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  1. It’s so expensive to buy an outfit for every event or panel interview, and you get your money’s worth by sharing. For some girls, I’m sure money is tight. They supposedly got free clothes and major discounts at one point, but who knows if that is still the case.
  2. What about the triangle? Did I miss something?
  3. scorpio1031

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Gives Jenna enough time to ask Hoda if she wears her mother's underwear and that if she doesn't, it means that Jenna loves her mother more.
  4. Nope, first pic!! Thank you:) Stephanie got a box of hosiery from Chantel as a birthday present and this morning Nicole B was showing off a pair of new Luchesse boots, so maybe...…….???
  5. OMG!!! They are horrible. Looks like she is drowsy all the time. It's always nice to see everyone again for weddings and such. And like you said, it was an awesome group of ladies. That's why I think it's fun that they dance to Thunderstruck - cute tradition!
  6. Next year, we will see it nestled in the sand as Judy overlooks photo shoots:)
  7. So, Boot Buddies would be more of a "friend", while a GL would be more of a "friendly boss"?
  8. So what is the difference between Boot Buddy and the Big Sis/Little Sis concept we saw in the earlier seasons?
  9. Rowdy is a guest at Jordan Daigle's wedding, as well as, Erica😂😂 Awkward!!!!
  10. Almost everything goes to IG stories anymore:( And with this guest list, I am hoping they do "Thunderstruck"😜
  11. Alright, but if you feel yourself about to cry, for goodness sake - PUT ON THE WATERPROOF MASCARA!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. scorpio1031

    The Pioneer Woman

    Ewww! It's like the time when I went to a local fast food place for tacos and they ran out of whatever yellow cheese they use, so the gal threw in mozzarella!!! On a taco!!!!
  13. Jackie Bob and Meagan's issues were created for television purposes. Unfortunately, Mia really did have some problems her rookie year, but she was a fast learner. Though her voice still drove me crazy:) I saw that pic after it was mentioned - she was wearing a crop top and baggy sweat pants. The waistband landed in the wrong spot, and then the angle of the photo was weird. It's like the conversation we had on here one time - a girl can look heavy in the uniform, but then look great in a bikini. Sometimes it's the outfit, sometimes it's the pose. Some of the girls who were on weight warning probably have no problems maintaining their weight after they retire. No pressure, normal eating habits, normal workouts. And the ones who gain weight look just as good, or even better.