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  1. If I remember it right, that was the full video. This one, with Maggie, is still my fave: https://www.instagram.com/p/BdG3KZ6j3zn/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Only room for one "un-smiley cheerleader" on that squad
  3. She was referring to the vets who retired this last year since they weren't going to mention it on the show like they have in the past.
  4. That's what they say, but you can go back for years and find rookies and 2nd year vets in the front or second row.
  5. It's about creating drama and appearing to be upset that she had to break their hearts, ruin their dreams, hold their future in her hands and any of the other things she comes up with each year
  6. And yet another example of K&J creating the narrative they want to show, instead of showing what really happened. But we did predict this would happen when we started hearing what went on behind the scenes.
  7. Diet camp - not the full TC experience Someone said Kristin’s bf posted on Kelli’s Instagram, but I only saw this
  8. Remember when Kelli was trying to tell the girls they made the squad in Season 6, and how well that went over:/
  9. We've been told thru the years by insiders that Judy doesn't have much of a say and Kelli runs the team and the show. They seem to have equal billing when it comes to being mean girls.
  10. Remember her emotions when she was telling the squad about Courtney Cook leaving? All for the drama 🙄
  11. Zoom is terrible. If you aren’t moving, your screen freezes and everyone thinks you aren’t listening. And sometimes I’m not 😂
  12. And then we find out that was all for drama and it was actually Kat and Meredith on the end Did anyone have "mentions Tina" on their bingo card🙄
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