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  1. Who? Schmathryn Schmunn?? If I remember right, she had Google alerts set up or something.
  2. I like Sydney as well - has a personality, good dancer, admitted she needed help to become a DCC, and then proceeded to help others. She also seems to be a loyal friend and a good businesswoman. And her little boy is adorable:)
  3. Yes!! I said up thread this is to teach us a lesson for complaining about Courtney and Shannon 😂😂
  4. Haven’t they lessened restrictions in Texas? Cause we don’t have to wear a mask if we are with friends or family in a private setting.
  5. Cause it’s probably more important for her to know where all the Jones grandchildren graduated high school🙄 And in the words of Cassie, yes, Kelli sucks at hosting. So does Haley for that matter.
  6. Oh yeah, first three didn’t count. If she had to pay alimony, they counted 😂
  7. I think I've mentioned this before, but you should take Tina K with you all:)
  8. This is what Kelli was talking about on the podcast for those of you who haven't seen it:)
  9. She has worked for them since last year. And as for being “teachers pet”, Erica was a lazy group leader and KaShara stepped up to do her job. I think Kelli and Judy appreciated her hard work.
  10. This year?? I thought it was just the seven girls and none cause of VK if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Are you talking Season 3 solos? Cause neither of those girls with the lollipops was Sydney.
  12. Dayton is her usual gorgeous self. He is very handsome. And I really like those pics behind them 😂
  13. If we’re lucky:) DCC time doesn’t always apply to podcasts🙄
  14. Isabella had wanted to go to college out of state, but ended up enjoying her classes at USC. She wanted to attend unlike Olivia. If that is true, I can see her regretting her participation because what does she do now??
  15. Don’t worry - Vivian will probably put out her own journey:) And then she will put out another video whining about how she was treated on her journey by Kelli and Judy. Then, there will be the video talking about how she moved on from all of that. Thus, the Tin Man trilogy will be complete.
  16. I doubt Amy thought she would get it. Lacey didn’t get it, Jenna didn’t get it, and they were the most senior vets.
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