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  1. Hmm, I don't know about that since I just saw that Binky is pregnant with JP's baby.....
  2. Binky is Pregnant with JP Damnnnnn gina!
  3. Did Sophie just say that she skipped on the girls' trip to Thailand because she didn't want to miss going on a date with a athlete who she just met? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl bye!
  4. I am watching it right now + really don't see @ all..... Oh wait....LMAO!
  5. I am watching @ the second episode + had to LOL that they started the episode with pointless argument between JP + Binky.... JP: "Why would you bring up kissing?!" Oh JP is funny!
  6. Oh, thank you so much! Yeah, everything seems fine because I think he is done bugging me.... Plus, the new guy I am dating treats me x100 better + not to mention is sexier...;-)p
  7. I'm going to guess there was no new LHH this week?
  8. Damn, being able to get a break from stupid drama from the ex who is still trying to get me back, I finally found memes.... Here we go....
  9. I just wanted to apologize for not posting memes yet, but I will when I find ones that I can post.... I have been "occupied" with my own stupid drama.... For those who are curious about the update with the asshole of my ex, he did try to contact me being all nice + shit saying he was in the wrong about treating me the way he had recently + wanted me back.... But, he is a bit late to the party because I already like someone new who seems better than him.... Therefore, I chose to stay single because I can't be with one or the other if I still got feelings for both of them.... And, here is the icing of the cake, after I told my ex that I could not be with him now, he decides to confess to me that he has been cheating on me for over a fucking year...It totally blindsided me because in all of the 2+ years, I never had the suspicion nor even a gut feeling that he could have been unfaithful.... He really had me good....He had the balls to try to beg to get back with me even to say he would marry me right away if I took him back.... Hell naw am I going to have that shit....Anyways, sorry for the the paragraph about my personal life....I am going to try look for memes now... Proceed on!
  10. I know...I posted that especially for you....<3
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