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S07.E08: Lending A Shoulder

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I'm not sure where to start. So these will be random musings, probably not in any particular order, except:


First and foremost - Hank  - your brother and his wife just lost a child. Granted, that child did not die, and will be cared for and loved, but for all intents and purposes, that child was in their hearts as their own. And you walk in after YOUR tough day and lament your sad love life before you even fucking ask him how he's doing or telling him you're sorry about how it turned out??? WTF was that? i just sat there with my mouth open.


I'm so sad for Paige and Evan (not that this outcome was not telegraphed throughout, but still....). This is my happy summer show! I don't want to see sad baby adoption storylines! I can watch Rookie Blue or Major Crimes for sad baby stories!


I realize we can't pay all of the day players, but you can't tell me that the General would not be bouncing around that hospital waiting for his first grandchild. OR trying the pressure the poor girl into giving the baby up!


No Boris. No Jeremiah. BOO.


For a second (I watch a LOT of tv), I was concerned that the vending machine child was going to turn out to be Nikki's!! (and Hank's!) Should've realized they wouldn't have hired Jordana Spiro to be a nurse without a further storyline.


Nikki - meh. Hank's big revelation? Meh.


I missed Margaret the nurse.


I think I'm happy about Divya and Raj - as long as she still goes to med school.


And how old is Sashi?? I was going to tweet Reshma and the show last week about showing an extremely unsafe sleep environment but then wiki-ed it and it said Sashi was born on Valentine's day. So if she's 16 mos old, why is she so small and in that little car seat?? I can't keep track of the seasons at all in conjunction with the Hamptons summers, so are we still in Sashi's first year?? If so, I am going to give the writers a tongue lashing.


that newborn made my ovaries ache.

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Don't care so much about Hank and Nikki's former relationship, but maybe now Hank came meet someone and we don't have to suffer through his love life

Glad competant Evan was back this week, though I was definitely crying at the end of their plot. Not surprised Elán decided to keep the baby, but I loved how supportive Paige and Evan were, all the way to the end. I thought it was well done. If next season is the last one, it makes sense to move that storyline foward then.

I like the symmetry of Divya and Raj reengaged and planning their wedding heading into what is probably the final season of this show. I guess that means Divya and Jeremiah are not the end game, which is fine by me.

Where was Jeremiah? Missed him.

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I'm glad the baby story ended the way it did, because at least it was quick.  I was feeling a little queasy about Paige moving Elan into the beautiful guest quarters and getting to know her hopes and dreams--so the baby could be told later.  It must be like walking a knife edge deciding how much bonding to offer a confused hormonal pregnant teen, knowing the dynamic is necessarily going to change in x number of weeks, if not severed completely.  But I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to move the expectant mom into the spare room.


Yay for Dr. Divya, which is long overdue, but maybe mention that whole medical school thing before you accept a marriage proposal?


Please don't make ambidextrose kid a regular cast member.


Ack, I'm so cranky this morning.  Well. . .I'm happy Divya didn't leave Sachi in the back seat when she went sprinting down the road to save moto man.  : )

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This episode/season ended differently than I had been expecting, so I was pleased as the stories unfolded. Paige really sold it throughout the episode. I did like that Hank realized that he's not so much the victim of his life and the reality of the end of his relationship with Nikki. I am looking forward to the next season.

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I liked this. No cliffhangers and overall it was a positive episode. If not for no appearances by recurring characters like Boris, Jeremiah or Eddie (I can do without that one but I guess the show can't) it could even have been a series finale. Good things happened for some people and more good things are foretold for others next season.


If Royal Pains goes out on a high note I might think about forgiving USA for how Burn Notice ended. I'm still sad the Blue Skies are clouding over -- this is just about the last one.

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If Royal Pains goes out on a high note I might think about forgiving USA for how Burn Notice ended. I'm still sad the Blue Skies are clouding over -- this is just about the last one.

I'm never letting go of that grudge. harrumph.

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Decent episode. Definitely would've made a good series finale.


Hank is such a sad sack. I could say goodbye to this show leaving him in that state.


Paige and Evan were at their best this episode. Loved Evan giving that final push. 


When I saw Jordana Spiro, I thought, "Wow, she sure is playing a bit part. She barely got any screen time or dialogue." But then.....


Icing on this cake would have been the death of Boris. What a ridiculous character.

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From the promos it looks as if they've already filmed next year..


Interesting. Maybe when they got the word that they ought to wind it down, they'd filmed all of this season and somehow someone negotiated it into two short seasons instead. That would explain the lack of cliffhangers in this season finale - it was supposed to be just a mid-season episode. If that's true or nearly true, I hope they rework the real series finale so that everyone lives happily ever after.

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What grudge? USA didn't end the show. Matt Nix did. He made the decision to end the show because he said 7 years was good enough and the actors wanted to do other things. Don't blame USA or the creators decision. USA didn't want to lose the show.

I will reply on the Burn Notice thread! :-)

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I also thought Divya was kissing Hank and went "hell no." I adore their friendship, and loved that he was there for her when she was doing the ceremony on her grandmother.

I liked the season finale. I love Jordana (miss My Boys), and saw some chemistry with her and Hank. Good for Divya going to medical school- it's about time. Her and Raj are adorable.

Poor Paige and Evan, but Paige continues to be the best person EVER. She was so understanding and supportive (like she always is), that I hope she gets her baby in the end.

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When I saw Jordana Spiro, I thought, "Wow, she sure is playing a bit part. She barely got any screen time or dialogue." But then.....



So she and Ambidextrose will be around for a while.  Count on it.

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Hank is such a sad sack.


Hank was right. He is the problem. Get over yourself. You're a good looking *doctor* ffs. I feel like Hank feels that he's "supposed" to have a gf because "that's what people do." I doubt this is what TPTBs are going for, but I don't think Hank really wants a gf. He likes working. There's nothing wrong with that.


I don't know if TPTBs think they need Hank to have "romantic problems" or what, but this is silly. He doesn't live that far from NYC, and if he wanted to actually date people, he'd be on tons of dates. I give them some credit for making his online dating actually be shown as normal though. 


Poor Paige and Evan, but Paige continues to be the best person EVER.


I'm glad we got the good version of Evan and Paige to end the season. Please let these be the consistent version to wrap up the series. One thing that cracked me up was when Evan said, "Eddie?! Jeeesus!" 


I just divorced my wife. Even though we refused to talk about our recent relationship like adults, let's get married. Seriously Divya? It's not a good idea to have a real conversation about this relationship? With anyone? *eyeroll*

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Kinda bummed this was so short. They're basically stretching one season out across two summers.

I get the reason to send divya to medical school before the series ends. but she is raising an infant and now planning a wedding. I guess she could go to stonybrook without having to move far from the Hamptons. But still. She is pretty much going to be doing the same job if she keeps working with hank after she graduates no? It's a lot of money and time away from your baby for a title.

The adoption thing seemed rushed anyway. She wasn't an incredibly friendly or enthusiastic mother. She just wanted to get it over with. Not sure why they jumped at the chance to raise her baby so quickly.

I was also kinda made they made this poor girl go all the way to the Hamptons for doctors appointments. Maybe it's better care but they let this 8 month pregnant girl sit on a 3 hour each way train?

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I would think she would get more money as a legit Doctor. And who's to say she doesn't decide to open a private practice for kids as an extension of HankMed. Being a doctor opens up a lot of possibilities for her. She could pair up with Jeremiah on a research project, for example. 

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I would love the series finale if it ended with Boris becoming a full blown Bond villain.


As I have said multiple times, Boris is pretty much a Bond villain without a Bond, so he can have all of his wacky machinations without an interloping international super-spy to get in his way. Imagine Boris standing in front of a giant laser beam interrogating a man!

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