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Small Talk: All-Star Stitch & Bitch

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The Small Talk topic is for:


• Introductions
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• Having virtual tea with forum buddies


This is NOT a topic for actual show discussion. When you want to talk about the show:


1. Figure out the nature of the topic you want to talk about
2. Look for an existing topic that matches or fits
3. If there is NOT an existing topic that fits, CREATE ONE!


Examples of topics that populate show forums include (but by no means are limited to):


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• Favourite X topics
...you get the idea


Happy trails beyond Small Talk!

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^^I felt like Nick got better towards the end, but I may be trying to block out my memory of that terrible show.  I liked his enthusiasm and his positive attitude.  With a little tweaking I almost feel like he could be one to replace TG eventually because he has that teaching spirit in him.....IMO.


I would actually really like a judging panel with former successful contestants.  Christian, Michael C, someone else....maybe Austen Scarlett, or Anthony, because he was hilarious.  

or...perhaps Santino.....I think he was great on RPDR

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I have a modest proposal....let's change out the judges and put in Dmitri and Christian, and put Oscar in the role of mentor.  As I recall from the rightly despised Under the Gunn, Oscar was endlessly helpful to his fellow contestants (Nick is a dear, but he tried to remake all the clothes which wasn't what he was supposed to be doing).  And they need a better choice of contestants.  
Other than that, no problems with the All Stars.  :-P


I would pay money to see Oscar judging Sam's and Asha's work. His work is so classic (Ken, this is how you do a peplum) and they... have taste issues.

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I've always hated Zanna.  She is an idiot.  How I miss Joanna Coles.    I'd even rather see Nina go in and rip them all to shreds every week, without even pretending to be nice and "mentor" them,  than watch Zanna and her bright clueless smile.

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I think you are right about Nick....he is such an enthusiastic fellow, and was very good with all the contestants.  But he must have stepped on Gunn's foot, because Gunn was openly hostile to him at times.

I also agree.  I can just hear Tim saying "STOP nurturing, Nick!  That's my jam".   


I must say that my all-time favorite combatant will always be Santino.  His partner show with Austin was such a joy to watch and it always cracked me up.  Those 2 just made magic together. 


Of course, if my boyfriend Dmitry was a permanent judge, I would be beyond thrilled.  And PR Junior proved that La Siriano is an excellent judge also.  But the problem with Christian is that he still works too hard on his own fashion collections to take time for more than one small show.  PR Junior was an abbreviated "season", compared to the Mother show.  But folks like Mizrahi have the time to coast through because having a staff of minions to approximate his "style" is easier than doing it himself.  Oh, I'm sure he does final approvals, but the heavy lifting is done by lower-level design staff.  But he's earned it.  

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This weekend is the County Music Awards.  I remember they had a group on and the girl was going to wear one of the designer's dresses on the red carpet.  I can't for the life of me remember who's design it was and i think she was in a group called Weekend? Or Little Big Town? or something like that.

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This weekend is the County Music Awards. I remember they had a group on and the girl was going to wear one of the designer's dresses on the red carpet. I can't for the life of me remember who's design it was and i think she was in a group called Weekend? Or Little Big Town? or something like that.

It was Little Big Town. The CMA Awards are on CBS Sunday night. There should be a Red Carpet preshow, where Little Big Town should be interviewed since I think they have lots of nominations this year, on CMT (probably; but it could be on GAC). I don't know the exact times, but the Red Carpet show should be on around 6PM Eastern, I think; the actual awards at 7PM or 8PM Eastern. Check local listings for the correct time(s) & channel(s) in your city.

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I couldn't find a single pre-show Red Carpet on any channel.  E! Network did the Red Carpet for the I Heart Radio show, but not this one, nor did CMT have one. Did they say whichn was to wear Asha's drab white dress thing and Alexanders boring navy poofy thing??   I think they're sitting close to the front, so I'll keep watching.  

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Thanks, Auntlada.  Both dresses look just as boring and uninspired as they did on the runway,  Of course neither could actually be the same dresses, as I assume both had to be completely remade to fit Karen & Kimberly.  Plus, Karen in white opted for a very lined and modest version. They didn't have much choice, so I feel sorry they got stuck wearing those.  But they're performing, so I'm betting the'll wear something else on stage.  


Here are the originals.  Kimberly's looks pretty identical. 


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They changed for their performance, then after changed again, but not into the original dresses.  I'd want those things off me as soon as possible too.  Though to me, both ladies looked pretty damn clown-like in everything they wore.  The bright pink fringie mini that Kimberly wore was the least offensive, though the hooker boots didn't exactly say classy & refined.  

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Based on the original PR styling, each singer wore the dress designed for the other. While the blue looks identical, I honestly think the PR version of the white one was more appealing than the red carpet version.

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Has there been any word on what designers are going to be on season six?

I don't think Alyssa likes Georgina, either, and I'm not really sure why I get that feeling. While I still think Alyssa's styling is atrocious, I like her and I always have.

We all know whatever former winner they have on the show WILL win, so I just hope and pray it's not Ashley Nell Tipton.

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5 hours ago, enoughcats said:

Mychael Knight's hornworm: was magnificent.  And makes him missed all the more.

I had no idea he was even sick! He made an appearance on "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" years ago helping Sheree with her designing bug; another failed endeavor by her along with acting and dancing! ;-)

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It's been a while since I've read someone/anyone wish for the old Bunim/Murray days of producing Project Runway and its offspring.

I was surprised to see Bunim Murray mentioned on ESPN, which for me was a first.  I knew BM were doing ok for themselves, but I had missed that they were producing the Ball family story, in episodes, that appears as    "Ball in the Family"  on Facebook.  


 It is fast-paced, funny and heartfelt at times, and it's produced by Bunim/Murray, which also does "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

If Bunim/Murray ever write a book about their adventures in show business, I will read it. 

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