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Season 10 (Andi) Spoilers

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According to Reality Steve the show began filming last night (Wednesday) with the limo arrivals and all-night cocktail party.  Today was a day off and tomorrow is the first 1-on-1.  Saturday is the group date.  Sunday is the next 1-on-1 and Monday is night is the second rose ceremony.  Here's what he says about the group date:


"As for Saturday’s group date, I can tell you now that it’ll be taking place in the Hollywood & Highland area and the “Hollywood Men” (a male exotic dance group) will be part of the date. So my guess is the guys will have to partake in some sort of male dancing show with minimal clothing on."


He also has a list of 9 of Andi's guys so far (he claims to have more that he will release soon).  You can read the full list and more details here.  I'll reproduce the names and hometowns below.


Eric Hill: 30, Salt Lake City, Utah

Will Barry: 26, Philadelphia, PA.

JJ O’Brien: 31, San Francisco, CA

Pat Jagodzinski: 28 or 29, from Lebanon, New Jersey, but currently lives in Orange County, CA.

Bradley Wisk: 32, Chicago, Ill.

Tasos Hernandez: Age 30, Denver, CO

Marquel Martin 26, Las Vegas, NV.

Dylan Petitt; 26, Boston, MA

Josh Murray: 29, Athens, GA


There are several interesting things to say about these guys, but I'll reserve them for their individual threads.  However, Josh Murray bears a mention.  He is, according to Reality Steve, the older brother of recently graduated University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.  And, it just so happens that Andi's dad is one of the world's biggest UGA fans.  What a coinkidink!  Yeah, as Steve says, there's no way he doesn't at least make it to hometown dates, just for dad's sake if nothing else.

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Reality Steve tweeted these yesterday and today, re: the group date that was Saturday:


"Today's group date is at the OHM Nightclub on Hollywood & Highland. No surprise, it's going to be a "Magic Mike"-type strip club performance"


"It's where the "Hollywood Men" (male exotic dance team) perform, & they will be part of it as mentioned Thurs. No cameras or phones allowed"


"Have all your details from yesterday's group date. Will share on Tuesday. Can tell you Sharleen & Kelly were part of it helping Andi out"


"14 guys on the date broken up into 3 groups of 4, with other 2 guys getting to do solo performances.  Yes, they all stripped down"


And someone on Twitter called @samathaarters tweeted this photo of Andi and some guy on a beach. I assume this was Friday's 1-on-1 date.  Twitter commenters are saying it looks like Josh Murray, but I can't really tell.

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Pap photos from Andi's first one-on-one date, which Reality Steve confirms was with Eric Hill.  The crotch shots of Andi were TOTALLY necessary, I'm sure.


Other info from that Reality Steve link (above):


Second rose ceremony was last night (Monday)--He doesn't yet have info about who was eliminated


The group date the day before was the one where the guys had to dance and strip down to their undies, Magic Mike style.  Sharleen and Kelly were there to "advise" Andi (read: ogle the hot guys with her).  And, yes, the audience did give the guys money, all of which went to charity.


The other one-on-one date, which was Sunday Steve has pics of but can't tell who the guy is.  May be one he hasn't identified yet.  But it took place at the Santa Anita racetrack.


Today (Tuesday) should be another one-on-one (starting off the next episode) at the Paseo Nuevo mall in Santa Barbara where Boyz II Men will be performing. (How relevant!)


Finally, turns out Will Barry ended up getting cut right before filming started.  Reality Steve claims it has nothing to do with his (apparently now erroneous) outing of Barry as a harasser of women online. Read the details here.

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Here's the link to Reality Steve's latest update.  Has slightly more details on the group date with Boys II Men the other day, but nothing really earth shattering.  Oh, except this: it appears that two (not one, but TWO) African-American men made it to at least week 3.  Quelle horreur!

He also has the names of 5 more guys he has confirmed as being on the show.  Their names and hometowns:


Marcus Grodd: 26, Dallas, Tx.

Brian Osborne: 31, Harrisburg, PA

Andrew Poole: 29, Los Angeles, CA.

Josh Bauer: 29, Denver, CO.

Brett Melnick: 30, Warminster, PA.


All except Josh made it to at least week 3.  Josh was eliminated on the first night, according to Steve.

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Josh Murray seems like the biggest ringer this show has had in a long, long time.   If he's not the "one" then he's probably Fleiss and company's pick to be the next lead.  Or at least the main contender to be the next lead.

Looking forward to seeing just how far he makes it.

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I've gotten behind in bringing you the Reality Steve spoiler updates, so here you go.


Based on the dates he's been given, Steve predicts this is how the episodes for Andi's season will break down:


May 19th (90 minute premiere) – Meet & Greet
May 26th – LA
June 2nd – Santa Barbara
June 9th – Connecticut
June 16th – Overseas
June 23rd – Overseas
June 30th – Overseas
July 7th – Hometowns
July 14th – Overnights
July 21st – Men Tell All
July 28th – Finale

He also claims one of the Overseas trips will be to Italy, he's not sure which week.


Apparently after leaving LA they did 3 dates in Connecticut, including a 1-on-1 with Marcus Grodd (which Steve has plenty of pics of), a group date which took place on the Essex Steam Train.


He's also identified two more of Andi's guys:


Ron Worrell: 28, Nashville, TN. Speaks 4 languages, and is currently a distributor sales manager for MillerCoors. Graduated Loyola University in New Orleans in 2008 with a B.A. in Marketing. Mom is from Israel, dad is from Barbados (they are in the pictures below). They both worked for the United Nations so he traveled a lot growing up living in both places along with Florida, Tennessee, and Louisiana.


Cody Sattler: 28, Chicago, Ill. Originally from Omaha, NE. Graduated from Kansas St. University after attending Garden City Community College. Former 6th grade elementary school teacher that currently works as a personal trainer and Boot Camp instructor at Chicago Boot Camp Club in the Lincoln Park area. And for the small price of only $50 an hour, he’ll tutor your child in vocabulary, prealgebra, and English.

That's all he's revealed for the moment.

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Reality Steve retweeted this today from someone called Cassandra Balcombe ‏(@cbalcombee):



Steve has not commented on this in any way, but Belgium certainly could be one of the European stops.  And I don't think he would have retweeted it if he didn't think it was legit.

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Thanks for that, bella!  I've been checking with RS every day, but he hasn't posted in like 3 weeks.  And, of course  Josh Murray got a hometown date.  As RS says, that was the biggest no-brainer in the history of this show.

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I hope Josh turns out to be a decent lead as it does seem like he is either "the one" or the next Bachelor.

Can't wait to see what kind of edit Fleiss and company give these four guys.  

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Wow, those pics are interesting.  Have we ever seen pics of a HTD being filmed before?  Also, is there no security around that house?  Or at lease production flunkies keeping the riff raff out?  Most if not all of those pics seem to be taken from outside the house peeking in through the windows and glass doors.

My favorite thing though is the first couple pics taken in the living room where you can see the perfectly aligned rows of pics of all their kids.  Nick is apparently one of 11 (!) kids.

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HTD's are fun when they're in the actual house the family lives in.  I post at RS as Angelfish, and LOVE getting all his spoilers before the show even starts airing!   So apologies in advance if I say the same thing here that I say there.

I actually do try to vary my posts from site to site! ..*LOL*

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The last hometown date, with Josh Murray, was filmed today.  Since it was in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the intrepid Reality Steve decided to stalk them. Heh. He got a few pics, not major intel, but it's still pretty funny.

Read about it and see the pics here.  That column also has Steve giving the details he knows about Eric Hill's accident and current condition.  Nothing new, really.

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He doesn't leave the show under normal circumstances either. ABC obviously has to show him on the show, but I hope they make his time on screen short and positive, and I hope they consult with the family first.

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Exactly, Nutty1. I can think of a number of ways to handle it that would fall into the "celebration of a life" area, and I hope that's the direction they take, with the family's input.

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I do hope ABC does the right thing and makes Eric's time on the show short but sweet.  

I hope they do tell Andi and the four guys left as it would be horrible for them to continue on without knowing.   Best thing would be to shut things down for a few days, let them grieve and then go on with the final 3/2/frc. 

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I mentioned on RS yesterday that I really feel for Andi.  When she finds out, she's going to wonder "What would have happened if he stayed and was in my final 4"?

He was obviously well loved by many people and made an impact on a lot of lives.  That's a wonderful legacy, though realized way too early. 

Reality Steve wrote a great column.  

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From that RS post.  He claims Eric's elimination was "unusual" in some way that will make it more difficult to edit around or out, but he doesn't give us the details yet.


Eric did not get eliminated at a rose ceremony. I’m aware of the circumstances surrounding his exit, but since I have no idea what’s going to air, I will hold off until I see what ABC chooses to air. Very curious to see what they do with his exit. . . .it happens before a rose ceremony takes place and it’s not under normal circumstances, so, do they just cut that part out and never address it, or do they show you what happened?


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Maybe he decided to leave on his own? I feel like it's such a difficult situation to handle and I truly do hope they do so with class. When Gia died they tribute they did was actually sweet so maybe there's hope.

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I think Chris Harrison will make sure it's not crass and insulting to the family.  He's one of the producers, so he has some say.  Plus, he's the on-camera face of the show, so I hope he'll keep the less artificial drama to a minimum.  He spent time with the guy, so hopefully they'll follow his lead.  


I adore Chris, and I think he has a good heart.  I don't think he'll let TPTB go too far. 

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I just hope they overcome the urge to film the moment when they tell Andi and the final four guys (it's not clear if they've been told or when they will be as they're on media lock-down) and show it, hyping it as "the MOST. DRAMATIC. BACHELORETTE. MOMENT. EVER!"  You know Fleiss wants to.

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Sadly agree about Fleiss, Rhondinella.....I think crossing THAT line is something that even ABC would balk at. 


I'm betting there's a media blackout for Andi & her boys for as long as possible.  No way any of them could look at the whole thing in an unbiased way and be able to fake their way through everything. 


And I know it sounds terribly crass, but no matter the restrictions put on Fleiss & Co., there is no way to buy that much publicity for the upcoming season.  People that haven't watched in years, if ever, will tune in out of curiosity.  The mainstream media will see to that.  It's already on MSN and other outlets.  I'll bet it's on "Entertainment Tonight" this evening, and all the other gossip shows asap.

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My thoughts, for what they're worth: I think the network should be honest about what is aired; I mean, show him on the show as they would anybody else but maybe soften it up if he said or did something really stupid or crude that's not relevant to the overall episode.  Then on his final episode, show his leaving, but at the end, do a tribute montage showing his best moments, perhaps with other contestants' comments and Andi's and Chris' comments.  The thing is, if they show him as much as they would have if hadn't died, but with a kinder edit, his family will have this show as a way to remember him.  Perhaps the netwook can make a special CD for his family containing footage that doesn't air.  There must be lots of talking heads that don't make it on air plus goofy scenes, etc.

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I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid with RS's vague comments about Eric's departure that his time on the show may have ended badly like a bad "break up" with Andi. If that's the case, that could be hard to edit around, but if I were his mom/ sister/ etc., I don't know that I'd want the footage left in and my deceased family member shown being a jerk.

Everyone seems to be speaking so glowingly of Eric, but that's pretty typical after a sudden death and hard to gauge how he might have actually acted on the show.

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Reality Steve just posted a short column, and reveals that ABC has sole rights to the footage they shot, per Eric's contract.  They can basically do anything they want with the footage, and have no obligation to his family. 


I'll bet they'll treat the whole situation fairly respectfully.  They don't want to lose viewers.  

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I think they'll do a good job. Elan and Peter, 2 of the show's producers, were at Eric's memorial and seem to be really fond of him. Brooks was also close to him and even traveled to Mexico with him. It's sad because no one has a bad word to say about him.

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Reality Steve has posted some more spoilers:

1. There is no 2-on-1 date.

2. Eric goes home in episode 4.

3. Andi and JJ dress up as old people and play pranks, kind of like "Off Their Rockers."

4. Andi and Marcus rappelled down the Mohegan Sun Casino before dinner.

5. There is a guy who can't hold his liquor.

6. A first, Andi's dad makes an appearance at the cocktail party on night one. That should be interesting!

7. Ron leaves early due to an emergency.

8. Who is sending Andi anonymous love letters? I think I have an idea who it is, but I'm not sure I want to say yet.

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Yeah, RS announced that Chris Bukowski shows up at the house on night 1 wanting to become one of Andi's guys.  But Chris Harrison relays the message to her, and she shoots him down and sends him on his way before she even sees him.  So, great plan there, genius!


I mean, has the "former contestant comes back the first night to beg lead to let them back on the show" ever worked?  No.  No it has not.

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I liked Chris at first, but he's really coming across as a tool these days. His 15 minutes of fame are over and he should move on with his life, IMHO.

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It's hilarious that Chris thought that after his stint on Bachelor Pad he'd still be desirable to anyone, let alone someone with Andi's standards. (For those who haven't seen his BP season, he hooked up with three women, lied to all of them, and compared his bed-hopping to the feeling of a new car smell.) Dude either has zero self-awareness or would do *anything* to be on TV again. Or both.

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I think he's a shoo-in for Bachelor in Paradise, regardless of what happens to him with Andi.  He's a narcissistic tool, so he's probably at the top of their list.  And I bet he won't think twice about doing it.

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I'm sure Chris B showing up night 1 was part of his "Bachelor in Paradise" audition.   Probably was told if he did so, he'd be cast on BIP which is probably his ultimate goal, not getting on Andi's season.  

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Reality Steve has put up the column that breaks down every episode of the season and who got sent home at each, up through the final four.  He claims he knows who the final three are, but is still waiting to release that info.  Sounded like at the time of posting he hadn't confirmed who the winner was.  


Not much in the way of exciting news in these spoilers that he hadn't already spilled.  Chris B shows up the first night and gets shot down, Andi's dad comes to the cocktail party on the first night to look over the guys (that should be fun), for the second season in a row there is no 2-on-1 date, there are three different instances of guys being eliminated before rose ceremonies.  Also, Steve claims that there were rumblings among some of the guys about how much they didn't like Andi.  They found her "insincere."  On a dating show.  Imagine that.


Of course, the final four were listed in a post by @Bella above.  So go there to see them.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing just how many of the guys didn't like Andi and just who was willing to "fake it" for more TV time.  I'm guessing pretty much all of them.

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@CindyBee I bet you're right that most (all) will fake whatever it takes to try to stay on the air longer & win the actual prize they covet, being the next Bachelor.


@Rhondinella I find the idea that they find her "insincere" intriguing. I heard questions when she was announced wondering if Andi was going to be one of those B'ettes that the guys didn't warm to. I know I personally didn't find her all that engaging on JP's season, but I'll guess we'll see.  

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I think after they saw her calling JP on his bullcrap, they're all afraid that she won't "play by the rules" and act like she's madly in love with all of them.  And maybe she doesn't.  I could see them being unhappy about that.  They figure they're playing the game and doing as instructed, so she should be too.

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Okay, we have our Final Four, their rankings, and the likely next Bachelor, all according to Reality Steve.


Here they are:

F4 - Marcus Grodd

F3 - Chris Soules

F2 - Nick Viall

F1 - Josh Murray


Andi and Josh are engaged, and Chris is highly likely to be the next Bach. 


Although Andi and Josh live relatively near each other, RS says there's no indication they knew each other before the show.


RS thinks they have a chance, believe it or not. I would like to think so. The proximity certainly helps. (I also like Andi - I like intelligent spitfires, who are definitely not to everyone's taste. But she's the one B'ette out of the most recent crop that I'd like to run into at a cookout or sit next to on an airplane. She's smart, and she's interesting. Any guys who can't handle that should leave the show. She's not an easy person, that we've seen, but she'll be a great deal for the right guy.)


Anyway, RS says that the bit of unique info he has is still pending - gotta generate more clicks on the website! - but that we'll like it. We'll see. 

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I'm with Reality Steve and think that Andi and Josh have a decent shot at making it.  Doesn't seem like a default pick if they are engaged.


Hopefully it will be a good season, with some bromances, man code breaking and lots of man tears and a decent story line for Josh and Andi.   And I hope Eric's passing doesn't make everyone at the end too sad.


And I Can't wait to see what Chris the farmer's edit is going to be like.  Agree with Steve that the bachelor gig is his if he wants it as they probably love the fact that he is very, very, rich.   And that would be a most stellar season seeing all the famehos try to nab themself I real live millionaire!

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Chris doesn't appeal to me at all.  His eyes and mouth curve downward even when he's smiling.  I know he can't do anything about that, but he CAN do something about that silly "Tintin" hairstyle....*LOL*


Josh M. is definitely smokin' hot....and as long as the chemistry & respect are there, Andi's definitely got the icing on the beef-cake! 

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I knew it would be him. Come one. Hottie that lives close by, is related to a state football hero. This was a no brainer. And as soon as I saw Chris was loaded I knew he would be the next Bachelor if he didn't make it.

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Hopefully it will be a good season, with some bromances, man code breaking and lots of man tears

This is what I'm most excited about this season: the guys interaction. I tend to enjoy it more than the ladies. Some over-dramatic, inexplicable crying, some guys who like their new buds more than the B'ette & provide good interaction for us in viewing-ville & some man fights that are fun to make fun of.

ET: Yea for sleazy reality tv masquerading as twue wove!

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Yay for loads of Man-pain!!    *LOL*


I definitely like watching the men more than the women.  


I just hope somebody is as hilarious to watch as Chris "I'm a grown ass man!" Bukowski was in his season.  I know we get to see a little of his humiliation, but it's not the same with him just trying to walk on.  Though as we've speculated before, that stunt was probably engineered to get him onto "Bachelor in Paradise".  

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