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  1. She kept bringing it up over and over again, I cringed at first but then I got used to it. It was dancing and singing and having a jolly good time in paradise, except when she´s kissing James.
  2. halkatla


    I´ve never had a problem with Lala before but she totally grossed me out with that breast-milk stuff. She is revolting, I don´t think I can ever get back to liking her, there´s almost something sinister about her. I´ve actually enjoyed it up until this point. It´s creepy that she now has a kid. Another favorite of mine, James Kennedy, also fell out of favor with me this episode, he is just kind of boring now. Everything about this show has become either totally off or boring. And I also thought there was something weird about Ariana´s and Katie´s faces, like they have had too much work done an
  3. Riley is extremely unattractive imo. When I saw him and heard how everyone was saying he was so hot, I got cognitive dissonance. I would personally like to use a much bigger word than just unattractive to describe him but I don´t want to be too rude. Just on the scale of 1-10 in looks he´s a 2. And I did not like his personality either, it has nothing to do with him sleeping with Maurissa, he just sounded fake and stupid tbh. I think Tre looks so much better and I like his personality, it´s a weird universe where the majority seems to disagree with me on that so completely. ETA: I´ve also
  4. I would have loved it if he had said that he wasn´t ready or wasn´t feeling it when he was dumping Katie. I thought the way he handled it was so rude and just very mean. So totally out of the blue also, which is why I feel he is unstable and wasn´t ready or really feeling it like he thought.
  5. It´s probably true, I just saw them being so happy and easy-going, they seemed like a caring and care-free family so I wasn´t really paying to much attention to what could lie beneath.
  6. My opinion is that he was an abusive jerk in that moment and all through-out the dumping of Katie. So what? It´s what happened... It doesn´t mean that he should be labeled and excluded from life because of this one thing. But is it so horrible to think that he was awful and Katie didn´t deserve it? Lets just try to agree to disagree, I can´t rehash this endlessly. I just wanted to went.
  7. Sorry, I meant "mental health issues" too. I thought it was the same basically. I´m very sorry for Greg. I thought what he did was vile but he´s also clearly mentally unstable and shouldn´t have come on the show. Agreed. However I didn´t see much indication with his family that they saw anything wrong with it or had doubts about his abilities to go through with it all. If they said anything I missed it. There have been so many anxious families scared about how getting hurt will impact their family member but Greg´s family just seemed rather chilled. And I adored Greg up until that moment on th
  8. I know nothing about what Katie has said. I don´t follow any of these people anywhere outside of the show. I just watched the episode and then came straight here and wrote what I thought about it. I was actually shocked for the first time ever from a bachelor/ette episode. I didn´t know she was using the word gaslighted. It´s become a very common description of certain tactics in abusive relationships and I was using it that way. I saw him showing signs that I felt were scary. Jmo. And I´m quite sure that Katie and Greg had talked about their feelings during conversations that weren´t sho
  9. I call what I saw a Jekyll and Hyde transformation, because of the moment during their date when he suddenly "changed". He was euphoric after talking about how much he loved her and then suddenly it was like a flip was switched. You can call it whatever you want but I think the J&H thing fits. I´m judging what we saw on the show, of course we know nothing about these people in real life. I have my opinions on this character Greg from the show, I think he was acting scary, you and everyone else can completely disagree and that is fine. I didn´t see Katie do anything that warranted any of hi
  10. Yeah that was probably an exaggeration but I haven´t watched every season so for me it´s the worst. I don´t agree that something edited out must have made his Jekyl and Hyde transformation justified. That´s like blaming Katie, when it was obvious that she couldn´t have said anything right, he would have trashed her no matter what. Just very creepy behavior on his part. The difference being that Katie was in love with Greg, he had just told her that he loved her and he knew about her feelings. A person who can do that, humiliate and trash someone that they claim to love and have pretend
  11. He treated her worse than anyone has ever treated a bachelorette or bachelor before. That makes him vile. Why give him an excuse by calling it "mentally ill"? He´s definitely not healthy though.
  12. Greg is the vilest and creepiest bachelorette contestant of all times. IKatie did not deserve this humiliation. I think he was auditioning to become "the bachelor". Ugh, I hope we never see him or hear of him again. He took being a fake asshole to unfathomable extremes. ETA: There have been some scummy (to say the least) people on the show before but I´ve never actually been as shocked by anyone as I was by Greg. It´s just my opinion but what I saw during this episode was an unstable individual with abusive tendencies. Yes I´m going there and calling how he acted abusive. I really
  13. I have a theory about Mike P, which is that he actually wanted to go home. He´s a smart guy, emotionally intelligent etc, and he knew him and Katie weren´t meant for each other (obvious from the start) and therefore he kept comparing her to his mom on the date. It was so cringe that it actually made me flinch, lol. I´m so glad for Andrew to have said no when she asked him if he might want to stay longer if it was possible. But that whole thing actually seemed like a script from start to finish. There is no way she sees more possibilities with Justin than Andrew. I think she´s alread settl
  14. To me, I just don´t understand this unwillingness to learn more, like in Salem. If I was anywhere that had a history of such a weird event like the witch trials I would want to know more about it and what led up to it. And if they really think that there were no good deeds happening back then, no men with good morals and none who fought against injustice (like slavery), then that is just extremely sad (and ignorant). Also, to add: Personally I find it offensive to even insinuate that every homestead had slaves or that the people living there would have wanted to own a slave if that w
  15. Oh sorry. I thought she had said that she wouldn´t be putting on the costume of the colonizers, and some other things. And she pointed to her skin as an explanation, or so I thought. I´m glad to be proven wrong. I must have been so overwhelmed by the disappointment Bershan turned into that I just tuned her out. And also Bershan doesn´t seem like the type to have that attitude so when I was half-watching this terrible episode I could have mixed them up. I don´t have a problem with people not doing certain things they are not comfortable with, absolutely not, but I found the delivery of the
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