder if she would change her tune if she observed her for a week. Evan liked Meredith for one dance - what would he think if he saw her all week trying to learn the DCC style. Those two girls need to be cut, but they get saved by the guests and Kelli is a happy girl. Some of the FB posters say that to replace Kelli, you have to know how to judge and pick a final squad. No, you have to be able to pick guest choreographers who agree with you.
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