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  1. I like your suggestions, phlebas. There would be plenty of opportunity for dramatic tension with musical partnerships and with the typical mix of Bachelor Nation types, there’d be romantic tension too.
  2. Maybe because Bri and Chris can end up sounding like “Breann Chris” That’s my theory.
  3. I found Bri and Chris on Twitter and they linked to their songs on Spotify, but I haven’t listened to them yet. I saw in interview with them and they said they spent the weekend before quarantine together, but she’s been in Utah since and he’s been in LA, but they talk a couple times a day.
  4. Did the where-are-they-now mention Ryan and Natascha?
  5. The editing monkeys sure were busy trying to cobble together tension between Bri and Chris. That clip of her saying “my heart doesn’t lie” was in the promos but I don’t think it was in the actual show, and there were teasers that sounded ominous, but then they wouldn’t show Chris or Bri’s face saying it. So who knows when they really said it. I’m really glad for them. They ended up looking like normal, levelheaded people and they’re good performers who sound great together. Before Jewel said it I was impressed with how well they harmonized on the Ed Sheeran song. Trevor and Jamie: their performances were meh, and I will always think it’s icky and porny when a couple plays up the sex as much they did. No way he is moving to Nashville for a long-term relationship with her.
  6. It is so easy to forget how compressed the shooting schedule is. At least these couples or “couples” get to spend more time together than regular Bach/ette couples, but it’s still hyperspeed-producer-driven-mind game’s as romance and “connection.” I caved and read your spoilertagged info, figured it was wrong, for the reason you said, and then looked up spoilers. I’m skeptical about what I read. I guess we’ll see next Monday.
  7. Yeah, that chapel visit was cringy. I think I’ve seen the owner/ minister before. I think she’s like a Vegas institution. There have been some awkwardly designed dates over seasons, and this one was up there.
  8. I’ve felt guilty for thinking it, so I don’t think I’ve said it here. But I’ve wondered how much “showmancing” Bri is doing. I feel like I can see her wheels turning in her head when she talks, like she’s really planned what to say. And she looks pretty testy next week. So they might flame out. Also, I loved Meredith and Ian I was so sad when they broke up Matt took to Twitter about his response to Rudi. Note Ryan’s reaction.
  9. If who goes was truly up to the guest judges like Harrison said, then Natascha and Ryan probably would have been better off with a safe rendition of the song. They tried to change it up too much and it threw Natascha off, and while she’s obviously an experienced performer, the mistakes affected her on stage. Earlier they told others that they wouldn’t even recognize the song like that was a good thing Rudi and Matt did well probably partly because they didn’t reinvent Shallow.
  10. Was I supposed to think that Jamie and Trevor were sexy together on stage? She reminded me of a drunk bridesmaid trying to hook up with a groomsman at her cousin’s wedding. Looks like drama for all the couples next week - or at least edited to look that way. Im so tempted to peek under that spoiler tag upthread.
  11. I see you forgot Jamie and Trevor but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones cut tonight.
  12. Ha! Well, my prediction’s looking good then. 🙂
  13. As other couple have generated drama, Chris and Bri haven’t been getting much airtime. I mostly love them but am wondering about writing on the wall: he referred to having been depressed and there’ve been a couple moments she’s seemed kind of focused on the show, and while that’s not mutually exclusive with a real *connection*, I wonder where they’re headed, I did notice in the preview at the end of episode 1 a clip of them performing that I think doesn’t match the performances yet or next week. So I expect them for two more episodes at least.
  14. If it’s any consolation, I doubt many viewers will remember Julia saying she has CF because so little time was spent on the topic. It jumped out at me because both the people I knew well who had CF really suffered with it and didn’t make it to their 30th birthdays. Beween Jamie seeming like a really young 21 (being paired with a 29 year old probably accentuates that feeling) and her anxiety, she seems like one in a long line of Bach contestants who would have been better off not being cast.
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