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  1. She was cut. She’s not getting married or having a baby.
  2. Would LOVE to see those guys teach a routine to the DCC!!! I know that will never happen, but it would be awesome. And I love to see the fan-girling for Khalyn and KaShara:)
  3. So only three cuts to go, and based on the show group audition video, I would have thought Meredith would be gone by now. Unless she's improved since then, or she is this year's Malena - ie Kelli's favorite. I would say last night?? Cause Shelly said 5 cuts so far this weekend.
  4. Thank you! I assume she wasn't getting the DCC style, which is something she can work on and come back next year:)
  5. Ashley H Gina M (rookie, not vet) Lauren L Alexandra P Bret M
  6. She has modeled some cute clothing. There was this beautiful sage sweater I wanted. And I think Rachel W models as well. Do you see their face when the gal in the background says 15 more seconds? They are like, seriously?
  7. Just wait until the show starts. Then it will get really crazy around here😜
  8. Really?? I thought you wanted Gina to be point😂
  9. KaShara lives in Dallas - roomies with former DCC Jessica. She's been working at Bar Method with Nicole B. She filled in with the All Stars for Kelli who was doing wedding prep. I wonder if this thing with Khalyn is as an "All Star" or as a "Pro Cheerleader." I think being an All Star works great for Khalyn - she can do appearances, DCC camps, etc during the summer, and then she still teaches I believe. She was a great DCC, but it was probably so hard with her injury. This way she gets the best of both worlds.
  10. If everything would stop revolving around the show, they could do more PR regarding who made TC. They could introduce each TCC in an IG post or feature them on FB. They could have vets talk about why they are trying out again and what they are looking forward to this next year. They could use the DCC IG and post who the GL's are, who made show group, etc. Unfortunately, there are a lot of viewers who don't want to know the slightest bit of information and in my opinion, that is who they are catering to. There are a lot of fans who would like to see this kind of stuff, as well as, family and friends of the TCC's. And how many of these fans were fans before the show? And Sunday Night Football is on Sunday nights. MTT can be on at 2 am on a Tuesday or 3 pm on a Wednesday. Or it can be on MTV or on LOGO. But the song says "Friday nights on CMT." Bet they change the intro for syndication:)
  11. I remember one person repeating what they had heard and the rest was just comments and speculation. Considering what happened last year, I don’t see that ending anytime soon. So far, insider info has been right far more than it’s been wrong.
  12. Sorry, I assumed she meant Olivia Sharber since Olivia Stevanoski isn’t usually referred to as much
  13. Well, Olivia S was her daughter in law at one time.
  14. I would think the GL's would care as they aren't that far removed from being on the other side of it. And it will be very interesting to read the episode threads this year, especially the ones for auditions, semis and finals.
  15. I hope they do the segment again with the GL's putting stickers on photos and explaining why (or why not). It's nice to hear a different perspective, but I realize it might be hard for them when they know the other girls will see/hear it on the show.