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  1. And the book will be co-written, meaning someone else did all the work & Hoda slapped her name & grin on the cover to make it sell. And it will be wise quotes from other married couples. Let other people do the work & Hoda gets the credit.
  2. We had the Mr Carson/Mrs Hughes recap. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. I saw the previews (the King & Queen are visiting!) & thought how can they make a 90 min movie out of that? The staff rebellion was my favorite part. i thought it was very out of character for Mary to seem to give up on Downton. I’m rewatching their series & season 1 & 2 she’s fighting with all she’s got to keep Downton going. It also seemed unlikely that Daisy, coming from nothing, would not be impressed with the king’s visit. Other than that, thoroughly enjoyable &
  3. My cable stopped carrying NBC before Jenna left, & thank God! I was getting more & more irritated by this show, esp Hoda. I always thought KLG was the funnier part of that duo. It sounds like the show is more insufferable now. Mr Jumbo informed me that the cable co brought back NBC but I won’t be watching anymore. Great job Today Show, you’ve lost another viewer!
  4. It’s still warm out. She will be pre-taping every Friday’s episode so she can take off to the beach.
  5. I can buy the kids going off to college, but the fashion design career seemed to come out of nowhere. Her character was taking AP physics & calculus, won 1st place in the math contest, valedictorian, etc. A different career (I was thinking medical because she loved her time interning with Sam) would have made much more sense. And they could have tied in that she was a “healer” from her mom.
  6. I haven’t watched Good Witch in a long while. I caught it tonight & was dismayed to see CB’s face & lips look more puffy with fillers. If she has a medical condition I’m sorry I said it, otherwise- yikes! I don’t like Grace’s hair at all. It looks messy like she rolled out of bed, it’s flat on top & the ends look bleached & dry. She’s had gorgeous hair on previous seasons. So she’s going into fashion design? Good profession, but I thought she was so smart in math & really liked interning at Sams clinic. Apparently I have a lot to catch up on. Are Brandon &
  7. I wonder if the powers that he knew what was lying ahead, if they would have offered Hoda the job replacing Matt. She may have vacation time but don’t forget the 4th hour segments were often prerecorded on Fridays during the summer so KLG & Hoda could take off early on their weekends.
  8. Dh thinks she looks like a frog, & that commercial comes on frequently, & he a ways says “ribbit, ribbit” when he sees her. Maybe it’s because her mouth looks stretched out & her eyes are buggy?
  9. I’m surprised she isn’t on plugging her book. Who thinks this would even even get published of Hoda didn’t have her name attached to it? And as usual, it’s just compiling other people’s quotes, not actual work or writing skill on her part.
  10. I’m trying to imagine any other job where you can take 5 mos off for maternity leave & your employer is ok with it.
  11. The funny thing with having a younger cohost (Jenna)- KLG used to give Hoda all kinds of credit for “discovering “ new songs when they were songs even I recognized, & I barely listen to top 40 anymore. Just because KLG didn’t recognize any singers since the Carpenters doesn’t mean Jenna will do the same. I’m assuming Jenna is more aware of newer music since she’s at least 10 years younger.
  12. My cable company has dropped NBC, so goodbye Today show! I have to find another mindless morning show to watch while I wash dishes & fold laundry. It would probably be CBS, but I can’t stand Oprah’s “best friend” Gayle.
  13. What happened to Jeff Rossen? This is his prime fear-mongering season, between shark attacks & firework safety!
  14. Why do they call it “Hoda’s Morning boost” when I’m 99.9% sure it’s people behind the scenes picking these video clips out for her, & now she’s not even there but still gets the credit! Just like her “quotes of the day” - it’s other people’s words but she gets to sound like she’s wise. and her “where we belong” book, full of other peoples stories. She’s made a career out of using other peoples words to make herself famous.
  15. I don’t mind Maria, but she tends to over think & over analyze everything ad nauseam. I have a relative like this, we dread talking to her because it’s exhausting. and they all think she’s a guru like Oprah so she has to live up to that & share her Deep Thoughts.
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