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  1. We have to have some cannon fodder but there are still some quality guys there. Jokey McJokersons bought themselves nothing but a quicker trip home. Ellen was talking quietly with Rachel while they were watching the guys- they were analyzing their behavior and Ellen pointed out that Bryan was a kiss and tell type so the ridiculous dates do serve a purpose. It's also smart for the show to give us glimpses of the guys because it gets people interested and invested in the show. We already have some favorites and some douchebags to root out. I'm trying not to read the spoilers from RS too much bec
  2. Mills said Rachel told someone to GTFO. Ha!
  3. I was disappointed that they made her hair so Bachelorette-y. I want to cut it off above the shoulders. I liked her hair before when she would put it up on top of her head. I think there might be too much now to pull it up. That's my only complaint though. I thought she looked really pretty last night.
  4. Nick and Vanessa aren't worth commenting on. I'm over them and ready to move on- like Rachel. The fuck off my TV you two. I loved Rachel's guy who danced with her- the one from Baltimore. He was cute and had personality. That had to be hard coming out live to meet her and he was able to do it without making an ass out of himself (I'm looking at you, white boys) Rachel meeting the guys was the only reason I stayed awake to watch. I'm as bitter and jaded as they come but when Rachel is on my screen smiling I'm smiling with her. She makes me happy.
  5. Yeah a little- but not as bad as JoJo's guys. And it doesn't look like a piece like Robby's. At least he looks like a man and he might have an accent. After Nick's shitty season I'll take what I can get.
  6. Rachel is going to be so glad she didn't "win"- especially if that guy RS posted today is an indication of the men she's going to meet tonight. I love that it will overshadow Nick's ATFR- in more ways than one. That Russian dude is hot as hell.
  7. And what a spoiler it was- that guy he put up today makes Nick look like a pre-pubescent girl!
  8. Reality Steve tweeted that he is going to spoil it on Monday. ETA: The spoiler is up on RS site if anyone wants to have a look. I used to have a problem with my computer on his site but I put an ad blocker on and now it works fine for me.
  9. I only glanced up from my video game a couple of times during the caterwauling of WTA but each time I saw Josephine's pie hole moving. I feel like I can't comment because I will be accused of tranny shaming. If I comment on the horse-headed Hailey I'll be accused of equine shaming. I didn't remember her until I saw those teeth and had a flashback from the wedding date. Rachel is a pretty crier and has a nice normal voice- good choice for Bachelorette. They better get her some decent men or I'm going to have to put my foot down and.... still watch.
  10. A jumpsuit cut to the navel- yeah, that will be great for sitting for several hours of taping in front of a live audience. These women are batshit.
  11. Holy shit look at Danielle M's dress! Nick talks like a teenage girl. "And then I was all, and then she was all, like, OMG!"
  12. http://radaronline.com/videos/dwts-cast-nick-viall-bachelor/
  13. I was hoping Nick and Andi would start making out so we could end this charade. Vanessa crying: "I don't feel special" LOL! She's such a pain in the ass. Usually when the rejected one gets in the limo they start off trying to be stoic and then break down in tears. Corinne started out kind of crying but then quickly shut it down and decided to take a nap. Ha! It's interesting that all the final women on this season don't wear much makeup- especially compared to Ben's season and BIP= it's kind of refreshing. I hope Raven does spill what happened on her overnight. We've watche
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