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  1. And didn't he say she refused to take meetings with him?
  2. I just figured she was in the Hamptons when she talked about Chewy rolling around in crap. She and her best bud @isaacboots did a torched session yesterday so I'm pretty sure he lives in NY so guess that's where she is. On that same topic, Kellmee never fails; on her insta she and Isaac were yelling for MARK CONSUELOS!! to get in the room with Kelly and 'show his titties!' So then they were begging MARK CONSUELOS!! to at least show one titty.
  3. Probably not to Manhattan with all the rioting. I guess her "Long Island" residence will have to do as you mentioned justduckey.
  4. Watching another rerun, clicking back and forth between movies, and Sunny is absolutely unbearable! She just can't help herself, interjecting herself into every segment, she just can't let someone speak without butting in.
  5. Agree with all the above posts about Kelly and Mark thinking they are above it all and to hell with anyone that dare question them and call them on their bull$#it. I've only seen a few minutes of this mess since it happened but I do remember her saying she's' dipping into Lola's closet for wardrobe, she has Lola doing her make-up and looking back now, how funny is it when they first started how secretive they were with the remote location. Remember how it looked like a broom closet and we couldn't' figure out why? Well now we know they didn't want her astute viewers to say, "where are they?? that's' not her NYC apt., that's not the Hampton mansion." Here's' what's always bugged me about Kelly. She gives her audience nothing.....nothing....about anything personal. This based on a show that was built on personal stories and sharing about personal things Regis and Kathie Lee did on a daily basis. From the very start of her tenure on the show, she just sat and smiled and agreed with Regis and she's never changed. She's now Ryan's 'potted plant' and just window dresses the set and smiles, agrees, stutters, but never, never shares anything about her personal situation. How interesting a story would it have been to say, "omg, we had a family vaca planned, my parents, (insert funny stories about her mom) Mark's parents (insert funny stories about Mark's mom) and then the quarantine hit....my kids are driving me crazy,' whatever.....but no, she sits there and 'pretends' she's in NY....'pretends' to always be one of us when, thank God, she's nothing like one of 'us.' It's her fakeness and phoniness that I find so offensive, the fact that she justs gives her audience the middle finger day in and day out and continues to be the pompous little fake that she is.
  6. I totally agree about Kellmeee's remote location. Are you kidding me?!?? It looked like she was in a broom closet, the window was covered with cheap easel paper and she placed a few strategic books next to her....it was all so fake and phony. Ryan was in his kitchen, dressed in casual sweats, the kitchen looked lived in and here's Kellmeee in a tiny closet (forgot what she called the room) giving her pearls of wisdom in these trying times. Don't know why the secrecy with her home, she posts on insta, etc. unless she's in Hamptoms or another one of her homes and doesn't want it shown? Then today's show was more of the same, Kellmeeee looking at herself in her screen, Ryan looking straight at the camera, no need to check himself out, and then we get the prima ballerina segment. OMG, we know you workout Kellmeeeeee, we know that's all you do.....this show is so awful. And btw, Kels face is so full of botox, imo, her once cute face is morphing into a very unattractive look. With Madge as her idol, shes not too far off the mark. Disclaimer, only saw first few minutes, most with sound off then clicked on to see a minute of the ballet segment. What I saw was awful, lol.
  7. Anyone know what happened to Faith Cromus, Kelly's stylist? I've noticed in FF that Faith is no longer sitting on the couch explaining Kelly's look.
  8. Haven't watched in a long time. Saw the Oscar show, Kelly and her over-the-top sillinesss in the clips was so bad. And what on earth has she done to her face? Whatever injections or fillers combined with make-up aged her tremendously, imo, and the facial contortions she's so fond of making added to my 'wth happened to her?' reaction. And her voice?! When did it get so deep? lol I also noted Ryan has taken over the lead role--in everything--and when she's droning on with one of her stories the look on his face as he's staring at her says it all. Laughing all the way to the bank, both of them. .
  9. Carrie Underwood....she is about as interesting as a wet noodle. Her on-screen personality leaves much to be desired.
  10. Just a few observations--I've been watching the past few days after a long time away from Live! TPTB seem to have given all the heavy lifting to Ryan. There was a time, IIRC, when Kelly did most of the talking, etc. and now it appears that she's relegated to sitting there again like the potted plant she used to be when Reege was there and she first started. She's back to itching and scratching her arms like she's' got some kind of bugs burrowing into her flesh. Her nervous tics are so distracting to me, scratching, her leg shaking a mile a minute, and the stuttering and ummm's and ahhh's are just awful. I believe it was today she tried to tell a story and the long pauses, the hesitation, the struggling for words were too much to take. And Ryan just leans into her almost willing the words to come out of her mouth, but they never do! Omg, she is awful! I changed channels during one of her black outs and never switched back.
  11. I thought the new season started today, guess not, lol.
  12. I read where Jess Seinfeld tried to mess around with MARK CONSUELOS!! or they actually did....who knows, but remember when Kelly used to refer to her as her 'sister?' I used to feel bad for her actual sister, Linda.....that had to hurt her feelings a little bit I would think.
  13. The pizza in the cast iron episode was unreal. The hair in her face, the illusion of no neck, she looked like a slob!! I didn't think she could look any dirtier or sloppier, but she sure knocked it out of the ball park. I can't even concentrate on what she's doing because I'm watching her tongue constantly flick out of her mouth like some kind of reptile, her stringy hair hanging in her face and the awful way she speaks and throws things around. What the heck happened to her??
  14. The infamous Honey Vanilla Pound cake episode was on again today. I noted Ina used cake flour and can't remember if I used that in my many attempts; I more than likely did. Still can't figure out why it doesn't turns out like hers. Maybe I'll use a bundt pan next time because it is a delicious cake. Has anyone made it with complete success?
  15. FF is a Fashion-Finder segment. I think the Live! site has all the Fashion-Finders on their site too for all of us to revel in Kelly's awesomeness. What used to be a little snippet about her telling us 'who she's wearing' has turned into little mini-talk show segment showcasing Kelly and many times, her hubby MARK CONSUELOS!! I get a kick out of these FF's because I don't think I've ever seen anyone more enamored with themselves than Mrs. Consuelos is with her own reflection, lol.
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