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  1. I have literally never had a problem with Melissa before this. I think/thought she´s a great housewife who is unfairly called boring while lets face it, almost everything supposedly non-boring Teresa does somehow involves Melissa, who always remains kind of classy and relaxed while this horror sister-in-law goes nuts. However, this scene with her daughter really bothered me...
  2. No-one has annoyed me as much on this show as the new Heather person. She´s suuuuper cute, but holy moly she has the worst personality, so cringe, spewing more likes than anyone in the history of the bachelor. I can´t remember how she was before, I´m basing this on the clips from this episode... Please, please show, send this monster away 😞 If Matt really likes her then, like, their match, like, will be made in like, like-heaven.
  3. Victoria is either a straight up actress that´s getting paid by the show to play a certain part or she´s really mentally ill, as in crazy, delusional and in need of help. If she´s the first then this actress is not playing the right part, she´s definitely not a threat in any way, every other woman there considers her very sad and pathetic and I think they do genuinely feel sorry for her. If she´s the latter then the show probably thought it would heat things up to have such a crazy character or they forgot to evaluate her mental health. I´m scared for her, she seems totally unhinged.
  4. That might be the strangest thing I´ve ever heard on a reality show ever. Can´t believe it was discussed on camera and that she is still with him at that point. It´s too much, I can´t even feel sorry for someone who makes such bad choices.
  5. "Show up for me" is the worst. It was kind of funny when Claire kept saying it but then having it become a thing for all the others from her season and Taysha is just weird.
  6. I´m so at that table with you. He has horrible moments as a husband but I still like him and I think he´s really funny.
  7. I liked the show, probably because I´m all into weird and freaky. My only problem with it is that I can´t remember their names (except for Jen and Mary obviously), and there were two who looked like identical twins, or rather, triplets with Kyle from RhoBH being the third. That was the only fault I could find with the first episode.
  8. My conspiracy theory: Kyle and Teddi were behind the whole doggy-gate drama. They leaked it and used Dorit as a pawn. LVP would have never contacted the media over something like that, to gain attention. And especially not when it concerned her and Ken´s friends. These sad women can claim she did all she wants but most viewers of the show would see right through it. Kyle has always been awful to LVP, it shows on re-watch. I´m so not watching next week when Teddi (ugh) gets a baby shower and Brandi shows up and they all crowd around her and believe everything she´s saying, again (ugggghhhh
  9. Come on... it´s so obvious. You see no evidence? LOl, ok. Of course she also has many other issues but they are nothing compared to her dangerous lack of good character. It´s different with Teddi, much more hidden, but she has certain traits for sure. It´s probably unfair to mention her in this context, because maybe she could work on herself and become a better person. There is no such hope with Rinna, her evilness smacks one in the face, every single scene she´s in. This is a very sick human who lacks all empathy and feels no sense of going over the line. She only backs down when she feels l
  10. Teddy and Rinna are both disgusting sociopaths, but Teddy just lacks all charm and cunning while Rinna has those qualities in spades. Kyle and Erica are very fake and mean people but I think they´re not as vile down to the core like the other two. To hear Kyle say that Rinna is just trying to get to the truth and Brandi never lies... I mean in what universe? Lol, she´s so stupid. I wish Denise would have ignored Rinna completely. To have a "friend" of 20 years do what she did to Denise is just unbelievable. I think that when Rinna sold her soul to the devil (or the "other family" in her church
  11. Yes I know, but she wasn´t married to those guys and probably didn´t care what her kid heard or knew. His well-being wasn´t important. This is bizarro world where Denise is the bad one, I´m just trying to make it work (and hurting my brain).
  12. Im just saying that Erica made sure her little boy was on the other side of the country before she did anything "not mom-like" in bed with Tom 😉 If the new purity standard is not having or talking about sex within marriage then Erica would be something to admire.
  13. The only pure one is Erica. I don´t think she has much sex... And back in the day when she was still having sex, her kid was nowhere around.
  14. I never thought I could hate any hw more than Brandi but Dorit is there. She is so rotten to the core, it´s unreal (so is Rinna but at least she´s been on tv and is married to HH) and she´s not even drunk. I know it´s Kyle´s time to get her comeuppance but I just seriously hope and pray that Dorit gets to be next.
  15. I also really like LVP (well she´s my favorite of all times) but I kind of like not having her around. The show is fresh now, the others have to be jealous towards someone else and can think of something else other than taking her down. They´re all worthless hags except Denise and Garcelle.
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