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S02.E03: Episode 3

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Kirk was brought back out of obscurity for BIP. He was dropped like a hot rock when his dad's basement taxidermy business was shown on the home-town b-ette date, never to be seen nor heard from again. Well, until this season of BIP.


He was on Bachelor Pad as well, season two I think. 

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I hate to be defending Mikey, but his math is correct: Jared is 26 and Clare is 34, making her eight years older than him.





I don't remember that part, but I do remember poor Gia (may she RIP) saying that Tenley "shits rainbows". And FWIW, Tenley did talk about her Disney career (including the Tokyo stint) on Jake's season, so I thought it was common knowledge.


According to her bio, Clare was born in February of 1982 - she's not 34. Depending on when the show was taped, she's 32-33.

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That's funny... I could have sworn that when the show flashes up Clare's name during her THs, they show her age as 34.  Not that I should really believe anything I see on TV, especially when this show is involved!

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The show definitely lists Clare's age as 34 on the chryon. I just rewatched because I missed most of the episode on Monday.

Also, someone posted here that they went to school with Clare and she is indeed 34. 


(This was of interest to me because she seems older to me and I thought maybe it was an reality tv kinda age fudging, like how all the Real Housewives claim to be 37, lol.) 

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  • 5 years later...

Wasn’t Mikey the guy on Desiree’s season who was bragging about how he and one of the other guys were going to rent a yacht and get a lot of Chicago pussy and then couldn’t understand why he was sent home? Whenever I start to feel bad for him I remember how douchey he was. 
Juelia looks a lot different from how I remembered her. She and Amanda, the other single mom I remember bothered me with their talk about their kids being so important but do multiple stints on these shows especially when there is no money involved other than maybe having a presence on sm that might give them a few sponsorships. It just doesn’t make sense to me as a mother. Same for the dads on these shows. Great role models. 

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