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  1. That is so sad. I remember him being really close to Arie, Jef and Sean and he seemed liked by pretty much everyone in the house. It seems it was related to an overdose according to Arie's tweet. How sad.
  2. I totally agree with you and even go so far as to say the heart-light that Jane felt wasn't a rekindled romantic love for Raf, but just realizing she has a place in his life and she likes it. Honestly, I didn't think romantic things about that scene until I read the review here. So I wasn't crushed or anything when her parents were at the door instead of Rafael. Jane being with Rafael at the end of the story seems too traditional. I would love to see the show go in another direction. I think they've shown beautifully what co-parenting can be like and I love that aspect of the show.
  3. I am LOVING this season. I am glad Xo and Ro finally got their ish together and can be together and happy. We have a nice Petra/Jane relationship. And I am glad Jane is finally on the other side of the triangle. I knew Jane/Raf would be endgame since the first episode, I've watched enough telenovelas to know how it goes. I am really liking their approach to it. Good job, show!
  4. I would've rather had Des, Jillian or Ashley on the cover. They are all cute but I have to say, Jillian's baby is another level of adorable. I follow her on Instagram and he is so lively and adorable. Asher looks like a cute grumpy old man. And I LIVE for Essie's hair even if her name is terrible.
  5. Josh is seriously deranged. I wouldn't be surprised to read he snapped and killed his gf/wife in the future. I KNEW he was unhinged since Andi's season. I wish he would go away and I don't even like Amanda.
  6. Sean is the worst sooooo... Like he wouldn't turn down an opportunity to be on a reality show. Bish please!
  7. Josh wants kids, Liza doesn't. He may believe he's okay with never having kids but eventually it would become an issue of resentment and problems in their relationship. I didn't like that he proposed because he sensed something was off. That is manipulative as hell. He's a sweet guy and I don't doubt he loves her but yeah... In the long run it wouldn't work. Plus, you gave her a free pass dude. Not saying it's okay but yeah... Kelsey deserves better. Her bf is such a douche. And yeah, Lauren should've at least given her a heads up. I'm liking Diana and her boyfriend. He brings out th
  8. I am a David/Valerie fan for life. Those two should've ended up together. They were the superior adult 90210 couple, especially in S8. I thought what Dylan and Kelly did to Brenda was gross. Who hooks up with her best friend's boyfriend?!? Brenda had all the right in the world to be pissed. And even if I loved Dylan/Brenda, she deserved better. I was actually glad Dylan abandoned Kelly in the reboot. Brandon and Kelly were such a sanctimonious, soul sucking couple. They should've stayed together. Donna was such a blackhole on the show but I liked her with Joe. And she was a goo
  9. Yeah, that's what the BTS chatter was. He basically quit but agreed to film "not being given a rose". I mean, he was dressed in jeans and at that point about to run out of the door. DeAnna's season was such a train wreck. Buzzfeed printed this article about the show last night. I laughed. https://www.buzzfeed.com/michelleregna/milk-is-delicious
  10. This season is so eh. Chad is hilarious and him buying the domains for various contestants is A+. OT: All this talk about DeAnna and Graham made me dig up her episode of "sending Graham" home. My God she was so desperate for him to give her something. I bet she understood why Brad picked no one in that moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb4-dxS6N_Q
  11. That is awesome! I love Des and Chris and I am so happy for them. Here's their Instagram posts: ETA: It's like a B'ette Baby Boom! Emily, DeAnna, Jillian, Ali and now Des. Ashley is probably the next one.
  12. Well sign me up as #TeamCharles forever and I'm actually closer to Josh's age. Charles makes me SWOON so hard. Mature, handsome, educated, wordly. Josh is super hot and nice but after a while you want someone who you can have an actual intellectual relationship with. Hillary Duff is a terrible actress but her last scene with Liza got to me. Liza still being "26" is ridiculous since she looks at least over 35. Chad is creepy. Diana continues to be the best part of this show.
  13. Yeah, her boyfriend's IG post made me cringe. I honestly hope she is happy. I have a feeling he is not going to "lock it up" and that may cause her heartache in the end.
  14. It's a B'ette baby boom. Ali, DeAnna, Emily AND Jillian. Wow! Happy for Jillian. It's always been obvious she wanted to be married and start a family. Good for her and even better it's not with that douche Ed.
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