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  1. Setting aside the content of Dykstra’s story, an additional effect it had was to provide an opening for employees to talk (off the record) about Hardwick as a bad boss, which may compound the effect on his career. https://www.thewrap.com/chris-hardwicks-hard-times-the-silence-from-those-in-his-orbit-is-deafening/
  2. lulee

    Season 14: Speculation and Spoilers

    I should have known Garrett was trouble wen I saw that his last name looked like a blend of Game of Thrones characters ;-)
  3. lulee

    The Keepers

    Cathy's typewritten letter: maybe she was a big fan of Atonement (jk) After reading the comment above that Gerry told the alarming interrogation story "nonchalantly," I went back and rewatched parts of this episode. To me he look like he was containing but just barely his disgust. I feel like the focus on Gerry in the show was for a few reasons: the police had focused on him, he knew Cathy very well and hearing from him helped the viewer understand her, and he's one of the few principal players who are still alive Regarding the "vagina": there are enough bizarre and disturbing elements of this story for me to buy that the cop showed Koob *something* and said it was her vagina. Doesn't mean it was. On a very related note, did the medical examiner confirm that she was sexually assaulted? I don't recall it. There was discussion of her body being partially undressed, her head wound and how it didn't immediately kill her and the maggots. ETA: Dr Spitz said that she had been "severely assaulted" after mentioning that her skirt was pulled up and her chest was bare. The medical examiner seemed eccentric to me, but thorough and very fact based.
  4. lulee

    The Keepers

    I'm not sure. At least the initial memories of Magnus, Markell, and the Cathy were described as being triggered by the yearbook after talking with that other Keough alum.
  5. I like Sonequa and I think it's great for an actor to be passionate about a character, but I noticed how when she answered questions,her answers were "I/my" not "Sasha's/hers". It seemed a little peculiar. Maybe I'm an oddball and get the "pretentious" analytical approach better than the first-person view.
  6. Maybe 10 episodes of a TV show Dwight had watched.
  7. Blame it on the Howdy Doody-orange hair dye. His real strawberry-blondish is much better
  8. I want "Hell, Yeah!" In a finale and big battle but due to bad blocking, illogical moments, and excessive amounts of annoying characters, I didn't get any hell yeahs. How did Shiva jump into the middle of a fight unnoticed? And with timing that was just too perfect? How did allies not shoot each other? How did Carl and a couple manage to do a 180 and shoot people approaching them without getting shot? couldnt they have shown GPblonde get one disabling blow in on Michonne to make it more plausible? Sneak up and give her a concussion? It didn't help my viewing that i knew from the announcement months again that JDM would be back net year and then with Sonequa getting the ST rol, plus death anvils. I just can't stand Negan as a villain. He's so fucking melodramatic and attention hungry. The whole bringing-a-coffin-for-Sasha was bullshit. Like he has a journal that he sketches his *most dastardly ideas* and was giddy to break that one out. He's supposed to be this great comic book villain but just feels like a reality show villain. And I don't want to hear from Gimple or anyone about "what if we met Negan first rather than Rick?" because sure Rick's been a bad leader and screwed people over at times, but he's not such a huge asshole. Everyone in the ZA has experienced loss but if there's a backstory that tries to soften Negan and paints him as anything other than the type of guy who'd step on less powerful people and piss in the break room coffee pot, I'm not buying it
  9. lulee

    S07.E13: Bury Me Here

    I don't think Ezekiel agreed about going to war *because* Carol said it. He agreed with it, but it its after a long time being held down by them, and I think the constricting feeling, illustrated by Richard's desperation, that they can't go on like this forever.
  10. lulee

    S07.E13: Bury Me Here

    Morgan has his very own Mr. pointy now. Another apocalypse? Must be Sunday.
  11. Carol had flower seeds when they brought Ben's body to her cottage.
  12. It would have been an ironic twist: kid hangs out with Carol and stays alive.
  13. Duane!!! let it go, Morgan! Let the grief go!
  14. Except the assholes would probably just shoot the tiger. Then no more tiger.