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  1. Sergio has deserved to be on the bottom twice before but for some reason he´s always safe. I wish they´d have given Melanie a chance to do something less bland and sent Sergio home. I don´t dislike him, I dislike his designs and it´s like the judges and almost everyone there is playing along with his smugness. I don´t get that at all since he´s so proud of only making super old-lady clothes. Good on him for getting paid but that style does not belong on project runway. I adore Victoria but I don´t like the asymmetry style that she is so fond of. She is one of the better designers, I get it, but it´s just a look that gets pretty boring very quickly, and is "easy". My favorites are Nancy and Delvin, I hope they continue to rise.
  2. Every second word out of her mouth was "like". She´s a joke.
  3. I´ve never really considered not watching the show, I like almost all the RH-shows no matter how dumb, boring or annoying they become, however, this was just too much. I turned the episode off when they were preparing for the party, the previews were enough. I can´t stand Bronwyn´s tackiness (absolutely not what the show needs more of) and seeing an older lady like Tamra constantly getting drunk and yelling or flashing her boobs etc. I like Kelly as a crazy woman on tv, at least she´s got her heart in her right place unlike some others, but I would probably have changed my mind if I had seen the tampon scene. I´m happy to have missed it, just so I can continue liking her a tiny bit. I really can´t wait for the villains and their minions to get their comeuppance - that means Tamra, Vicky and Shannon (she´s not beyond redemption though), and most of all Gina who has become one of my most hated housewives of all time. Her voice, her face, her attitude, her lifestyle and her clothing is the worst. I know this franchise isn´t known for having classy ladies but she is still just wrong for it, she´s not even fun to laugh at or hate. It´s strange, I think Dallas actually has the classiest group now. They have some crazy ones and mean ones but they´re not constantly yelling or taking things into weird territories that make viewers uncomfortable.
  4. Little kids in restaurants throwing food around and parents never disciplining their brats is basically the norm in Scandinavia. It makes things so much harder on everyone but it´s unbelievable how far some parents are willing to take this method, even to their breaking point. However I do think Brandi´s family is sweet (except for, well, you know) and Bruin was adorable at the restaurant. When it´s not my kid and it´s on tv I don´t care. I´ve seen so many older children, even at the same table as me, behaving much worse.
  5. The thing that bothers me most about this show are the two people called "doctors" and professionals. I don´t know if they have credentials, it´s just so idiotic to act like what they´re doing is in any way professional or helpful. They´re making dramatic reality tv, that´s all. Having said that, I´m so happy to have come across this show, because I love Corey Feldman and I really like Alexis, she is genuinely kind and doesn´t deserve to be called fake and a liar for it. Then the Carter family mess is just scary and who doesn´t like to see that? (they´re almost worse than New York and her mom who was literally demon posessed and Cortney Stodden´s mother who was extremely cluster B)
  6. Gina is so nasty and horrible that she´s actually making me like Bronwyn. I would easily take 10 Brownwyns over 1 ugly and stupid Gina. And she´s probably an incompetent mother, considering she sucks at everything else in life. I really appreciated seeing the tres abuelas looking and acting like the fools they are. Emily for the win yet again. She is so nice and normal.
  7. I´m joining the Kamhate club, but I just want to say that she is one of those rare types that is fun to hate. She´s always in character, totally from the heart. And the way she continues to make excuses for Leeann while judging and belittling the other women is hilarious. She has no self awareness about anything she does. Going after Stephanie like that of all people, for no reason? She thinks there are people out there who see her side lol.
  8. Every word coming out of the christian people was a stupid cliche. There was nothing realistic about it. Not saying they don´t have these views about abortion but they just don´t sound like this. And it was much too over the top, even for the most zealous pro-lifers. I know you should never say never but seriously, I´m willing to say that they would never talk like this especially not "fundamentalists". Well, maybe some nutters from a crazy cult but not anyone who goes to church every sunday and reads and believes the Bible. Those people are usually anything but dumb and silly, they would handle this type of situation a lot differently. But the makers of this show just can´t help themselves, the portrayal of christian people must be oozing with prejudices and spitefulness and I´m so sick of it. Why can´t they make the cases believable and interesting, like something that would actually happen? Every week for years it´s always something so farfetched and dumb. This show is such a politically correct joke, I have hate watched it for a few years but even that is becoming too painful for me.
  9. That kiss was all Dee wanted it to be, and more. I think this was mostly an episode for Dennis, he is my favorite.
  10. Shannon has really taken a dive to the bottom. She´s got no class and it´s sad to watch what she has become.
  11. I hate Gina more than Tamra and Vicky combined. She´s just a nothing horrible piece of filth. That looks like the abominable snowman. I hate her voice, her ugly muppet face, her evil, obnoxious personality etc etc. There is nothing good about her, except her friendship with Emily, that she took a dump on. And she has only herself to blame for going on a date with Shane´s cousin. Anyone with any sense would know that going on a date with anyone Shane related would be a bad idea. I wish Emily hadn´t cared so much about this to end up ruining the dinner. She should have just shrugged and said "you´re nothing Gina, I don´t care about what you have to say" (in my dreams, Emily is much too nice and trusting to do that).
  12. Same. But I think these three are all worthy ink masters. I liked Jake too. This is probably the nicest top 4 of all times. I just love Dani, she´s like the female Sausage.
  13. Dani and Jason are both so much better than Cam and have shown it consistently throughout the competition. Cam has been given chance after chance, it would have been crazy to not give either Dani or Jason this chance, even though the coffin was terrible (I thought the eagle was cute).
  14. I don´t remember hating her when she was on the show but I sure hate her now. When there isn´t a big difference in the technical abilities of the tattooers I want the judges to consider who actually followed the challenge more. This week Cam did not do a good cover-up. He is probably better than Janelle overall but not that much better where him not following the brief is disregarded.
  15. Yes. If anything, Shannon was the worse of the two because we know Tamra is 90% vile but I seriously thought Shannon was much better than that. I´ve always been a fan of Shannon´s. At her worst she has annoyed me but then I was over it in a couple of episodes, but I don´t think I can forgive her for this. It was too mean, her face was so... arrogant and even hateful. Emily did not deserve any of it. I don´t understand how people can be so mean, I don´t think even Vicky, as horrible as she is, would have it in her to look upon someone like that. Totally unforgiving without reason.
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