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  1. The word uppity can be used for people of any colour. This notion that it's only used towards black people is just biased BS.
  2. I didn't call them uppity. I called them snobby and uptight. If you choose to see colour in that comment, that's on you.
  3. Forgot to add to my post: Rachel's family seems really snobby and uptight. I couldn't be around any of them for any length of time.
  4. Another episode that was just painful to watch. Rachel really likes the sound of her own voice. Listening to the conversations between her and the sister were just annoying as they both just talked over each other. It wasn't even a conversation, just two arrogant people talking over each other. As much as I find Bryan really smarmy and Eric really rambling, I'd take either of them over boring Peter. I think Peter is one of those pretty people who's spent his entire life just relying on people being attracted to him because of his looks. He's relied on his looks. But when he speaks,
  5. But sometimes the All Stars stand up, too, when they get really excited!! That's what I want to see, rather than any dancing. Who wants to watch dancing on this show???
  6. I felt bad for the male ballroom dancer that Paul picked. In fact, I feel bad for anyone who ended up on a team with an All Star of the same gender as them. Knowing how this show works, there's no way in hell that any All Star is going to pick a final partner of the same gender. This show really has made that final leap from finding the favourite dancer to finding the favourite personality. Dance ability doesn't seem to count at all anymore. I still can't believe they let that hip hop guy go through, after the way he murdered the contemporary routine.
  7. I think bear kid's dad deserves a second chance too. We never really got to see much of him, but I feel like he might have done pretty well, without his scared kid being along for the ride.
  8. This is the Bachelor franchise. It's never been about anything other than giving young-ish people lots of alcohol and an outlet for their stupidity. It's about causing drama and getting press coverage and an increase in their viewers. That's it. There's never been anything realistic or altruistic about it. It's not about love or equality. Anyone who watches for those reasons is going to be sadly disappointed.
  9. If Cyrus has to do anything other than hip hop, I'm going to spend large parts of this season cringing and feeling embarrassed for him. Unless something has drastically changed since he was on the show originally.
  10. Screw the US. Trust them to ruin a good thing.
  11. What I saw on Wikipedia said that the second half of this season would air in summer 2018! Which seems a little ridiculous. I don't know why the show would air the second half of the season over a year later. Makes no sense to me.
  12. Dr Ken was just horrible, so bad! And I love Ken Jeong. But it was terrible.
  13. Blech. It's going to be another Chris or Ben season for me, then. Both guys I thought were boring as hell.
  14. Blech. Peter's so boring and weird looking. I'm tired of the rehashing of contestants.
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