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  1. As Zach would say, it’s not that he was upset, but how he handled being upset.
  2. As someone who has struggled to find the right band width combined with the right cup size, I agree. She will be amazed at the appearance and the comfort.
  3. Jonny shows tons of affection and emotion. He hugs his family, wants a woman who cuddles and shows love with physical touching, cries on camera about his father. Bao is more physically restrained but also shows emotion.
  4. Every season, one guy creeps me out at the beginning. Usually he turns out to be a board darling although never mine. This year it’s Jose. Let’s see if he makes me change my mind. I really hope he sees the good in Rachel.
  5. Airlines don’t do that anymore. Overweight flight attendants are not uncommon.
  6. I agree that the “girls” meeting was very poorly handled, and my feelings would have been hurt too. However, anger may not be the way to achieve good results. Jacob reads the worst into situations that may not be warranted, and because he is invested in being right, he doesn’t explore what Haley might be thinking or feeling. I think both Jacob and Haley are decent people, but terribly mismatched. Jacob has created a small world that satisfies him, and that world doesn’t appeal to Haley. I also think she was put off by the sex for whatever reason. I’m more on Haley’s side because I also
  7. He should have quoted these verses in James I. 13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; 14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. Paige seems ready for more unprotected sex.
  8. Lots of women do this. I had a friend who began curating her husband’s wardrobe even before they were engaged. He was a nice looking man but would wear awful things for sentimental reasons or fun. She helped him look better by giving him better choices. I don’t think Jake is unattractive, but I would never be attracted to him and part of that is how he presents himself physically. The rest is aspects of his personality. He seems understandably hurt by Haley’s lack of attraction to him, but it kind of comes off as anger, and that makes Haley retreat.
  9. Champagne takes revenge when it’s not treated with respect and delicacy.
  10. I sympathize. I lived with an alcoholic stepmother. I’ve always been triggered by others’ alcoholic behavior. I do drink, but I don’t like to be anything beyond slightly tipsy. I am older so I skipped the binge drinking that goes on today. It’s dangerous on many levels. Virginia seems to have many enablers who allow her to escape the natural consequence of her behavior. My amateur armchair psychologist self thinks she has a lot of anxiety and numbs herself with alcohol. Her girlfriends who won’t do more than 3 shots with her have begun to back out of excess drinking and may know Virgi
  11. Don’t forget rocketing gas prices and inflation. Jake has created a fantasy 80s world where everything was cheery and safe. He has made himself chief curator and expert of that world, and actually believes it makes him cool. He needs some therapy to examine why he feels he needs this world and what giving it up would mean. Jake is a project for a woman and only a woman who feels warmly affectionate toward him would take it on. Haley is not the woman to take it on. She can barely say she doesn’t like it or him. Neither seems like a bad person, but they don’t mesh for a variety of rea
  12. My brother and his non- American wife, had a baby in a foreign country. When she was about 1 1/2 years old they went to the consulate for a visa for his wife to visit the US and they were horrified to hear the baby did not yet have a US passport. They got her one and she has carried dual citizenship ever since though she resided in the US only once for a year.
  13. English, Tamil, and Hindi are official languages of India but that doesn’t mean everyone speaks English or even that native Tamil and Hindi speakers understand one another. Most people have their family language as their first language and then learn English when they first go to school. Not everyone has good schooling and language lapses when not used regularly. Jenny appears to live in a poorer neighborhood and may not find many English speakers. My friend’s mother is a well educated woman, but she is shy to speak English to me because over time she has lost the skill she once had.
  14. Count me as one who loved the way Amani looked. She was casual sexy. I don’t mind the bra less look. It was popular in the 70s. I’m not shocked by the outline of a nipple. These women, with the possible exception of Karen, can’t sport the look when they get older, so go for it now. None of them poked vulgar to me. As for Woody, those studio lights can be hot. I thought he looked good.
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