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  1. halkatla

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    Sober Craig can decipher complex human emotions and offer wisdom and guidance (but very few will listen). He really nailed everything about Austen´s situation, down to the littlest detail. He is such a wonderful personality, I know he has flaws but there really is no-one like him on tv. I really enjoy this season, I think there´s always lots of things happening, the cast is entertaining (minus the Madisin and Austen mess, especially that video). I wish there was a bit more of Patricia though. I can´t believe the Eliza who was awful in the first episode (and during past appearances) is this same nice girl who has turned out so well.
  2. halkatla

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    And they both hate Kathryn and were nuts over Thomas.
  3. halkatla

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    I don´t think it matters at all if Dani has had an std or not. So I´m not even going to have an opinion if I believe this gossip or not, because I don´t care and I don´t want to know about stuff like that. I want to say that in no way, shape or form does it change my opinion of anyone if they have been given an std by a boyfriend, especially not if it´s someone as sleazy as Shep!! But to talk about it like Madison did? That goes above and beyond and changes things drastically. It´s just so trashy, no matter the circumstances and people involved. She could have chosen from a plethora of insults to throw at Shep, or she could have worded it differently. And then, when she had the opportunity to say sorry and explain how it was a mistake and she shouldn´t have done this, she goes after Dani like she´s angry at her too. Wtf? I don´t understand Madisin. And Kathryn´s reaction was so bad. But anyway, what I wanted to say mostly is that even if Dani had had 10 different std´s she would still be a lot less trashy than the person who was talking about it.
  4. halkatla

    S06.E12: Who Put the Mad in Madison?

    OMG! I took a break from reading the thread for a little bit to do some dishes and while I was doing so I was thinking about all of this, word for freaking word, and I came back in still not sure if I was going to write a reply or not. But I felt like this still had not been said. Your post was the first one I read after sitting back down. I´m so happy that I´m not alone and someone else wrote down what I was thinking so perfectly. I had started to really like Madison. At first when she was introduced on the show I didn´t think she was in Austen´s league and the cheating and hitting on Danni´s boyfriend made her seem at least not that great. But after the trip I had totally changed my mind, she was gorgeous, standing up to the guys etc. And then, like always, what goes up must come down, especially in reality tv. Her attack on Dani (I consider it a total attack on Dani, not Shep since who cares) was disgusting. And she never apologizes... What´s up with that? It´s so weird. I consider her creepy at this point. Not a villain just yet, I hope she backs down because I don´t want another villainess in the cast. I had enough with Landon and Ashley (x100 with Ashley). I adore Patricia but she is constantly close to these awful people. She was extremely close with Thomas, then she was trying to make Landon happen (ugghhhh) and then she took Ashley under her wing. And now Madison and her are close, which does not make me optimistic about Madison´s true character. I have no idea if the std stuff was true or not, I don´t want to know. Talking about it on camera and using it against someone like that is beyond vile. What Dani did (talked about someone in a relationship hitting on her boyfriend) can´t be compared to that in any way.
  5. halkatla

    S02.E07: No Thanks Given

    I like Reagan and Reece´s relationship because it´s so silly and ridiculously cringy. But I think it must be totally fake though, no woman could ever honestly like Reece, I don´t know what happened to Reagan, I never liked her but I don´t think she´s this insane. I think she´s placed herself in a ridiculous position and is doubling down on her mistake. Or tripling down more like. For a tool, douche and idiot Reece is still indescribable. But he flaunts it and I love him for that. And I admire Reagan for the way she manages to smile through it and keep her mask on, I shiver everytime because I can´t help wondering what I would have done in her postition, if my boyfriend had said or done something Reece-like. I know we´re supposed to believe he makes her soooo happy and relaxed but I´d bet on it being a total act. But they are really funny, so I´m not complaining.
  6. halkatla

    S12. E06. Art of War

    Were the judges being consistently inconsistent with the way they judged everything this episode? I guess the only time they messed up is when they kept Ash ones again, that was totally consistent.
  7. halkatla

    S12. E04. The Hunter and the Hunted.

    I wish they would just send the worst tattoo(er) home. Justin´s was so far from being the worst imo. Having this be about the coaches is not fair and takes a lot away from the real competition. I mean everyone can see the judges being dishonest, it´s not a good look.
  8. halkatla

    S06.E11: Rocky Mountain High Part II

    I agree with everything here except Craig´s meddling being off-putting. I think him saying stuff that nobody else will say often leads to the best scenes of the series. He is a caring guy who will stand up for stuff nobody else thinks matters, like Kathryn. He has always had her back. I think this season the "bullying" Craig has faced in the group has become too much for him. I think he is very tense and anxious about dealing with Whit and Shep who are his friends but make fun of him constantly. He has other problems in his life that make him kind of unstable at times, but seeing the way they constantly push him and push him is what I find most off putting with the whole group. There is no need for it because Craig is perfectly able to unintentionally make fun of himself. I love him but he often embarrasses himself when he´s trying to look "bigger" than he is lol. I also think he has a problem with alcohol that is not really on display but seems very much behind his outburts this season. It´s weird too to see how Kathryn is the only one that needs to hold back just because she had kids with Thomas, the old, vile substance abuser himself. It´s so unfair that she can´t have a drink or a little smoke with her friends. Her rehabs were just uncalled for imo.
  9. halkatla

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I can´t stand Hannah or Luke, they are both extremely annoying, however, I feel sorry for Luke I don´t think he´s evil. Hannah is so pathetic but I think she handles some things really well. Once in a while she screams and cries for the right reasons. I am in the minority obviously with the way I see her other relationships. After the hometown date I think Peter is head over heals in love with her. His family implied that he had a history of going crazy over girlfriends and they seemed really worried for him. After watching that I´m afraid for him if he isn´t the F1. He seems so suave and cool, but then with his family they were all on edge and warning Hanna that if she didn´t pick him he would loose it. And he looked deliriously in love. I don´t see how he could be faking it. Tyler just can´t mean a word he says! That would be shocking. He is the hottest guy there, and really nice and likable otherwise too, so I would love to see him as the bachelors. It´s the first contestant in a long while that I actually want to see as the lead. Luke is a weird person in every way and I don´t think he´s really hurt after this. I don´t think his feelings work the way other people´s feeling work. I hope he will be happy someday, poor thing. And Hanna too.
  10. halkatla

    S12. E02. A Storm Is Brewin'

    Wasn´t that the heart? I thought that was by far the worst tattoo. But the person I disliked the most went home so I was happy.
  11. halkatla

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    This season is the biggest joke ever. The idea of these gorgeous & sane (not counting Luke) men being really into Hannah is ridiculous and shows them to be total fakes. I´ve never been so turned off by anything on the show before. I know that this show is probably 99% fake but it´s still always been possible to entertain the possibility that the contestants are actually smitten with a beautiful stranger on tv. Hannah shatters that illusion totally. She is just the worst, cries constantly no matter what is happening, and if she´s not crying for some reason her voice is still whiny and her nose is red. There´s nothing to like about her. She´s too awful to even dislike, she´s just a joke (the men are worse though). I can´t take the idea of Luke not winning this. I´m gonna stay for the cringe for as long as he´s staying.
  12. halkatla

    S15.E07: Week 7: Latvia

    Okay I know it´s not popular or nice to say the stuff I´m about to, but, I don´t think Hannah is remotely attractive. The men are all so far out of her league and it´s annoying. She always has a red nose, either from crying or having a cold, and it´s impossible to tell if she´s just under the weather or crying (since she´s always crying). There is a wetness to her, like she´s glistening for all the wrong reasons. She´s by far the worst bachelorette there has ever been, both in personality and looks. There´s nothing cute about her. I thought this season would be fun and different, because she´s such an unusual lead, but it´s not. Just boring and weird, seeing the men talk about how amazing she is and beautiful when she is a whiny, (ugly) dramaqueen 😕 Oh and this is the best group of men that a b´ette has had in a long time. Such a waste. The casting is a fail, she should have been set up with a bunch of dramatic nutters, not this group where every guy (almost) is more charming, cuter and nicer than the last. I´m really hoping for Luke to win because he´s the only one I want her to end up with. But she has treated him badly too, always yelling at him and telling him to be different. I don´t like the way he talks like he´s ready to take all her punches and be her slave, no matter what.
  13. halkatla

    S02.E02: Jewels and Bad Juju

    I was watching Shallow Hal shortly before I watched this episode. I just have to say that Reece reminded me of Hal, especially when he was talking about Reagan being the hottest girl he´d ever been with. He was funny too, right off the bat he said he was a gambling addict, I mean, wow, what a great catch! And the way Reagan acts when she is with him, it´s like she sees something in him that no-body else does, just like Hal did after he was hypnotized. I was kind of into this series for the first season, but the first episodes of season 2 are making me absolutely love it. I hope Jeff has something fun happen to him, I like him the best.
  14. halkatla

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Sure, but Christine Blasey Ford is not one of them. Her history and situation in life should be enough to prove where her motivation (for lying) came from. If what she said was true then she should have kept quiet, because next to noting was actually done... I could have said "most women" out of the many who experience something like this. Because most of them tell their story to someone along the way., without regard to power and influence. But of course there are women and men who never tell anyone (but it still does not excuse Blasey Ford)
  15. halkatla

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    How sick are they (Lois and Lisa) to compare that in any way to Kavanaugh? (teenage boy who went into a room with a 15 year old girl and didn´t rape her - in her words she got away without him even so much as kissing her, but she never got over it despite never telling anyone.... until now...) Sorry, SMH. I´ve had friends who were raped as teenagers but never pressed charges, but they still talked to someone. Women are attacked in many ways and never press charges but they ALWAYS TALK to someone (friend, family, random stranger, law enforcer...). Lisa´s mom told the authorities and therefore we know about this serial killer who targeted her.