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  1. The talking plush is cute, but it would be better with moving eyes and ears. That will probably be next:)
  2. Give it a few years - you'll see Haley, Hope, Mila, Poppy and little Hal on there talking about their projects as well:)
  3. She tends to reply to almost every post. Personally, I wish she would be careful with that. She's replied to one poster that we've discussed on this board as a problem. I have a thyroid problem, so the fact that she just stopped taking meds and going to the nutritionist...…...you do have to wonder. If it is true, I'm surprised that someone else didn't direct her to an endocrinologist or even her own primary care doctor. Like Heather who was diagnosed last year with hypothyroidism.
  4. A while ago. Derek Hough had appendicitis last month, so before then. And Gina was only injured the weekend before Thanksgiving.
  5. That's what I was looking for when I was on her IG. Then I saw the stuff that I posted about in the past seasons thread. So, maybe her cause will be thyroid related???
  6. Sorry I don't know how to copy/paste the exact posts, but someone asks VK if her thyroid condition went away once she made the team and VK does reply. BTW, can a nutritionist prescribe thyroid meds????
  7. Considering that squad had 11 vets (including Tina) and 24 rookies, they were probably glad to have Tina come back. https://www.pompedia.com/index.php?title=Dallas_Cowboys_Cheerleaders_of_1988_-_89
  8. The infamous black cat who ran across the field has an honorable mention as a DCC for this year🤣 https://www.pompedia.com/index.php?title=Dallas_Cowboys_Cheerleaders_of_2019_-_20
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