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  1. MortysCleaningLady

    Jeopardy! Test: Have You Taken It?

    Me too. Feel like I got my normal 35ish. Oh well, Completely blanked on the popera star and I can see him in my head!!
  2. MortysCleaningLady

    S15.E05: This Is Not Glamping

    When they moved into the house, it took Bruce several tries to find an outlet for his CPAC machine. Did it plug into the car charger for this challenge? And I hate that a pregnant woman was also thrown onto the cold. Cooking outside is one thing, but camping in the cold is not nice. If Tom and Padma, et al, aren't camping, the cheftestants should be indoors too.
  3. MortysCleaningLady

    S15.E04: Little Tools, Big Challenge

    Like everyone else, I NEED the fried chicken and biscuits, now. That said, was it truly elevated? Same with young bear Joe's pasta. I was also itching to try the Hungarian dish (I am 15/16ths Irish and 1/16th German) but I love goulash. Bruce, I need that lamb med rare though.
  4. MortysCleaningLady

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    Are you all talking about the same Justin? The one with his name in blocked letters with white voids and who couldn't not rock/bob/stutter step when answering? I wanted to fix his name snd superglue his shoes in place!
  5. MortysCleaningLady

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I liked Lisabeth. Disappointed about "forever" and think it slowed down her answering in DJ.
  6. MortysCleaningLady

    S05.E10: We Didn't Start The Fire

    Love both We Didn't Start The Fire and Who's On First?
  7. MortysCleaningLady


    Well, I watched last night, as everything I normally enjoy wasn't on. I love Elliott Gould and Linda Lavin and would rather the program only star them. They were the only spark in this drudgery. And I do not live in NYC, but is it normal to know where your doorman lives? My limited knowledge from years of Law & Order lead me to think this is odd, unless the doorman is also the superintendent.
  8. MortysCleaningLady

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    The champ's shirts are not for me. I like a little formality in my players. I was rooting for Hilary! Oh well....
  9. MortysCleaningLady

    S15.E08: Voices

    Gosh. I am surprised by the reception here on this episode. I hated it. Glad to see Ducky and Franks, but thought the voices, hacked GPS, and twins were silly. Too much psychology and too little crime solving....
  10. MortysCleaningLady

    Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    How is it determined who plays which days in the semifinals? If TPTB had any heart, Buzzy and Austin would have been on the same day, thus kicking one of the egotists out. Rooting for Alan. Embarrassed in my Benedict Arnold guess last night. I just finished reading a bio of Genevieve de Gaulle Anthonioz, Charles's niece and a French resistor.
  11. MortysCleaningLady

    S25.E09: Week 8: Trio Night

    Who your returning Star was really impacted your dance. Jordan getting great dancer Corbin was a total boon! Victoria getting pro gymnast, Laurie, showcased her weaknesses. Ditto Drew and Rashad. Kristi and the soap star were gone long enough to be harmless. And I was eye rolling during the black tape incident. Is this the only costume without mesh? And tape comes in ALL colors....
  12. MortysCleaningLady

    S15.E06: Trapped

    I am so glad others aren't loving Jack. She is trying too hard. And why does she get an office? And the Abby scene was painful.... Still hate Bishop, too. Is the profiling everything profiler supposed to make her almost tolerable? So Torres doesn't get a perk for which he has been saving because of guilt? Low blow, show! I liked the cocaine in the sand and the golfers. McGee as the Timinator was sweet as well. I should just give up and watch the Tony seasons (pre-Bishop) and give up.
  13. MortysCleaningLady

    S16.E11: Warrior Fashion

    The washed out Amish hipster won? Seriously? That bonnet.. Egads... I thought Ayana had it; who doesnt love a well tailored puffy shirt? I wanted to wear Kenya's dress most. I love that fabric tells Kenya to buy them. At least everyone left can actually sew and has a point of view....
  14. MortysCleaningLady

    S02.E05: Boo-Who?

    AnnaKat is deeply committed, isn't she? And I hate getting "Boo-ed". You then have to prep a basket and move it along...
  15. MortysCleaningLady

    S15.E05: Fake It 'Til You Make It

    Best part of the episode? Tony. I knew the battered girlfriend was behind it as soon as she reached out to the MI6 guy at the meeting. I thought Franks was the recovering alcoholic, but it probably is Fornell. Dont know about the new girl and still hate Bishop.