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  1. I have to disagree -- I don't think UNreal is in on my feelings of outrage when they decided to make the shooting of an unarmed black man and the injury of another all about a white woman who set the entire thing up. And attempted to get me to pity her because she was in a psych ward and was taken away by "evil mommy." Yes, poor Rachel who voluntarily punishes herself because she feels so bad....what a hero! The idea that commitment is some sort of punishment for her, is laughable to me. When two men fight for their lives over her action and the only punishment she gets is the one she
  2. This is exactly what they are saying when the show becomes all about poor Rachel and Rachel ends up being the victim and the person we are supposed to pity and we only get maybe 30 seconds of seeing Romeo shot on the ground and Darius crying. You implied that because Darius signed up to rehab his image on a reality dating show that Rachel's actions were somehow reasonable and made sense in light of the fact that Darius's intent was to rehab his image and Rachel's actions will result in the rehab to Darius's image. Or that is how it read your responses, which were that Darius signed up to
  3. So, because he signed up for a dating show, and his intent was to rehab his image that somehow makes it okay for Rachel to set him up to get beaten and shot? I just can't understand that reasoning at all. Its like saying I signed up to get a chicken sandwich because I'm hungry but if I got some dirt to eat its pretty much the same thing. That doesn't make any sort of sense to me at all, and I can't understand the mental gymnastics to try to put Rachel in the right on this. As a human being, and a grown adult, Darius has the right to sign up for one thing, and just get that. HE gets to
  4. No, he signed up for a reality dating show. He didn't sign up to be part of an agenda he CLEARLY didn't want to be a part of. He didn't sign up to be beaten for Rachel's white fix-it-all paternalistic brand of liberalism. As for galvanizaing the audience, as someone pointed out above, even people on IMDB are blaming Darius and Romeo. Which almost always happens in police involved shootings or beatings no matter how much evidence there is. Do you really think he signed up to have his cousin shot and to have his career ended with a police beating? How is he a hero in any of this?
  5. Yes, but why would anyone, even with a failed sense of morals think that the EVERLASTING viewing audience would want to see a black man get beaten on TV? What type of TV did Rachel think she was making for her audience, something that they don't want to see? So she can expose systemic racism....something her suitor did NOT sign up for? But I guess as long as Whittle Wachel gets what she wants, screw the audience she is writing for, screw two black men, screw everyone else......because Whittle Wachel's feelings were hurt that Adam called her show ridiculous. There was a time when we had
  6. I was trying to figure out the writing timeline by the Samsung phone product placement. I don't know how writing works, but I figure they would have written in the part about Quinn and the phone at the same time they were writing everything else. The phone has been out for quite some time already and I would think that you would want to try to coordinate a product placement with the release of the phone, but I'm not in marketing so I'm not sure.
  7. I was even more annoyed by "huh, why would I lose my job over this?" and referring to the shooting of two men as "the situation" I was team Coleman -- no more. Begone Google Glasses douche.
  8. does she really think any of this makes her/Rachel likable? I suspect there was serious railroading at some point, or something was changed, because I can't see how two people of color would have thought that Rachel should somehow be a victim in all of that. But given the little I've read of SGS, she seems like just the sort who would.
  9. Exactly, poor Rachel feels weally, weally bad and has to take some medication to forget about all the awful things she has done. And mommy came to take her away....poor poor Rachel. Shouldn't we really all just feel pity for Rachel? She gets to take some meds and isn't facing death, like the man she set up for no reason other than to show Adam that her show isn't ridiculous fluff. Out of curiosity I visited the FB page, and its a lot of "but Rachel was really trying to help!" "Poor Rachel really meant well!" and "ohhh...Adam!" I can't understand how the biggest thing people got
  10. This has been my biggest concern and its coming to life. SGS sounds like a terrible human being. I do not want to watch a show about her as an anti-hero because she sounds awful. If this is about SGS playing victim and trying to justify whatever she has done in the world, I'm not here for that.
  11. So -- the only not shitty thing that could come out of this is if it bring Darius and Ruby back together. If there was ever an event that would make Darius get involved it would have to be this. I still hate Rachel, and I will be endlessly annoyed if this turns even more into what a victim she is, and how men are so in love with her for being a shitty human being.
  12. Poor whittle Wachel. She sets up a black man to get shot by the cops, another one to get injured and somehow she is the poor victim in all of this. She is a fucking bitch, and I'm glad Jay read her for filth. It is all her fault. But to be fair, I was over her from the first frame of this episode. Adam stole "her Africa?" because he had the courage to do it? Bitch, bye. She is a fucking mess, and while Darius faces a paralyzing back injury, and Romeo faces death, little miss "I wanna call the cops just to see what happens" gets to take a few meds while her mommy pets her hair
  13. Wow, this show is still going! 1. What the hell kind of paternity test was that? It looked so dog eared and tired....has no one heard of the internet, or pulling up a PDF on your phone? I hope she doesn't lose that because it looks like her only copy 2. Not for nothing, but what man needs to lie about having slept with a stripper/prostitute back in the day? 3. Disgusted with Stevie -- let me tell you something, if you've been regularly supporting your child you should be FINE with a child support order because it will only order you to do what you've already been doing. But i
  14. I agree, I feel like it can get very Stanford Experiment/groupthink really fast. I suspect if this wasn't a game, and if they weren't in this house they would likely be fine. I would only want to hang out with a few of them in real life, but I don't think they would all be like this. Yeah....no Frank.....no thank you. But I have to wonder how he is surviving in the world with his behavior.
  15. I think a lot of that is probably shit talking "That girl just looked at me, I can totally get her, she is totally into me, I could bang her in the bathroom if I wanted to." And the girl becomes a stuck up bitch who secretly wants it when she turns him down.
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